March 2023


The Auror Office started the day like any other. Little by little, the whole department was filled with the smell of coffee and people. The excitement about the coming weekend could be felt in air. For those who had kids in Hogwarts, the parents would have their children back for Easter in one week from that day.  

Teddy Lupin was already at his desk when his best friend and partner arrived that Friday morning. He looked tired, with grey bags under his eyes and a large cup of coffee in hands. He let go of his suitcase on his own desk, in front of Teddy's, and sat on his chair with a loud sigh. 

"Morning, mate." Laughed Teddy, sipping his own coffee mug. 

"I- Just- No!" Tobias raised his hand, signalising Teddy to stop talking. "I feel like my head is about to explode." He added in a low key. "Nikki stayed up all night, burning up in fever and crying." 

"Oh my." Teddy gasped, sitting up in worry for his goddaughter. "What was wrong with her?" 

"I have no idea." The new father admitted. "Ellie took her to work so Dra. Wong could take a look at her. I'm just thankful for being in a baby-free environment."  

At that time, Harry showed up behind Tobias, giving him a little pat on his back. "Still loving parenthood?" Tobias only let his head drop in the desk in front of him. 

"Nikki is sick and didn't let them sleep." Explained Teddy to his godfather. 

"In that case, you won't be mad at me for giving you some office job." Harry informed them to which Tobias groaned in agreement. "Teddy, are you coming with us to James's game on Sunday?" 

"Sure I am." Teddy assured him. "Vic will be spending the day with her Mum and Dominique." 

"How's Vic, by the way?" Harry wondered.

"Hm," Teddy scratched his neck. "She's- she's very irritative." He finally said, remembering the plate she had thrown in his direction, the previous night, because he said he was tired. 

"They usually are that far ahead in the pregnancy." Harry explained with a big smile on his lips. He couldn't help to be proud about Teddy's first child. He was very excited about becoming a grandfather. 

"Have she started to blame you for getting her pregnant?" Tobias asked and the father-to-be nodded. "I miss that. It was a lot more quieter." 

"I'll leave you to it, then." Harry laughed and started to walk to his own office.

After some nagging from Teddy, he convinced Tobias to go to Madam Taylor to take something for the headache before they could start that day's work. But Teddy's mind wasn't on what he was doing. He could only think about his 9-month-pregnant wife. Wi-fe. Despite being married to Vic for quite awhile, Teddy still couldn't believe it. Nor does he really understand the fact he was about to become a father. Anytime now. 

"Do you have a file on this?" Tobias asked, taking Teddy out of his own mind.

"Wha-what? Yeah, yeah, I do." Teddy stuttered, opening his third drawer and taking a green folder from it and giving it to Tobias's waiting hands. "Here." 

Looking at his watch and listening to his stomach, the father-to-be proposed they went to lunch. Tobias didn't need to be told twice, of course. The Aurors passed by Harry’s office only to inform where they were going before heading out of the office. 

Harry stayed behind his desk, watching his godson go to lunch with a smile. He was waiting for Ginny to come by so they could too go out for lunch. His wife was upset about not being responsible for covering James’s game on Sunday, for conflict of interests. It’s not my fault my son is brilliant on a broom and with a quaffle, she had said to her Editor. Harry was still internally laughing about it when someone barged into his office. 

“Un-uncle Harry!” Dominique managed to say, completely out of breath. 

“Dom!” Greeted the Head Auror, immediately getting up and going by his niece’s side. “What’s wrong?”

“Where’s Teddy?” She asked, still not being able to fill her full lungs with air. “Vi-vic, Vic is labour. I-we were having lunch in Godric’s Hallow and-and she just- splash!” Dom made a movement with her hands that Harry could only guess to be the representation of Vic’s waters breaking.

“Ok, breath, Dominique, breath.” Harry reasoned with her, holding her shoulders. “Where’s Vic, now?” 

“I took her to St. Mungo’s. She’s with Ellie and Tristian.” The girl informed her uncle. “I came here running to call Teddy. Not literally, of course, I flooed to the Ministry but ran her-" 

“He has just gone to the restaurant." Harry cut her off so the girl could breath. "Come, let’s get him and then go see the new addition on the family.” 

Harry let everyone on the Auror Office know about Vic having the baby. The Finnigan's were more than excited and Ben declared a party. Kelly cried and Wallace made fun of her. But Harry had to find Teddy and Tobias. He led Dom through the elevator and had to dribble every person that tried to speak with him. Soon, they located the two young Aurors sat at the restaurant’s table. 

“Dom? Dad?” Teddy wondered as he saw the two of them getting closer. His eyes opened wide when he realised. “Fuck, Vic is in labour, isn't she?” 

“Yes!” Dom confirmed. “Come on, let’s GO!” 

Tobias got up in one movement, bringing his plate with him and breaking it in the process. His best friend's baby was on its way. He just couldn't believe. Dom rapidly explained what happened and they were almost on their way to Floo to St. Mungo's, but Teddy had frozen. 

"You guys just go ahead, we'll be right there." Harry told Dom and Toby before pulling a chair and sitting next to Teddy. "Hey, son, look at me'" He called his godson. "Teddy, hello?" 

"Ah? Wha-what?" He came back to his senses. "Da-dad, I'm going-it's time-I'm so scared." 

Harry grinned. "Yeah, I know the feeling, and it doesn't fade off ever. I'm scared even now, and my eldest is 25!!" Harry blinked one eye to Teddy. He always had a special way to make Teddy feel so loved. "But you have nothing to worry about. You'll be such a great father, Teddy!" 

"How do you know that? I know you mean well, but you can't possibly know." 

"But I do. You know why? Because you're a great son, a great person, a great brother, a great Auror, a great husband. It's only obvious you'll be a great father. That baby is so lucky to have you and Vic, and you guys are ready, more than ready and, most importantly, you aren't alone!"

"How is it you always know what to say?" Teddy opened up a smile. 

"Practice. With you mostly." Harry admitted with a laugh. "You had no idea how terrifying it was after the War when I finally met you and realised me and Mrs. Tonks were all you had. And after she passed away, Ginny was pregnant and there we had, a full-time kid before we could have ever been prepared."

"Well you turned out just fine." Teddy assured him. 

"And so will you." Harry said firmly, coming to his feet. "Now, let's go get myself a grandchild." 

Teddy too got up to his feet and they both went off to meet Dom and Toby who had ran into Ginny and told her what was going on. Within a few minutes, they were all at the hospital and it was all a blur to Teddy. Ellie who had Nikki sleeping peacefully on her arms passed her on to Toby so she could take Teddy to where Vic was with Dra. Wong. Victoire was more than relieved when she saw her husband entering the door. 

"Oh, thank Merlin! Honey, you're here!" Vic cried, bringing him to a hug. "I'm so scared and this hurts so much!" 

"I'm scared too." Teddy told her, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead. "And I have a feeling this is going to be a scary experience. But we aren't alone, are we?" 

"I guess not-OOOOOOH IT HURTS!" Vic screamed out, squeezing her husband's hand. 

"I think it's time to push, Mrs. Lupin!" Dra. Wong announced. "Healer Maxwell, are you in or out?" She added to Ellie who was smiling at the parents-to-be at the door. 

"She's IN!" Vicky yelled. "Ellie, please don't leave me!" 

"Hm, ok, sure." The girl said peaking outside before closing the door and going to her other side. "Are you sure? You're Mum is here, and so is Ginny." 

"Noo, I want you! You're my best friend and this baby's godmother." Vic begged. "OOOH MY GODDD! What's this pain?" 

"Come on, honey, push!!" Teddy encouraged her. "Think about our child, our baby!" 

"Push, Mrs. Lupin, push!" Dra. Wong screamed.

"Seriously, woman, you know me since I was like 5, call me Vic!" The girl yelled in anger while she recovered from a big push. "Teddy, please, help me!" 

"I wish I could do the pushing for you, V! Come on, you're so brave. Remember the time you broke your hand?" He began talking to her in her ear, while giving little kisses on her hands and forehead. "It hurt but it was for a good cause, wasn't it? You broke Seth's nose!" 

"I had detention for three weeks for that!" She remembered in anger, pushing her hardest, so they finally heard. A cry! A beautiful cry! Dra. Wong held the baby on her arms and told Teddy to cut the cord. 

"It's a girl!" Ellie told them, tears on her eyes. 

"Oh God, she's perfect!" Teddy cried, taking his baby girl from the Healer and passing her to his wife so she could hold her. 

"You were right, it was worth it, completely worth it!" Vic said in wow. Tears falling massively from her eyes and landing on an ear-to-ear smile. "Oh, my baby girl, I love you so much, Dora."

"Dora?" Teddy repeated as he lied down next to his wife and passed a arm around her shoulder. Ellie was watching her goddaughter's chest go up and down, thinking how good friends she and Nikki could turn out to be. 

"I kinda always imagined in my head that if we had a girl, she would be Nymphadora. It's what we Potter-Weasleys do, and I think it's beautiful, don't you?"  

"Victoire Weasley Lupin, I love you and our daughter so damn much!" Teddy said before capturing her lips for a passionate kiss. "Hi there, Dora! I'm your Daddy." 

Vic looked up and saw how Ellie adorably looked at her goddaughter and she felt just how lucky she was for such a good friend. Dra. Wong offered herself to go on and tell the family. 

"Would you tell them her name as well?" Teddy asked of her, before looking down at the baby again and changing his hair to blue to entertain her. "I'm sure uncle Ron and George want to claim their bets." 

"Oh, she's just like you, T!" Vic exclaimed just as the baby whose hair was originally platinum blonde like her mother's changed to fierce pink! "Oh, Teddy!" 




James was pacing back and forth, in the anticipation of his first nephew or niece. Apart from Nikki (who was now sleeping on the arms of her also asleep father), it would be the first baby of the new generation. And it was scary since he would probably be one of the next people to be on that position. But, nevertheless, James was pretty excited to be an uncle. That was more than enough for now. 

"Jimmy, darling?" Ginny called him out after she turn off her cellphone. "Would you mind picking Lily, Al and Louis from Hosgsmeade tomorrow afternoon? I just talked with Neville and I managed to get them off early so they could meet-" 

"Dora." Dra. Wong interrupted with a smile. "I'm sorry to interrupt, Ginny. But she's born and she's very healthy and very Lupin. Her hair has already changed a couple of times!"

Harry had to hold his tears of joy, just from imagining Teddy's little girl. Ginny held his waist and placed her head on his chest, crying out of joy and pride. Together with Bill and Fleur, they were the first ones to go on and see the newborn while Ellie came out and told everyone the details. 

"I've got the coolest niece ever!" James told everyone who could hear him. 

Teddy, Vic and the newborn were in the exact same position as before, with Dora at her mother's arms and Teddy holding them both. They were now a little family of their own, a part of a greater family yet. The new father smiled as he saw his godparents and parents-in-law coming into the room and got to his feet so they could see their granddaughter better. 

But Harry and Ginny wanted to congratulate him first. Ginny simply embraced Teddy tight, kissing his cheek and saying how incredibly proud of him she was. 

"I'm so happy for you Teddy." Ginny cried while positioning herself under Harry's safe arms again and glowing at her godson. "You have no idea how loved that little girl is already!" 

"How are you feeling, son?" Harry asked after kissing Ginny's forehead. 

"Excited, happy, scared as shit." Teddy laughed before looking behind him and finding Dora on Fleur's arm. "Did you like the name? It was Vic's idea." 

"It's perfect, of course." Harry complimented. "James is already blabbing to the world about his niece."

"I'm sure hope a niece will bring a little more responsibility to his life." Gin commented with a roll of eyes. "Now, Fleur," Ginny called out, leaving Harry's side. "I want to hold Dora too!" 



May 2033


Ginny Potter woke up and automatically rolled over to where her husband should be. It was instinctive of her, as she has always done that for the last Merlin knows how many years. But Harry wasn't there, nor was his glasses, although his wand lied untouched on his bedside table which meant he was still home. 

Putting on her robe and slippers, Ginny climbed down the stairs searching for her husband, sighing from back pain - she had played Quidditch the whole afternoon with Dora and Nikki and definitely she didn’t have as much energy as two ten-year-old.. It was still early but they did have a long day ahead of them and soon they had to start getting ready for it. 

It didn't take her much to find him though. He was sitting in Lily's old room, holding her stuffed Chinese Fireball dragon that Charlie had gave her because of its colouring being as fierce as Lily's hair. He seemed very caught up on his own thoughts.

"Harry, honey?" Ginny called out, taking him from his mind. Harry looked up and smiled at her, signalising for her to sit next to him on the bed. "Is everything ok?" 

He kissed her softly first. "Yes, I was just thinking how time has gone by and how happy I am."

"All this because tomorrow is Lily's wedding day, isn't it?" Ginny laughed as she placed her head on his shoulder and grabbed one of his hands with hers. "You're so touchy, Harry Potter." She added joking. 

"My little girl is getting married, Teddy has two kids, James is about to have a second, Albus too has a little girl and Rosie is pregnant again. When did all this happen?" 

"Yeah, I know that." Ginny agreed. "But I'm so thankful they turned out so great. I had my fears when they first came, you know, about the kind of pressure they would certainly feel. And they proved me wrong, I had nothing to worry about. I have the best family ever and that's thanks to you, Harry."

"I could really say the same, honey." Harry turned to the side and placed one hand on his wife's cheek. "You gave everything I ever wanted and I love you so so much, Gin!" 

"I love you too." Ginny cried, accepting the kiss Harry gave her. "Now, let's go. We have some packing to do and a wedding to attend and the bride's parents are supposed to be some gorgeous couple, I hear."

"Is that so?" Harry laughed. "I can't to meet the bride's mother then." 




Lily Potter was a very bossy bride and her wedding would only happen according to her terms. Evan didn't mind of course. All he wanted was to spend the rest of his life with her and make her happy even if that meant he had no say concerning the wedding. Lily was an artist - Evan was pretty sure the wedding would be the most beautiful anyone had ever seen. 

The theme was the nineteenth century, Lily decided. She wanted a classical and chic wedding. They rented an old Duke's beautiful country home with a breath taking garden and enough space to hold all the guests for the weekend. The couple would leave for their honeymoon Sunday night after all the guests got back home.

Friday was supposed to be when the guests arrive although the couple went to the place the night before. At night they would hold a rehearsal dinner, compliments of Chef Gwen Potter. The ceremony would be taken place outside, Saturday morning while the reception would be held inside with tasty lunch (the cake obviously being made by Fleur - she had insisted) and party at the ball room. It was supposed to be a hit. 

“I still don’t feel very comfortable with being the 'bridesmaid'.” Hugo complained with air quotes yet again as he saw himself on the mirror. Lily was sitting in front of another mirror while Roberta worked on her hair (she had been excused from Hogwarts for the weekend so she could attend the weeding). 

“Oh,  shut up, Hugo!” Rose rolled her eyes from where she sat. She was six-months pregnant and Lily had chosen a perfect dress for her, one that suited her belly just right. “Why did you want my brother as the “bridesmaid” again, Lil?” She added with the air quotes that had been used ever since Lily asked Hugo for the job.

“Guys, please.” Lily laughed. Of course Hugo had to be there with her; he was her very best friend. 

“I can’t believe you’re getting married.” Jenny Wood changed the subject.

Someone opened the door and entered with an amused expression. It was Roxanne, the fourth and last made of honour (Evan’s groomsmen were Albus, Alice, Scorpius and John Finnigan). Ginny entered just behind her with a roll of her eyes. 

“What’s wrong?” Lily asked in panic, making Vic, who was doing Lily’s make up, do a mess with her eyes. 

“LILY!” Vic scolded. The bride only looked with an apologetic smile. 

“It’s just your brother freaking out.” Roxie laughed, going to start on her own make-up. She was the only one, apart from the bride, who wasn’t ready. 

“I wonder if Alice is feeling uncomfortable too.” Hugo said more to himself.

“Which brother?” Rose asked, already getting up. She had a very scaring look when she was pregnant and she didn’t think twice to use it with her cousins. 

“James, of course.” Ginny told her, before going to her daughter’s side and gasping. “Oh, darling, you’re so beautiful. I can’t believe my baby girl is getting married.”

“I just said that, but was completely ignored.” Jenny rolled her eyes. 

“Hugo being a baby again?" Roxie laughed with her make up in hands.

After everyone (including Ginny) had a go at making fun of Hugo, Hermione entered the room with Dora and they all began reminiscing Lily's whole life, ever since she was born. And it only stopped when the bride was ready and begging them to stop otherwise she would cry and ruin her make up. Lily sometimes didn't believe how lucky she was.

"Hm-" Suddenly they all heard from the door. Harry was standing there, with his best black gown robes and a yellow lily on his pocket. He stop mid-inspiration when Lily turned around to his voice: she was stunning and Harry had to hold back the tears. 

Ginny smiled before giving her husband a kiss on the cheek. "I guess it's time then. Chop chop, everyone, let's leave your uncle and Lily alone for a moment."

They all left as Harry approached his daughter and easily kissed her forehead - she had never outgrown him, unlike James and Albus (who was proudly 2 inches higher). He took a moment to visit his own memory lane with his daughter, as he hold her hand and sat them down at the sofa near by. 

"Lily- I'm speechless." Harry finally said. 

"I've noticed, dad. You've been staring at me for a whole minute." Lily laughed, her joy clear for the world to see. "Did James calm down?" 

"Yeah, Freddie was just picking on his nerve and you know Dom didn't think twice to help him do so." Harry told her. 

"You would think that after parenthood the two would be more mature." Lily joked while rolling her eyes. 

"I didn't!" Harry giggled. "But one thing James, and Freddie too of course, don't lack is love and worry about you children."

"Barely a child, daddy." Lily pointed out, her smile reveling only on her eyes. 

Harry nodded with a grin. "Although that may be so to the rest of the world, that ain't true for me, honey. You'll always be my baby girl, the one who brightens every room she's in, that girl who liked coming with me to work so she could help me with paperwork, the teen who always acted by her own standards and the woman who pursued her dream. I know you'll be happy and whenever, your home and bedroom will always be there for you." 

"Ow, Daddy!" Lily cried, already the first tear ruining her eye liner as she hugger her father tight. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby girl!"




Evan was now, officially, a Potter-Weasley-etc (although Lily was the one to change to Mrs. Lily Higgs). And he couldn't have been happier. It wasn't an easy job to be apart of such family, but it was surely rewarding most of the time (even Molly and Lysander would admit that to themselves in their insides, alone, at night). 

Lily was dancing widely on the dance floor, along side Rose, Marie and Gwen. Freddie, Albus and Scorpius where on the sidelines, just watching them and realizing how beautiful their wife were, while James, Teddy and Tobias openly made fun of them. Harry and Ginny were slow-dancing and staring at each other as if they weren’t married for Merlin knows how many years. Hermione was at the table scolding Ron for the huge plate he has just made for himself.

Evan was staring at his parents-in-law when he wasn’t admiring his bride. He could only wish to be as in love for Lily after all those years as were Harry and Ginny. Surely they had gone through their up and downs, but they worked everything out, together. 

“Hey!” Luna greeted, sitting next to the groom. She was with a beautiful (and oddly normal) green dress with several pink lilies on her hair, composing her hairdo. Luna had noticed how Evan was pensive and so decided to leave Rolf, Lorcan and Hannah for a moment so she could talk with him. “A knut for your thoughts.”

“Hey there, Luna!” Evan greeted back, offering her an honest smile. “I was just hoping me and Lil be as in love as Harry and Ginny are decades from now.”

“Don’t we all?” The older woman laughed. “I guess the only secret you should learn now is that you should hardly ever give up on each other. The rest, well, that you both will learn as you go, just like the rest of us.”

“Thanks, I think that really helped.” Evan said with a grin, absorbing her last words. 

“And I’m sure Ben already told you that, as an overprotect godfather that man is, but don’t you ever hurt our Lily, do you hear me?” Luna stared at the groom seriously for a few seconds before breaking the frown with a chuckle. “Wow, never thought I would keep that for so long.”

“Yeah, it was a little weird!” Evan laughed. “But, yeah, Ben and most of the men of the family, including Lysander, believe it or not, gave me that talk.”

“Lys? Really?” Luna asked surprised, a warmth going through her heart. “Well, will you excuse me, I’ll go hug my son for no apparent reason.”

Evan smiled at his wife’s godmother before getting up and going to Lily’s side and pulling her away from her friends (who were her family) and placing himself close to her so they could dance. 

“Hi, husband!” Lily giggled after a peck on his lips. 

“Hi, wife!” He returned the joke. “Enjoying the wedding?”

“I am, although I’m pretty excited for later on.” She said with a naughty expression and a blink of an eye, making a rush go through Evan’s body. Lily had always been the on who could turn him on with just one look from her adorable eyes.

“Ok, I’ll forget I’ve ever heard Lily say something like that!” Teddy said behind the newlyweds. “I just wanted to ask my little sister for a dance.”

Evan and Lily exchanged an amused look before he gave her hand to Teddy and kissed her cheek. Vic took the chance and went to dance with Evan as well (Dora, Remus, Nikki and Neal were all outside playing with her parents and Roberta). 

“You know, Teddy,” Lilly began as she rested her head on his chest. “You all will have to get over that. I’m a married woman now. And it’s not as if I never did anyth-“

“Mini Potter, could you just not!” Teddy interrupted. “I prefer to think not.”

“That’s typical!” Lily looked up and rolled her eyes. “But I’ll respect you, because I know you love me.”

“Of course I do.” Teddy told her with a kiss on her forehead. “Now, should I or you be worried that Alfie, Maya and Moses are dangerously close to the cake?”




Harry couldn’t sleep despite how tired he was. It was the middle of the night, the castle was dead silent as he wondered through the halls, getting to know the place he rent for his daughter’s wedding weekend. It had been expensive, but surely it had been worth it. 

Harry stopped at the kids’ room and watched his grandchildren sleep for a moment you two. Alfie slept peacefully at his bed, just like James did - belly down, arms behind him and one leg inside the duvet and the other one out. Maya on the other hand slept all bent, holding her stuffed cow (her favorite animal, Merlin knows why). Moses was there too, his blonde hair like Scorpius covering his eyes as he smiled in his dreams. Terry was sleeping on Freddie’s and Marie’s room while Dora and Nikki had her own room as Neal and Remus did. 

After enjoying watching the kids, Harry decided he could use some warm milk, even though it wasn’t appropriate for May weather. He was pretty surprised (and his heart raced for a bit, although he wasn’t one to admit he had been scared) when he found his children at the kitchen table, all of them with a warm milk glass in hands. 

“Hey, Dad.” Albus greeted, his eyes showing he was tired. “Couldn’t sleep too?”

“Yeah, I didn’t.” Harry confirmed as he poured milk on a glass. “Lily, even you? James, Teddy. If I didn’t know you better I would have thought you planned this.” Harry got his wand and warmed his milk. 

“Lizzie was kicking me.” James explained. “And she taking up the whole bed with her belly.” He laughed. Soon he would be a dad again, so he couldn’t care less that his wife was letting him sleep as long as she did. 

“I’m worried about work.” Teddy admitted, looking weirdly between James and Harry.

“How can you be so like Dad?” Albus joked, opening a space between him and James so Harry could put a chair and sit with them. “What’s wrong in the Auror World?”

“Nothing you should worry about.” Teddy told him, exchanging a glance with Harry. 

“Now you did that on purpose.” James accused him. “Teddy will be the next Harry Potter of dodging questions. Come on, we’re not children, tell us.”

“Yeah,” Lily agreed. “I hate it when you don’t tell us things.”

“Fine.” Harry sighed.

“Dad, no!” Teddy begged. “It won’t bring any good now.”

‘It’s about them so we should as well tell.” Harry reasoned, only increasing the others’ curiosity. 

“About us?” Albus inquired. “Ok, now you have to tell us.”

Teddy rolled his eyes and sighed. “It’s about James’s injury.” 

“WHAT?” The three Potter yelled. “How in the world is my injury an investigation subject at the Auror Office?” James continued, his heart racing, cold sweet rolling down his forehead. 

Harry turned around to face his oldest son. His eyes showed panic and Harry began to regret ever saying anything. Teddy had been right, Ginny had already freaked out enough. “Well, it may not have been an accident.”   


A/N: Hiii, long time no see, hah? Well, I've been working on this chapter for what feels an eternity! And it didn't help that I haven't had proper time to write since basically March!! So much has happen and all I can say is that this had definitely not been my year. I hope you can forgive me, but I haven't fogetten BA and it will be completed! Luckily, there's only 5 chapter to be writen. 

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