Hugo Weasley sat on the edge of his bed, looking down at his feet. 

His apartment, only a few walking minutes from Gaillard Institute where he worked as a Math teacher, wasn't big, quite the contrary, but it was good enough for him. A little bedroom, a functional kitchen and a comfy living room; he didn't need more than that. At least that's what he thought.

"Love, what's on your mind?" A voice he loved so much took him out of his own mind, adding a kiss on his neck. "Is it tonight’s dinner at your parents?" 

It had been 3 days since he finally told his parents he was gay. And just like Lily, they weren't very surprised. It wasn't half as bad if compared to what Dylan had told him when he told his parents and brother, that same night. But still, he still had this feeling he was letting his parents down. After all, his mother wouldn’t have more grandchildren and his dad would have one more son-in-law to pair up with Scorpius. 

“I guess.” Hugo sighed, turning around to face Dylan. He was chest bare, with only his underwear. The redheaded had no idea why Dylan still maintained his apartment in London if he spent most of his time at his place. “Rosie doesn't know yet.”

“I’m sure she’ll be alright with it, Hugh.” Dylan assured him, going to sit next to him. “Did I tell you what John said to me on Monday, when I arrived at work?” 

“No, what?”

“He said he was very hurt with me, asking me why I hadn't told him before.” Dylan told Hugo with a little smile. “John said he would love me no matter what. And honey, I felt kind of bad for keeping it from him for so long. He’s my partner, for crying out loud.” Dylan caressed Hugo’s cheek before opening a smile. “I assure you Rose will say the same. She would die for you, you know that.”

“I guess you're right.” Hugo agreed, accepting Dylan’s hug. “And how are your parents dealing with it?” He added.

Dylan looked away. “Well, Mum was a bit surprised, saying she would have never guessed. Dad was the one who freaked out, saying he should have done lots of things differently and saying he didn't understand, because I liked Quidditch so much.” He turned back to Hugo with a grin. “What that had anything to do with the fact I like men, it’s over me.” 

Hugo laughed. “Everyone of us like Quidditch, that’s not a good reference. We learned how to fly before we barely walked.” He shook his head. “I would never think uncle Seamus would be so bad.” 

“He took me to lunch yesterday.” Dylan continued. “And apologised and all. He was pretty ashamed for what he said on Sunday. I guess I understand, it’s not what a father would expect of a son.” 

“He’ll get used to the idea.” Hugo guaranteed. 

“Yeah, he will.” Dylan tried a smile. “Now, come, let’s get dressed and go to breakfast.” The young Auror pulled his boyfriend off the bed, stealing a little kiss. “John will kill me if I’m late again.” 

“Hm, I don’t know,” Hugo grabbed his waist, not letting him out his grip. “Maybe we should be late again. It’s for a good reason.” He added, smiling devilish to Dylan. 

“You’ll be the death of me, Weasley.” Dylan laughed, accepting Hugo’s caress.

“I think it’s the other way around, Finnigan.” 




“Ok, don’t you tell Ellie, but I still got it.” Tobias told Bernard as he entered the Head Auror office, closing the door behind him. 

Bernard looked up with a furrowed brow to his step/godson. Ever since they put Dean Thomas under their radar as suspect number one for Harry's murderer, Tobias and Ben had secretly been working to prove it. Tobias offered himself to go with Ginny to another dinner she had scheduled with Dean to keep an eye on him, the previous night, and Tobias was disappointed to see he was wearing a turtleneck, therefore not being possible to check if there was a tattoo. 

"And why is it?" Ben asked, trying to hide the grin on his lips. 

That day, Teddy was the one responsible for Ginny's look-out, which meant Tobias was free to do their 'secretive' digging. With the date and hour of the picture that had Harry's murderer in disguise, the two Aurors needed to know where were Dean that day. And that information would be available in the Department of Magical Transportation, to which Percy Weasley was Head of the Department. 

"Apparently, Percy is quite off his game." Tobias started, getting a seat in front of Ben. "And the whole department is seeing it as a vacation opportunity. It looks like summer camp over there."

"I know I should probably be worried about Percy," admitted Ben, leaning forward. "But I'm not. Please get to the point."

"The point is that nobody wanted to help me at all." Tobias carried on. "Until I reached this chubby intern, Wylie or whatever, who helped me out, after some serious flattering." 

"Flirting your way to information, Toby?" Ben laughed. 

"All for uncle Harry." Tobias nodded, putting yet another file on the desk. "And you won't believe who was in America when that photo was taken?"

"Dean?" Guessed the Head Auror, grabbing the file and opening it. Inside, he could find Dean's request for a Portkey, for himself and his son. Under the motive line, he wrote 'family business'. The destination of the Portkey was Chicago, IL. The rest of the parchment work was about Dean's late muggle wife and her family. When a witch or wizard marries a muggle, the Ministry always had a file about the muggle, for security measures.  

“It seems like Peter's maternal grandparents left Texas to go to Illinois. I checked the bank account's address and it matched a muggle couple in the outskirts of Chicago who happen to be Dean's parents-in-law." Tobias told, his finger pointing to where Ben could find that information on the file. "What should we do now, Ben?" 

"I think a trip to America is in order, what do you think?" The Head Auror proposed.

"Wha-what?" Tobias stuttered, in surprise. "Isn't there a better way to find out if Dean is our guy or not? One that doesn't take going to a foreign country?" 

"Well, we could go to Luna." Ben suggested instead. "She's the one that has kept in touch with him all these years. Maybe she knows something."

"That's a better idea." Tobias smiled. "We could simply ask her if he has a tattoo in his neck bone." 

Ben nodded and was about to dismiss Tobias but...

"What was the problem with going to America, Toby? You've always liked field trips." He wondered.

"No-no problem." Tobias laughed nervously as he rose to his feet. But when he looked at Ben's eyes, he sighed. "I can't leave Teddy, can I? Not now. I just want to figure it out. This secret is killing me."




Elizabeth Potter sat on the stands at the Chudley Cannons stadium with little Leo while she watched her husband train the main team (Alfie wanted to stay at the Burrow with Maya). She was already on her forced maternity leave despite still being able to work. 

Lizzie owned a clothing shop in Diagon Alley along with her best friend Marie Weasley, who was married to Freddie. They had made plans to open another shop in Hogsmeade but, although they have already bought a spot, with Lizzie's pregnancy they had to postpone it for the following summer. And by the mood swings that her friend was going through, Lizzie could bet they would have to postpone it yet again. 

"Mummy, mummy," Leo called out, bringing his mother back to the present. "Look, Daddy is waving at us."

"Yeah, he is." She laughed as she placed Leo on her lap and waved down together to James. Too soon James's attention was relocated back to the practice in session and to the two Beaters who didn't manage to keep the bludger away from the chasers. 

"Eyes on the bloody bludger!" James yelled loud enough for it to reach where Lizzie and Leo were. 

The girl immediately covered her son's ears. "JAMES, LANGUAGE!" She too yelled. 

"Ops." James said more to himself, showing his wife his best smile, only making her roll her eyes. 

James had always had that kind of effect on her. Lizzie could still remember the day she met Jim. It had been on the beach, back in her home country. Her mum had amazingly ran into Ginny. And that was the day her parents had the hugest fight. She latter found out it was because her mum, Bridget, had never told her father about being a witch. He never forgave her for the lie and they ended up getting a divorce. 

That was when Lizzie went to England. It was all very new to her and she missed her friends back home. And her mother decided to hire a teacher to homeschool her instead of putting her on a pre-Hogwarts school, which meant she rarely got to see James. 

That was until she bumped into him on the train in their first year. She was going to find some Prefects but ran into James instead. And that’s when she was put under his spell. His smile, his quidditch skills, the loving way he cared about his siblings and cousins, his wit, and the way he was hurt with Dom’s rudeness, well, everything about him. 

But despite being always nice to her, in a way he wasn’t with anyone else, Lizzie and James never became very close friends, and maybe the reason was because both were too afraid to be so. Just after the sorting, she met Marie, who had also just came from Ireland and knew no one else, and, just like that, they became inseparable. 

And it wasn't until their seventh year that, unexpectedly, James kissed her. That was when she found out that he was also in love with her since first year, or even before that. She was always entertained when Freddie and Rose would tell her about James’s dramas and suffering for her. 

“Mummy, mummy,” Leo called her yet again. “Daddy is calling.” 

Lizzie came back once again to the present, leaving her fantasy world where there was only her and Jim, naked- wow, pregnancy brain. The girl looked down and noticed that James had called the practice to an end and was calling them to lunch. That was the whole reason they were there. Lizzie grabbed Leo’s hand and went down the stands to meet with him. 

“That’s a hot wife I’ve got.” James said, as soon as they got close, stealing a quick kiss. 

“Yeah, right.” Lizzie rolled her eyes, trying to suppress her blush. “Where do you want to have lunch?”

“Pizza!” Leo screamed out as he asked his father to be carried.

“Does mummy want pizza too?” James asked her, catching Leo from the ground and placing him over his shoulders. 

“I could eat pizza.” Lizzie agreed, placing a hand around his waist, watching him as he said he would be back at 2, for the afternoon practice. 

Lizzie knew her husband was off his game. And she appreciated how the team was giving so much support with his grief. After that one defeat, a few weekends before, James had been more committed to the team, but he still wasn't the same before his father died. Differently from Teddy, James was focusing all his energy on Lizzie’s, Dom’s and Lily’s pregnancy, doing anything for them and helping anyway he could. James told Lizzie it was the only way to keep him sane. 

“Dad would never forgive me if I neglected the ones I love the most.” He had told her once, when they were lying in bed one night. “I lost Dad, that’s true, but I’m about to receive three more lives for me to love. Four, if you count Vic. I must go on for them, mustn’t I?” 

That night, Lizzie realised just how mature her husband was. He was always like that - she’s always known, he just never showed it off much in public. James quite liked the bay bad, trouble-maker title he had, but she had always known it was a cover up to his insanely good heart and mature mind. 

And for the stories she has heard, her Jim seemed just like the two men he was named after, not to mention his own father. 




Luna found it weird, to say the least, when she received a Ministry owl with a note from Bernard, asking her to come by the Auror Office as soon as she could. It would have to wait until after lunch, she thought as she read the note. She was at St. Mungo’s research laboratory with her son, Lorcan, her husband and Hannah Longbottom. 

“What’s wrong?” Wondered Rolf as she placed the parchment on her back pocket. 

“Oh, nothing, I guess.” Luna told him. “Ben asked me to come by, that’s all.”

Rolf had finally been able to identify the toxin that the plant had most probably infected Luna with, weeks before. It had taken Neville almost a week to identify which of the hundreds of plants they had brought with them from Africa was the responsible for her disease. Now, that Rolf believed to have the toxin, they needed Luna’s blood to see if he was indeed right. Because if he was, then Lorcan and Hannah could start researching to find an antidote. 

“This won’t hurt a thing, Mum.” Lorcan promised, just before entering the needle on Luna’s arm. Within a second, Lorcan located a vein and he was able to take a couple of samples of his mother’s blood. 

“Are you sure it’s ok for you to be here, Han?” Luna asked, for the tenth time that morning. “What if a kid needs you?” 

“I’m sure my assistant can handle it until I get back.” The woman assured her. “It’s the middle of the week, what in the world can those kids do?” 

“You would be surprised.” Lorcan commented as he went to his father to mix Luna’s blood with the toxin. “There’s always the firsts years’ flying lessons.”

“I checked.” Hannah laughed. “There is none today.” 

“I’m relieved, then.” Luna smiled to her friend. “So?” She added, looking in curiosity to where her husband and her son where. 

“It takes a minute or so.” Rolf told her. 

“And if it’s positive,” Luna started asking to Hannah. “How will you produce an antidote for me?”

“Well, I’m sure you don’t want me to bore you with research protocols, do you?” Hannah said, internally hoping Luna nodded, as she had no idea how to do it yet. Nor did Lorcan. They were living one day at a time. “Don’t you have to see Healer O’Neill?” 

“I do.” She confirmed it. “But I won’t leave without knowing the result.”

“Well, you can go now, love.” Rolf turned around from where he was looking almost in an obsessive way. “It’s positive. That’s the toxin.” He ran to gurney where Luna was sitting and hugged her tight. “It’s going to be ok, Luna.” 

“I knew it was, Rolf.” She said to his ears, before kissing him a little too long. “I love you, you know that, right? And I love you too, Lorcan.” 

The young Healer approached his parents and participated of the hug. “I love you too, Mum.” 

After both Lorcan and Hannah had enough toxin samples to start working on an antidote, the two Healers went their own way while Rolf made Luna company to her appointment with Healer O’Neill. Some iron injections, a couple of routine exams and another blood sample later, the couple left the hospital for lunch.  

It was nice, Luna thought, to see her husband smiling again. He hadn’t done that frequently ever since she got sick. And she knew why, of course. He was watching his wife die. Luna saw herself on the mirror and barely recognised herself. She was thin, pale and with marks around her eyes that had never been there, not even when the twins were babies and she barely slept. 

But Rolf certainly hadn't given up, and had worked his arse off to figure out the toxin that was taking his wife away from him. And now, there was at least a light at the end of the tunnel. He believed in his son and in Hannah, they would certainly get to an antidote, he was certain of it! 

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with?” Rolf asked again, as he held Luna’s waist in front of the guest entrance of the Ministry of Magic. “I’m sure grandpa Newt will understand.” 

“No!” Luna answered again. “Go see your grandfather. I’m sure it’s only a consulting request. It wouldn’t be the first time, would it?” 

“Fine.” Rolf sighed, admitting defeat. “I’ll see you at home?” He added before bringing his wife close and kissing her. 

“Yep.” Luna confirmed with her cheeks a little red, or as red as her state would let her. 

It had been quite a few weeks since Luna last entered the Ministry. The last time being when she and Rolf arrived from that Merlin damned trip to Africa. Luna wasn't one to have regrets, she believed everything happened for a reason, but she wondered the reason of all that has been happening for the last two months. Did Harry really need to die? Did she really need to get sick? Did Lysander really need to represent X. O.? 

Luna already knew her way up to the Auror Office. She often visited Harry there, back in the day. She could remember a day when she was babysitting Lily and the girl had insisted she needed to see her father and so, as a good godmother, Luna took the little redheaded to see him and also her godfather, Bernard. 

“Luna?” Susan gasped, as she saw her friend entering the Office. “What are you doing here, girl?” 

“Susan!” She smiled, accepting the hug. “Just came by to have a word with Mr. Head Auror. How’s everything?”

“Well, you know, fighting your son’s attempts to slow our jobs down.” The Auror laughed. “Seamus is in court right now.” 

“I’m sorry.” Luna apologised with an awkward smile. 

“It’s not your fault.” Susan dismissed. “But, hey, is everything alright with you? You look a bit- hm-”

“Ugly?” Luna completed for her with a fake laugh. “Forgot to put on my make-up. This’s what I really look.” 

“No, you don’t.” The redheaded was about to insist, but saw her friend wasn’t in the mood to share. “Fine, come, I’ll announce you to Ben.” 

The Head Auror was a bit surprised to see Luna Scamander so soon. He barely was prepared to accuse the girl’s friend of murder. Even if there’s a strong chance of it to be true, it was never easy to do so. 

“Luna.” Bernard greeted, getting up and going to the blonde woman next to Susan. “Thank you for coming so soon.” 

“I’ll leave you to it.” Susan told them, closing the door behind her. 

An tense silence was installed between the two adults in the office as Ben offered her a seat on his couch and a drink. He tried his best to come up with the best way to come forward with what needed to be said as he grabbed a bottle of water for her. 

Ben pulled a chair to sit in front of her. “So, Luna, I have a quite delicate matter to talk with you.” 

“Wow, you’re really concerned, aren’t you?” The blonde accepted the bottle but didn’t open it right away, instead she positioned herself better to listen. 

“Yes, I am.” He admitted with a heavy voice. “It’s about Harry’s case. We have a huge suspect in view, but there’s a lack of information before we can formally accuse him and bring him in for questioning. We could have done it already if he wasn’t such a- hm, dear person to many in the family. Specially you, Lu.” 

“I don’t understand, Ben.” Luna opened the bottle of water and drank a bit. 

“We think Dean Thomas murdered Harry.” Ben finally told her, before stretching to his desk and picking the file on it. Seeing as speechless she was, Bernard started to show her and explain how he and Tobias came to think that. 

“No, it can’t be.” Luna gasped, a cry in her chest, the bottle now on the floor. 

“I know it’s hard.” Ben tried, taking her hands and offering tissues. She recused them both. 

“It’s not Dean.” Luna assured him. “He doesn’t have a tattoo. Anywhere.” She added with more tears in her eyes. 

“Well, it’s a bit disappointing to be back to square one, and it certainly doesn’t explain why the fingerprint-” Ben started to say but Luna interrupted him with a huge sob. “Luna, it’s not Dean, ok? You don’t need to-”

“I know who did it.” Luna only said to his shoulder as Ben had hugged her in an attempt to comfort her. He grabbed her shoulders and moved her a bit so he could look into her eyes. 

“Wha-what?” Ben could only ask.

“From everything you’ve shown me here,” Luna explained, her face red from crying. It couldn’t, she kept saying to herself, but she knew better. She was a Ravenclaw, logic was her mantra. And the logic pointed to- “Oh, Gosh, I- I know who has a tattoo on his neck bone and fits all the criteria, Ben.”

Ben unintentionally shook his friend, his eyes now had tears on them as well and his hands trembled. 

“Luna, for all that’s more sacred, who is it?” 

It was that the moment chosen for Susan and Seamus to barge into the Office, the latter with a paper in hands and both their faces horrified with something. Seamus had just won in court the right to see X.O.’s memory of who helped him. Australian Aurors had gotten them from the detent’s free will but to show it to other authorities other than the Australians required to beat Lysander’s request to block it. And with it, both Susan and Seamus could reach a hand full of suspects from the list they had of the people that had visit Azkaban. And they indeed reached one only suspect. 

Seamus barely had any breath left when he opened his mouth. “Boss, we know who the killer is!” 



Ron was about to finish setting the table. He was having both his children over for dinner. And never a family meal had gotten him so nervous. They already knew who their son was bringing home, as his date, by never like that. 

Hugo cried a lot when he finally told Ron and Hermione he was gay. And Ron’s heart broke in a million pieces to see his son in such despair, thinking his parents would stop loving him once he said those words out loud. What couldn’t be more wrong. Ron would always love him, no matter what. And so would Hermione. And also, the couple couldn't say they were surprised; Hugo was, after all, their son. 

In a way to show Hugo they were fine with it, they scheduled a dinner, where Hugo could bring Dylan along and also tell Rosie. Although Hugo had told them he wasn't ready to make it a general knowledge, his parents reasoned he should at least tell his sister. 

“Is everything ready?” Hermione asked, coming into the kitchen where Ron was placing the turkey into a plate. “Need any help?” 

“Hm, could you take the salad and the mashed potato to the table and get the wine?” Ron told her with a smile, before turning back to the turkey and finishing decorating the plate. 

As soon as Ron placed the meat on the table, the front door soared and Hermione found herself in front of her daughter and son-in-law. She sighed in relief once she saw them, waving them inside. 

“Geez, Mum, nice to see you too.” Rosie greeted while Scorpius took her coat. 

“Sorry, Rosie,” Hermione apologised. “I thought it was your brother.”

Hermione brought them inside and led them to the living room, where Ron was filling out wine glasses. Ron immediately greeted his daughter with a hug before handing out the drinks. 

“Red wine? Music?” Rose started pointing out, before sniffing the food’s smell. “Turkey?! Is this a special night we weren’t aware of?”

“Although,” Scorpius carried on. “We’re not complaining.” He added before tasting the wine. He didn't remember the last time he tasted such a nice wine. 

“Well, it kind of is, of course.” Mione smiled uncomfortably. “Hugo is bringing someone.”

“He is?” Both Rose and Scorpius yelled at the same time. 

“And you both will be nice.” Ron already scolded. “Don’t repeat what you did when Albus brought Gwen home as his girlfriend for the first time.” 

“Oh, come on, that was fun, Dad.” Rose tried to argue. 

“Just-don’t!” Ron repeated as he went to the front door to attend the bell again. And this time, it was indeed Hugo and Dylan. He tried his best smile, before bringing his son to a reassuring hug. “Hugo!”

“Hey, Dad.” The boy greeted, a little awkward. “So, here’s Dylan.”

“Hi, unc-, I mean, Mr. Weasl-hm, good evening.” Dylan decided, offering him his hand. 

Ron waved them in and hugged the boy. “Come on, Dylan, you can still call me uncle Ron. No need to be embarrassed.”

“Hm, thanks, uncle Ron.” The boy smiled dearly to him, before exchanging a glance with Hugo. His boyfriend was taking several deep breaths. 

“COME ON, HUGO, WE WANT TO MEET YOUR DATE.” Rose yelled from the living room, being followed by Hermione’s scolding and Scorpius’s laughter. 

“Ok, here we go.” Hugo said, more to himself. Ron gave him a reassuring pat on his back while Dylan held his hand. 

Hugo was dreading the silence it would come as soon as he and Dylan stepped foot inside the living room. And the realisation on his sister’s face when they both walked into the room, holding hands, was almost funny if it were someone else. 

Ron had gone to Hermione’s side while Hugo and Dylan were still standing under the doorframe. Dylan tried to look anywhere else other than the couple in front of them while Hugo stared only at his sister, waiting desperately for her to say something. Anything. 

“Dylan?” Rose finally said, her eyebrow furrowed, bringing the boy’s attention to her. “I sincerely thought you had better taste in men other than my brother!” 

“Rosie!” Hermione scolded but was rapidly dismissed by Hugo. 

“You’re ok with this?” Hugo asked her, coming a step closer to Rose. 

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Rose answered with a silly smile, before bringing him a hug. “Did you really think I didn't know?” She added on his ears. “We shared a common room, lil bro. Hogwarts is gossip central.”

“You did?” Hugo asked her, confused. “And does anyone els-”

“Most certainly everybody knows.” Rosie told him. “And no one cares, Hugh. We love you, not who you date.” Rose then turned to Dylan. “I mean, we also love you, Dyl, don’t get me wrong.” 

“Thanks, Rose.” Dylan laughed.

“Dylan, tell us about the Office.” Scorpius started, after shaking his hand, changing the subject. “Anything exciting going on?” 

“He can tells us all about it on the table.” Ron called out, a grin not leaving his face. That was probably the cutest moment Rose and Hugo had ever shared. Ron actually couldn't remember a conversation between the two of them that lasted so long without a fight. “Dinner is already served.”

“Dad made turkey.” Rose told Hugo, placing a hand around his waist while Dylan went to talk with Hermione. “He never did anything special when it was about me and Scorpius.” She added, trying to sound mad, but smiling nevertheless. 

“Well, my boyfriend is much more good looking than yours.” Hugo argued, also smiling. 

“Is not!!” Rose yelled, slapping his chest.

“Is so.” Hugo answered it back. 

“I guess everything is back to normal.” Scorpius commented to Dylan and his in-laws. 

“I guess it is.” Ron smiled to Hermione. “At least with the kids.” 

Once they were all sitting down, Scorpius redid his question to Dylan, wondering about the mysteries of the Auror work, just after Hugo asked about his niece and nephew. To which Rose told him Lisa and Moses were with the Malfoy’s. 

“Well, John and I were removed from uncle Harry’s case.” Dylan started telling. “There were too much work pilling up. We spent the whole day on the field today, so I don’t know what was going on, but I thought something was off. John and I arrived back to clock out way after hours and the Head Auror’s office was still lighten up, and we could count only six people inside.”

“And were one of them Ben?” Ron wanted to know.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dylan answered right away. “I recognised his voice, he was freaking out, from what I could hear. And I also heard my parents there too. I told John we should go see what was happening but there was a note on the board, ordering that no one should stay after hours. So we left.” 

“Oh, my.” Hermione gasped. “What must have-”


“Are we expecting someone else?” Rose wondered, looking out the window behind her. 

Ron and Hermione both excused themselves and went to check the door. They were more than surprised to find four people at their doorsteps; three Aurors and a friend. Bernard looked like he was lost, Tobias had preoccupation written all over his face as he tried to hold a very angry Teddy. And finally, Luna stood there too, as beaten as anyone had ever seen her. 

“What’s going on?” Ron asked to the four.

“Minister,” Ben started, already making them both see it was important. “Ron, we must talk to you in private.”

“Hey, what’s up?” Hugo asked from behind his parents, being followed by his sister, Dylan and Scorpius. 

“I’m sorr- Dylan?” Ben interrupted himself. “What are you- you know what, that’s not important at the moment. We must talk to your parents, if you can excuse us.” He then added to Hugo and Rose. 

“Hm, ok.” They all answered together, taking a step back and watching the six people head upstairs, to Hermione’s study. 

Luckily, the study was large enough to have them all inside. Hermione sat behind her desk, with Ron right next to her, while Ben and Luna took the seats in front of the it and Teddy was sat by Tobias on a couch. Teddy looked fit for murder, which only made Tobias happy to have been investigating with Ben in secrecy.

“So, will we know why our dinner was interrupted or are we going to keep the awkward silence?” Ron started off, after a few moments. The tension could be cut with a knife and Ron was starting to feel suffocated by it.

“Luna,” Hermione leaned forward to her friend. “Is everything alright? You look-hm, a little sick.” 

“Well, with what I have found out today, my condition could only have gotten worse.” Luna sadly responded, with a fading smile. 

“Condition?” Hermione repeated, looking at Ben, who only shrugged. “What condition?”

“It doesn't matter now.” Luna assured her. “We have more disturbing news.” 

“More than hearing about a condition?” Ron narrowed his eyes to the blonde woman in front of him. 

“Unfortunately, yes.” Ben finally talked. “We know who killed Harry.”  

A/N: so sorry for the cliffhanger there you guys haha but soon enough y'all will learn the whole truth and exciting thing are going to happen, not to count with lovely flashback and other reveling ones. Can't for you to read it. The chapter I'm currently stuck on is #20 and I still have one flashback chapter with no ideas at all to write about, so if there's something you'd like me to write about the past, now is the time to request it! 

Thank you for your reads and support! It's been a long way since Being Parents and I'm still as passionate about it as I was before, although my time has been minimal to be able to write!

See you! Caa xx

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