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If I had to describe Sexual Education in one word I would say: horrendous. God I want to kill myself. Why is this happening?! WHYYYYYYY?! I’m sitting in the very back, and I swear I’m trying my hardest not to fall asleep. If I do that’ll just be a happy coincidence. At least that’s what I’ll tell the professor. I just don’t want to hear “this is not an awkward topic unless you make it one" or “this is what the male reproductive system looks like” ever again. Never, never ever ever ever. Then, even worse, we have to label a bunch of stupid things and talk about periods. And that’s just the first class. I don’t want to think about what the rest will be like. Seriously, if I do that I think I’ll throw up.

The bell rings. I have to stop myself from yelling out a loud thank you to Godrick. 

“Hey!” A girl calls behind me as I gather my stuff and head for the door. 


“Hi, can I help you?” I ask awkwardly.


“I’m on exchange here, from Japan, and I noticed you were a Gryffindor prefect. I’m in Gryffindor too! I was hoping you could show me around.”


“Yeah, sure.” I nod and smile. “I’m Lyra.” I stick my hand out for her to shake.


“Chiyo Sakura.” She smiles. 


“Your English is really good, if you don’t mind me saying.”


“My parents are both Japanese, but my mother spent the better part of her life in America, so she taught me english at a young age.”


“Wow, that’s cool! Do you speak any other languages?”


“Yes. I speak English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.” My mouth drops, forming one of my famous black holes.


“Wow, I only speak English.” I laugh. Chiyo laughs too. We leave the class together and continue talking. The day is hot and sticky, despite the Autumnal weather. I listen to her talk about what classes she has as I watch the red leaves dance in the wind before they fall to the ground outside the large windows along this corridor.


“Do you want to maybe come eat lunch with my friends and I?” I ask, when we get to our lockers. Hogwarts raised a bunch of galleons to get us lockers about three or four years ago, so that we wouldn’t have to drag all of our school supplies everywhere or go back to our dorms. They’re a nice dark wood, alohomora resistant, and have undetectable extension charms on them.


“Yes, thank you.” She smiles, taking her shiny black hair out of its ponytail.



We walk down to the Great Hall after putting our things in our lockers. I spot TJ, Ben, and Audrey already sitting at Gryffindor table. It is a Gryffindor day. We rotate between Ravenclaw table and Gryffindor table. It is the most simple thing that Ben has ever come up with.



“Hey guys, this is Chiyo, she’s going to be sitting with us.” I introduce an awkward looking Chiyo. She stands there blinking her small blue eyes. I notice the hands that are intertwined under the table. Chiyo seems nice, but I’m sure trusting her with one of our group’s deepest secrets right off the bat is a bad idea. “Erhem, TJ.” I fake cough, jerking my head down. He blushes crimson and lets Ben’s hand go.



I feel so bad for them. I can never work up the courage to ask Ben why? But I guess maybe I know. If it’s anything to do with Ben’s parents, the whole thing doesn’t make sense. They’re the nicest people ever. If it’s about peers, you don’t see them wining about Albus and Scorpius. (I turn and see the two making out, the type of making out that doesn’t exactly belong in public. Maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re disgusting anyway). TJ has reasons to be worried. His dad has always pushed him hard; school, quidditch, extracurriculars. He’s constantly grilling TJ about girls, and friends. I guess TJ has the right to be worried. Yet, TJ’s father has never seemed inherently homophobic. Anyway, it’s their choice, forever and always.






Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap, click click click click click, tap tap tap tap tap tap, click click click click click, tap tap tap tap, click click click click, tap tap tap tipity tap.


“I’m so bored.” I yawn quietly, looking across the room at TJ, who is completely focused on his essay. I seriously have no idea why I’m even taking Transfiguration. I hate Professor Castrid, I hate tough wand work, and I hate Transfiguration. But I need it for the sort of things I want to do in later life, like healing. I don’t know for sure if I want to be a healer though. I might get a loan from my parents and open up an apothecary. Dad always wanted to be a potions master, but he says that he never had the guts.


The bell rings, and I realize that I’ve only done three out of five feet. And even worse, all of the writing is mediocre, and I probably don’t even make sense. Shit. I walk up to the front of the long classroom, as classmates file behind me or gather their stuff or leave. Professor Castrid looks up at me. She’s an elderly lady, something like in her sixties. She used to teach at a smaller wizarding academy in the Swiss Alps, but she decided to come to Hoggy about fifteen years ago. A lot of the Hogwarts teachers are different than the one everybody’s parents had. Professor Castrid has big curly black hair, and these broken bended golden framed glasses. She’s not scary looking, but she sucks.


“Ahhh Miss Malfoy, what do you have for me today?”


I reluctantly hand over my parchment. She scans it, disappointment edging its way onto her face as she reads.


“You need to do much better if you want to continue this class.” She scrawls something with a red quill on the parchment, and hands it back to me. 




Fuck. Mum and Dad are going to kill me. (At least it wasn’t a Troll).


“You can have another chance to re-do the essay. You have until Monday. If it is inadequate, you’ll have detention for two weeks.”


“Alright, thank you Professor Castrid.” I nod, and leave the class. I hide my disappointment until I get to the girls lavatory, then I slide against the white tiles and cry my eyes out, sobbing loudly and shouting. I try to tell myself that it’s just an assignment, and I’ll make up the grade. If I don’t scrape an Outstanding then I’ll at least get an Exceeds Expectations. I just can’t fail anything else though.






“Lyra, Lyra.” Chiyo shakes me awake. I can’t remember falling asleep, but next thing I know I’m back in Sexual Education, a diagram of acne/oil production during puberty staring me in the face. Blergh. I’m glad that Chiyo is the one who woke me up and not the professor, or I would have gotten another Dreadful.


I don’t need more homework, or fails, or detention, or stress. 


I take being excited for the school year back. I seriously take it back… This school year sucks.





Author’s note: Chiyo is one of the main characters from a manga called ‘Monthly Girls: Nozaki Kun’, she does not belong to me, and goes by Sakura in most of the manga. 



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