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The flight to Australia left at seven Sunday morning. Harry had hosted a family dinner at Grimmauld Place and then retired to bed early. They were up at half past three to eat a light meal before the ministry cars arrived to get them to Heathrow by 5. The trip to the airport was uneventful but navigating security was difficult. They each checked their duffels that Don had given them and carried an expanded rucksack for the plane. Each had a change of clothes and toiletries to refresh themselves during their layover in Dubai. Hermione was disappointed they couldn’t leave the airport at that time but she understood the security rules. In addition to the necessities Hermione and Ginny had loaded their packs with books. Harry had packed his auror study books and some snacks for the plane courtesy of Kreacher and Winky. Ron on the other hand loaded his pack with food and shoved his books in the last bit of open space. Their wands were tucked away in their packs and all silently hoped nobody would pay too much attention to the bags.

Harry and Hermione passed through security without any issues. Ginny was scrutinized a bit more closely but it was Ron who attracted all the attention. He was staring at the metal detectors and x-ray machines. He was fascinated by the technology and had at one point started to ask if magic could do the same thing. He saw Hermione’s stern look and shut up. It wasn’t enough however and his actions earned him additional screenings. The guards were about to investigate the expanded pack but Harry silently cast a confundus causing the guard to allow them through. Hermione wanted to scream at Ron especially since Harry had now performed magic on a muggle and felt horribly about it. She held her tongue though Ron could feel the anger radiating from her.

Once through security the trip went much smoother. Their total travel time was over 22 hours but with the time zone change they didn’t land in Australia until four in the afternoon on Monday. After a relatively short cab ride they arrived at their hotel right across the street from the World Square Shopping Centre and settled into their suites. Kingsley had booked a two bedroom suite with a lounge connecting the rooms. It gave privacy and community. The suite was booked for as long as required and the hotel had been informed the party was a group of young British dignitaries. The young couples had been treated to spa treatments and dinner once they had settled in their rooms. They slept well that night recovering from jet lag and anxious to begin their search.

Harry snapped his mobile phone closed. Hermione had suggested getting them the first day at the mall. She reasoned they would need to communicate effectively while on different floors. He quickly agreed and they picked up four of the devices. He and Hermione had just been discussing plans for dinner. She was quickly growing frustrated after three days of looking around and finding no signs of the wizarding shopping district. Harry, Ron and Ginny were enjoying the days as they got to experience new sites and went to dinner at a different restaurant each night. The previous evening they had enjoyed Latin cuisine and while out Ron had spotted a French café that smelled wonderful. Thinking of the previous night’s food made Harry’s stomach rumble. It was nearing lunch time and he hadn’t eaten much at breakfast. Hermione’s anxiousness to make some progress was rubbing off on him as he desperately hoped to reunite her quickly with her parents. Harry hated to admit it but he felt like a failure for not having spotted a single magical person in the busy mall.

With a sigh Harry pulled out his mobile again and held the seven button to speed dial Ginny. They had agreed on seven since it was the number both had worn in quidditch the previous year. “Hey Harry.” She said as the phone connected.

“Hey Gin, it’s nearing lunchtime, did you want to grab a quick bite since so far we’ve had no luck?”

“Sure I’m famished myself already.” Harry smiled thinking of the large breakfast the hotel had served.

“Great I’m just going to use the loo first. You said it was in the back of that bookstore right?”

“Yea just walk straight through the back. I’ll meet you at the eclestalater thing.”

Harry laughed. “It’s an escalator Gin.”

“Oh yea that. Well see you soon. Love you.” The line disconnected before he was able to respond.

Harry chuckled to himself as he walked through the concourse to the bookstore. Today was the first day he had actually stayed on the ground floor of the mall observing as he had been on the second and third floors previously. He saw the bookstore and walked through the rows of shelves toward the back wall.

The loo was connected to the main store by a sparse white hallway with a few posters that appeared to be expanded copies of book covers. The women’s was on the left and the men’s straight ahead of the entrance that separated them from the rest of the store. Harry noticed a security door further to his right that was labeled “Employees Only.” He didn’t give it much thought as he proceeded into the men’s room.

Harry left the loo and moved to his left to hold the door open for a man who was waiting to use it. It was then that he felt his right arm vibrate as it dangled closer to the door down the hall. Without thinking he let go of the door to the loo and approached the security door. As he got within a couple feet the tingle grew and Harry knew that the door was highly warded. He stepped back into the book store and started walking quickly toward the escalator to meet Ginny. He pulled his phone out again and held the number three to autodial.

“Hermione I think I’ve found it.” He said into his phone without any precursor. She nearly screamed in excitement from the other end of the line.

“You did? Where? Tell me, no wait show me.”

Harry smiled at her reaction. “Get Ron and meet Ginny and I at the escalator on the first floor. I’ll show you.” The line went dead without response. Harry imagined his friend calling Ron quickly and yelling at him to meet downstairs as quickly as possible. Ron would understand and move quickly or he would complain about being hungry and ask about lunch. Harry hoped it wasn’t the latter. Ron would pay dearly for that.

Ginny could see the excitement as he came jogging up to her by the moving stairs. “Gin I think I found the door.”

“Where, how, when…? She questioned not needing to say more.

“The employees only door by the loo in the bookstore. I felt the wards on it after I finished.” She smiled at the explanation and gripped him in a tight hug around the neck. Gin could feel tears of relief welling inside of her at the thought that her friend would soon be reunited with her family.

Ron and Hermione came bounding down the escalator not wanting to wait for the stairs speed. Harry was thankful that nobody was in the way.

“Let’s go Harry. While on the way you can tell us how you found it.” Hermione said pulling Harry by the hand. She stopped when she realized she didn’t know where they were going.

Harry recounted the story as they walked to the store. Hermione slapped her forehead like she had forgotten something extremely important.

“Of course the door would be warded. I should have had you walking around trying to feel for it the whole time. We’ve wasted three days just looking for people standing out amongst the crowd.”

“It’s ok Hermione. We’re progressing now. We’ll get through that door and find the aurors.” Ron tried to sound confident but he wasn’t sure if they could figure the door out.

The four walked through the book store quickly and approached the door. Hermione put a series of warding spells on the entry way to prevent any patrons or employees from interrupting their investigation of the door. She gripped Ron’s hand tightly as Harry relaxed and cleared his mind. He closed his eyes and felt around the edge of the door finding the edges of the wards.

Harry focused as he felt the extension of the wards around the door. The magic came into view in his mind as he pictured the site in front of him. The wards were dull in color but not exceptionally dark. As he examined the door the letter O in Only started to glow brighter. He quickly took his wand and pressed against the letter. That was followed by the P in Employees glowing brighter. A smile tugged at his lips as he the third letter lit up and he realized what was going on. He finally did laugh at the absurdity of the spell when he pressed the N. With that the wards lowered and Harry cleared the site from his mind. The door melted away and was replaced by a glowing portal. Hermione gasped and quickly removed her spells from the entry way.

In a very un-Hermione like way she went first through the portal. She kissed Harry’s cheek and nearly ran through the entrance. Ron followed almost immediately with Ginny and Harry going last. He practically leapt through the portal anxious to join his friends and continue their journey.

Harry came through the portal on the other side and his eyes were met by the harsh glare of the nearly noontime sun. They had been transported outside to a narrow cobblestoned street. He only had caught a glimpse of the shops and surroundings before he ran into Ginny’s back.

“Gin, what’s going on?” Harry asked, but quickly realized what had happened. Separating the entrance from the shopping district itself was a narrow 20 meter section of path. The path had a small meadow that extended on either side that was filled with flowers giving the entire area a friendly inviting atmosphere. That atmosphere was interrupted by the four witches and two wizards standing halfway between the portal and the district proper. They all wore blue uniforms with badges on their chest and had their wands pointed at the newly arrived group.

“Bollocks” Harry said more to himself than anyone else.

“At least we found the aurors easily enough.” Ginny tried to smile.

“Alright you, hands where we can see them. If you reach for any pocket without direction you will be stunned and bound.” One witch standing third from the left spoke loudly. The teens kept their hands raised well away from their bodies to show compliance. “Watkins prepare the holding cells in the office we may have use of them.” One of the male aurors nodded and disapparated without a sound.

I need to learn how to do that. Harry thought admiring the silence with which the man disappeared.

“Alright you four,” The witch spoke again. “You are obviously not from around here as everyone knows we stopped using that entrance years ago. It was only maintained for emergency purposes. And my officer watched your entire interaction. Who taught you to feel magic like that?”

Harry sighed and stepped forward slowly not lowering his hands but wanting to look the woman in the eye without Ron in front of him. “I learned from Albus Dumbledore.” Harry wasn’t entirely lying as Dumbledore had taught him such things were possible but McGonagall had helped him unlock the skill.

However the admission gave him the reaction he was hoping for. The auror relaxed a bit and the tension left her shoulders. Knowing the group before her was close with Dumbledore gave her better feelings about their motivations.

“So you’re Brits eh.” She smiled lightly looking them over more closely. “You with the black hair,” She gestured at Harry. “Please produce some identification and tell me what you’re going to do before you do it.”

“Yes ma’am.” Harry responded politely. “My wand is tucked on my right hip. I am going to turn my right side to you and remove my wallet from my rear pocket.” She nodded and Harry did as he had directed and pulled his wallet out. The witch summoned it wordlessly and examined the ID inside.

“Hmmm… Harry Potter, age 18, member of the Wizengamot.” She spoke to herself examining the id and then the badge. “Auror, junior grade, wait auror junior grade at 18?” She looked at Harry in shock and amazement. Without another word she cast a Patronus and sent it flying away. “You will all accompany me and the others to our office. Please keep your hands where we can see them. I would truly hate to have to stun you.”

They could tell she was serious and walked behind her and another auror. Two others followed behind them. None of them did anything to make the aurors suspicious in fact the group was too busy looking over the district they walked through. Many people stopped and watched the group pass. There were quiet whispers; some suspicious of the group’s intentions, others wondered if they were famous. Harry and Ginny shared a knowing smile realizing it was a combination of the two. They passed various shops that had a much more modern look to them than could be found in Diagon Alley.

After a few minutes walking down the cobblestoned lane the group stopped and entered a two-story building. The walls were light grey stucco with large glass doors and a few windows. Above the doors a black sign with metallic gold lettering read “Auror’s Office Bizzo District Branch.” Ron chuckled at the sign. Harry found the word bizzo funny as well.

“It’s Aussie slang for business. It’s a pretty obvious name but it’s truly ours.” One of the aurors said as they passed below the sign.

The lobby to the building had a large desk with a witch sitting behind it. She stood as the aurors walked in but was waved to her seat by the one who appeared to be in charge. A sign to the left indicated that holding cells and interrogation were down a side hallway. Instead the group was led to the right and up a stairwell. The second floor of the building was devoted to personal use for the aurors. There were a couple meeting rooms but the main floor was filled with comfortable couches and chairs with tables here and there. A couple aurors were looking over some files and barely acknowledged the group as they moved toward the back of the building. The lead auror relaxed into a chair and gestured for the others to sit around the coffee table with her.

The auror she called Watkins came running into the room. “I’m guessing you won’t be using the holding cells then?” He asked quickly.

“Correct in fact it would be better if you ran to Anton’s and have him send over about ten lunch specials. Myssy will be joining us soon and it’s already after twelve.” Watkins turned around and was gone just as quickly as he had come. The lady then turned her attention to Harry and his friends. “My name is Captain Reynolds. I am in command of this branch of the aurors. You’re Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the chosen one and all that.” She stated and waved a hand rather dismissively that made Harry chuckle. She returned the smile happy to see he was enamored by his fame. “That makes you Ron and Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger am I right?”

“Yes ma’am. You are correct; do you know why we’re here?” Hermione asked excitedly.

“No I don’t. But Myssy mentioned we might run into you four sooner or later. I just didn’t expect it to be through a magically sealed door that only Aurors knew how to open.” She eyed Harry suspiciously.

“Hey don’t look at me; I wasn’t the one who set up that absurd way through. I figured that was something that was done for normal every day people.” Harry put his hands up reflexively and smiled at the auror.

She returned the smile and exposed brilliantly white teeth. She had light brown skin and dark brown hair. Her nose had clearly been broken more than once and she had a scar near her left temple. It wasn’t much but it did mar her otherwise flawless skin.

“I sent my Patronus to Myssy. She will want to speak with you directly. I couldn’t tell her why I sent for her so she may come in a bit hot-headed.”

“Reynolds, what in the name of Merlin was so important you had to pull me from my lunch meeting with the Chief Magistrate!? We are just getting things lined up the way we need them.” Reynolds was laughing to herself and pointed at Harry who stood up to greet the head of the aurors.

“That’s my fault ma’am. Apparently I broke into the district today.” Harry said not being able to contain his light smile.

Myssy turned on him in a flash. Her eyes flared in anger. Harry was reminded of Molly Weasley on the occasion when she was truly angry with Fred and George. The smile faltered on his face as he looked her in the eye. “And just who might you be?” The witch commanded raising her voice but not quite screaming. Her eyes flicked over his face and lingered slightly on his forehead. “Oh thank Merlin, Mr. Potter it’s you.”

The anger faded and Myssy smiled wide. “Reynolds great job on maintaining secrecy, I apologize for my reaction.”

“No apology necessary ma’am. I understand the need.” Reynolds nodded to her boss and sat back in her chair. Myssy took the open chair next to her.

“I’m glad you are here Mr. Potter, but I’m sorry to say that I am going to have to place you under arrest and take you to the Ministry.” She said rather plainly as a wizard arrived with their lunch delivery. “Oh you had Anton’s brought in. That’s great.” Myssy picked up one of the boxed lunches and opened it.
“I’m sorry ma’am I must have misheard you. What do you mean you are going to arrest Harry?” Ginny spoke quietly next to him. He shivered feeling the malice and determination in her voice. Ginny would take on the fully trained head of the aurors without a second thought. At that moment he couldn’t have loved her anymore.

“Of course Ms. Weasley, what else am I to do?” She said to the confused group. Harry noticed that even the captain was surprised. “According to our Minister, Harry, you are dead and Voldemort remains in control of the British Ministry. That is why we have not reestablished relations. So I will have to hold you on impersonation and fraud charges until you can verify your identity.” She smirked slightly at Harry.

“Well this just keeps getting better and better.” Hermione summed up Harry’s sentiments. “Now we have another obstacle to overcome in order to get help.”

“Don’t be troubled Ms. Granger. Once the identity issue is resolved all your obstacles will be removed and we will be able to fully cooperate. I can’t get into the details but let me just say the Minister is worse than Fudge ever was.”

“I am going to cooperate ma’am.” Harry replied. “How should we address you since you’re being rather formal at the moment?”

“Oh I was wasn’t I. Well I hate to be presumptuous but if you don’t mind me using your first names since everyone addresses me as Myssy that would be simpler.” She took a bite of the sandwich she had pulled from the box and everyone else took that as a sign to dig in.

“Personally I would prefer to be called Harry. I can’t stand being called Mr. Potter.” He replied after swallowing a bit of his sandwich. He wasn’t sure what it was or if he liked it but it was interesting.

“I understand Harry.” Myssy lost some of the smile she had. “As I said I am going to have to have you arrested and placed in the Ministry’s cells. Your friends will be free to leave as they are not as famous as you and the Ministry has not spread information about them.”

“But what are you going to do with Harry then?” Ginny asked still eyeing the witch suspiciously.

“We will put him on trial and prove he is indeed Harry Potter. I cannot go into specifics but revealing your survival to the country will bring about a great change.” She looked Harry in the eye almost pleading with him to trust her. He didn’t, but he did trust Kingsley and he knew his friends would help him out if it came to that.

Ginny looked over Myssy suspiciously as well. Harry felt the anger emanating from her still. “Gin, please trust Kingsley. He said we could trust Myssy and she can help us.” He took a moment and wiped a bread crumb from her lip. “You will have Hermione with you and you know she’s smarter than anyone else we know. She will get this taken care of quickly.” Ginny nodded and relaxed a bit. She didn’t like this idea especially if the Minister was truly corrupt. Harry could find himself in even more danger.
The rest of lunch passed relatively quickly and quietly. After they were done Myssy spoke again. Captain please take Harry to the Ministry and get him processed in. Harry please turn your wand over to the Captain, you can hold onto everything else you have brought with you. She gave him a sly smile that meant she likely knew his bracelet could be used just in case.

“You can use the first office over there to say goodbye to Ginny. You have five minutes Harry.” Captain Reynolds said pointing to an open door in the corner.

Ron looked at the captain in a scandalized manner before Hermione smacked his chest. He didn’t say anything though as Ginny led Harry to the office that had been indicated. Five minutes later Reynolds knocked on the door. Harry came out looking disheveled and handed her his wand. Watkins followed as they left the office the same way they had come in.

“Ok now that Harry is gone this is what you three can do to make this process as easy as possible.” Myssy turned serious and addressed his friends. “The trial will likely be within a week or so, we can use Harry’s and your memories of the defeat of Voldemort but it would be best to have some witnesses from outside of Britain who could testify that he was indeed the same person before and after. Anyone with any clout or fame would help.”

“So this isn’t going to be as easy as you lead us to believe is it?” Hermione couldn’t resist the question.
Myssy sighed and looked at the young girl. “We’ll prove his identity. It will take some work. But trust me when I say this is the best way to go about it.” None of them said anything but nobody felt like trusting the auror.

“What do we do while we’re arranging this?” Ron asked speaking up for the first time. He was busy strategizing ways to convince the court.

“You can choose to stay where you’re currently staying or move to the hotel here in the district. I would recommend relocating here since it will facilitate communication with my office. Nobody else will know you are here beyond the few aurors that already know. I want your presence to come as a surprise.” The auror explained standing up and preparing to leave. “Reynolds should be back soon and can assist you with any changes or questions you may have.”

Myssy left the office while the three pondered the best way to help Harry. Multiple names came to Hermione’s mind immediately and she started to write them down. She needed to talk to Reynolds to make sure it would all be allowed. Ginny was beyond angry and took to pacing; occasionally she would glance at Hermione’s list or make a suggestion.

Reynolds returned about thirty minutes later and was bombarded by questions. She held up a hand to silence the three. Once the stopped talking she spoke. “Myssy gave me a quick run down on what we need to do. I will be happy to contact and bring in any person you believe can help make this as quick and painless as possible. In the meantime don’t worry about Harry, he was quite comfortable in the cell we put him in after we let him get his tent from the hotel. That is a truly wonderful invention.”
“Yes it is, we all have one.” Ron said without thinking. “You know they were designed for traveling quidditch players but I bet aurors could make use of them too. We should contact Don and see what Firebolt thinks.”

“Those were made by Firebolt? That’s interesting; yea I think our field aurors would love having something like that for their kit. Once we get this sorted out I would love to talk with Don. Is that the one you have listed here Don Shaffer?”

“Yes it is the same one.” Hermione explained. “He was Harry’s host father while Harry lived in Brazil. I was thinking if we can prove Harry was the same person while in Brazil we can bring in some people with more pull.”

“Good thinking Hermione.” Reynolds looked over the list curiously. “You have headmistresses of both Beauxbatons and Amazonis on here, as well as the Minister for Magic from the states and Brazil. You think all of these people would help Harry?”

“I’m sure of it. Harry saved the Brazilian Minister’s life last year. The US Minister is Don’s mother.” Ginny replied sharply. She was still not happy but was willing to help get this resolved quickly. “We just need to prove that Harry was the same while in Brazil as before, there are two people that can do that, well we can too, but the more voices the better.”

“And those two are?” Reynolds asked looking at Hermione’s ever growing list in amazement.

“Viktor Krum and Fleur Delacour,” Hermione replied. “Fleur is married to Ron and Ginny’s brother so Viktor is the better choice given his fame. Hopefully he is available to help.”

“Well the quidditch leagues haven’t started up yet so he should be on Holiday.” Ron said more to himself than anyone else. “I think we should use Fawkes to deliver letters once we have a solid list.”

“I don’t think you need to use your own owl. We have plenty of fast flying birds that can make the trip in time.”

“Fawkes is a phoenix. And you can send the official correspondence your way. We’ll send explanatory letters to them first so they are prepared.” Hermione corrected the auror.

“A phoenix really, that would be wonderful. That should alleviate some of the travel concerns. Although arranging for some of these people to travel may be difficult.” Reynolds was thoughtfully trying to figure out the logistics of bringing multiple Ministers to the courtroom.

“What about goblins and house elves?” Ginny said suddenly interrupting the conversation. “I saw a branch of Gringotts so bringing in the Goblin that handles Harry’s estate could be beneficial. And we know Kreacher and Winky can verify Harry’s ownership of Grimmauld Place.”

“Goblins can testify but house elves cannot. Unfortunately they are seen as property and could be ordered to lie so we cannot use them.”

“Right so we need to contact Gringotts. Fleur can help with that since she knows the Goblin that manages his estate.” Ron spoke up then checked his watch. “If we’re going to move our stuff from one hotel to the other we should probably do that and then we can explore around here tonight before dinner.”

Hermione looked at her watch and nodded. “I think that would be best.”

Myssy returned to the office of the Chief Magistrate after meeting with her aurors. She was optimistic that this turn of events was going to be beneficial for her country. The magistrate looked up as she came in. His name was Steve Knighton. He was also head of the Department of Magical Law. As such Myssy reported to him normally so a meeting like this was not unusual. Steve was young for a department head, just over forty. His skin a deep brown that occasionally shown with a red tinge. He stood just under 6 ft tall with short brown hair. He had a bald spot on the back of his head that he generally covered with a fedora. The hat always matched his suit he was wearing. Robes and tall hats were worn only for special celebrations. The influence of muggle-borns and aboriginal magicians combined for more casual, albeit odd choices of dress.

“I’m glad to see you’ve returned Myssy.” Steven spoke with a slow cadence. He hadn’t looked up as his subordinate entered the room. “I’m sure you can explain to me what was so important yet you could not speak of it directly.”

“Indeed director. I was just informed by Captain Reynolds that someone claiming to be Harry Potter was spotted breaking into the Bizzo District.”

“What do you mean breaking into?” Steven asked curiously finally looking up.

“He opened the door through the World Square Shopping Center. Sensed the magic and what was required to pass the wards. He didn’t tear them down, just opened them.”

Steven sat back and rested his elbows on the arm of his chair. His fingers touched in front of his nose. He often took this pose while thinking. It was common while playing chess or simply deciding what he wanted to have for lunch. “And you believe there was no malicious intent?” Myssy nodded expecting further questions. “What have you done with him?”

“I have had him arrested on fraud and impersonation charges. Due to innocence of his actions I don’t think we could charge him with breaking the wards. He is currently in the holding cells in the auror’s office here.”

Steven sat for a few moments making an occasional hmm sound as he was deep in thought. “And you are sure he is an imposter and not simply Harry Potter on holiday?”

“Quite the opposite actually, I’m certain he is who he says. You know I heard from Kingsley Shacklebolt in England. He told me Harry and his friends would likely show up sometime in the near future, now all four of them are here.”

“So this confirms our suspicions about the Minister.” Steven stated gravely. “Good thinking to bring Harry in. That will protect him as well as force the Minister’s hand. You have a guard placed outside the cell I am sure?”

“Of course, I have made sure that all the guards are amongst our most skilled and trusted aurors.”

“Perfect, I will go ahead and inform the Minister. And push to have this criminal brought to justice immediately.” He added a slight wink at the mention of criminal. “Are his friends preparing his defense?”

“As we speak, Captain Reynolds was directed to inform them and assist with everything. Harry seems to have a few famous friends who will make this case downright easy especially if you’re doing the questioning.”

“And I intend to do most of it.” Steven stood quickly. “I assume the Minister will have his own set of questions but we’ll steer the conversation properly. Now I am going to go meet young Mr. Potter myself. Thank you for the information.” Myssy nodded and followed her director out the door.

A/N: I wish I could explain the writers block that plagues me at times. I will never understand why I just can't get through a chapter. I'm glad I finally was able to post this one though. My next posting is going to be a one-shot. The title is the Veela vs the Goblins. I have alluded to Harry's wealth a few times and it's time to see just how vast it is and how Harry managed to keep it after the Gringotts break-in

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