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My heart pumps hard in my chest as Tim Wood walks through the Great Hall. He notices me staring and I blush bright red, but apparently he thinks that’s cool, and he gives me a little wave. I wave back giddily, trying not to be too obvious or weird. His golden curly hair bobs as he strides down to his friends and sits down next to them. The sunlight shining in from the windows dances off of his hair and causes me to stare even harder. His laugh is hearty and fun as one of his friends finishes telling a joking, he throws his head back, curls following. Is this what love feels like, or do I simply have a crush?


“Oooh someone’s got a crush on Wood,” TJ coos. 


“No I don’t,” I reply, looking away quickly. My face betrays me and I blush bright red.


“It’s okay, I get it.” TJ smiles. “He’s hot, I used to jerk off thinking about him.” He states afterwards, trying to earn shocked gasps but only receiving a harsh elbow in the stomach from Ben.


“Gross, TJ, gross.” I huff, looking away.


“Anyways, gossip on the team is that he likes you.”


“Tim Wood does not like me. And besides, even if he did, I’m Princess Unattainable. Guy population, zero.”


You so like him.” TJ smirks.


“Okay, fine fine. I like him. Are you happy now?”


 Audrey whips around, her blonde hair hitting me and causing a stinging sensation in my face. “YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON TIM?!” She asks a little too loudly. Thankfully there are about ten Tims at this school, it’s a rather popular name.


“Yes, hush now.” I whisper. 


“Oh my Godrick Lyra, you have to ask him out!” She claps her hands excitedly, nodding and looking ecstatic.


“Excuse me let me please listen with my good ear. What the hell do you mean ask him out?!”


“It’s a new generation, the male specimen like girls to make the first move.”


“The male specimen?” I ask, raising one of my blonde eyebrows almost high enough to blend into my hair. 


“Whatever! The point is, you need to ask him out. Hogsmede is next weekend, you could ask him to go.”


“Fine, only because you begged.” I frown, getting up and making my way over to Tim. His friends seem to notice I want to talk to him, so they scoop up their stuff and bid him goodbyes. “Hey,” I say nervously.


“Hey,” he answers, making my nervousness ten times worse. 


I take in every detail of him before I talk more. He doesn’t look like he’s brushed his amazing curls today, but they’re still as perfect as ever. His eyes are that pretty blue-green-gold that’s slightly more rare than most eye colours. He has a small and tender smile, and is holding a shiny and bright red tin that reads From Dad on the side. 


“Can I talk to you?”


“Sure. Would you like a chocolate while you do that?” He asks, holding out the small red tin. I open and see that he’s already eaten one, so I find one in the shape of a snitch and pop it into my mouth. 


“Thanks,” I say, taking a seat across from him. The Great Hall is mostly empty by now, as breakfast is reaching an end and people like to get ready for their classes or talk with their friends after eating. “So, Hogsmede is coming up and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me.”


“Well, actually I haven’t been to Hogsmede since fourth year when I barfed all over The Three Broomsticks, but if you want we could do something else.”


“Yeah, that’d be great!” I smile. 


“I’ll meet you in the Common Room at ten?”


“Sounds perfect,” I smile, waving and start walking back to Ben, Audrey, and TJ. “I have to go get ready for class, have a nice day.” I tell this to Tim, and also to the other three (except the have a nice day part, which is exclusively for Tim as I see Audrey, Ben, and TJ literally all the time.)


I scurry up to Gryffindor with a humongous smile on my face. Soon I’ll be on a date with Tim freaking Wood.




The time to Hogsmede passes all too slowly. I spend the week counting down the days and talking about it. Until finally, it’s here. I’m in the Common Room starting at 9:30, and I’m pacing around until 9:55. I sit myself down on one of the couches with Quidditch Through the Ages, trying to look smart but also very into quidditch. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve never been on a date before. I mean, I’ve kissed people thanks to nasty games of Spin the Wand and Seven Minutes in the ROR (Room of Requirement, because it provides anything you may need for the seven minute trysts), but never a date. I’m so insanely nervous. 


The fire in front of me crackles, the dancing red flame warming me up. It’s only October, but it’s freezing. I run my hands up and down my arms, trying to warm up. I’m wearing a little lilac sweater and jeans, not exactly the perfect clothing to keep warm… But, I want to look nice for Tim, so I don’t go up and change. Five minutes later he comes down the stairs in his… Quidditch gear?


“Oh my god, you’re going to freeze. You should probably go put something warmer on.” He says, chuckling a little at me as I shiver like a chihuahua. I nod and run upstairs and back into the 6th Year Girls Dorm. My bed is a mess, there’s clothing, school supplies, quidditch gear, books, and socks strewn all over and around it. Lily’s bed is similar, but the other ten girls in our dorm have their beds all perfect and made. I guess Lily and I are the only one’s with actual lives. I never make my bed, I find that it’s a waste of time. I find some clothes that are better suited for quidditch, I put them on, and then I bolt down the stairs.


“Ready!” I cheer, following Tim out of the Common Room. We separate ways to get our brooms in the Change Room lockers, but meet each other out on the pitch. 


“I thought you’d like to take the opportunity to practice, and I definitely need some extra, I didn’t play at all this summer.”


“Yeah, that’ll be great.” Tim is the team’s keeper, so since I’m a chaser, it works out perfectly. I shoot goals and he catches them and sometimes misses them. He’s chosen to wear his team robes today, but I’m in a nice pair of lilac quidditch robes that I use when I practice. Clearly you can see that I like lilac. Tim is a blur of red as he quickly blocks almost every throw I make; he’s so fast. 


We continue like this for about three or four hours. When we’re not doing chaser-keeper practicing, we fly around the pitch at full speed, racing each other, and timing each other to see how long it takes us to fly around the pitch a certain amount of times. Tim teaches me some tricks and special manoeuvres, and by the end of the day I’m flying like Dimitri Krum. 


When we’ve gotten tired of quidditch and flying, we go and sit in the stands together.


“So, you have siblings, right?” I ask Tim, turning myself to look at him.


“Yeah, a sister, Poppy is her name. It’s actually kind of ironic because she’s dating Rose Weasley. I was like ‘find any other girl, but no one is going to take you seriously if you’re a flower dating a flower’. I mean it’s not like she’s only ever dated Rose Weasley. She’s dated a few people. She’s in 5th year anyway. What about you, you have a brother don’t you?”


“Scorpius. He’s a little rat, but I love him just the same. He’s dating Albus Potter. So I guess both of our siblings are dating famous kids.”


Tim chuckles. “Yeah, the Wotters breed like rats. But they’re all nice and kind spirited, so it’s not a super huge issue. If they were breeding polluted people with poisoned minds who hate everyone then it’d be another story.”


“Yeah,” I chuckle. “This was really great, we should do this again sometime.” I say, smiling at him.


“Yeah, we should. But Lyra, I just want you to know that I really like you, but I’m really focusing on school and quidditch this year, and I can’t really be dating someone at the moment.” Tim says, running a hand through his hair. My heart sinks to my feet, and I feel like throwing up. I didn’t expect it to go anywhere on the first date, but I thought that it could at least not be tossed out the window!


“No, I totally get it. Friends?” I ask, holding out my hand. He shakes it.


“Friends.” Then he gets up, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and says he had fun and will see me later. I wave as he goes back to the Change Rooms to get out of his quidditch gear, then I head back to the pitch and do a few laps around before I go back into the castle. 




After some soup, bread, pot roast, bacon, eggs, sausages, salad, and a slice of chocolate cake (what can I say? Hogwarts has the best food. Why waste it?.), I head up to Gryffindor. Or try to, at least. Scorpius is crying a little farther down from where the portrait hole is. “Please do tell me why you’re sitting in front of Gryffindor whimpering like a broken puppy.”


“Ly, I did something really bad.”


“Oh no, did you TP the headmaster’s office?”


“What? No. I’m not really up to talking about it.”


“Scorpius, I’ve seen less rain during a thunderstorm/hurricane, tell me what’s got you so worked up.


“I cheated on Albus!” He blurts out all of a sudden. Okay, not what I was expecting. He lets out more thunderous sobs, and then he starts crying on my shoulder. I’m really bad with the whole feelings and advice giving thing, and I can’t help but cringe as I start to feel the tears seep in through my sweater. Oh boy. 


“Did he break up with you?”


“I didn’t tell him.” Double oh boy. That boy is going to die from the amount of pathetic that has attached itself to him over the years.


“Then either tell him and apologize a million times and explain that it meant nothing, or continue on with your relationship and keep it a secret forever more. Who did you cheat on him with anyway?”


“His sister.” Scorpius sobs out.


“Oh wow, that’s low. Even for you.” This really doesn’t seem to help, and Scorpius lets out another thunderous few sobs.


“I’m supposed to be a Hufflepuff!”


He lifts his face to look at me, and I feel like swearing. His eyes are all red and puffy, his hair is dishevelled to a point I’m not sure if any wizard has ever reached before, and his face looks like he’s been sick for an eternity. 


“I think you need some TLC.” I tell him, running my fingers through his ratty and smelly hair.  “You smell like rubbish, what happened to you?”


“I think I fell in a trash can!” He cries, voice cracking loudly. 


I think he’s going to have a hard couple of days…




Author’s Note: I hope that wasn’t too disappointing, but I do promise that Al and Scorpius will have a better relationship in a few chapters. Also, you’ll find out something heart wrenching in Chapter Thirteen if you were just starting to ship Tyra. 


Spin the Wand and Seven Minutes in the ROR are knockoffs of Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven. If anyone has any better ideas for Seven Minutes in Heaven’s knockoff (because I couldn’t come up with anything better then the ROR that matched the purpose of the game), feel free to suggest it in a review or pm me if you know me on HPFT. 


Dimitri Krum is Viktor Krum’s son, in case you didn’t pick up on that. 


Thanks to my friend Shyre for the line “Princess Unattainable”. 


I just want to let everyone know that I will be doing some light editing (nothing major, like plots or descriptions), just little word changes, after I finish this story and before the sequel (yes you heard me right, I said sequel) goes up. 


Example: Earlier in the story, Lyra says that TJ and Ben's relationship started as a hookup, but the way I have come to write their characters, they've turned out vastly different then what I originally planned when I first started this story. So, just look out for those little changes!


Wherever you are in the world I hope you have an amazing day, and thanks for reading.






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