Lying on her back as she stared up at her bedroom ceiling, Victoire let out a shaky breath before turning on her side.

“Rory, are you awake?”

Groaning slightly, the girl lying in the twin bed next to her rolled over and blearily opened her eyes. “Vic? What is it?”

“I…I think,” Her voice shook and she cut herself off for fear of crying. Rory pushed back her blankets and crept across the distance that separated them before sliding into Vic’s bed.

“What’s wrong?” Vic’s body shuddered and her shoulders sunk in on themselves as she huddled into a ball. “Honey, you know you can talk to me about anything.”

Cooing softly, Rory wrapped her arms around her best friend and rubbed her back. Vic’s tears soaked the front of her pyjama shirt as she fought to calm herself down.

Eventually, her quiet sobs turned into uneven breaths and the tears subsided somewhat. Pulling away from each other, the girls rested against Victoire’s pillows as the blonde attempted to find the words to say what was on her mind.

“You remember that truth or dare game we played in France with my cousins and their friends?”


“You remember how I was dared to kiss Marie?” Rory nodded, and Vic let out another long sigh. “I think… I think I’m gay.”

Victoire cringed now that it was out there, and scared of how the other girl would react continued talking before Rory could respond to the declaration.

“I just – the kiss was so… It was so different from all the kisses I’ve had in the past, I can’t really describe it but after, when I was on the beach with Theo, being with him just didn’t feel right.”

She paused, unable to find anymore words to describe how she was feeling and for a moment an awestruck silence fell between them.



“Ok.” Rory repeated, more firmly this time and with a smile etched across her lips.

“Ok.” Vic grinned. “I mean, it was only one kiss – so maybe I’m not gay and Marie was just a really good kisser, and Theo was just a really bad kisser but… I don’t think that’s it.”

“Well whatever it is, Vic, whether you are gay or just bi-curious, you know you’ve got me, right?”

“Thank-you,” Vic’s eyes welled again, and Rory smiled softly at her.

“Come on, we should probably get some sleep – we’ve got to get up early tomorrow for the train.”



Victoire and Rory crossed the barrier onto Platform 9 and 3/4s early the following morning with the rest of the Weasley-Potter clan close in tow. Arms linked and heads bowed together, the two girls were giggling over some inside joke when they were interrupted by a head of vibrant blue hair.

“And what’s got you two so giggly this morning?” Teddy Lupin questioned as he sidled up to them, and they pulled away from each other to smile warmly at him.

“Your face,” Victoire commented drily before pulling the older boy into a hug. “What’re you doing here, Ted?”

“Came to see everyone off, of course!” He ruffled her hair playfully, “Got to do my part as the favourite honorary member of the family,”

“Excuse you,” Rory huffed, “I think you’ll find that spot has been taken by yours truly,” She twirled her hand before pointing at her chest, and the trio shared a laugh before Teddy wrapped his arms around her in a quick hug. “It’s good to see you, Ted.”

“You too, Rora.” He let her go and stepped back, “Congrats, by the way – James tells me you were made Head Girl.”

“I was yeah, thanks.” She beamed up at him, and the sides of his blue hair paled to a pink blush momentarily.

“If you, ah, need any help during the year, just send me an owl and I’ll try my best to help.”

“Thanks,” Seemingly shocked by his offer, her smile softened into a gentle, genuine one and the pink blush returned to his hair at the sight of it.

“AURORA PINE!” The trio jerked at the screaming voice, and Rory groaned as she glanced over her shoulder to find her younger sister jumping about in an attempt to get her attention.

“I should probably go see to her before she gives herself a hernia. If I don’t see you again before I get on the train, I hope you have a great year Ted. I’ll catch you later, Vic.”

“Good luck with Bree,” Vic teased earning herself an eye roll.

“Good luck for the year, Rora.” Ted called out after the girl, and she tipped her head at him before turning around to run after her younger sister.

“Walk with me to the train?” Vic asked Teddy, a calculating look developing in her eyes as she surveyed the young man. Her conversation with Rory the night prior came back to her as she started to question how she could solve her bi-curious situation, and an idea started to form.


As the two distanced themselves from their family and friends and idle chit-chat passed between them, Vic found herself leaning more and more towards the spontaneous test she’d thought up. Before she could psych herself out, she rounded on Teddy and smirked at him.

He paused and quirked an eyebrow at her quizzically.

“You alright Vic-?”

Lunging at him, Victoire wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. Not catching the widened expression on his face, she pressed her lips against his. When after several seconds had passed and nothing had happened – no fireworks, no toe-curling tingles, no butterflies – Vic pulled away from Teddy with a satisfied nod.

“What was that?” He asked her, spluttering as they stepped away from each other and she shrugged.

“Nothing, I was just checking something.”

“Checking what?”

“So?” A third voice asked from over his shoulder, and Teddy whirled, red in the face to find Rory watching them with her head cocked to the side in question. “What is it then?”

Vic smiled at her brightly, almost giddy and Rory responded with a soft one of her own.


“Ok.” The two laughed, leaving Teddy scratching his head awkwardly.

“What is going on? Vic?” Her laughter ceased as she caught his confused look. “Why’d you kiss me?”

“It’s alright, Ted, you don’t need to panic – I don’t like you like that.”

“Right,” he drawled sceptically, but she wasn’t finished.

“Because I’m gay!” Almost shouting, her voice pitched inhumanly when she tried to quieten it.  

“You’re gay?”

“Yep,” She nodded, “You got a problem with that?”

Rory and Vic both stepped in front of him with their hands resting on their hips and an eyebrow quirked. He shook his head profusely.

“NO! Not at all, I’m just surprised is all, but it’s cool. You’re gay, that’s cool.”

“Damn right it is,” Rory nodded proudly, bumping her elbow against Vic’s.

“So why’d you kiss me if you’re gay?” Still confused about the whole thing, Teddy scratched the back of his head again.

“I wasn’t sure if I was or not, but by kissing you I was able to discover that yes, I am gay.”

“I don’t know if I should be offended that my kiss made you realise you were gay, or flattered that you chose me as your test dummy.”

“Oh, definitely flattered,” Vic pursed her lips with a mock serious look on her face.

“I really don’t think that should be your biggest concern right now, anyway.” Rory interjected with a snort, and the other two looked at her confused. “I wasn’t the only one who saw the two of you – James was staring slack-jawed when I walked up.”


“Oh well,”

“Oh well? That’s all you have to say?” Incredulously, Teddy turned on Vic. “How can you be so calm about the fact that James saw us kissing? He’s going to blab to the entire family!”


“So, they’re going to think you’re straight.”

“They’ve thought I was straight for the last seventeen years, Ted – one more isn’t going to hurt them.”

“Yeah well it might hurt me. I have to go back home with them,” Ted’s face paled, “Your dad is going to kill me.”

“It was just a kiss.”

“Which to your Uncles and your Father is practically an elopement.”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous,”

“I am not!”

“Are too!”

“Am not!”
“Are too!”

“Am not!”

“You both are being ridiculous!” Shouting over their feuding, Rory squeezed the ridge of her nose with her thumb and finger. “Vic, you know as well as I that your family is dramatically over-protective, and Ted – they’re your family as well, they’re not going to kill you so calm the fuck down.”

They both shirked sheepishly under her unimpressed gaze.

“If you’re both done, Vic we’ve got a train to catch, and you Ted, have to get home for work. We’ll see you at Christmas,” Pressing a kiss to his cheek, Rory grabbed Vic by the hand and dragged her over to the Hogwarts Express as it gave out it’s final, warning whistle.

Watching the two run off, Teddy stayed stuck in place with a hand placed over the spot on his cheek that Rory had kissed. Blushing profusely as the train disappeared from the station, Teddy shook his head clear of the fog that had settled over it.

“You’re pathetic, Ted.” He grumbled to himself before straightening his robes and heading off to find his godfather. 

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