I don't own Harry potter, j.k.rowling does and ouat belongs to Edward kitsis and Adam Horowitz!! "people are going to tell you who you are your whole life. you've just got to punch back and say ' no, this is who i am .'"- Emma swan.* The prophecy mentioned is from the alchemist.*







It was late november, and the heads ( Jacob summers and Regina Winchesters) had posted a notice about the yule ball. Everyone had brought outfits with them from home . I looked out of the window of our burgundy and gold common room to see the snow falling on the grounds.I smiled and ran upstairs to get changed. It was time for the best snowball fight ever! When I got outside I saw 4 ginormous snowball forts. Behind one was James and Lily.The next one along had Peter and Annelise. Remus and Chloe were paired up behind one. Then I saw Sirius' shadow , smiled to myself, transformed into my animagus form ( A  cat ) and snuck up to him and pounced on him, knocking him on the floor.




James saw the cat (me) pounce on Sirius and started laughing his head off.Lily whistled to tell me to follow her and made the excuse of returning me to my owner and took me to the castle.As soon as we were inside, I changed back and we returned to the snowball forts, laughing. When we'd returned, the guys saw us laughing and asked what was so funny. I giggled and explained that Lily had told me what had happened.Then Sirius dragged me (literally, i was protesting the whole time) behind his snowball fort and asked me to be his date to the ball.I agreed since 1) he was my boyfriend and 2) it would irritate the fan-girls to death.




The snowball fight begun. snow was flung here and there.first one down was peter, then Annelise, then Chloe . I was running around, throwing snowballs with super speed. Sirius got James out, then Remus and Lily. We'd won! Then i saw that Sirius was suddenly sad so i super speedily ran and sat beside him.








i suddenly realized that Hermione was beside me , leaning against me. I gave her a fake half-smile and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close. I loved having her in my arms, i felt happiest then. "Sirius" she whispered" what's wrong? You know i hate seeing you like this and don't bother lying, i want the truth." I knew she deserved to know and i hated lying to her. I had decided to tell her the truth. "Love, the holidays are coming up and i can't bear being away from you" i replied. She just smiled knowingly and spoke one little sentence, which made a world of difference." Didn't James tell you ? You lot are all invited to my place for Christmas!" she stated it matter-of-factly.




I just smiled, lifted her into my arms and spun her around."Put me down! NOW!" she shouted and reluctantly i placed her on the floor, dragged her over to the steps and sat her on my lap. I leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back and started to deepen the kiss. I gently moaned at the feeling of her pressed against me. She just smirked.At me! 






 Whilst Hermione and Sirius were off doing who knows what, me and Lily (Sorry Lils, Lily and I) were taking a lovely walk on the grounds.For weeks now Sirius had told me to make it official, yet I had repeatedly told him that there was no way in hell I was going to ruin whatever we had.BUT, I was so done waiting. We sat by the waterfall beside the lake, i couldn't resist anymore. I leaned in and gently brushed my lips against hers just to see how she'd take it. She moved herself closer to me and kissed me back, wrapping her delicate arms around my neck, my arms around her waist.




We both instinctively broke the kiss and she blushed. wow.. Lily is absolutely gorgeous when she blushes...wait,that's off the point i should ask her now....


"My precious Lilyflower( she hit me for this, playfully) would you give me the honour of being my official girlfriend" i asked, love flowing through my eyes. i think if i'm rejected again i'll die.


I expected the old Lily to resurface and say no.Instead..........................




She couldn't be Serious. Oh wait, she cant be Sirius, he's my best mate! nope, she's not kidding! My face broke into a huge grin.I kissed her with every ounce in my body she responded and moaned. 






I was walking back up to the castle with Chloe when we happened to chance upon Hermione & Sirius snogging on the castle steps. Hermione was pressed against the wall and Sirius had pressed himself against her. Chloe giggled, which stopped them and Sirius turned around with a smirk. "Nice time, Padfoot?" I grinned wolfishly.He smiled and pulled Hermione to his side. She leaned her head on his shoulder. "Hope Y'all enjoyed the show, but we should ge' back to school." she replied cooly, her American accent surfacing accidentally.




Sirius just grinned."Let's go babe" he said. I seriously had no idea how long this 'love' would last. Sirius just liked her ( or so he thought ) although I knew he loved her really. Hermione rubbed her head and looked into space. When she stopped she summoned a piece of paper and a quill and began to scribble furiously. When she was done, i looked at it long enough to see the words:

"*the two that are one, the one that is all.

There will come a time when the Book is taken,

And the Queen's man is allied with"* but then she saw me looking and took it and ran off to dumbledore's office.

DAMN IT!  i can't believe that Remus read the start of that prophecy. NOW.... he probably thinks i'm crazy! Contrary to what he may think, i'm not crazy!That is a very important prophecy from the codex actually! I don't care if he doesn't like it. WAIT... they're bound to ask questions now! Anyway, when i got to dumbledore's office, i saw a stunning golden griffin statue, which guarded the stairway and the stunning , moving portraits of previous headmasters and headmistresses like Professor Dippet, proffesor derwent, professor Phineas Nigellus Black and many more i couldn't identify. When Dumbledore arrived, he was in his usual cloak and his half moon spectacles, creating a theme of peace. We discussed the prophecy, line by line. The true meaning was...


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