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Dean Thomas was sat in the corner of the library reading a book. Unless you were observing him closely, you wouldn't have noticed that he never turned a page and his eyes never moved. He wasn't reading at all.

He simply needed to think and the library seemed to be a good place for doing that. He spent a lot of time alone in the library nowadays. The Gryffindor common room was too noisy now that the Golden Trio had come back and everyone was forever congratulating them on the defeat of Voldemort, despite the fact that his death had now been more than 2 months ago. Everyone had been given an extra year at Hogwarts since there had been a war going on last year and no one had really learnt anything. With the Carrows and Snape gone, Hogwarts had become a better place than it had been before.

But it had come at a great cost: Dean had lost his best friend, Seamus Finnigan.

They had been separated during the fight at Hogwarts. He had been occupied with duelling Dolohov and he had walked into the Entrance Hall to find Seamus lying on the floor amongst countless others, his eyes open but unseeing.

"Seamus, get up." Dean dropped to his knees and crouched over his friend. He grabbed his pale hand, squeezing it tightly.

Seamus didn't move, but continued to lie on the cold floor motionless.

"Seamus, come on, you've got to get up." Dean shook his shoulder. "We've still got to fight."

Seamus remained still but was he still alive, Dean was sure of it. He was just injured-probably not badly since there wasn't even a single mark on him.

Dean gazed into Seamus' brown eyes, searching for a sign...any sign-of life.

He found none. The eyes that he saw were blank and emotionless. They had no light in them.

"No, Seamus, come on! You're still alive, I know you are!" Dean shook Seamus more vigorously. "You've got to wake up!" He shook him more, pinched him and even slapped his face but Seamus wouldn't even move a tiny bit.

"Seamus, wake up!" Dean shouted. "I know you're still alive!"

"Hey." Dean felt a light tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw it was Luna. He wasn't sure why she was here but he welcomed her presence nonetheless.

"Luna, help me, we've got to get Seamus up," Dean said, desperate. Luna crouched down on her knees next to him and put her head on Seamus' chest, listening intently.

"He's still alive, I know he is," Dean insisted.

Luna lifted her head up and looked Dean in the eye. Dean knew from the sad expression that she would tell him what he feared, what he had already known but was denying.

"He's gone, Dean," Luna said quietly.

"No, he isn't!" Dean said angrily. "You're lying!" Seamus was still alive, Luna just hadn't listened properly for the heartbeat. Pushing Luna aside, Dean put his head on Seamus' chest, listening frantically for the heartbeat.

There wasn't one...he probably just had his head on the wrong place. Dean moved his head in circles, trying to locate a beat but Seamus still and unmoving.


Dean couldn't even remember the last words he had said to him.

A funeral had been held for him yesterday, except Dean didn't feel it was a personal funeral. It had been a service commemorating all the students who had died in the war. Seamus had been mentioned once and congratulated on his bravery, then been forgotten by everyone.

No one understood the grief Dean was going through. People had been too busy comforting Seamus' mother, who had been in floods of tears. Dean hadn't cried; he couldn't no matter how hard he tried but that didn't mean he wasn't feeling anything on the inside. He felt like half of his world had been destroyed. More than half.

Why did Seamus have to die? He was too young to die. Barely of age.

Dean's mood had been varying in the past few days and now he felt a boiling anger at the universe. It had taken Seamus away from him when they had barely spent 7 years together, most of which had been overshadowed by the oh-so-special Harry Potter.

Dean's anger then turned to Harry. The war had all been because of him. If he had just faced Voldemort himself, Seamus might have still been alive. Instead, he had selfishly hidden and let others die for him. The best of Dean knew that it wasn't true and it wasn't really Harry's fault at all, but that part of him was covered by a huge amount of grief and fury.

Dean banged a fist on the innocent book lying on the table.

No one cared about him; no one had even bothered to ask how he was feeling.

He tore a page from the book in rage.

No one understood him. Not even Ginny, who's brother had also died in the battle.


At the thought of her, Dean was filled with bitterness. All she ever did nowadays was snog Harry Potter in front of everyone. Dean still liked her and she was deliberately rubbing it in his face that he couldn't have her. He could have been a flea for all the attention she paid him. Ginny had forgotten Dean completely.

He dropped the ripped out page and stamped on it.

Seamus had abandoned him for a better world.

Dean tore out another page.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," an all too familiar voice said. The voice who had told him the truth that Seamus was gone. The voice with that dreamy quality to it no other voice had, but now only meant bad news to Dean.

"For the love of Merlin-what do you want, Luna?" he snapped. He turned around to face the blonde witch, with the ripped page crumpled in his hand.

"You shouldn't rip the pages out," Luna said, seriously. "You'll get in trouble with Madam Pince."

Dean glared at her. "Does it look like I care?" he snarled. He scrunched the page into a ball and threw it on the ground beside the other torn page.

Luna didn't seem perturbed by his obvious anger.

"You were friends with him, weren't you?" Her voice was now soft and gentle. She didn't have to say who she was talking about. "I remember always seeing you two together."

Dean didn't say anything, he just stared at her with a blank expression. The only sign of the pain internally tearing him apart was his shaking body. He was shocked that she was being so open about Seamus' death.

"I know what it's like, you know," Luna continued.

"Don't say you understand," Dean said, his voice shaking from an effort to suppress his tears which were now threatening to spill. "You've never lost your best friend before."

"I know I haven't," Luna said gently. "But I lost my mother when I was a child. I've experienced losing someone you were very close to."

Dean was stunned and for a moment he was at a loss for words. She had never mentioned it before, not even when they had spent a huge amount of time together at Malfoy Manor. Perhaps Luna really did understand-although it wasn't an exactly reassuring thought, considering she wore radishes as earrings.

"Well I-I'm sorry," he said at last. He would have been absolutely devastated had either of his parents died. Even more so than he was now.

"Yes, it still makes me feel quite sad sometimes," Luna said. "But it's okay because I still have my father."

"Oh. That's-good," Dean said awkwardly. He was becoming a little uncomfortable at how he was discussing such a sensitive topic with Luna and her piercing eyes were starting to make him slightly uneasy too.

Luna bent down to pick up the balled book page Dean had unknowingly dropped. Slowly, she smoothed the page out, reading it while she did so.

Well she is a Ravenclaw, Dean thought. He moved towards the table where the other page lay.

"Here." Luna handed him the second page, and Dean put them back into the book with his wand before putting the book back on its shelf. He picked out another random book and sat down to read it.

Luna ignored the hint that he wanted her to go, and stayed standing behind him.

"You aren't even reading the book," she said quietly, after a minute. Dean didn't respond, he just continued to read the book without taking anything in.

"You have to move on. Seamus isn't going to come back."

Dean stood up suddenly, whipping around.

"Shut up," he spat. "You don't get to say who's coming back and who's not." Luna raised an eyebrow. Dean faltered slightly; she didn't seem to be offended in the least, whereas most people would have lost their patience with him by now.

Dean exhaled as he felt some of his anger ebbing away. "Luna, please just...go away. I need some time to myself."

"You only want it, but you don't need it," Luna told him. "You can't heal on your own. You need to accept the help of other people."

"I have," Dean said stubbornly.

"You haven't."

"I-oh, just piss of, will you?" Dean said angrily.

"Dean, shutting yourself out from others isn't going to Seamus' death any less painful." Luna put her hands on his shoulders. Dean shuddered at the warmth.

"I'm just trying to help you get through. I'm your friend." Luna gave him a small smile.

"Fr-friends?" Dean spluttered. He ignored the sudden eruption-like feeling that had randomly just taken place in his stomach.

"Yes, we are friends, aren't we?" Luna said. It wasn't much of a question. They had survived torture at Malfoy Manor together for weeks; they couldn't really not become friends.

"Oh. Um...yeah, of course," Dean said. He was fully aware that Luna still had her hands on her shoulders and he was trying to figure out why he cared.

Luna beamed at him in response. Dean thought she looked a lot prettier when she was smiling.

Luna Lovegood?, another part of Dean's brain said. Seriously? Since when? You can do better than her.

But it wasn't really a matter of looks, was it? Luna was smart, unique and most importantly, kindness ran through her. And anyway, she wasn't even that ugly.

"Your earrings suit you," Dean said suddenly, smiling in the first time since Seamus died. It was a small smile but it was genuine. He meant what he had said too; they fit her perfectly and reflected her quirky personality beneath. He marvelled at her ability to be able to wear anything and not fear people's judgements, wondering why he had always laughed at her radish earrings before.

"Thank you," Luna smiled. "They're my favourite pair actually-and Dean?"

"Oh, um..what?" Dean had only just figured out Luna was talking. He met Luna's eyes as he diverted his gaze from her lips. He had just been realising how soft and full they would they fit on his? He wondered.

"We can kiss if it's what you want," Luna said blatantly.

"Oh. Well I-I do want to," he said, flushing slightly. He couldn't work out for the life of him where the urge to kiss Luna Lovegood, of all people, had come from, but he didn't seem to be able to control himself anymore.

Slightly uncertainly, Dean took Luna's waist and placed his lips on hers, pulling her in closer.

His brain exploded as soon as their lips touched and his heart was pounding against his chest. He was sure Luna could feel it but she didn't seem to care. Dean was certain kissing Luna Lovegood was a sure sign he had gone mad-yet it felt so perfect at the same time. She wasn't as good as Ginny had been, but that suited Dean better...somehow.

The kiss wasn't desperate and passion filled like he and Ginny's had been, it was soft and loving but not normal either...kind of like Luna.

"I've never kissed anyone before," she said after they had broken apart. Her face was serene as she said so, unaware that her honesty was slightly embarrassing for Dean.

"Oh-haven't you?"

"No." Luna grinned. "But I enjoyed it. I think I'll go and get some lunch now."

"Okay." Dean found he was now sad to see her go. "I'll see you later, Luna."

"Bye, Dean." Luna reached up on her toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek, leaving Dean's face red, before walking out of the library.

"By the way, I think I felt a Wrackspurt in here, so just be careful," Luna said, turning around once before disappearing from view. "You don't want your head to go all fuzzy."

"I'll make sure it doesn't find me," Dean smiled.

A/N: I don't own any of these characters, they belong to JKR! I wrote this to see how well I could pull off a Dean/Luna, so I'd love feedback :)

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