Today was the first day of the new term at Hogwarts and sadly another day for me to embarrass myself. Have you ever been so embarrassed that you want the ground to swallow you up? I HAVE. Usually I’m a normal girl (perhaps too obsessed with pink coconut ice and Kirley Duke) but not a crazy mess. Louis Weasley does nothing but embarrass me, whenever he is around I seem to lose control of all of my senses.

“How bad was it this year?” I groaned with my head in my hands (hiding in a carriage on Hogwarts Express) “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be normal?”


“Lettie, it wasn’t that bad. I think last year was worse...” Mia said helpfully, awkwardly patting my arm. Amelia Power was my best friend, she was the nicest person, who would do just about anything to be helpful. She also sugar coated everything, probably part of her positive nature “He probably didn’t notice right Cash?”


“I don’t mean to be blunt but she told Weasley that she was in love with him because he smiled at her. It was pitiful, sorry Lettie but it was pretty bad” said my other best friend, Cashmere Roberts.

You must never, ever call her Cashmere though, no-one is allowed to call her that. She goes by Cash exclusively. You’ve basically signed your death warrant if you do. She’s feisty as hell and mean with a wand. She calls herself a realist, Mia calls her grumpy.

“I don’t know why I did it, I was just looking for you guys then he turned up and I said it! Ahhh! I don’t know why, it just happened...I wanna die...” I said desperately.


I never know why I said such things to him, I didn’t like him, at least not like that. I think it started to get really obvious in 4th year now it’s a running Hogwarts joke. I said a lot of stupid things to him all the time. We were potions partners in last year and I ruined 6 cauldrons in 2 months when I had just been staring at him then putting the wrong ingredients or stirring it too many times. He seem to find it hilarious, in fact he often openly mocked me by saying he loved me too (on the countless occasions I've declared my deep attraction to him! Cringe). He was such a cheeky git, the whole school thinks I’m obsessed with him.


“Cash! you’re not helping, how is this worse when she tried to kiss him in the middle of the Great Hall?” Mia asked


Great, I thought we had all agreed to FORGET about that. Why does no-one remember the time I got ‘O’ in charms or when I saved at a first year from the mean Ravenclaws?! Yup, it’s the Ravenclaws you have to watch out for these days. No-one ever remembers positive stuff about my character only the crushingly embarrassing shit that happens to me! The name Lettie Draxler is only going to go down in history as an embarrassment.


“Maybe I’m in love with him without knowing it? Maybe we’re meant to be together? Like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy or Romeo and Juliet..”


“I think Rose and Scorpius beat you to Romeo and Juliet one...and it ended about as badly too..” snorted Cash over her Witch Weekly magazine “Did you know James Potter went to buy milk last Thursday? Amazing what you can learn in these magazines!”


“I think you would know if you’re in love with the bloke. You have some daft ideas sometimes” Mia said, I like that she makes sense, more sense than I do. I was getting worried that I might really love him that’ll be terrifying but I reckon Mia would secretly love it so we could double date with her and her boyfriend, Ryan Jordan who is besties with Louis. It would be almost be too neat.


I’m not sure I know enough about Louis to be in love with him but then again when you love someone, sometimes it doesn't have to make sense like that. Louis and I spent quite a lot of time together considering we’re all Gryffindor in the same year I guess. Mia and Ryan are too adorable for words like I wanted a relationship like that. They’ve been together since 4th year, they’re so perfect together. Cash says it’s sickening but she’s so anti-love despite my Louis issue, I’m hopeless romantic. I want it all. I really do. Fat chance of that at the moment though.


“If it makes you feel any better, everyone will forget about it, they always do” Cash said lazily, now flipping through an article called ‘improve your life in 50 spells!’ “Mia, why don’t you get out that pink stuff she’s so fond of?”


“You guys got me pink coconut ice? you’re the best! How I’ve missed it!” I said happily perking up, it was my favourite but being a wizard sweet, being muggle born meant supplies went slim during the summer months, I practically pulled the box out of Mia’s hands “No-one mention Louis Weasley though?”


“Promise but can we mention Dominique Weasley? Because she is outside our compartment like right now!” Mia said pointing towards the door. “Look!”


I followed her gaze to see the unmistakable figure of Dominique. She was so beautiful, long mane of straight glossy strawberry blonde hair that fell perfectly around her cute angelic face. I have hair envy like majorly, she looks like she walked out an advert like all the time. Not fair! I’ve been told I’ve got the girl next door thing going on but who wants that when you could be a godess like her eh?


I panicked and ducked, tried to hide behind Mia that it was a bad move because 1. Mia is tiny and makes a rubbish shield then 2. Dominique had already seen me.


“Oi, Lettie, you’re not doing much to dispel your reputation of being a nutcase right now!” Cash laughed as I peeked out from behind Mia. “She has already seen you!”


“I’m not a total nutcase though!” I squeaked eyeing Dominique outside.


“Oh hello, I wanted to talk to Violet about.. my brother” Dominique said politely as she entered our compartment. She looked around at the three of us. Cash had stopped laughing but stuck her head into the copy of Witch Weekly, mainly to avoid talking to Dominique I assumed. Mia was beaming up at Dominique like she had never been more pleased to see anyone in her life. Traitor.


Dominique wasn’t bad or anything, she was one of the better members of the family. She didn’t spend half her life laughing at my expense anyway. She was a very popular Ravenclaw in our year and twin sister of Louis. I can’t say I had too much interaction with her in the past however I was uncomfortable at talking to her because I always make a fool of myself in front of Weasley family (mainly just Louis) but who knows they’re twins after all.


“Hi Dom! How are you?” Mia asked good naturedly, Dom smiled at her question and answered her. I understand that they were partners in Herbology last year so Mia knew her a lot better than Cash or I.


“So about Louis-”


“I promise that I’m not obsessed with him so I don’t wanna hear it if he’s got a girlfriend or I’m not good enough for hi-” I started to babble in an effort to explained myself, I do that ‘sometimes’ when I’m uncomfortable. OK, I do that all the time when I’m uncomfortable.


“Calm down, you don’t have to explain yourself. It’s just I have been watching you guys for a while now and I’m getting concerned that you don’t know what Louis is doing to you” She said, looking at me with these clear cool blue eyes of hers.


“I’m sorry, I’m lost, what do you mean what he is doing to me?” I asked dumbly. What was it with this family and making me feel like an idiot!?


“At first I assumed it was flirty banter between the two of you but I’m not so sure any more” Dom said thoughtfully. She looked nervous for the first time, she bit her lip and was looking like she was having an internal battle with herself.


“Have you met Lettie? I’m not sure she could do flirt banter if she tried” Cash laughed before remembering who I was talking and hastily going back to the magazine.


“Look, I don’t know what to say, it’s a family secret, like people can’t know about this if you know what I mean?” Dom said slowly, I’m not sure I did know what she meant. I was so confused. “Sorry, so you really don’t know that Louis is using his power on you?”


“WHAT?!” I nearly screamed, what was happening right now? Power? What did this mean? Louis had a power he was using on me, I hated to admit it but might explain a lot. Like a lot. Like the last two years of my life.


“Well, Mum said we’re really not allowed to use it but we’re part Veela so part of our powers are being able to attract people at will. I mean like we can get people to act crazy around us” Dom explained, I think the whole carriage was in stunned state.


“THAT ARSEHOLE!” I cried, it was my first reaction. Like I couldn’t believe that someone would do this to me. I’m such a fool, I was questioning my own feelings, thinking that I was going crazy because he was using a power on me for years. YEARS. Like I was nothing, he was controlling me.


“I’m going to kick his arse, who the fuck does he think he is?!” Cash snarled, looking as angry as I felt, she had already jumping to her feet, ready to move to find him and probably kill him. “I’m going to his carriage now!”


“I’m so sorry I am but you can’t tell anyone about this! You really can’t! Please!” Dominique was almost begging with us, blocking the door.


“Shut it blondie, this is not about you! we’ve not going to stand around when the whole school thinks Lettie is a crazy fangirl of your stupid brother! So we are going to reclaim my best friend’s reputation if you like it or not!” growled Cash squaring up to Dominique up by the door.


Dominique was doing a decent job at holding her own, Cash looked pretty scary being 5’11 and her mop of long crazy black curls that fanned out around her, her face twisted in rage. I knew I would be scared by that.


I wasn’t sure I was ready to see him, I don’t know what I would say like how could I put into words what I had just learnt. It was huge thing to suddenly learn, that someone was using me for their own sick enjoyment? how didn’t I notice? why did I spend all that time wondering if I really liked him. I thought on some level that we were friends when I wasn’t being a goof ball around him, we had a nice friendship, I always thought anyway. It was too much to take in, I couldn’t do it. I was so angry but really hurt at the same time. I valued friendship more than anything in my life, I felt a burning disappointment. If I wasn't sure how well I knew Louis before, this really did prove that I didn't know him at all.

“I told you because I was trying to do what was right. I don’t want to speak for Louis but this is about me too because if you tell everyone that no-one will ever trust us again. I haven’t used my power since I’ve been able to control it because I want people to like me for who I am” She almost cried at us “Please Violet, I know you’re a good person so please please don’t tell anyone about this!”


“I’ll think about it Dominique” I said coolly, I knew I wasn’t going to tell anyone that I didn’t already know. Cash and Mia were a different matter but I knew that look on her face. She was trying to be the best person she could, I always admired people like that. I couldn’t take it away from her. I wouldn’t.


“How do I stop him using this power on me?” I asked quietly, trying to get straight what I was going to say to him, How can you put this into words.


“Well, I don’t think there is a lot you can do, the best thing to do is don’t look into his eyes Vi” Dominique instructed me. So I couldn’t even look him in the eye when I told him what I thought of him.


“Only my mum calls me Violet or Vi” I said rather absent-mindedly, Dom wasn’t interested in that I’m sure. I said it in lieu of something more meaningful.


I made the decision there that I was going to see him, I needed to know why he did this. I wanted to believe that some how they might be a good excuse, a reason for his actions.


“Come on girls, we’re going to find him”





It’s an issue for me when I don’t know how I’m feeling, I don’t like it. I like to be happy and most of the time I am. I was walking, I wasn’t sure how my legs were carrying me forward as I was now feeling so numb. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go where my legs were taking me. The Gryffindor guys were in a carriage together, Mia had agreed to go there later in the journey to see Ryan. She would be arriving early though and we would be gate crashing. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen as I slide back the door to the carriage.


“Hi Lettie, come to tell me you love me again, I think we’ve heard that one today already!” Louis said cockily, the rest of the carriage laughed to different degrees.


Their carriage was Louis, Ryan Jordan, Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy and Tommy Carter. Our male counterparts in the house of Gryffindor. They like to think they’re pretty cool, well, Louis, Ryan and Tommy do considering there on the Quidditch team and that’s of course, so manly. Albus and Scorpius have got more of a geek chic going on with their appeal which makes Albus and Scorpius less annoying than the other three. What I do love about them is that they’re a team, they have such a strong friendship. they’re rarely apart especially Albus and Scorpius, I totally ship their friendship. However now was not the time to be appreciating them.


“How could you?” I asked him quietly, I wanted to ask him why he had done it. If there could ever been a good reason for his behaviour. I wanted to look him the eye and ask him. that’s the sad thing, I couldn’t look at him.


“Don’t look at him remember!” Mia reminded me, Mia and Cash were either side of me. I could see that Cash was staring away at everyone in the compartment. Like she was assessing each of their guilt.


“You know what you did!” Cash snapped, looking around what was the confused faces of the 6th year boys. Tommy and Ryan were looking pretty shocked which I think had more to do with the fact that exploding snap they were playing had well, exploded as we entered the compartment. Albus and Scorpius seemed to have been watching while eating a lot of chocolate frogs judging by trail of wrappers, Louis had only looked up from his Quidditch magazine as we entered.


“I’m sorry I’m confused, what did you girls want?” Louis asked again with his twinkling blue eyes, looking as enchanting as ever. Merlin, I hate him so much right now. I looked to the floor, it was scary knowing that any moment my mind could be invaded and my speech no longer my own.


“I had a conversation with your sister today, isn’t it interesting what secrets come to light huh?” I spoke loud enough so they could hear as I was talking into the ground. I felt just as stupid doing this as I did when Louis was talking for me.


“What are you talking about? Are you ok?”


“No, she is most certainly not OK!” Mia said shrilly, my eyes were glued to the floor but I could tell Mia would have her hands on hips, trying to look as threatening as she could while only being 5’1 in height.


“I can’t even look at you because I don’t trust you. Dominique told me your little family secret that you’ve been using your power on me! What is wrong with you?!” I screamed at the compartment in general, unable to keep cool any longer. I decided to fix my eyes firmly on the window with the blurring green shades of fields going pass. Somewhere safe to look.


Everyone stared at me though their faces seemed a blur, I knew they were shocked, I don’t shout and especially not angry shouting. I shout when I get over excited about stuff like the time, Kirley Duke got a new haircut (it looked great OK?!). I left the angry shouting to Cash normally. No-one said anything for a moment, no-one seemed to know what to say perhaps. I don’t know.


“Drax, I-I-” he said stammered from somewhere to my left. “please I want to explain...”


“Don’t ever call me Drax, don’t you dare! I was a fool to think for a second that I might like you because Louis, you’re a disgusting human being. You used me for what, your own ego trip? that’s sickening!”


“Lettie, please, will you just stop-”


“conversation over, friendship over Louis” I said weakly before exiting the compartment as quickly as I could.


I was breathing heavily, I don’t know what I thought today was going to be like but it wasn’t this. The whole course of my year had changed. I felt like I had lost so much in a second. I had never lost five friends in one go before. The noise inside the compartment seemed to have exploded after I left. I tried not to cry as I listened to the noise, shouting, between Cash and Louis mainly. I heard Mia scream as Cash had punched Louis in the face. I don’t like violence but if anyone deserved it now, It’ll be him.



AN: YAY, new story!  :)

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