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It was game day. Mother fucking game day. Let’s go! Fuck bitches, get money. I listened to hardcore rap and rock while I got ready to go down to breakfast.

“Are you ready?” I asked Lucy as I cut off the music. I left my hair messy falling around my shoulders.

“Of course Madame.” Lucy was finishing her hair. She curled one last strand around her wand before we walked out of the bathroom.

“Finally!” Elisaveta laughed as she set down the book she was reading. It was a manual on Seeking techniques. The girl never stopped thinking about Seeking. Ever. I swear she has Seeking OCD.

“Oh wah wah!” I stuck out my tongue at her. “Come on, I’m starved!” I walked downstairs.

On Game-Days the JV players had to dress nice because we were fucking classy-ass people. For the boys, it was bow-ties abound and for the girls it was dresses or skirts and nice shirts.

I refused to participate.

For example: today I wore black, tight, skinny jeans paired with a long-sleeved white t-shirt that had a high-neck and an off-white, knitted sweater over it. I also had on short, leather, black booties. I was a thorn in the side of authority. And proud of it.

“I bet that every boy is wearing a bow-tie.” I grinned at Lucy.

“It’s inevitable.” She sighed.

We passed people in the common room and many wished us good luck. I’m so excited. I was finally the oldest on a team. Our JV is going to kick Ravenclaw’s arse. Turn the hell up. We entered the Great Hall and some Gryffindors clapped as we made our way to the table. I waved at them and beamed as I sat down between Hugo and Louis.

“I’m ready to fuck shit up!” Hugo was saying to Lorcan Scamander.

“Everybody but Lorcan is wearing a bow-tie.” Lucy laughed.

“Because Lorcan doesn’t understand the amazingness that is the Bow-Tie,” Hugo explained.

“Maybe he’s gay.” Louis teased.

“Very funny.” Lorcan rolled his eyes as he pushed his black hair away from his forehead. “That joke is as old and over-used as your mom’s—”

“Hey! No locker-room talk out here!” I slapped my hand over his mouth.

Louis’ face had turned as red as his pants and matching bow-tie. He had a terrifying look on his face and we all know how veela can get.

“Anyways has Teddy been by yet?” I sought out a distraction so Louis didn’t slaughter Lorcan right here in the Great Hall.

“Here I am.” I saw Teddy walk up behind Lucy.

“Fawkes! I was hoping that I had missed you.”

“I’m ignoring that for your sake LP. Has everyone started on their breakfast?” He peered at all of our plates. “Lucy, you need more protein on yours and LP, you need more fruits.”

I glared at him as I stuffed my face with eggs.

“Everyone get lots of proteins and fruits!”

“Does he even know what he’s talking about? I mean honestly? He’s not even a real coach!” I hissed conspiratorially to Louis who shrugged in response and was soaking up everything Teddy said.

I was the only teammate who ever questioned our coach and usually suffered for it. I can’t help it! I am naturally ostentatious and nosy. Excuse the hell out of me!

“Right LP?” Teddy asked me.

“Yeah totally.” I nodded agreement.

“Alright that’s good, see you kids in the locker room.” He turned on his heel and walked to the Staff Table.

“LP?” Hugo looked at me aghast. “What the hell?”

“What did I do?” I looked around at everyone.

“You just agreed to run for thirty minutes straight twice with one break at the next practice,” Lucy told me.

“Well shit.” I sighed.

“Ready for the big game kiddos?” Fred, James, Troy, McCartney (with her arm still in a sling), and Darcy appeared behind Lucy.

“I eat Ravenclaws for breakfast!” Hugo howled.

“Atta boy!” Fred grinned and fist-bumped him. “Well we’ll see you guys after the match, make us proud.”

James gave me a smile. “Love you, sis!” He blew me a kiss and I caught it.

“Love you too Jamie!” I smiled and turned back to breakfast.

I looked down the table to see that he and McCartney sat together again. The two were bloody inseparable ever since the B2S party. If they weren’t dating already they would be soon. I just turned back to my breakfast. It was none of my business anyway.

As I ate, I felt a growing sense of nerves. I always got nervous before matches though. Even these ruddy JV matches were treated like it’s the Pros. The Beaters try their very best to take out the players and I always get targeted. I have a long-standing record of how many times I’ve ended up in the hospital wing after a game, only James and Troy are even close to being near me.

But you know what? It’s fine.

I had this under control. I was used to this shit anyway.

I didn’t listen at all to Teddy’s inspirational/motivational locker-room speech and didn’t listen when Coach Jarvis Appleby (the Flight Instructor/Quidditch Referee) did the whole captains thing. The only time I listened was when they blew the whistle to start the game. Louis who played the middle lunged for the Quaffle, knocking Cate Aaron, a Ravenclaw Chaser, out of the way with a sharply placed elbow.

“Louis Weasley’s got the Quaffle and he’s streaking toward the goals!”

Louis sped for the goalposts. I flew faster and saw Lucy streak past me. Lucy was waiting and he threw it to her to avoid a Bludger. She threw it at an angle and it flew past Mason Aaron’s foot.

“Lucy Weasley scored! Ten points to Gryffindor!”

I set my mouth in a firm line and flew after Shiloh who had taken the ball.

“And Davies has the Quaffle!”

I watched as Shiloh did the Woollongong Shimmy, flying low and fast. Her broom zig-zagged back and forth so bad that I was getting dizzy just looking at her. She suddenly shot forward and ducked underneath a Bludger from Lorcan.

Damn Shiloh was better than last year. A lot better.

She threw the ball to Helios Evander, the other Chaser, and he took off upwards. He flew towards the goalposts and I closed in quickly behind him.

He cast a look over his shoulder and started to begin a Dionysus Dive. Then in a sharp movement the ball was flying back into Shiloh’s waiting hands.

“Davies has scored! Ten points to Ravenclaw!”

Dammit! I licked my lips uneasily. This wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

Damn the game of Quidditch all to hell.

We were ahead, but only by the saving grace that came in the form of Hugo Weasley. He blocked just as many shots as Mason did, but the only way we were getting out of this was if Elisaveta caught the Snitch. She and Daria Llewellyn had been looking this entire game, but the Snitch was nowhere to be seen.

I caught the Quaffle from Lucy and tucked it under my arms. I felt someone fly up beside me and saw Shiloh. Her blue eyes were fierce and her dark hair was braided back. She reached for the Quaffle and we battled back and forth when a force slammed into my side/back.

I hit Shiloh and we both went spiraling onto the ground. The ground was as hard as cement. I laid there and tried to get air going back down my windpipe.


That was Hugo. And before I could even try to breathe, hands were hauling me up.

“Are you okay?”


“What are we going to do if she can’t play?”


“Are you alright?”

I suddenly turned to them. “Shut-up!”

My teammates froze, except for Louis. He was standing a few feet away behind Lorcan, giving me my space.

“Get away from me!” I gasped for air. I walked away from the group and put my hands on my knees. My ribs hurt and my chest was aching.

I couldn’t breathe right. I leaned over and put my hands on my knees. I saw feet in my vision.

“You want me to get somebody to wrap you up?”

I nodded and Louis turned and walked away. I then stood and turned back to my teammates. “I’m sorry. I’ll be right back. I just need to get wrapped up.”

They all nodded with wary expressions. I went into the locker-room and took off my robes.

“LP, it’s Aunt Hannah.” I watched as she came around the corner with athletic tape in her hands. “What do I need to wrap?”

I motioned with hand. “My ribs and right shoulder.”

She merely nodded and set to work. It didn’t take her long to wrap up my ribs and shoulder.

“When you get done here, you come straight to me, Lily Potter,” she scolded.

“I will Aunt Hannah, I promise.” I redressed as she left. I walked back out and waved to the crowd as they roared in approval.

I noticed Shiloh was back in the air, practicing. She had her right wrist wrapped up tight and a brace on her knee.

“Are you sure that you’re good?” Lucy asked. “Louis and I can handle it.”

“Yep, I’m fine,” I replied as I stretched, shifting my torso to the side.

I winced and my teammates looked uneasy.

“Alright so I’m lying.” I set my jaw and turned to Elisaveta. “Just catch the damn Snitch ASAP.”

She nodded firmly.

I grabbed my broom and waved at Coach Appleby. “I’m ready.”

“It’s your call.” He shrugged and blew his whistle.

We all flew back into the sky and Cate snatched the Quaffle from Lucy. I flew, but I wasn’t as quick as I was earlier. Shiloh seemed totally unaffected. She zipped about the pitch and scored once more.

“Davies scores again! Ten points for Ravenclaw!”

I flew fast down the pitch and caught Louis’ throw. I quickly flew and executed a perfect Finbourgh Flick.

“LP seems unaffected by her fall and scores once more! Ten points to Gryffindor!”

I flew back and heard a cracking sound. I turned to Lucy clutching her face. She removed her hands and blood ran underneath her nose. Her eye was blackening and swelling as well. Lorcan swung his bat and the Bludger slammed into Cate. I shook my head. I couldn’t worry about Lucy and Cate.

I flew after Helios, the only one untouched by Bludgers. The little sucker was great at dodging them. He turned and threw a Reverse Pass to Shiloh. I intercepted it. I turned and flew back to the goalposts. I threw the Quaffle, but Mason barely blocked it. He just managed to lunge far enough.

“And the shot is barely blocked by Aaron!”

Helios snatched the ball and launched it into Cate’s hands who passed it to Shiloh. Hugo blocked the shot and kept the score 160-150.


I snatched the ball away from Cate and flew toward the goalposts. The Seekers flew around in front of me and I saw Nick Finnigan and Lorcan hit a Bludger at Daria Llewellyn, the Ravenclaw Seeker.

I threw the ball into the goal and Mason didn’t notice until too late. I flew up to see the Seekers. The Bludger hit Daria’s broom and sent her spiraling toward the ground.

I sighed in relief and turned my brooms towards the Gryffindor stands.

That’s when the Bludger hit me right in the leg.

I heard the crack, before I felt it.


Tears flew down my cheeks as I soared down. I saw Teddy waiting for us in his usual spot and his smile dropped from his face when we made eye contact.

“Teddy, it’s broken!” I sobbed. The pain was terrible, worse than any other bone I’d ever broken and I’d broken a lot of bones.

“Hey, hey it’s alright.” He crooned. “Come on.” He held my leg as still as he could. I flew to the locker-room. Teddy laid me out on one of the benches.

“Teddy!” I wailed.

“It’s okay, LP, just be still…”

I felt myself fading as black dots clouded my vision.

“Be still…”

My breathing felt slow and labored. I felt sluggish and water-logged. I opened my eyes and saw blonde hair.


I clenched my lips tightly together.

Louis’ silvery blonde hair was still drenched in sweat and he wore his Quidditch robes. Lucy stood beside him, hovering over his shoulder like a little bird. Her eye had purple bruises inking the skin around it and her nose was swollen. Hugo stood beside them, his red hair flat across his forehead for once. He was turned toward Rose and Al.

“LP.” Louis noticed I was awake, but didn’t lean closer. Louis knew that I liked my space. I looked back at him sleepily.

“Hi.” I yawned. I tried to slide up from under the covers and noticed that James had his arms and head on my bed. He was asleep and I nudged him.

“A—” He looked up and saw me, “Lil!” He grinned.

“Jamie!” I hugged him, wincing at the pain the shot through my ribs. “How long was I out?” I asked.

“Not long.” Al piped up. “About an hour.” He shrugged.

I looked around to see a large part of our clan standing around. It wasn't that out of the ordinary. They always came for the opening matches. I saw Mum and Dad talking to Aunt Hannah and Uncle Neville a little way away. A few other aunts and uncles and grandparents stood conversing quietly in the middle of the aisle.

Uncle Percy looked pretty furious, and Aunt Audrey had her hand on his arm. I guess he was mad about Lucy getting hit in the face. Molly stood at his elbow, nodding along to whatever he was saying. Uncle Percy absolutely hates that Lucy plays Quidditch. He’s terrified she’s going to seriously injured. Not that I blame him, at least one Weasley/Potter (or Troy) is in the hospital wing after a Quidditch match. It never fails.

“Everyone was so worried, LP!” Rose’s brown eyes were wide.

“People are always worried about me, it’s a lifestyle.” I laughed. I saw Aunt Hannah walk up to us and wanted to burrow back under the covers.

“Everyone will you please go sit in the waiting room?” She asked, but it wasn’t a question.

I watched as the kids and adults walked through the newly renovated door and into the waiting room. They’d just finished the waiting room this past summer. I was alone with Aunt Hannah, Uncle Neville, my parents, and my brothers. I smiled at my Dad as he walked over and reached out for him.

“Lily-Lu.” He breathed as he wrapped his arms around me. “Are you okay?” His voice was quiet, but firm.

“I feel okay,” I lied easily. The light glinted on his glasses and I couldn’t see his eyes, but I could tell that he knew I was lying.

“LP, we need to talk about some things.” Aunt Hannah had a look on her face that I didn’t like.

“What is it?” My voice was loud in the quiet room. It felt like everyone was holding their breath. No air moved throughout the room and it created a stiffness that felt ungainly.

“You sustained some very serious injuries in the match today.” She fiddled with her Healer robes as she spoke. “You cracked two ribs and bruised many on your right side. You also broke your femur. These injuries can be fixed by magic yes, but I’m pulling you from the match next week.”

“What?” James and I yelled.

“Aunt Hannah—” James began.

“You can’t do that!” I finished. “I have to play! It’s the Slytherin match! Any other match! Godric, I have to play!”

“Lily Potter!” Mum’s voice was sharp and I closed my mouth instantly. “Thank you Hannah, I’ll take care of it from here,” Mum said and Aunt Hannah nodded briskly. She and Uncle Neville walked off and disappeared into her office.

“Are you insane?” My mother turned on me with her brown eyes alit. “Do you understand how serious your injuries are?” She was as furious as Uncle Percy.

“But Mum! You understand how important Quidditch is, better than anyone else—” I started.

“Yes, I do and I also understand how dangerous the sport is! Did you know that if your ribs had actually broken one of them might have punctured your lung? You could have died! No magic would have been able to save you!”

“But it didn’t happen! And it won’t!” I argued. “I can take care of myself!”

“Obviously you can’t,” she retorted motioning to the hospital bed, “you can’t even walk.”

“Watch me!” I challenged and tossed back the covers.

“LP,” James cautioned. He put a hand on my arm and I angrily shoved him back.

“Lily stop it,” Mum said, her voice kinder.

I looked at the thick bandages around my thigh and knew that there was some heavy stabilizing magic around my leg. I moved my leg experimentally and there was no pain. Thank you for pain medication. I put my other foot on the ground and stood up, rocking on my heels. I was as unsteady as a toddler, but I teetered forward a few steps anyway.

“Look Mum! I can walk!” I glared at her.

“Get back in the bed before you hurt yourself,” she snarled testily.

“I can handle myself.” I put my hands on my hips.

“Fine you’ve proven your point, get off your leg.”

Dad came up behind me and scooped up into his arms. He placed me back into the bed easily. The door swung open and the person I wanted to see most strode in.

“Madame Longbottom—” Scorpius hurried in looking windblown and downright edible. He froze like a deer in the headlights when he saw who was in the room. He looked perfect in dark jeans and a burgundy sweater. He always supported Gryffindor when they weren’t playing Slytherin. He wore a gray wool flat-cap over his blonde waves, but was in the motion of taking it off.

“She’s in her office,” Albus offered.

“Thank you, sorry to disturb you.” He bowed slightly as he nervously twisted the flat-cap in his hands. He locked eyes with me before moving toward the office. He knocked and then entered quickly.

“Was that Malfoy’s son?” Mother asked, probably hoping to change the subject.

“Yes,” I answered a little too quickly. They all turned to look at me and I shrugged.

“Can I go to sleep now?” I asked. “I’m tired.”

“Of course, we’ll talk about everything later.” Dad patted my knee.

I pulled the covers over my face and fell asleep at once.

“Lily!” Someone hissed. “Lily!” They insisted

“Hmmm?” I mumbled as I rolled over in my bed.

“Wake up!” The familiar voice demanded and I felt a hand on my thigh.

“What is it?” I wiped my hand over my bleary eyes. “Scorpius?” I felt mild panic flare in my chest as I realized that I wasn’t wearing any make-up.

“Hey.” His white teeth flashed in the dark. He snapped his fingers and the lamp on my bedside table lit up.

“How did you get in here?” I asked him.

“Perks of being a Sports-Healer trainee.” He grinned at me. He wore green cotton pajama bottoms with a gray Falmouth Falcons t-shirt.

“Godric, I missed you.” I kissed him. His hands pressed above my waist and I winced. “Ow.” I breathed against his mouth.

He leapt back. “Oh Salazar, I’m sorry.”

I laughed breathlessly. “It’s okay, my ribs just hurt.”

“Well, I can imagine.” He tapped my nose lightly. “You had me worried missy.”

“I’m sorry, but guess what.” I looked at him with sad eyes.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow.

“I can’t play in the match against Slytherin.”

“As a member of the Slytherin team, thank goodness. As your boyfriend, I’m so sorry.” He hugged me delicately. “Is Baby Krum going to replace you?”

“She can’t, she’ll be in Nova Scotia. Her cousin is being honored by the wizarding government there for some work with dragons she did. We have to draft someone,” I replied glumly.

“Like who?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry,” I purred as my hands traipsed across his chest, “that’s confidential.”

He laughed and rolled his eyes. “Oh whatever! Now get some sleep, Lily-Luna.” He stood up and kissed my lips lightly. “You need to rest.” He pulled the covers up to my chin.

“Goodnight, Scorp.” I smiled broadly at him.

“Goodnight darling.” He snapped his fingers and the light went out. “Lumos,” he muttered and I followed his wand tip until he left the room.

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Lucy Weasley is portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb

Elisaveta Krum is portrayed by Saoirse Ronan

Louis Weasley is portrayed by Callan McAuliffe

Lorcan Scamander is portrayed by Asa Butterfield

Hugo Weasley is portrayed by Oliver Dale

Nicholas Finnigan is portrayed by Hutch Dano

Cate Aaron is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario

Mason Aaron is portrayed by Drew Roy

Shiloh Davies is portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos

Helios Evander is portrayed by Chandler Canterbury

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In the next chapter Maxima has a run-in with Lennon. Albus and Maxima go shopping. Albus schools Rose in the common room. Maxima talks about her feelings or lack thereof.

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