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(January 10th, 1976)


“Peter, we’re going to get caught!” Hestia hissed in between breaths as Peter’s hand grazed the slip of her stomach that peaked out from under her sweater.

“Its fine, Hes,” he assured her, resting his hand on her hip and pausing to kiss his girlfriend on the nose. Hestia tilted her chin down and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as Peter smiled at her small, angular face. “No one comes down here.”

Peter wrapped his hand around the back of Hestia’s neck, and she lowered her lips onto his very softly.

The two started dating over the break after discovering that they’d lived just down the street from each other.

Hestia moaned softly and shifted over to completely straddle his lap.

Before the winter vacation, Hestia was not too fond of Peter and his band of friends, but Peter alone was different; nicer and easier to manage.

Peter moved his hands down her neck, and Hestia broke away from him to rip her sweater off.

In fact, Hestia rarely interacted with the rest of the marauders, and was nervous to actually meet them as Peter’s girlfriend.

Peter began unbuttoning the white polo that Hestia wore and she let her hands fall to Peter’s shoulders.

“Pete,” she whispered breathlessly as he kissed her collarbone. “Pete, we should stop.”

“She’s right, Pete,” whispered a mocking voice from outside the door.

“You should stop,” a new voice joined in a very unconvincing falsetto.

Hestia clenched her teeth and blew out air through her nose as Peter hurried to button up her top.

“I am so, so sorry Hestia,” Peter apologized profusely as she clambered off his lap clumsily. Hestia pushed his hand away as he heard James mutter ‘alohomora’ to unlock the door at the end of the train. Hestia merely glared at Peter out of the corner of her eye as James Potter and Sirius Black strolled in.

“Now Peter I can’t believe we’ve gone the whole break without having a true introduction,” James said properly, extending a hand to Hestia as she pulled the sweater she had tossed to the side back over her head. Peter reached out to fix her hair, as it had fallen back into her eyes, but she swatted him away once again.

“Hello James. Sirius,” Hestia said reluctantly, waving to him and Sirius, who was busy peeking out the window uninterestedly.

“You look a little heated, Pete, anything wrong?” Sirius asked casually without turning to look at Peter who in turn blushed even more than Hestia was.

“Well I guess I’ll be going,” she muttered to herself over James and Sirius’ snickers.

“Oh, come on Hestia, we’re just poking fun,” James added as he plopped down unceremoniously next to Peter. She turned back to glare at him with as much vigor as she could muster, but looked away as James’ striking hazel eyes peered back at her genuinely. He held out her bag for her, and Hestia took it without meeting Peter or James’ eyes.

“I have to go meet Mary,” she managed to blurt out, flickering her eyes towards Peter one last time. Peter pursed his lips, but said nothing. “Fine,” she grumbled, throwing her bag over her shoulder and exiting the crowded compartment at the end of the train.

Hestia leaned against the door of the compartment, rolling her eyes at the giggles that emanated from within. She smiled, only after hearing the two berate Peter for failing to go after her.

“Damned right that bloody boy should come after me,” she muttered under her breath as she started down through the rest of the Gryffindor section of the train. “Bloody boys,” she repeated, passing each door without a second glance.


She looked up to see Mary coming down the train at her at a breakneck speed, and Hestia braced herself for impact.

“How was your break?” she asked, bubbles in her voice. Hestia took a breath as Mary embraced her tightly. “Sorry, Hes,” she apologized, loosening her grip and stepping back.

“It was great,” Hestia said over a chuckle, her cheeks turning a shade of red similar to Peter’s when under Sirius’ scrutiny. Mary punched Hestia in the arm lightly.

“A boy, I presume?” she asked saucily, hooking her arm in Hestia’s and walking her down the length of the train.

“Mary, you’re not going to believe it,” she warned shyly, taking an inhale before continuing. “I’ve done it.” She shook her head in shame as Mary led her to a compartment that held Emmeline Vance and Samantha Eldridge. As Hestia crossed the door, she was relieved of having to reveal the name of the boy to Mary.

“You’re dating Peter Pettigrew?” Emmeline and Samantha asked in unison, leaning forward and looking at Hestia accusingly. Mary said nothing, but her jaw dropped open and she too turned her head to gape at Hestia.

“No one,” Mary started, looking to Samantha for back-up.

“No one dates a marauder,” Samantha finished, sitting back and throwing her hands on her hips. Hestia let out a short sigh and sat down next to Emmeline who had gone back to flipping through The Daily Prophet.

“I guess I do now,” Hestia offered, leaning against the cushioned seat and closing her eyes. “Can’t we talk about something else?”

“No we bloody well cannot!” Samantha exclaimed, kicking Hestia’s knee. “You know we never get any,” Samantha reasoned, making Hestia blush again. “Is he any good?” she pried, leaning her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands.

“Samantha!” Hestia seethed from between her teeth, as the door suddenly slid open and a petite frame blocked the entrance.

Emmeline put down her newspaper at the intrusion.

“Oh, sorry!” Marlene McKinnon said from the doorway, looking upon the room of girls. “I was sure this was this prefect’s compartment,” she mumbled, smiling once more at her peers before turning back out.

“Wait, Marlene,” Mary called suddenly, realization dawning on her face. “Damn it,” she muttered, leaving her friends without an explanation and following Marlene down the train.

“What’s wrong, Mary?” she asked, continuing to walk as Mary caught up with her.

“Is there a meeting?”

Marlene tilted her head, not understanding the question.

“For the prefects,” Mary clarified, letting out a few heavy breaths.

“Oh no, I’m sorry I was just supposed to meet Lily and Remus. And Merlin knows where they’ve gone off to,” she muttered continuing walking, checking every compartment or so as they went along.

“I haven’t seen them, but Sirius, James, and Peter are in…compartment eight I think.” With that Marlene stopped short and turned to face Mary with a bright smile on her face.

“Thanks Mary, you’re the best.” She gave Mary a quick hug, making up for missing out on introductions earlier. Mary caught her breath again as Marlene let go of her. “I’ll see you back at Hogwarts, alright?”

Mary nodded absently as Marlene headed past her back towards James, Sirius, and Peter.

“I think we have Defense together, right?” Marlene called over the bustle of a gaggle of First Years.

Mary nodded again and waved at Marlene.

“Yeah, we do,” she managed back. But Marlene was already inside the compartment she was searching for. Mary leaned against the door of another compartment and took another breath.



The Gryffindor common room was comforting to Dorcas. It reminded her of home so much more than anything else in the world. The warm fire (the warmest fire, in her opinion), the red and gold couches and cushions that were a little too tacky, the ornate frames and stuffy (but still a little amazing) people that adorned the walls, and the amazing people that she lived with.

It especially felt like home that day back from break. The day back from another month of saving her mother from her father, the day back from saving her sister from herself. And while she could not stop worrying, she could pause for just a little bit, just the day before classes, and gossip with Marlene McKinnon.

“So wait,” Marlene said, needing a moment of clarification. “You’re telling me that Hufflepuff Hestia is getting it on with Petey?” she asked Dorcas, leaning against her in the oversized armchair. Dorcas put a large spoonful of strawberry ice cream in her mouth and nodded her head, a smile creeping at the corners of her lips.

Marlene titled her head back over her best friend’s shoulder in an attempt not to laugh. After a couple seconds, she pulled a serious look and brought her eyes back to Dorcas’. The two held on for a few more seconds before bursting out in laughter.

“Dorcas!” Marlene shrieked as pink-colored liquid flew out of her mouth and onto Marlene’s lap. The sight of Marlene’s lap covered in the regurgitated ice cream only made the two laugh harder until Marlene was sprawled out on the floor of the common area.

“Come on, you two, I’m sleeping over here,” Sirius grumbled from the other side of the room. Dorcas chucked the empty carton of ice cream at Sirius, leaving a pink drip of dairy to trail down his cheek. Marlene continued giggling, but crawled over to Sirius and rested her chin on the edge of his couch.

Sirius turned to look at Marlene, who took a finger to his cheek and wiped off the strawberry ice cream. As Marlene brought it to her mouth, Sirius grabbed her wrist and brought it to his instead. He popped her finger in his mouth, licked off the ice cream, and kissed the tip of Marlene’s pointer finger. Marlene leaned forward and kissed Sirius lightly, getting up from her knees and clambering atop Sirius to force him to share the couch.

“Oh knock it off, you two,” Dorcas said in annoyance, tossing a throw pillow at the pair who had taken to squishing on the small couch next to each other.

“Jealous?” Sirius retorted, tossing the pillow back at Dorcas who caught it with ease.

“You wish,” she muttered, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. Sirius kissed the back of Marlene’s head gently and wrapped his arm around her stomach.

“Why is it so funny that Peter and Hestia are together?” Sirius asked out of nowhere, breaking their comfortable silence.

Marlene and Dorcas burst out laughing again.

“Some people are trying to sleep in here!” an older portrait quipped from a dark corner of the room.

Sirius joined their laughter. 


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