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"They say we're too young now to amount to anything else
But look around
We've work too damn hard for this just to give it up now
If you don't swim, you'll drown"

She Looks So Perfect by Five Seconds of Summer

Whoever said that Lily Potter liked Quidditch?

Because it wasn’t me!

I swear I am going to strangle Andrew Timothy Wood in his sleep.

“Keep going you fucking pansies!” Wood bellowed as he led the pack of joggers. We were all red in the face and panting loudly. Wood liked to make us run as punishment, because it “taught us discipline” and loads of other hippogriff shit. He just likes to watch us suffer honestly.

Abbott Longbottom, AC Wood, and I lagged in the back as we always do. AC and I liked to piss-ass around while Abbott giggled quietly.

AC was Wood’s younger sister and her real name was Ana-Catherine. Only her good friends called her AC and like her guy friends. But everyone else called her Ana-Catherine. Oh and it’s AH-NA not ANNE-A. Call her ANNE-A and she will literally beat the living shit out of you…and then some.

“My brother is a fucking wanker.” AC huffed and puffed like a dying water buffalo.

“Agreed.” Abbott wheezed.

“I’ve already been at practice for three hours!” I groaned.

I’d been to JV practice before this and Teddy had run us into the ground as well. Oh excuse me, Coach Lupin. He’s another one who is a wanker of a captain.

“All Quidditch captains are wankers!” I wailed.

“What was that LP?” Wood cackled.

“You’re a sadistic bastard!” AC screamed.

“This is tyranny!” I added.

The rest of the team soon joined in.

“I’d rather spend my time bringing Voldemort back to life!” That came from Troy.

“I’d rather fuck the Whomping Willow!” That beautiful poetry came from Fred.

“I’d rather play for Hufflepuff!” Wow James so clever, aren’t you smart?

There was silence and I elbowed Abbott. “Go on then tell us how you feel, Abbott.”

She looked startled and just shook her head. “No, it’s…it’s okay.”

“See there’s a team player! Way to go Abbott, you can go sit down now!” Wood yelled.

Abbott grinned at us and went to sit down with the managers who were loitering around doing jack shit as usual.

“Fuck you Longbottom!” Fred sneered through his large gulps of air.

We ran for two more laps and then Wood slowed to a walk.

“Thank Merlin!”

“Thank the heavens!”

“Fucking hell!” AC wheezed beside me.

“I really should make a no cursing rule.” Wood smirked at us.

“If you do, I swear to Merlin, I will fucking quit right here, right fucking now. Fuck this patriarchy shit! You callous fucking piece of goat shit!”

Wood chortled at his sister’s reaction.

“Calm down AC, nobody’s going to make you quit cold turkey.” James jogged beside her and laughed a little at her fuming face.

“I do not need this fuckery, Drew!” AC yelled. “The Harpies will take me like I am! You misogynistic prick!”

AC was my favorite person on planet, but the girl had a mouth like a sailor when it comes to Quidditch or the patriarchy.

“Okay you can stop!” Wood called as he laughed loudly.

AC and Fred collapsed onto the grass sprawling out, long limbs flying everywhere. James stopped and panted with his hands on his head. Troy collapsed on the bench and gulped down the water that was handed to him by Gallagher Peakes, one of the managers.

And me?

I opened one of the massive coolers that held ice for our soreness and hopped in. I burrowed underneath the coolness like a mole underground.

“LP, really?” Roxanne, another Weasley cousin and manager, stood over me with a worried expression. Her long brown hair cast a shadow across her face and I could barely see her dark eyes.

“It’s cold in here,” I said from inside the cooler.

“I think you’ve broken LP, Wood.” Roxanne tossed a towel over her shoulder and turned away.

Within seconds a figure loomed over me.

“LP, get out of the damn cooler.”

“No Wood, fuck off!”

“LP, come on we’ve got to practice.”

“No, we don’t. Get the fuck away from me, Satan.”

“Come on, you little twat!”

“James! Al! Wood’s touching me inappropriately!”

“Wood, what the fuck are you doing to my baby sister?”

James is referencing the fact that Wood has his arms latched around my waist, but I’m clinging to the sides of the cooler so basically my flat ass is wedged against his stomach/special-boy-area.

“She won’t let fucking go!” Wood protested and he yanked once more.

The cooler then flew upwards and spilt ice all over Wood and I as we begin to fall. I landed flat against his chest and bounced off.

“Shit! Fucking ice in my sports bra!” I shimmied all over the place like a deranged salsa dancer. “What is this fuckery?” I howled as I ripped off my tank-top.

“Oh, do you need to catch your breath, Captain?” Fred sneered and grinned at Wood who was gasping for breath still.

“Godric, Wood grow a pair! I’m not that heavy!” I rolled my eyes as I shook ice from my sports bra.

“Damn, I didn’t know we’d get a strip tease at the Gryffindor practice.” A drawling voice came from the stands.

We all looked up to see Lola Smith, the Hufflepuff captain and Hogwarts’s resident banshee sitting with a couple of other Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, and Ravenclaws. She’s not really a banshee, but she could be. She’s a fucking crazy-ass slag.

“This is a new low even for you LP.” She smirked at me.

“There’s ice in my sports bra! Fuck off, Smith!”

“Why don’t you come down here and say something, huh Smith?” AC was behind me now. Her tall figure was a comforting back up. AC was always ready to kick ass.

“Nah, I’ve got a great view up here.”

Her cronies cackled loudly and falsely.

“Where did you fuck-tards escape from? St. Mungo’s psych-ward? You sound like fucking sea-gulls!” AC snarled as she went for the stands.

“Hey! You settle the hell down.” Wood shoved her backwards and James latched his arms around her waist.

“Yeah that’s right have your little fuck-boy hold you back!” Lola cackled. “As if you’re going to actually do anything! Crazy bint!”

“Smith! Get the hell off my pitch!” Wood barked.

“Take a Xanax, Wood! Or better yet, get your prude of a girlfriend to sleep with you! Maybe then you’d be more relaxed.”

“Alright fuck this!” I snarled.

AC was fighting James even more trying to get her hands on Lola. I raced up the stands and noticed Smith actually looked mildly worried. The fake-ass bitch should be. Like come on Smith! Fuck with me! I dare you! I got in front of her little crew and pulled out my wand.

“You might not want to do that.” Lola Smith smiled slightly as she held her wand aloft.

“And why the hell not?” I growled.

“Well I suspect Professor Branstone will be down here soon.”

“I don’t see her now, so I don’t fucking care.”

“I asked to her come right now.”

“Quit trying to bluff me, Smith.” I moved my hand quickly. “Langlock!”

Lola Smith almost dropped her wand and gulped looking wildly at her friends.

Furnunculus!” I flicked my wand. “Locomotor Wibbly!”

I grinned as little tentacles began to sprout all over her face.

Tarantallegra!” I whipped my wand once more.

“We need to get her to the hospital wing!” One of the Ravenclaws said hurriedly.

“Have fun Lola.” I beamed at her. “Oh and if you insult a member of my family or one of my friends one more time, there will more where that came from.” I glowered at her, my words grating through snarling teeth.

Lola Smith just glared at me and allowed herself to be led to the hospital wing.

“Yeah bitch! You’re lucky that James is fucking strong or I’d beat the shit out of you!”

I looked over at AC to see that James had pinned her onto the ground and was sitting on her to keep her from getting up.

“Alright she’s gone! James, get your bubble-butt off of me!” She shoved him off and the two giggled as they rolled on the ground together.

AC and James are literally best friends; did I mention that?

They are pretty much the exact same person. Except AC is most loud-mouthed person I’ve ever met in my life. If you ask either of our parents the two are betrothed. Our mothers are planning a June wedding. Everyone wants them to end up married, but AC and James have no inclination to get together. Like none whatsoever.

“Twat! Move!” AC laughed as James sprawled on top of her even more so.


AC and James froze and looked at Wood with wide eyes.

“Well shit, if that’s the way you feel then fine.” AC grumbled as James rolled off of her and helped her to her feet.

They each brushed the bits of grass and dirt off themselves and picked up their brooms.

“LP please put on a shirt, dearest,” Troy chided as he passed me.

“What does this arouse you?” I motioned to my entirely flat upper body. I shimmied around awkwardly and laughed.

“Oh yes Lil, I’m so aroused. I’ve wanted you for so long. I’ve just never had the guts to tell you!” Troy exclaimed dramatically. “Please Lily Luna Potter, love me!” He extended the syllables of love as he chased me around the pitch.

“No, I’ll never love you, Troy Achilles Clearwater!”

“But LP why would you ruin the love we have!” Troy cried as I finally found my beloved Crumpled-Horned Snorkack tank-top and threw it on.

“I’m leaving you for AC,” I replied as I stood beside AC. “We’re in love and you can’t stop us!”

“Totally.” AC nodded.

“Okay, will my players please stop declaring their undying love for each other? Please and thank you.”

“Homophobe!” AC and I yelled.

“Godric, you are all fucking idiots!”

“Wow thanks Wood, love you too boo,” James grumbled from his spot on the bench beside Abbott.

“Fuck off, Potter.”

Wood looked furious, his eye was twitching and everything.

“Alright dip-shits, let’s cut the old man a break.” Fred was the voice of reason. Wow I’m shocked. “Somebody get his walker!” Ah there it is.

The entire team and managers busted out laughing.

“Alright, alright that was funny, Fred.” Wood smiled. “Now you’re all running laps until you’re puking your guts out.”

Nobody’s laughing now.

“Except Abbott, you fly.”

“No it’s fine—”

“Longbottom, fly.”

“Uh okay.”

Wood then turned to us as he grabbed his broom. “Why are you clowns just standing there?” He raised an eyebrow. “Start running!”

Fuck my life.

We’ve been running for two hours with only one minute breaks every thirty minutes.

I’m bloody dying.

“Hey Wood, you know Quidditch is a flying sport? There’s no running involved.” The Slytherin team appeared dressed in full gear with their brooms.

“Flint, I’m not in the mood.” Wood looked up from watching McCartney and Albus toss the Quaffle to Abbott while Gallagher and Gryffin hit Bludgers at her.

“Alright well, it’s our turn for the Pitch mate.” Flint, also known as Dominique’s snake boyfriend, nodded.

“Sure yeah.” Wood looked at us. “Sprint over here and the first one here gets the last water.”

Everyone took off sprinting. I raced forward, but knew that Troy was going to beat me. I gritted my teeth and leapt forward, diving for the bench.

I rolled across the ground and grabbed the only water bottle left. Then it was viciously snatched from my grasp.

“I said sprint not dive, LP. Nice try though.” Wood took the water bottle and poured it out on the ground in front of me. “And for the rest of you I said sprint not lope. Try again next time kids.” Wood laughed as he crunched the bottle in his hand. “Come on down Abbott!”

Abbott flew down with the managers behind her.

McCartney and Albus took the Quaffle to the ball case and waited for Gryffin and Gallagher to beat the Bludgers back into the box.

“Are you alright?” Somebody knelt down beside me.

I looked up to see Scorpius standing above me in Quidditch robes.

“Just bloody dandy. Life’s a peach and all!” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, come on get up then, Wood looks pissed.”

Scorpius helped me to my feet as I grumbled, “That’s the understatement of the year.”

“Cool shirt.” Scorpius grinned as he motioned to my tank-top.

“Oh, yeah thanks.” I laughed. Scorpius and I were formally introduced at a Crumpled-Horned Snorkack concert over the summer at a music festival. That’s where our relationship started.

“Well, I’ll see you around LP.” He waved as he went after his team.

“Alright.” I walked toward the Gryffindor changing rooms. The room was swollen with crimson and gold as was everything that had to do with Gryffindor.

“About damn time.” Wood grumbled as I joined the gross, sweaty group. I sat in between Abbott and AC. “You lot are horrendous this year. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to win with you rubbish, un-athletic trolls, but I’ve done it before so I hope I’ll do it again. Now get cleaned up you’re disgusting. Practice is tomorrow at six and then again after dinner,” Wood said briskly.

“Wonderful! I love Quidditch practice!” I sighed as I collapsed against the bench.

“Wood’s going to kill us all,” Fred grumbled as he gathered his things to go in the boys showers.

“Not before I off myself!” AC moaned as she began stripping. “You lot don’t have to live with the bloody dictator!”

I just stripped down as well and made my way to the girls’ showers. We Gryffindors have pretty much all seen each other naked at one point or another as weird as that sounds. For girls, naked though means just in a sports bra and underwear.

I got in the shower and took my time washing my hair and washing off. I then got out and wrapped the fluffy red towel around myself.

There was nobody in the locker room as I figured. I was always one of the last ones out. I got dressed into my new clean clothes. I threw on Falmouth Falcons t-shirt and some blue jean shorts. I was tugging on my shoes, a beloved pair of white, low-top, Converse, when the door burst open.

“Finally!” Scorpius grinned at me.

He closed the distance in two strides and smashed his mouth to mine. His fingers pressing on my midriff, pulling me closer.

I pulled away. “Scorpius, your team.” I reminded him.

“They sent me to find the balls.”

“The balls are outside.”

“Shut-up and kiss me, you twit.”

I conceded only because I liked kissing Scorpius a lot.

He picked me up and I wrapped my unnaturally long legs around his torso. He slammed me up against the wall and flipped my wet hair off my shoulder, sending water droplets flying everywhere. His mouth was hot and greedy against mine, but I didn’t mind.

“Okay, you really need to get to practice.” I pulled away.

Scorpius groaned as he looked at me with steely grey eyes. He put on a pouty face, poking out his thin, pink lips.

“Well, we’ve got a date,” he said sassily.

“Oh do we? I don’t seem to remember that…”

“I’m making it official now,” he replied. “You and me tonight an hour after dinner, at the Astronomy Tower.”

“Alright.” I laughed as I kissed his cheek. Scorpius is always so serious. It’s cute really.

“Maybe we’ll even see the Bloody Baron.” Scorpius wiggled his fingers at me.

“Very funny.” I rolled my eyes.

“Bye love.” He kissed my forehead delicately. “See you tonight.”

“Of course darling.” I let my fingers drop from his as he walked back outside. I packed up my gym bag and locked my broom safely in my locker. I then began the long trek back to the castle. I walked outside to hear voices.

“I can’t later, I’ve got stuff to do.”

“What stuff?” That was McCartney. I’d recognize that adorably infuriating obliviousness anywhere.

“Just stuff! Jeez Mickey, we can hang out tomorrow.”

“I’m busy tomorrow, Vincent. I’ve got Quidditch practice after dinner.”

“Well, I’ve got show the Beauxbatons students around later, they asked me to.”

“Who asked you to?”

There was a long pause. I heard a foot tapping.

“Your sister did.”

I heard an indignant huff.

“Mickey wait!”

“Find me when you have time I guess.”

“Oh for Salazar’s sake!”

I hid as Vincent Goyle came storming around the corner and stalked to the Pitch. I then hurried after McCartney. I saw her walking up the hill.

“Hey! McCartney!” I called after her.

She stopped and waited on me. “Hey LP, what is it?”

She grinned at me. She showed no sign of her and Vincent’s quarrel, which led me to wonder what else McCartney managed to hide from everyone.

“Just wanted to walk with you, if that’s alright?” I grinned at her as I adjusted the strap of my bag.

“Yeah, sure.” She shrugged and we continued walking up to the castle.

We walked in companionable silence. McCartney seemed involved in her own thoughts and I wasn’t sure if I should bring up what I overheard. I chose not to. It’s not like we were best friends or anything. I know I would be furious if I found out that McCartney was eavesdropping on me and Scorpius.

“I’m going to drop by the kitchens to grab a snack, care to join?” She asked with a smile.

“Why not? I deserve a snack.”

“I believe so, Wood was horrible today,” she replied sympathetically as we entered the corridor that lead to the kitchens.

“You can say that again,” I told her as I tickled the pear and it morphed into a door handle. “And I already had a three-hour practice prior to ours!”

“I always forget that you have JV practice as well.”

“I wish I could,” I grumbled, “Teddy is such a tyrant!”

“Well, fancy seeing you here.” I looked over to see James sitting at the table with AC. James was eating some chips and AC was stuffing her face with chicken.

“I’m starved!” AC exclaimed.

“No really?” I laughed as I sat down beside her.

McCartney nervously sat down beside James.

“Bollocks!” AC checked her watch. “I’m also going to be late for Alchemy if I don’t leave now.” She quickly gathered up her food in a baggie and shoved it in her school bag.

“See you around doll.” James grinned at her.

“I know you’re going to miss me desperately Bubble-Butt!”

James shot a stinging hex after her as she shut the door.

“I resent that nickname.” He glared at me. “And it’s all your fault.”

“I didn’t give you that butt, Mum did. Blame her,” I replied nonchalantly as I took the sandwich from the house elf. McCartney had soup in front of her.

“Nah, I love my Mum too much.” James grinned.

“Yeah, whatever.” I rolled my eyes. “She’s not here you don’t have to suck up.”

“I don’t suck up she just loves me more than you.”

“Very mature, James.” I chewed carefully.

“So McCartney are you going to the back to school party that’s being thrown in the Room of Requirement?” James asked her.

McCartney looked up with wide eyes. “As far as I know.”

“Cool me too, we can chill there.” James grinned at her.

McCartney’s cheeks faintly colored. “Alright sounds good.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me if I’m going?” I asked James innocently.

“No, because you would’ve already bragged about it if you were.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Very funny.” I grinned at him.

“You going with your friends?” He asked nonchalantly.

James and Albus could care less about who I dated thankfully. They always said that they felt bad for the boys who dated me and would never make it worse.

“Nope, my dates are Fred and Troy. I’m the Designated-Make-Sure-They-Stay-Alive Person.” I explained.

“Oh well that’s alright.” James nodded. “Just be careful Lil, there’s been rumors going around that the Hufflepuffs are getting worse about slipping stuff into girl’s drinks.”

“I heard that.” McCartney nodded. “It happened to a lot of the girls last year.”

“See and that’s coming from a girl!” James nodded.

“I know that too you dumb-arse. I’m the one who told you!” I sighed.

“Shut-up LP.” James scowled at me. He pushed his chips away now that he was done. I noticed that McCartney was also done and slid my plate away with only the uneaten crusts left.

“Well come on kids, let’s go back to the common room.” I stood up. James and McCartney followed me out the door.

“Hey, you’re the kid here.” James poked my side.

I just rolled my eyes at him and walked ahead of him and McCartney. They talked quietly behind me and I could hear them both laughing every now and again. We trudged all the way to Gryffindor Tower and finally made it to the common room. I walked in to see Albus and his friends with the kid from Beauxbatons, Adrien. They were playing Exploding Snap in the corner and taking OwlChats of it.

There was a large crowd over in the next corner. It was a lot of sixth and seventh years. Playing a game of wizard’s chess in the next corner were Adélaïde and Julian the two seventh year Gryffindors from Beauxbatons. McCartney walked over to the large group and I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to follow or not.

I just shrugged and started for my dormitory. I had to put my bag up anyway. The dorm was empty when I entered. All of my friends were in the library, getting a jump start on homework probably. I gathered up my books to do the same.

I was going back down the stairs when I ran into McCartney.

“Geez I didn’t know you missed me that much.” I laughed.
“Sorry LP, I’ll see you later.” She brushed past me and fled to her own dorm. I looked after her strangely and at the foot of the stairs met James.

“Is McCartney okay?” He asked.

“I don’t know why?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Well it looks like to me all of her friends just outed her for Lennon…” James drifted off.

My mouth opened slightly. “Poor thing.” I sighed. “Should I go up and see if she’s okay?” I asked aloud.

“I dunno.” James shrugged. “She seemed pretty upset.”

“I’ll just talk to her later,” I conceded remembering that we were going to meet up soon and discuss what to do about Lennon.

“Alright. See you around Lil,” James replied before walking away.

“Same Bubble Butt!” I quickly ducked to avoid the Stinging Hex he cast over his shoulder.

I was going to kill Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

Nobody keeps Lily Potter waiting! Nobody!

It was almost thirty minutes after we were supposed to meet and he still wasn’t here.

I’m freezing my arse off in this damn kimono or cardigan or whatever the hell it was that I took off Isadora’s bed. I mean that Isadora let me borrow… Yeah that’s what I said.

Anyway nobody keeps me waiting!

Okay fuck it! I’m going inside!

I just reentered the building when I heard footsteps. I hid behind an old box of textbooks and watched as Scorpius raced up the stairs. He panted as he ran out onto the observatory. I rolled my eyes as I walked to the door and leaned against the frame.

“Well, look who decided to show up,” I drawled.

“I am so sorry!” Scorpius began.

“I really don’t care, I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes and I’m leaving.”

I shook my head and turned on my heel to leave.

I rolled my eyes again.

“No please, Lily, stay.” Scorpius held onto my arm. “I’m so sorry.” His eyes were like molten steel, shifting and gleaming like running water.

I sighed loudly. “Alright fine, but you better have a damn good reason.”

We sat on a blanket that I brought and leaned up against the wall. I leaned into Scorpius and he put his arm around my shoulders.

“Lennon made me to come the library, because she couldn’t find this book like her journal or something. She was in a complete panic and wouldn’t let me leave,” Scorpius explained. My ears pricked at the mention of Lennon.

“Yeah, yeah well did you find it?” I asked.

“Yeah, we did. She said it’s a really important book. I think she said it was her planner or journal one. We found it in her dorm room.” He scratched his head in thought. I made a mental note to ask McCartney about that book. I also wondered what Scorpius had been doing in Lennon’s dorm room with her but decided to fight that battle another day.

“Well, just don’t let it happened again okay?” I told him as I picked up his hand.

“It won’t. I’m so sorry.” He sighed as I rubbed small circles on the back of his hand with my thumb.

“It’s fine.” I smiled up at him and leaned back against him. He kissed the top of my head. We remained in a gentle silence, both looking out over the Tower and up at the stars.

“I wonder sometimes, what all this Tower has seen…” Scorpius mused. “How much good and bad it’s had to watch over the years…”

I tilted my head slightly and wondered as well. “I imagine a lot, this poor, poor Astronomy Tower.”

Scorpius laughed, “My Father hates the Astronomy Tower. Every time I mention it, he gets all unsettled and changes the subject. I guess somebody dangled him over the edge or something when he was a student here.” He shrugged.

“That’s weird,” I nodded and there was silence again. “What is your family like Scorpius?” I asked looking up at him.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Just what is everybody like?” I shrugged.

“Well first off my parents and my Dad’s parents don’t get on very well, because my grandparents are very traditional and purists. They think my mother isn’t good enough. My Mom’s parents aren’t much better, because they don’t think my father is good enough. It’s a bit of a balancing act at dinners and awkward sometimes. My parents though I love them. They’re pretty good parents.” He smiled at something distant.

“Why are they so wonderful?” I asked curiously. I knew nothing about Scorpius’s family except what my parents and uncle mentioned and they weren’t kind things.

“They’re always there, you know?” He nodded. “I can always count on them just to be there if I need them and bonus points because they never hover.”

“My parents are hoverers.” I rolled my eyes. “Well, Mum is. I’m closer to my dad, because he’s super chill.” I nodded. “My mum yells at me too much.”

Scorpius laughed and we settled into silence. I idly toyed with his hands. Scorpius had large hands that were relatively unscathed. They were still tan from the summer with a few callouses and one scar going across the back of his wrist.

I liked that we didn’t have to talk. That we could just sit in silence and it be okay. I was unfortunately though very high-strung and more than possibly ADHD so silence wasn’t really an option for me.

“So—” I interrupted the silence.

Scorpius looked across at me with a teasing smile on his lips.

“What do you wanna do?”

Scorpius merely stretched out his long legs. “We could go for a fly,” he offered. “Or go for a swim in the Black Lake,” he mused. “We could go traipsing around in the Forbidden Forest even.”

“Let’s go for a swim.” I grinned at him.

“Your wish is my command, darling.” Scorpius stood and lifted me to my feet.

“Meet you in ten outside the Great Hall.”

We parted ways and I raced up to my dorm. All my roommates had their curtains drawn except for Lucy and Bonnie’s beds which were empty. I could hear Lucy, Bonnie, and Elisaveta giggling on Elisaveta’s bed. Light glowed at the edges of Isadora’s curtains and so I was extra quiet as I grabbed my cutest swimsuit and changed in the bathroom.

I tossed my clothes in my trunk and threw a Falmouth Falcons tank-top on over my swimsuit. I slid on a pair of tan sandals and grabbed my beach towel. I always pack for the beach, because we always go and swim in the Black Lake when it’s hot enough.

I flew back downstairs and luckily there was no one in the common room. The Fat Lady told me to come back soon to which I laughed. I ran all the way to the Great Hall and found Scorpius there in swim trunks and a white t-shirt with a towel in hand. We grinned at each other and walked hand-in-hand to the Black Lake.

“As much as I love Hogwarts, I miss summer.” I sighed. “I absolutely hate school.”

Scorpius grinned. “Says the girl who is top in her class!” He elbowed me.

“Ouch.” I crinkled my nose at him. “Look, I don’t know how I’m so good at school. I don’t even study. It just happens…” I shrugged.

“Well power to you, I suppose.” Scorpius smiled.

“Are you ready?” I grinned as we walked underneath a tree beside the dock. I hung up my towel on a branch.

“I was born ready!” Scorpius stripped off his shirt and hung it beside his towel.

I stripped off my shirt as well and knelt down to unbuckle my shoes. I was startled as I heard a splash. I saw Scorpius’s shoes in the dirt and heard him laugh. I hurriedly kicked off my shoes and walked down the dock.

“Come on!” He yelled up to me.

“Hmmm, maybe I will, maybe I won’t,” I teased as I stood on the dock looking down at him.

Scorpius rolled his eyes. I pretended to be interested in something towards the castle as he climbed out of the water. I turned around as he came barreling down the dock at full speed.

“Let’s go, Lily-Lu!” He howled as he tackled me into the water.

I felt the breath get knocked out of me as we fell forwards into the water. I quickly closed my mouth and held my nose. The water smacked me harshly as I tumbled down into its murky depths. Scorpius let go of me as we hit the water so I paddle deeply to get back to the top. As my face broke the surface, I exhaled loudly and inhaled.

“I’m going to kill you!” I found Scorpius who was floating on his back lazily. “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy!”

“Ouch, I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that insult.” He winked at me as he paddled over.

“Never do that again,” I told him as he pulled me into his arms.

“Never do what?” He grinned mischievously.

“Tackle me and throw me off a dock what do you think!”

“You survived!” Scorpius rolled his eyes. “Somebody’s got to push you or you’ll never get anywhere.”

I glared at him. “Oh yeah and who pushes you?”

Scorpius blushed. “Well, if we’re talking metaphorical pushing not literal then I mean you do.” He shrugged. “And my Dad.”

I just grinned at him. “You’re the sweetest idiot I know.”

“Thanks, I guess?” Scorpius raised an eyebrow. “Is that a compliment?” He asked. “ ’Cause it doesn’t sound like one—”

“Oh, shut-up Scorp!” I planted my feet firmly on the wet sand and began kissing his bare collarbones leaving slight pink marks from my lipstick. I grinned against his skin as I heard his sharp intake of breath. I then kissed up his neck and finally his lips after nipping lightly at the skin on his neck.

Scorpius pulled me against him and began kissing me. He kissed between my (unfortunately small) boobs and then went up to my collarbone.

He kissed wherever he could find skin and since I was in a bathing suit that was a lot of places.

I’m not sure how long we kissed there with our bodies tangled together in the water, but it felt like a lifetime.

Author's Note
Just trying to post all the chapters I have written! Disclaimer: ANYTHING YOU RECOGNIZE I DO NOT OWN.

Face Claims:

Caitlin Stasey portrays Ana-Catherine Wood. (She is to the left of the CI and Abbott Longbottom is to the right.)

Levin Rambin portrays Lola Smith.

If you're still reading thanks for sticking with me!


In the next chapter... Maxima makes girls cry and picks new minions. The infamous Back 2 Skool Party begins and has some consequences for a lot of people. Troy protects Maxima from drugs and Hufflepuffs. Lips are kissed. Shots are drank. Chances are taken.

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