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"Raise every bottle and cup in the sky
Sparks in the air like the fourth of July
Nothing but bad bitches in here tonight
Oh, if you lame and you know it be quiet"

Only by Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne

My heels clicked as I walked into the empty classroom that was used by The Hogwarts Assistance Committee for our meetings.

The HAC was a ruse for the Confederation of the Dons which was an elitist group of girls from all Houses. The Dons, as we called ourselves, were basically the richest, prettiest, and most bad-ass bitches in the school.

I’m the ArchDon (the leader of the Dons), because Ariadne Selwyn decided to give up her title so she could focus on her modeling. I was already the queen so I was Ariadne’s obvious successor, I was even one of her Protégés last year.

Anyway, the Confederation was tasked with keeping Hogwarts running smoothly and helping any individuals who needed it. For a price obviously. It was quite an exclusive organization and everyone wished they were a Don whether they thought it was “cool” or not. We ran this school. We put on all the traditions parties like the Back 2 Skool Party, the Monster Bash, all the formal dances, and etcetera.

Today, I was interviewing people to become my Protégés. A Protégé was basically a glorified minion, but one of them would be my successor after I graduated. It was a position of the highest esteem among the Dons.

Arya and Persephone were right behind me as always and I sat down behind the large oaken desk.

“This is all the information right?” I opened the six folders that Arya handed me and she nodded.

“Everything I could find.”

“Good, how long have they been waiting?” I asked Persephone.

“An hour,” she responded.

“Excellent send the first girl in.” I motioned and Persephone sat down beside me as Arya went to the door. She returned with a Ravenclaw girl. I looked down at the folders and picked her out, Meghan Whitby. She looked like a weakling and I knew she wouldn’t make it.

“Hello Meghan.” I smiled.

“Hi!” She squeaked.

“How are you?”

“Fine,” she replied.

“Just fine?” I asked.

“Great, I mean I’m great.” She stuttered.

“Well that’s good,” I flipped through the papers. “So, it says here that you date your fellow prefect Davis Goldstein.” I looked up at her.

She looked at me with confused brown eyes and pushed her curly straw blonde hair away from her face. “Uh yeah. I didn’t know the interview would be about my personal—”

I ignored her. “Well, he’s a Ravenclaw, right?” She nodded. “And he’s a member of the Transfiguration Club?” I asked.

Her eyes gleamed. “Yeah, he’s the president!” She exclaimed proudly.

I pursed my lips and her face fell. “Meghan dear, do you understand that who you date is a reflection of who you are?”

She just nodded slowly.

“And what do think Davis reflects onto you?” I asked her with a caring look.

“Uh, um, I’m not sure, that I’m smart?”

I shook my head. “No it reflects that you have not had a lot of socialization…” I began. “…that you probably have owned a pair of Crocs at one point in time during your life, that you would choose Marilyn Monroe over Audrey Hepburn, that you think playing Exploding Snap is a perfectly good way to spend your time, and that you don’t even know if Jack Rogers is a brand or a person.”

Her lips began to twitch.

“You do know that don’t you?”

“Yeah! Jack Rogers is a brand of shoes,” she answered proudly.

“And do you own a pair?” I asked her.

She hung her head. “No…”

I sighed as that was the final nail in her coffin. “Well, honey, I think we’re done here.”

She stood up quickly and turned to flee.

“At least she’s skinny,” Arya offered.

“That’s what you call skinny?” I snickered loudly enough for her to hear which she did. Meghan Whitby burst into tears and fled the room.

“Perfect.” Arya smiled.

We always send the first girl out crying so it scares the shit out of the rest of them. “Send the next girl in.” I waved my hand.

Persephone stood up and went to the door.

“We’ll contact you later today via Parley,” Persephone told Carissa Flint after she had posed for a picture with me, her new mentor. “Thank you.”

“No thank you.” Carissa gave us the Slytherin Smirk and walked out the door. She was Benjamin Flint’s younger sister and she was perfect. She came from a well-respected, pureblood family who were also extremely rich. She had style and class that equaled if not rivaled her societal status. Carissa was in the current fifth-year pledge class and just as sly and cunning as Salazar himself.

The Dons were organized into pledge classes which we were grouped in based on what year we started Hogwarts. I was a member of the current sixth-year pledge class. The Dons are recruited out of every fourth year at Hogwarts. Our new recruits are called pledges and we haze the shit out of them. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the newbies.

Along with Carissa, we had chosen Genevieve Peakes, a Gryffindor. Genevieve was also in the fifth-year pledge class who was eager to please and vicious when provoked. We’d always gotten along swimmingly. Her brother, Gallagher, is hot and she dates Pierce McLaggen who is also hot. Her mother is Devon Whitehorn, the owner of the Nimbus Racing Broom Company, while her father is the manager of the Chudley Cannons. Which isn’t that great, but they have a massive fan base so he gets paid a lot.

Now, we just have one more girl. They didn’t have to be a member of the Dons, but it was preferred which is why I hoped Sloane Davies would impress me. But she was the cousin of Troy Clearwater so I didn’t have high hopes even if she was a part of the fifth-year pledge class herself.

“Hello!” Sloane gave us a winning smile as she sat down. She was dressed differently in a kind of grunge style. She had on a gray quarter-length shirt that was tucked into a black skirt. The skirt had a small slit on each side that curved up to reveal skin. Her black heels though were killer. I was obsessed. “How are you guys today?”

“We’re wonderful, how about you?” I asked her with a smile.

“Absolutely divine.” Sloane grinned.

“Well, you’re Sloane right?” I asked her.

“Yes, Sloane Davies.”

“You’re Troy Clearwater’s cousin aren’t you?” I gave her a grin.

She laughed airily. “That depends on who’s asking.”

“Good answer.” I laughed. “So, it says here that you are a model and plan to pursue that after Hogwarts?”

“Yes, I love modeling. It’s very soothing honestly.” She answered.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Sloane, but are you not smart enough to do anything else? Is that why you only want to model?” I asked her in false concern.

Sloane merely laughed. “Of course not. I also plan to pursue a career in the International Magical Office of Law. It’s a common mistake, but never fear I’m number one in my grade. My mother is the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and so I’ve made many connections to help me into my field of choice.”

She was casually flaunting her familial connections and personal networking in our faces. Clever girl.

“Excellent.” I smiled. “Do you mind if we talk about some of your personal life for a bit?”

“Oh, of course not.” Sloane smiled broadly.

“So, you dated Pierce McLaggen last summer and at the beginning of last year?” I asked and she nodded. “Why did you two break up?”

Sloane looked conflicted. “Well honestly…I just didn’t really want to date him anymore. It was fun, but I really like being single. I prefer to have close friends who are boys and not really “boyfriends.” Very few guys can afford my tastes anyway.” She smirked at us.

“Preach girl.” I grinned at her. “So, are you involved with anyone now?”

“Not really.” She shrugged. “I’m just kind of playing the field.”

“That’s the way to be honestly.” I agreed. “So, do you consider yourself rich?” I asked her.

“Oh definitely.” She nodded. “My mother makes a lot of money at her job and my father is the Director at St. Mungo’s. We live quite comfortably.” She smiled.

“Heels or flats?”

“Heels,” she answered automatically.

“Brooks Brothers or Versace?”

“Brooks Brothers.” She smiled.

“Where would your ideal first date be?” I asked her.

“Probably dinner and a visit to the opera or the theatre, but I’m also open to visiting art museums.” She answered swiftly.

“—okay, she’s literally perfect,” Persephone interrupted.

“Seconded.” Arya beamed at Sloane.

I pursed my lips, but Sloane just gave me an open expression with a slight smile.

I then sighed. “I suppose you’d make a good fit.”

She beamed and all three of us stood. “We’ll be taking one picture and then you can leave.” I stood beside her and Arya stepped forward with my phone in her hand as we posed.

“I took two,” she replied and I took my phone back.

Persephone then turned to Sloane. “If you’ll follow me. We will contact you later via Parley with conformation and a meeting time. Thank you.”

“Oh you’re very welcome.” Sloane smirked as she stepped out the door.

I just rubbed my hands together. “I see great things in our future ladies.” I smirked. Persephone and Arya grinned at each other as I sat back down at my desk. “I’ll stay here and finish up while you two go get started on the preparations for the Monster Bash with Aisling Bannister and India Pritchard. They’re waiting in the library.”

“Of course, see you tonight.” They exited my office quickly.

I started in on my work. I was neck-deep in approvals for the fast-approaching Monster Bash. I insisted on approving every decision from the chandeliers used to the napkins that were on the tables. It was very trying, but if I wanted it to look good I had to do it myself. I also had to sort through all the applications for girls who wanted to be in the Dons. We had meet-n-greets at all our parties, but that was taken care of by the fifth-year pledge class.

A knock sounded at my door which caused me to look up.

“Come in!” I called.

I was surprised to see James Potter stick his head in the room. “Hi Maxima, is this a bad time?”

“No, no.” I promised him. “Come on in.” I motioned with my hand.

“Okay thanks,” he replied as he took a seat in front of my desk. I set down my quill and looked at him, knitting my fingers together.

“What can I do for you James?” I asked him.

He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, it’s not technically for me, but I think it really needs to be handled.” I raised an eyebrow, interested. “You know my brother Albus, right?” He asked to which I nodded, yes I did. “Well, he’s kind of had a thing for you, but refuses to admit it. And he’d kill me if he knew I was doing this, but I felt like you should know, because he’d never tell you.” James looked at me eagerly.

I pursued my lips thinking the best mode of approach to get out of this situation, “Well James, you see I know that Albus has a thing for me. I’ve known since we met in first year.”

“Well, why haven’t you told him?” James asked curiously.

I shrugged. “He’s such a nice guy,” I stammered slightly for effect. “I-I’d hate for something to happen to him and if he dates me that’s what he’ll get.” I turned slightly away from James.

“What makes you say that?” he asked.

I sighed. “Have you met my parents? Well, probably not, but they’re so self-destructive. My mother takes so many potions you’d think she has cancer and my father drinks like a fish. Plus, they’re both sleeping with other people. It’s like living in a soap opera.” I put my face in my hands. “I don’t even think I know how to be in a stable relationship.” All of that is partially true.

“At least, you’re not in love with someone who has no idea that you like them.” James deadpanned. “And you don’t have parents who are always so obnoxiously in love with each other and spout true love propaganda twenty-four-seven.”

I looked up at him curiously. “That’s true. But I have been in your situation before.” That’s a lie, but I almost grinned at the way James’ face perked up.

I sat in thought for a moment. “How about this, James. I hang out with Albus and get to know him better. If we can’t date, we can at least be friends.” Plus, it’ll annoy the shit out of Weasel. “And as for you, all you need to do is make your “friend” jealous. Date some cute girl in your year and make her notice you. Jealousy works wonders.” I smiled at him.

James gnawed on his lip. “Yeah, I’ll think about it.” He stood up and started for the door. “Thanks Maxima, I may have to come and see you again. You make a good therapist.” He laughed.

“I try.” I laughed with him. “Also if you could keep this visit between us, I’d appreciate it. I just really don’t want everyone knowing about my familial problems.”

“Yeah of course, I understand.” James nodded.

“Thanks.” I smiled back weakly. “See you around James.”

He smiled back. “See you around Maxima.”

I smiled as I walked back through the Entrance Hall. “I’m in love with the dress I bought! And the shoes kick ass.” I grinned at Persephone and Arya.

“You mean the dress that I bought.” JT grumbled, his arms laden down with heavy shopping bags.

“Details, details—” I waved my hand errantly.

“Maxima!” I heard a sharp voice and turned my head.

My roommate, Weasel, stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. Her red hair was pulled down in a messy low-knot and she was still in her robes from lessons.

She hated me because I was top in our class and prefect. Two things that Rose Weasley desperately wanted. She had this whole complex thing where she was determined to live up to her parents’ expectations. It was so annoying.

“Yes?” I drawled lazily.

“Students can’t just go to Hogsmeade whenever they want,” she argued in a low voice.

“They can if they’re with me.” I beamed at her.

“I’ll report you to Headmistress Bones!” Weasel looked considerably angrier than usual.

“Go ahead.” I laughed acridly. “You’re not even a prefect and my Father is the Chairman of the Board of Governors, it’s not like anything’ll actually happen to me.”

“You’re disgusting.” Weasel shook her head.

“Oh really, then why is your dear ole cousin Albus obsessed with me?” I asked innocently.

“He’s not obsessed with you!” Weasel spluttered. “He’s just thinking too much with his dick and not his brain!”

“Hmmm…” A dangerous smile played on my lips. “Well sounds like we’re done here Fire-crotch.” I smirked broadly as her cheeks went blood red and she flew away down the hall. “Ta-ta, Weasel!”

Weasel also hates me, because I gave her the nickname Weasel during a Potions lesson. I know I should have done something cleverer, but I was in like second year and wasn't as smart and vivacious as I am now.

Either way, Weasel has been made fun of ever since. She used cry all the time about in the first-floor girls’ bathroom. Oh yes, Moaning Myrtle’s old haunt. Godric, she’s such a cow! Myrtle not Weasel, but honestly they’re both cows. Just saying.

“That was a bit harsh, don’t you think?” JT was to my right.

“It was necessary JT, if we don’t put Weasel in her place, she’ll just be more annoying.” Arya defended me.

“Girls.” JT rolled his eyes as we walked up the stairs.

“So, are you bringing a date tonight?” Persephone asked me.

“I don’t think so…” I drifted off in thought. “No, we aren’t doing dates tonight.”
I nodded affirming my decision.

“But um…” Arya mumbled tugging on her skirt.

“Spit it out, Arya.” I rolled my eyes.

“I was kind of already asked.” She looked down at the floor as we walked.

“By who?” I asked incredulously.

“Um Julian, you know the Beauxbatons guy in Gryffindor.” She toyed with the hem of her skirt furiously. “He asked me like this morning.”

“Arya!” Persephone squealed. “You, scoundrel!” She giggled loudly. “You didn’t even tell us!” She looked at her friend as they walked faster than JT and I.

“I forgot honestly.” Arya was smiling as they walked.

I looked at them with my mouth hanging open. Did Arya just blatantly disregard my orders? My command? I believe she did. Alright then Arya, you want to test my leadership? You just wait for tonight.

“Quit it.” JT’s deep voice was in my ear. “You’ve got your scheming face on. Arya didn’t mean anything by saying yes to Julian. She didn’t even know that you all were going stag when he asked her.”

“JT, please refrain from meddling in my business, okay? Thanks.” I glared at him as I snatched my bags from him and stormed upstairs.

I unpacked my dress and hung it up in my wardrobe. I grinned at the sparkly black dress and placed the shoes near it. Nothing was going to stop me tonight.

I smirked to myself. “Come hell or high-water, I’m going to have a damn good time tonight.”

I was successfully more attractive than my usual level of perfection. My hair fell in long glossy waves and my make-up had been done by my personal, professional, make-up artist who Father hired to doll me up for parties. My shoes were white and pointy, but accented my dress beautifully.

My dress was black with understated black sequins covering it. Its round neck rested atop my collar bones and the sleeves stopped below my biceps where two white lines circled them. My earrings were large diamond studs, real diamonds obviously. The whole outfit was elegant and understated. It would help me stand out amid the sluts and whores who showed up to these parties half-dressed.

“Maxima have you seen my clutch?” Persephone asked me. Speaking of sluts. Sorry Sep…

“It’s on your bed,” I called from the bathroom was I was putting on last minute touches to my lipstick.

“Thanks!” Persephone cried and I walked out. I grabbed my own black clutch and placed in my lip-gloss and compact. I grabbed my phone and flicked through it. I had some texts as always, but one from a number I didn’t know.

It read: Hey Maxima, it’s Troy. See you tonight. Wear something sexy for me. ;)

I smirked, but didn’t respond. Alright Clearwater, let’s tango.

“Are you ready?” Persephone asked as she entered. The dress was modest, but could be slutty if you wore it that way.

Her dress was a two piece, cocktail number with a short, tight bodice that hugged so close to Sep’s chest that her girls looked bigger than usual. The bodice was pink and almost crocheted like with patterns tracing across like flowers. The skirt rode high on her hips and made her usually short legs look unusually long. It was a bright minty/turquoise color with pink roses splattered across it in a vintage-styled pattern.

Persephone reached about 5’11 on her six-inch, nude Stilettos and her earrings were dangly, but short, diamonds. She had styled her hair in a half-up-half-down do with large, wavy curls.

“Yes, love.” I smiled. “Let’s go the guys are probably pissed.”

“Yeah, piss-drunk!” Persephone giggled as we walked downstairs. All of the younger girls stared at us in awe as they passed us on the stairs. We walked down into the common room and it was a crowd of guys waiting on girls.

JT, Gryffin, Kye, and Andrew were waiting at the foot of the stairs and as we entered their jaws dropped. JT was dressed immaculately in tan pants, a light blue and white striped button-up, and a navy blue blazer with brown Oxford-style shoes.

“Maxima.” JT grinned and held out his hand to me.

“JT.” I took it and allowed him to help me off the stairs. I heard Gryffin and Persephone behind me and I almost told Kye to help Persephone off the stairs instead.

“We need a picture!” Persephone grinned.

“Of course, hey you.” I grabbed a fifth year girl. “Take a picture of us,” I commanded and handed her my phone.

“Sure,” she replied and began snapping away of our group.

“Now just me and Sep.” I pulled Persephone by ourselves and we took a few pictures. “Now one with me and JT.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” JT grinned and I laughed as she snapped pictures.

Persephone was taking pictures with Kye and Gryffin when we stopped.

“Okay now let’s go.” I took back my phone and we began to walk out.

“Arya’s already inside with Julian,” JT told me.

“I don’t remember asking or caring,” I bluntly spoke as JT escorted me out the portrait hole.

“Well, alright then.” JT laughed a bit as he took a sip from his silver flask. It was engraved with his name on the bottom in gold. We all walked to the Room of Requirement, chattering loudly.

The RoR (pronounced ‘roar’) used to be one of Hogwarts’ well-kept secrets, but now it was the only spot to hold a party that wouldn’t get busted.

RoR parties are always wild. Also real fucking ass weird. Like orgies and drugs abound weird. I usually only went to be seen and get a little tipsy and did not participate in the make-out circles or drinking games or any smoke-n-passes. And the ‘Back 2 Skool’ Parties (B2S Parties is how people refer to them) were always the worst.

We stopped in front of the entrance and the door swung open. Butch Morrison, one of JT’s roommates, grinned at us.

“Welcome to the jungle, kids.”

Streamers hung from the ceiling and glitter was raining down on the dance floor. There was a bar in every corner and trays floating around everywhere. Teenagers were everywhere, giggling and falling over each other.

It was an epicenter of teenage debauchery, an oasis of Bacchanal tendencies. Music blasted from everywhere, attacking you all at once. It sounded like Muggle rap, probably because everyone knew wizarding rap sucked.

“Maxima!” Ariadne Selwyn stood in front of me. She wore a beautiful silver number that was obviously 1920s Gatsby inspired. “Come on doll, the respectable people are this way!” She laughed and grabbed my hand, towing me forward.

There were obvious divisions like at all parties.

The upper-crust socialites, like Ariadne, JT, and I, were in the cushioned back corner, drinking mixed drinks and occasionally braving the crowds to dance tastefully.

The lower-tier "socialites" made up of new money war heroes like the Weasley/Potter/Longbottom crowd loitered in between the bar and the dance floor at the tables. They often mixed with the gross crowds of riotous students unlike us.

The druggies (basically the entire Hufflepuff house and a few Slytherins) took the other back corner to take part in smoke-n-passes and spike any girl or guy's drink who passed them or stopped to chat.

The drunkards (mostly made up of Gryffindor and Slytherin boys and the entire Ravenclaw house) loitered by the front bars and hovered around the dance floor like predators stalking the girls on the floor.

The sluts (mostly Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin girls) drifted in between the dance floor, the Stoners’ corner, and the bars. They were the girls who were so drunk they were falling over each other and exposing their goods for all to see. They were also DTF (down to fuck) anyone who paid them the slightest bit of attention. They were open to try any drug and would even drink out of a keg.

Like how pathetic. I cringe just thinking about all the germs.

“Look who I found!” Ariadne grinned at the group before us and stepped aside to reveal us.

“Maxima!” They all chorused.

Silas Avery stood up and gave me a one-armed hug as he allowed me to slide in between him and Scorpius Malfoy. Protégé Carissa was sitting between Amory Nott and Aleksander Krum. She grinned at me, “Hello Master.” She joked as she sipped her drink.

“Hello Protégé.” I grinned back, but her attention was soon claimed by Aleksander who wanted her opinion on his bowtie. Ooh they’d be a cute couple. Match-maker Maxima does have a nice ring to it.

Amory Nott, who had obviously already visited the stoner's corner, just grinned at me and waved goofily. Lennox Zabini, Amory's stoner best friend, was between him and Scorpius and she smiled at me, looking with red-rimmed eyes.

Persephone slid in beside me and I saw Protégé Sloane walk up with Knox Warrington obviously from a bar-run. Hmmm, maybe I can put some more match-making in action.

“Hey Maxima!” She smiled as she slid in between Knox and Aleksander Krum.

“Hey Sloane, how are you?” I yelled over the music.

“Wonderfully divine!” She grinned and I turned to Scorpius who smiled at me.

“Did I miss anything important or scandalous?” I grinned.

“Not really.” He lifted a short, squat glass of whiskey to his lips. “Slags being slags is all I’ve seen.” He laughed. “And no offense, but Gryffindors being Gryffindors.” He rolled his eyes.

“Oh make no apologies.” I rolled my eyes. “They’re all idiots.”

Scorpius snorted into his drink and laughed.

“Let’s take a picture for OwlChat, Scorpius.” I grinned at him.

“Of course.” He leaned in close and I turned the camera around on selfie-mode. Selfies are only acceptable if someone is in it with you.

I took the picture and we looked at it. “Aw that’s so cute.” I smiled and put it on my Portrait.

I listened idly to Aleksander Krum and Knox Warrington argue with Ariadne about her fruity drinks. She claimed there was more alcohol in hers while Aleksander and Knox disagreed.

I watched as JT stood on the fringe of the group leaning down to talk to someone. I almost snarled when I saw it was that twit Artemis Nott. I rolled my eyes and elbowed Persephone.

“Scoot out, I’m going on a drink run,” I commanded and she did as so.

“Alright, be careful,” she told me as she sat back down and got closer to Scorpius.

“I’m going on a drink run!” I called over the music.

I then made my way to the bar that was closest. I saw Protégé Genevieve standing with her boyfriend, Pierce; her brother, Gallagher; and a few of his friends and we waved to each other, but we were too far apart to talk to each other.

Even in their drunken states, people parted before me. Girls looked me up and down, their lips puckering in jealousy and animosity. While the boys stared, openmouthed at my mile-long legs, perfect ass, and great tits.

“How did I know that you were the one with a huge crowd of admirers blocking the bar?”

I turned to see Troy Clearwater leaning gracefully against the bar. He looked natural and classy in khaki pants and a blue button-up. He looked like he belonged in a summer house on the Hamptons shore rather than here, in this disgraceful orgy that came out of a teenage fantasy.

“I have admirers wherever I go.” I laughed airily. “Didn’t you hear? I’m practically perfect or something.”

“Oh I did, but I’d rather do more than hear about it.” His rough voice was low in my ear. His body was centimeters from mine and I could feel the heat coming off of him. He had a beer in one hand, while his other hand wandered over my ass. I scooted away with a harsh laugh and he let his hand drop.

“I’m sure you would.” I laughed errantly as I waved down my favorite bartender. “Hi Atticus, one Kamikaze please.”

He grinned and nodded, throwing a towel over his shoulder, “Whatever you want Maxima.” He sat the Vodka on the bar beside the shot glass. He poured the Triple Sec into the waiting Vodka. He squeezed the lime juice into the drink with large hands. He slid the drink over to me with a grin.

“Thanks.” I took it. He nodded as he set down a chaser on the bar beside it. “Bottoms up.” I raised the shot to him and threw it back. It burned my throat like fire and I merely squeezed my eyes together. I set the glass back down and threw the chaser back as well.

“Like a pro.” Atticus smiled.

“Thanks now a Lemon Drop this time please. So, you still working as a bartender full-time?” I asked him.

“Yeah, just working at the Hogs Head as of now. I’ve been trying to get a real job,” he explained as he began mixing the Vodka and lemon juice.

“That’s nice.” I smiled appraisingly. “It’s nice of you to want to better yourself.” I leaned across the bar. I wondered briefly if Troy and JT were watching me. I hoped so. I love to watch boys squirm.

“Of course.” Atticus smirked as he dusted sugar on the brim and slid across a shot before fixing a chaser and giving it to me as well. “Bottoms up, Maxima.”

I threw the shot back and the Vodka hit me hard. It scorched down my throat and I quickly down the chaser. I felt my vision get slightly out of focus. Thank you, Vodka. He must have loaded it down.

“Well, I’ll see you around Atticus, I’ve got some business to attend to.”

I hopped off the stool and waded through the crowd to find Arya. I grabbed a glass of champagne off one of the trays. I then spotted her sitting in the lounge area with Julian and a group of Gryffindors. I recognized most of them, but ignored them as I passed. I noticed that Lennon Luck chick was in the group and claiming their attention with a “hilarious” story.

I walked passed Arya and saw she was sitting cuddled up close under Julian’s arm. I flicked my wand changing the lacy thong she wore under her slutty dress to the worst granny-panties I could think of. I then waited patiently, because when Arya got drunk she always tried to provoke me.


I turned around to see Arya standing before me with her hands on her hips. She was swaying on her sky high black heels and her voice was slurring.

“Yeah you!” She wiggled her finger at me.

“Oh, little ole me?” I asked innocently. I noticed that the group Arya had just left from was watching us intently.

“Yes, you, Maxima,” Arya slurred. “You know what you’re just a bully and I don’t even know why I’m your friend.”

“Really, is that so?” I asked in a humoring tone.

“Yeah, you’re a slag too! You prance around like you’re better than everyone, but it’s a lie! You’re just an American whore who thinks she’s Merlin’s gift to the wizarding world.”

“Please tell me more.” I sipped my champagne.

“Oh, I’ve got loads more—”

I snapped my fingers and Arya stumbled. I easily stepped aside as she fell forward, revealing her granny-panties for the world to see. I had the decency to feign horror as everyone began taking pictures.

“Oh no!” Lennon Luck appeared by Arya side and helped her to her feet. The other ginger girl, Cécile, also helped by pulling down Arya’s dress. Arya then burst into tears and ran out of the RoR. I shook my head.

“That’s just awful,” I said sadly.

But as I turned to walk away, I couldn’t stop the smile that stretched across my face.

I smiled at the Hufflepuff who stood beside me. I wasn’t usually one to go for Hufflepuffs, but he was awful cute.

“So, you’re like really strong, is that it?” I bat my eyelashes at him as I traced the muscles on his arm.

“Yeah you could say that.” Dax shrugged with a grin. “I’m on the Quidditch team, a Chaser.”

“Wow that’s so cool.” I nodded. I picked up my phone to see who looked at my Portraits. I had taken more than just the one with Scorpius. I’d taken a few with Persephone and one with all my Protégés even some videos when we were dancing. A lot of people had seen them now even my cousins in America.

“Do you play?” He asked me.

“I don’t, but I know how, my Dad was on the Fitchburg Finches in America. I usually play Chaser.” I turned my head as I saw a guy step up beside the bar between Dax and I.

“Troy.” I smiled coyly. “Where—”

“What are you playing at, Edwards?” Troy snarled.

“Excuse me?” He raised an eyebrow at Troy.

“I saw you slip something in Maxima’s drink when she wasn’t looking!” Troy grabbed a fistful of his shirt collar.

Dax might have big muscles, but Troy had a temper that would obliterate him. “Wha-wha-what are you talking about Clearwater?” He stuttered, his ears going pink. "I didn't do anything!"

“Come with me you piece of shit.” Troy towed him out of the RoR.

“Wait!” I called after them. “What the hell are you on Clearwater?” I tugged on his sleeve, his height making me feel like a child.

“Stay in here Brankovitch.” Troy’s tone was chilling.

It would have scared anyone else senseless, except no one told Maxima Astrid Brankovitch what to do. No one.

“As if!” I followed the two males out the door. Troy slammed Andy up against the wall.

“You piece of shit, if you ever try to do that to a girl again I can and will beat the living shit out of you.” Troy’s right fist came flying out of nowhere and slammed Dax in the jaw. “And I mean it.”

I watched with wide eyes as Dax fell on his side, crashing against the floor of the stone corridor.

Troy shook out his hand and turned to see me. “Oh—” He looked startled.

“I knew that he did that,” I lied. “You act like I’m a helpless little lamb!” I looked at him with tense lips.

“Oh you’re anything, but helpless. You’re just lucky I saved your ungrateful arse,” Troy replied and started to walk by me.

I grabbed his arm and made him stop. “I’m a big girl, Troy. I can handle myself.”

“Not like I can.” His voice was low and I felt his breath tickle my neck.

“Better than anyone can,” I disagreed.

In a flurry of black sequins and blue fabric, Troy swept me up into his arms. His mouth smashed against mine with a heat that felt like a shot. My hands found his shirt and I could feel his back muscles shifting underneath my fingers.

My back hit the stone wall as his hands were on my thighs, drifting up under the hem of my dress. I could taste adrenaline and alcohol and my own lip-gloss on his lips.

Troy pulled back and looked at me with his black hair skewered untidily and his lips, swollen and pink. He grinned his brown eyes gleaming impishly.

“What were you saying?”

I rolled my eyes, but grabbed his hand and tugged him towards the stairs. “To hell with it, let’s go, Clearwater.”

Thanks so so much to all the people who reviewed on the last chapter! I loved the reviews! Here is another chapter! I hope you guys liked it even though Maxima is quite the bitch. Poor Meghan right? Next chapter will be back in McCartney's POV! Yay! It will still be with in the B2S party just what was happening with McCartney during that time! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Carissa Flint is portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld

Genevieve Peakes is portrayed by Leighton Meester

Sloane Davies is portrayed by Kendall Jenner

Silas Avery is portrayed by Paul Wesley

Amory Nott is portrayed by Joseph Morgan

Lennox Zabini is portrayed by Kat Graham

Artemis Nott is portrayed by Sarina Nash

Pierce McLaggen is portrayed by Zach Roerig

Gallagher Peakes is portrayed by Steven R. Queen

Ryan Gosling portrays Atticus Devonshire (aka the bartender)

Alexander Ludwig portrays Dax Edwards

Arya and Persephone are the gorgeous gals featured on this chapter's CI! Sep is on the left and Arya on the right!

In the next chapter... McCartney reluctantly goes to the B2S Party and surprisingly doesn't have a terrible time. The morning after reveals a very pleasant surprise, but then Vincent shows his true colors.

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