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Sirius was falling through the viel, and Harry was again being forced to watch, totally helpless, as his godfather, like his parents, was taken from him. He stood there screaming Sirius' name as Lupin held him back, telling him that there was nothing he could, he was already gone. As he had that night Harry was shouting that Lupin was wrong, beging him to let him go...but someone else was screaming..a sounded like..Mrs. Weasley..but thats impossible..Mrs. Weasley wasn't there that night.... Harry's eyes snapped open. He had been dreaming, of course, he'd been having that dream for the last month. But that screaming was new he hadn't ever heard that before... " NO! LUPIN, HURRY HE'S HEADED UPSTAIRS! " Mrs. Weasley's voice carried from her place downstairs. Rubbing the sleep from his eye's, Harry gently pushed himself off of the bed, so not to wake the other two. Hermione moved around a bit, taking up the space Harry had occupied, but thankfully she didn't wake. Crashes could be heard from dowstairs, Mrs. Weasley was screaming louder than ever. " Stupefy! " Lupin yelled. A loud thump was all that could be heard. Almost in a panic Harry moved from beside the bad and over to the door. He leaned his head onto it's dusty surface listening closely. " Is he....? " Mrs. Weasley was asking. " No...just stuned, we have to get him to the ministry, we can't keep him here it's to dangerous. Kingsley, go to the ministry, tell them we have Rodolphus..get Snape over here..tell them we need Order members here to move him..hurry.. " Lupin said. There was rustle of movement and a loud pop that Harry assumed was Kingsley. " Take him into Buckbeaks room..lock the door with as many charms as possible, don't forget the anti-Disapperating charm, the hippogrff can stay in the drawing room,.I have a feeling Rodolphus wouldn't Disapparate...not unless he gets what he came for... " Lupin finished. He sounded like he was in charge, his voice much harder than it had been when he was teaching at Hogwarts. It was clear that the past events had taken their toll on him, Harry hadden't even thought of how what had happened would effect Lupin...of course he would be a wreck...Sirius was his best friend...Harry couldn't imagine what he would do if anything happened to Ron or Hermione...he shuddered and looked behind him at their sleeping forms, as if to make sure they were still there... " I'll go check on Harry and the others... " Mrs. Weasley said. Her footsteps could be heard starting up the stairs. Harry was now running as fast as he could back to the bed...he slammed himself down in his now smaller spot beside Hermione, who at the sudden movement, made a sighing sound and opened her eyes. " Harry...what.. " She muttered still half asleep. Harry place his finger up to his mouth. ' Mrs. Weasley. ' He mouthed. She nodded and closed her eyes. He closed his own, just as the door to their room slid slowly open. " Harry dear? Are you three...aww. " Mrs. Weasley muttered. Harry heard her walk over to the bed next to them, there was a swishing sound, and the next thing he knew there was a quilt on top of the three of them. " Mum....? " Ron mumbled groggily. " Shhh, go back to sleep.. " She whispered. He abliged by giving a very convincing snore, that only Harry knew was a fake. Moments later Harry heard her footsteps fade, and the door close quietly. As soon as she realized that Mrs. Weasley was gone Hermione sat up along with Harry. Even though Ron had been faking before, it seemed that he was now back asleep. Hermione looked over at him, laughed, and then shoved him hard in his side. His eyes shot open as he gasped for breath. " Ow..Hermione...sorry I fell asleep..I haven't slept at all the past few days " He said sleepily.He sat up yawning. " Me neither..I've been so worried about Har-- " Harry cut her off. " Rodolphus was in the house. " He flattly, causing Hermione stop mid sentence and stare at him, looking horrified. " W..What? The...Deatheater? " She asked as she pulled the quilt tighter around her. " Yeah. " " What happened? " Ron asked, he was trying to right himself, because when Harry had mentioned Rodolphus he had almost fallen out off of the bed. " I heard some of it...Mrs. Weasley was yelling to Lupin about how he was coming up the stairs, and then Lupin stunned him, and he told Tonks to lock him up in Buckbeaks room, until Kingsley gets back from the ministry. He told Kingsley to get Snape here too. " Harry finished. If Hermione had been scared before, she was all but terrified now. She had cupped her hands over her cheeks. " He..was coming up the stairs? But...Ginny's in the room next to us.. " She said sounding on the verge of tears. " I don't even think he made it to the second stair before Lupin got him... " Harry said trying to make Hermione feel better. Once Ron regained his composure, he got off the bed and grabbed their empty butter beer bottles, throwing them into the garbage bin, which gulped loudly and belched when Ron walked away from it. " We need to talk to Lupin. " Ron said matter-of-factly. " Why Lupin? " Harry asked, he would have thought that Kingsley or Tonks would have been the ones to ask about something like this, since they also worked at the ministry. " He's the only one that will tell us anything, everyone else doesn't think that we should know for 'our own protection' honestly, you'd think we were five or something... " Hermione said, the fear had some what evaporated from her voice, and was now replaced with a hint of anger. Ron walked over to the door, pushing it open a few inches, and looking out. " Lupin's still at the bottom of the stairs...he's talking to someone...I can't see properly... " He was saying leaning his head all the way out into the hall way. " Ron! Get back in here! " Hermione whispered harshly, getting up and tugging the back of Ron's faded brown t-shirt. " Are you trying to get us in trouble? If your mum sees us, she'll know we weren't asleep! " " Ok...I just wanted to know when they were done so that we could talk to Lupin... " He mumbled as he followed Hermione back to the bed, where they sat looking rather depressed. " Wait that's not a such a bad idea... " Harry said as he stood up and walked over to the door as Ron had done, but this time he open the rotted piece of wood that substituted for a door all the way and siliently slid out. He could hear Hermione whispering warnings from the room, but he did his best to ignore her. As quick and as quietly as he could he tip-toed to the banaster that over looked the bottom of the stairs. Straining his ears to their limit, trying to hear what was being said, he now wished that he had saved the Extendable Ear the twins had given him the previous year. As Ron had said, there were two voices, one was Lupin, he was muttering things under his breath, talking fast as if in a hurry to get everything out as fast as possible. The other voice was repetitiously dull, yet cold as ice...and horribly familair. Harry leaned his head over the banaster, to confirm his fears. Sure enough there he was talking to Lupin, talking the same speed, his eyes looking shiftier than was Snape. From his position he could faintly, but clearly hear what they were saying... " Did Tonks and the others take him? " " Yes. " " No problems? " " Not one. " At this Lupin let out a sigh, and stopped pacing. " It was a close call...he almost made it upstairs. " " I'm having Dumbldore come over later today to check out security... " Snape's voice shifted a bit at his last coment, it sounded almost defensive. " Is that the earliest he can arrive, or did you just happen to forget to tell him that you were left in charge of the head quarters security this month? " Lupin asked venomously. It was Snape's turn to let out a sigh. " I'm not going to pretend with you Lupin...I do not enjoy working with you anymore than you enjoy working with me, but if you would please refrain from questioning my motives, given the fact that I have done nothing but carry out all of my orders since I was recruited. And as for the secrurity of the head quaters I realize you do not trust me, and you may have your own personal reasons...but if you must know, I did in fact tell Dumbledore about my mishap, and he has already reasigned the job... " He finished, breathing heavily. He had said everything in a rush, and was now staring siliently at Lupin. " Good...and as for Harry... " Lupin said, now apparently trying to sound nuetral. " Dumbledore thinks it's best Potter stays under heavy gaurd, as usual. " Snape said resentfully. " Did he mention what he wanted Molly to do about taking the children to Diagon Alley? " Lupin asked. " He said to take Potter along with everyone's highly unlikely that anything will happen to him in the middle of a place crowded with wizards, in addition he will be having two Order members in the area if something were to happen. " Snape replied crossing his arms as if he was making a point that he could do his job. " Alright...thank you Professor... " Lupin said, sounding as if those two simple words caused him an imense amount of pain. " My pleasure... " Snape growled. There was another loud pop, and Snape was gone... Harry watched as Lupin started to walk up the stairs, taking them extremely slow. He assumed that he was coming to check on them himself, so as Lupin reached the top of the stairs and went into the room Ginny was staying in, Harry took that as his que to run back into his own room. " What did you hear? " Ron asked as Harry walked back over to the bed. " Alot of things that I already knew...Dumbledore is coming over later today, but we'll probably be in Diagon Alley when he comes. " He answered sitting next to Hermione. " So they're letting you go with us? " She asked looking a little worried at the idea. " Yeah, they don't think anything will happen, Snape said that Dumbledore has two Order members there, just in case." He stated laying back on his back and sighing. " Well, at least we're going to Hogwarts tomorrow, nothing will happen there. " Ron said. He was digging through his trunk, throwing shirts and old looking socks out his way. " Er...Ron, what are looking for? " Hermione asked turning to face him, and getting hit with a green jumper. She pealed it off herself and threw it back at him. " Sorry...I'm looking for a pare of socks that don't have fifty holes in them...hey...these only have two holes, score! " He said sarcastically, as he slipped them on his feet, and re-packed his trunk. Harry laughed as the door creaked open. He sat up preparing to ask Lupin some questions, when Mrs. Weasley walked in, carrying a handful of clean laundry and laying them on the floor next to Ron's trunk. " Oh good your awake...we have to leave in a few minutes, so get ready. Harry, Hermione, did you remember your money? " She asked smiling at them as they both nodded. " Good, alright then everyone downstairs, we're taking floo meet me in the drawing room. I'll go get Ginny." She said walking briskly out of the room and bumping into Lupin who was making his way in. " Excuse me Molly. Oh..are you taking them to Diagon Alley soon? " He asked placing his hand on her shoulder as she looked him in the eye. They were obviously trying to look casual, but were failing miserably. Mrs. Weasley cleared her throat. " Yes..we're leaving in a few minutes. Would you like to join us? " She asked hopefully. " I wish that I could, but no, I think that Tonks and Moody will be there somewhere...just in case... " He said patting her shoulder twice and stepping inside the room, as Mrs. Weasley walked out. " Ok, well I guess you don't have alot of questions, Harry, did you have any trouble hearing from you place at the banaster? " He asked smiling at Harry, not sounding at all mad. Harry laughed nervously. " Sorry...just thought it would be easier than asking you... " He answered looking over at Ron who was putting his freshly pressed clothes away. " Not a problem, your father would have done the same..anyway you three better get downstairs. And Harry be careful. As for you two. " He said pointing at Ron and Hermione. " I expect you to stay with Harry at all times...not that you wouldn't anyways, but be on the look out. " He finished. " We will. " Hermione said giving Harry a smile. " Alright, now come on. Don't want to keep Molly waiting... " He said leading the three of them out of the room. As they walked down the hall way Ginny walked out of her room. Looking at Harry she smiled and gave him a hug. " Harry! When did you get here? " She asked looking confused. Harry laughed. " I've been here all morning...I haven't really left the room. " He said making his way down the stairs with Ginny walking beside him. " Well no one bothered to tell me. Don't I feel great... " She said sarcastically. " Sorry Gin, I totally forgot you were mean...actually yeah, thats what I meant.. " Ron said laughing at the look on Ginny's face. She sighed rolling her eyes. They reached the drawing room to find Mrs. Weasley standing at the fire place, with a pot of floo powder in her hands. " There you are, we need to hurry, if we want to get there in time to get everything we need. " She said motioning for them to come over. " Ok, who wants to go first? Ron, why don't you dear... " She said as she pulled Ron by the arm and shoved his hand in the pot. He stepped into the large fire place, threw the powder on the ground beneath him, and shouted... " Diagon Alley! " And he disapeared into a blaze of green fire. " " Mrs. Weasley said pulling Ginny over and all but shuving her into the fire place. Ginny grabbed a hand full of floo powder and prepared to leave. " Diagon Alley! " And she too disapeared. The only ones left were Hermione, Harry and of course Mrs. Weasley. " Ok, Harry dear.. " She said as Harry stepped into the fire place, and stuck his hand into the pot, taking some powder. He looked over at Hermione who looked like she was trying hard not to laugh. " What's so funny? " Harry asked, as tiny bits of floo powder filtered out from between his fingers. " Nothing...just remember it's Diagon Alley. " She said giggling. " I'll try. " He said sarcastically. Then he threw the powder down at his feet. " Diagon Alley! "

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