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James grabbed me around my waist and spun me around without care, because my sling was now gone and my arm all healed thanks to Nurse Longbottom’s radical healing skills. “They won!”

“They won!” I yelled back and he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“We need a squad picture!” AC yelled and we got a fourth year to take the picture. It was me, James, AC, Troy, Maxima, Albus, Darcy, Zära, Persephone, Fred, Aspen, Chance, Abbott, Luke, and Andrew.

“Send that to me!” I yelled to AC and she gave me a thumbs up. “Hey will you take a picture of me and James?” I asked Aspen.

“If you’ll take one of me and Fred.” She grinned and I nodded.

James sighed, but smiled and posed with me. We slung our arms around each other’s waists and smiled then as Aspen took another, James kissed my cheek.

“Thank you,” I told Aspen and she corralled Fred into a picture. I then took some of the two of them.

People were passing around flasks and other hidden bottles in preparation for the party afterwards. James himself had a small bottle of elfish rum tucked into his sock while Fred had a thermos filled with Firewhisky in his hand.

“Come on, let’s go see Lily and the team.” James smiled and he led me through the melee of people with Fred, Aspen, Dominique, and Ben following us. “Well this makes a wonderful beginning to our date.” He winked at me.

We walked down the stands amid the still celebrating students. “That is does.” I blushed and grinned.

“Don’t forget to be ready by eight and dress nice, because I’ve got something very important to ask you.” he smirked.

“Okay.” I nodded and smiled back.

Twenty Galleons says he asks me to be his girlfriend. At least that’s what I hope he asks me.

James held my hand as he led me forward toward the locker rooms. I balked as I saw mostly his entire family standing there. All of his aunts and uncles that had children playing had shown up for the game plus his grandparents. James’s other cousins and Albus were also standing around.

“Jamie!” Ginny Potter called.

“Jay, I—” I tried to pull back, but James’ grip was steel-tight and so I was unwillingly towed along.

“Mum!” James smiled as leaned over so she could kiss his cheek. “Dad!” He gave his father a one-armed hug.

“James, you’d best say hello to your grandparents,” his mother began, “or else I’ll have to hear about how Percy’s children are so much more grateful and polite.”

“Sure.” James laughed. “Come on Mick.” He pulled me like a puppet on the string. “Don’t worry I won’t let you go.” He whispered in my ear.

“Thanks,” I whispered, my face showed that I was nothing short of mortified and he chuckled.

He briefly said hello to his grandparents and introduced me to them. His grandmother told me that I needed to eat more while his grandfather inquired about what I’d done to my arm, but when James told him that my mother was a Muggle, he lit up like a kid on Christmas and began asking me about blenders and the Internet. I answered his questions best I could before James and I went back to his parents.

“Sorry we got caught up,” James told them, “Granddad was asking McCartney about blenders. I should have never told him that your Mum is a Muggle. Oh yeah, parents this is McCartney Luck, Albus you already know her.”

“Hi.” I sheepishly waved. “It’s wonderful to meet you.”

“You as well!” Mrs. Potter smiled broadly and I noticed how much she and James looked alike in the face.

None of the Potters had the Weasley red hair, however; James and Lily had their mother’s eyes and facial features. James’ hair was untidy like his dad’s and he had glasses like him, but he usually wore contacts instead. Albus looked scarily similar to his dad, according to James, though they don’t get on very well.

“I’ve heard so much about you from James’ letters! I heard what happened to your arm as well that’s terrible!” She gave me a sad look.

“I know that’s the last time I practice with Fred.” I laughed and looked over to where he was talking with his parents and Aspen. I was jealous of Aspen who looked perfectly at home laughing and chatting with Fred’s parents.

“He’s not the fastest broom in the shed truthfully.” Mrs. Potter laughed. “Speaking of brooms James, have you working on your Chasing for the Slytherin match?” She asked with an intense look on her face.

“Yes, but I’ve been having trouble with my Dionysus Dive, it’s like I’m too scared to really do it you know?” James twisted his fingers around as he spoke, a nervous habit I’ve noticed.

James and his mother began an in-depth discussion about Chaser-strategy which honestly bored me so I turned slightly toward Albus who was between me and Mr. Potter.

“So Al, how’d that Transfiguration test go? I remember you and Rose were cramming for it the day before yesterday.” I attempted to make conversation.

“I did good, I think.” Albus looked up at me out from under his long lashes. “Only the short answer ones were hard.”

“Well, that’s good.” I smiled. “As hard as it is I like Transfiguration, you know?”

“Yeah totally.” Albus nodded in agreement. “Stella is the best.” He smiled.

Professor Stella Adustio was one of the few people that I’d go lesbian for. She taught Transfiguration and was the Head of Ravenclaw House. She was gorgeous and blonde and skinny and lovably sarcastic and just down right perfect. I want to be Stella when I grow up.

The guys all loved her and were constantly failing so she would tutor them. She and Professor Lupin were best friends, so everyone wanted them to get together. Professor Lupin had a steady girlfriend though who was actually James cousin, Victoire, and she was currently standing about five feet away from me.

Albus suddenly went rigid and stared over my shoulder.

“What is it?” I whispered.

“Uh nothing.” Albus’ ears turned pink.

“Hi Albus!”

I turned to see Maxima Brankovitch wave at him and then walk over here with Troy Clearwater. Troy said hello to a few family members before disappearing behind the other students with Maxima. I turned back toward Albus, but paused.

I watched as Professor Lupin came running out of the locker-room. He ran up to James’s parents and whispered to them. They nodded and he disappeared back into the locker-room. They then turned to James, Albus, and I.

“Teddy just said that Lily’s been seriously injured right at the last moment of the game. He said she has broken a bone or more in her leg. He told me we need to meet them in the hospital wing.” Mrs. Potter twisted her fingers like James did.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter and Albus started to walk up toward the castle. James turned to me, but I cut him off.

“Go,” I told him. “Text me updates.” I kissed his cheek lightly.

“You’re the best.” He gave my hand a squeeze before flying off after his parents.

I just smiled and walked over to my second parents, aka Dom’s parents, to speak with them for a bit. After I ended my conversation with them, I started toward the castle. It hit me all of a sudden. Lennon! Revenge! I grinned and put a little pep in my step. I knew that she would be at the after party with her minion Cécile which meant her dorm would be empty.

I hurried into the castle and up to Gryffindor Tower. I knew the exchange students were all staying in extra dorms before the first-year dorms, so I went there. I quietly opened the door and saw no one was in there. There were three beds and it was easy to tell which one was Lennon’s. It was the one neatly made with a flowery lacy bedspread and pillows monogrammed with her initials. I raised my wand and said, “Accio, Lennon’s journal!”

A nondescript pale pink notebook flew into my hand. I set it down on her trunk and performed a copying spell that I’d learned from actually listening in Stella’s class. The notebook replicated itself and I grinned as I transfigured it a new title. I tucked the copy under my arm and walked over to Lennon’s bed to put the original back where it came from. I think it was on her bedside table. Ugh wait maybe not. I stood there for a moment when a voice startled me.

“She keeps it under her pillow.”

I whirled around, “Petrificus Totalus!” But the girl blocked the spell with a shield charm.

“Merlin, you’re the one whose invaded my room and you try to jinx me?” Cécile raised an eyebrow. “I wondered how long it would be before you tried to strike back. After this long, I figured you were just resigned to your fate like the rest of us.” She sighed as she walked over to the vanity. She sat down at the mirror and then looked back at me in it. “Well go on then. Put it back in case she comes up here.” I nodded and hurried to put it under her pillow.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked as I walked back towards her.

Her blue eyes were so big up close. Heavy make-up surrounded them, but they were the star of the show. She had a kind of heart-shaped face that was very round. She was almost cherub-like in nature. It was almost as if I couldn’t tell if she was really that pretty or if she just had some serious veela charm.

“You think you’re the only one who has been wronged by Lennon?” Cécile asked with an eye roll. “Your sister doesn’t just torment you.”

I tilted my head in interest.

“She’s stolen or ran off all of my boyfriends and ran off any other friends I try to make. She’s popular though at Beauxbatons, so everyone wants to be friends with us. No one knows how mean she truly is until they’re so close that they’re trapped. I thought this would be a release from her, but she found out through the office I was applying for the exchange and joined me to keep any one from stealing me.” She rolled her eyes and then continued applying her lipstick. I can’t believe how creepy that was. Lennon sounded more like a stalker ex-boyfriend than a best friend.

“I thought Lennon came to torment me.” I mused.

Cécile shrugged. “Maybe it was both, but I was the main reason the exchange got on her radar. And for that I apologize.” She looked at me with knowing eyes.

“It’s okay,” I replied even though it wasn’t. I started out the door when Cécile’s voice stopped me.

“Hey McCartney?” She asked.


“When you do it, make sure it sticks. If you get it wrong then she will come after you,” she warned me with serious eyes.

“I’ll try. Thanks,” I told her and walked out of the room with the copy of the journal.

I was idly doodling on a sheet of paper as I sat on my bed, sneaking glances at the journal to make sure it was still under my pillow. Darcy was painting her nails on her own bed, Dom was with Benjamin in his room, Zära was gone for the weekend as usual, and Abbott was reading a book on her bed.

James was with Lily, because she’s on bedrest as of now and since it was still the weekend James’ parents had come to see her again. I was okay with it. I understand that family means a lot to him. I shook my head to get out of McCartney-Lanta and looked down at what I’d been doodling. A gold snitch was fluttering its wings on my paper.

That’s what I could do!

I hopped off my bed and changed from my pajamas to some leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. I tugged on my bright green Nikes and put my phone in the pocket of my sweatshirt.

“Going for a fly?” Darcy asked me.

“Sí señorita,” I replied. “I’ve got my phone if anyone needs me,” I called over my shoulder as I walked out the door and through the common room which was empty except for a few third years playing spin the bottle.

I made my way down the quiet halls and out onto the Quidditch Pitch. I got my broom and the huge bucket of golden golf balls (for practicing Seeking) out of the locker room and enchanted them with a wave of my wand. I zipped around the Pitch catching the golf balls with a practiced ease despite one of my arms being in a sling.

I missed Seeking so much, but I wouldn’t ever play in a ruddy match again.

My accident had ruined matches for me and there was no taking it back. Even now when the stands were empty I got nervous. I could ignore it out in the fields behind my house, but not here with these towering stands looming over me.

I remember what happened clear as day as all people do. You always remember the worst things that happen to you with great clarity.

I was just a second year, but with years of Pee-Wee Quidditch skills behind me so I knew what I was doing. I was playing Seeker in the Slytherin match. I was up against a fourth year named Justin Bole who was quite larger than me, but I wasn’t worried. I was quick where he was bulky. I remember flying fast around the Pitch, zipping around like it was nothing.

The Snitch came out of nowhere and I flew after it like a bullet. Justin Bole was right there beside me, elbowing me and jostling me away from it. We were circling close to the stands so I figured that’s why Justin Bole pulled back away from me. I was wrong. At that moment a Bludger slammed into me and sent me tumbling through the stands. I crashed through snapping wooden beams as I went and finally fell against something solid.

And just when I thought I was safe two of the beams collapsed on me. It took the professors forever to safely excavate me from the wreckage and I was in the hospital wing for months after. Also Justin Bole caught the Snitch and won the match for Slytherin. I was humiliated and miserable. Not to mention the ugly scar on my forearm that the incident left.

I haven’t played in a match since.

Call it cowardice if you want, but I never asked to be put in Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat chose between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, I was even a hat-stall. I’m very special, I know.

The last golf ball zoomed around the bottom of my goal-post and I had to be careful not to let my feet drag the ground.

I snatched the golf ball out of the air, balancing on the tip of broom carefully. I flew in a circle chasing down the last one. I watched as it flew towards the stands and bit my lip tightly. I flew after it anyway hoping that I might be able to grab it without getting too close to the wooden stands.

“Hey!” a voice called and I jumped, smacking against the stands and yelping. I toppled off my broom and hit the ground.

I tried to sit, holding my aching head. I tasted blood on my lips and sighed.

“Godric!” Someone knelt beside me. “Are you alright, Cart?”

I looked up into the dark eyes of Troy Clearwater. He looked ruffled with his inky black curls askew on his head, his brown eyes alit, and his lips swollen and pink. He held one keg of Firewhisky by its handle and set it down beside me.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” I shook my head. “Just bumped my noggin.” I laughed.

I could feel the heat radiating off of him and it was nice in the chilly weather. “What are you doing out here?” He asked as he settled for sitting on the ground beside me.

“Just flying about you know.” I shrugged hoping he didn’t notice the golden golf balls. He had been on my team when the accident happened, but he probably had forgotten by now.

“Really? It looks like to me that you’re Seeking again.” He grinned. “I thought you swore it off?”

“I did, I mean I have,” I stuttered. “I refuse to Seek again, I couldn’t.”

He sighed. “Here.” He handed one of the jugs to me.

“Thanks.” I guzzled it down. “That’ll warm me right up.”

He then shrugged out of his jacket and gave me half of it. “Go on, you take half and I’ll take half.”

I laughed and we squeezed together under the jacket. “Thanks mate.”

“What else are boys here for except to offer ladies their jackets?” He winked at me.

I giggled again. “Down with the patriarchy.”

“Free the nipple and all that.” He chuckled. “Who do you think Wood’s gonna replace LP with?” He asked.

“I dunno.” I drank more of the Firewhisky. “Maybe Roxanne? Sure she’s better Chaser, but she flies fast and she knows the game.”

“You know who I think should play Seeker?” He raised an eyebrow and smirked at me.

“Don’t you dare say it.” I guzzled down a gulp. “I told you, no.”

“But it sounded like one of those where you actually want me to talk you out of saying no and basically force you to do it, so then reach further enlightenment and happiness like that wonky Buddha dude you told me about.”

I gave him an exasperated look, but Troy was right unfortunately. I really wanted him to talk me into it.

“Don’t worry I’ll talk you into to it. I’ll make a list.”

I glared at him. “So, how’re you and Maxima?” I changed the subject.

“Great, I asked her to be my girlfriend tonight actually.” He leaned back against the dirt. “I took her out to that new classy place in Hogsmeade, Willow, for dinner and then we went and I got her a coffee and I wrote on the cup asking her to be my girlfriend.”

“Aw that’s cute.” I smiled and discreetly gulped down another drink.

I hated talking about other people’s romance. I mean of course I craved romance, I was a teenage girl, but I didn’t crave the stupid stereotypical stuff. I wanted the epic, grandiose, literary loves like Odysseus and Penelope, Dante and Beatrice, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, or Caligula and Incitatus.

The last one is a joke by the way. Incitatus was just the favorite horse of Caligula. If you don’t know who I’m talking about look him up and be prepared to be afraid. The Romans were some crazy-arse motherfuckers. You don’t even want to know what Nero did to his stepbrother, Britannicus.

“Yeah, James helped me think of it,” he told me, “he’s good at the whole romance and loving things.” He winked. “As you probably know.” He elbowed me in the side.

“Actually I don’t.” I shrugged. “We haven’t done any of that yet. He hasn’t even asked me out.”

His eyes began scanning my face and so I looked away. He scooted closer.

“He will don’t worry.” He gave me another wink.

“Look, I really don’t want to think or anything.” I rubbed my still aching head. “Can we just get drunk together?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” He grinned.

I snickered as Troy had his arm slung across my shoulders. “You’re heavy,” I hissed.

“Get over it,” he hissed back.

We were trying to be quiet, because we were out after curfew and quite drunk.

“You’re gonna to get us caught.” I elbowed him and he toppled over onto the floor.

“Ow!” he scoffed.

“Come on!” I tried to drag him down the hallway and began laughing for no reason. We were making our way past the empty classrooms making our way towards the stairs. “Shhh!” I shushed him as I heard footsteps and quiet voices. I dropped him and hid behind one of the suits of armor.

“Rude!” he hissed at me and wobbled to his feet. He tried to hide with me, but we both wouldn’t fit.

“Get your own spot!” I shoved at him.

“If you’d scoot over we could both fit!”

“No, we won’t your arse is sticking out!”

“Don’t insult my arse!”

“I won’t if you move it!”

“Oi, don’t be so hateful! I might mistake you for a Slytherin and leave you in the dungeons!”

“Oh well if you’d quit being such an arse and give the lady her own hiding spot we won’t get caught!”

He opened his mouth, but was interrupted by a female voice. “If we may interject, you’re already quite caught.”

We froze.

I locked red-rimmed eyes with him and whispered, “If we don’t move they won’t notice us.”

“Right,” he whispered back and we remained frozen.

Then a large hand pulled him out from behind the suit of armor.

“Come on out, Miss Luck. We can see you,” the familiar voice told me.

“Merlin, is that you?” I asked.

“No, it’s Professor Lupin.” The voice replied.

“Oh then I’m sorry, you have the wrong number,” I replied. “Pesky telemarketers.” I clicked my tongue.

I heard a girl’s giggle.

“Come on, McCartney.” I heard a female voice. “I’ve got cookies out here.”

I peeped around the suit of armor with a goofy smile. “What kind of cookies?”

I saw Troy standing there beside Professor Lupin eating a cookie and turned my gaze to Professor Adustio who held up a small bag of cookies. “Sugar, of course.” She grinned.

“Okay, I think a few cookies should be in order.” I nodded and scurried over to her, holding out my hand for a cookie.

“I believe so.” She smiled and gave me one. “So, what are you two students doing out in the corridors this late?”

“I was Seeking and then Troy scared me and I fell, so then we used Firewhisky to clean my wound. I busted my lip.” I showed the professors my busted lip and they nodded seriously. “It took a lot of Firewhisky to clean it, you know germs are pesky, resilient little creatures.”

“I see.” Stella smiled.

“I thought she was gonna die,” Troy added slowly.

“Me too.” I agreed.

“Just go to bed, you two.” Professor Lupin laughed. “And if we catch you again, it’s detention.”

“Aye, aye captain!” I chirped and then sprinted off up the stairs. Troy followed behind me, clinging to the railing as he ran.

“Come let’s get the NHPs.” Troy reminded me as we entered the common room.

“Okay!” I laughed again for no reason.

“James keeps them under his bedside table.” Troy explained as we went up the boys’ stairs. Troy’s room had light seeping from underneath it and he wrenched open the door.

Albus was standing at the foot of James’ bed and stopped talking as we entered. Fred was lounging on his bed, scrolling on his Parley. Lucas was reading a book on his bed while Chance was lying in bed on his phone like Fred.

“McCartney?” James looked over at us from rummaging about in his drawers. “Troy?” Suspicion flitted across his face, but went away as quickly as it had come.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t make-out with your almost-girlfriend!” Troy chortled. “Just two mates getting drunk together.” He slung an arm around my shoulders and I smiled.

“Sleepy McCartney is sleepy.” I smiled as I took the NHP from Troy. I downed and then walked over to James. “How’s LP?” I asked my voice shaking and slurring.

“She’s doing well.” He smiled and laughed at the state of me. “She’ll be off bedrest tomorrow.”

“That’s swell.” I smiled sleepily. “Bedrest sounds lovely though, right about now.”

“You can take my bed.” James offered.

“You’re the best.” I tried to wink, but failed miserably and James laughed again. I crawled on top of the covers and began to doze off.

James shut the curtains, but I could still vaguely hear people talking.

“Goodnight mates.” I heard Chance say. “Luke and I are going to bed.”

“I think I’ll join you,” Fred added.

“Goodnight!” Everyone chorused.

“Here it is, Albus,” James began, “just don’t lose it!”

“I won’t, I promise,” Albus told him.

“Alright, goodnight,” James replied.

“Goodnight.” The door opened and closed.

“Hey mate.” I heard Troy speak.

“Yeah?” That was James again.

“Have you still got feelings for You-Know-Who?”

“Why would you ask that?” Then nothing, but unintelligible hissing back and forth for so long I dozed off.

When I woke back up a few moments later I heard, “…are you going to ask McCartney out?” from Troy.

“I dunno, I was going to, but then the whole thing with Lil happened and I haven’t had time since.”

“Well, she’s a great girl so don’t waste her time if you aren’t going to nut up and ask her out. She really likes you.”

“And I really like her.” James sighed loudly. “That’s it, I’m doing tomorrow night. I’m going to ask McCartney Luck to be my girlfriend.”

“That’s the spirit, lad. Now if you don’t mind I’d like to pass out now.”

“Yeah go ahead mate, goodnight.”

I then felt James crawl into bed beside me. He pulled the covers over me and up to our chins.

“Goodnight lovely.” His lips brushed my cheek and that’s the last thing I remember before falling asleep.

Author's Note:
Thanks for keeping up with this story y'all!! Each and every review means so much to me! I hope y'all enjoyed McCartney's POV this chapter! She and Troy are the sweetest and I love their friendship! If you have any comments/theories/just wanna hi leave a review!! Y'all are the bomb and I'll try to post the next chapter soon! Thank you so much for reading!


Lily Cole portrays Cécile Valois (pronounced val-WAH)
Julianne Hough portrays Stella Adustio
Chase Crawford portrays Teddy Lupin

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