They arrived in the Burrows front garden, it was just like Hermione remembered it from her days there during the Hogwarts holidays. Lights shone from the windows and smoked furled out of the chimney, voices could be heard as they walked towards the house.

They knocked on the front door, Hermione glancing at Draco anxiously.

“It’ll be fine love, you’ll see.” He grinned.

The door swung open,

“HERMIONE! My goodness you haven’t aged a day! You look wonderful! How are you? Are you eating enough?” Mrs Weasley’s burst of questions had Hermione relaxing instantly, things hadn’t changed at all.

“Hi Mrs Weasley.” She smiled.

“Oh dear its Molly.” She responded, glancing at Draco and Bella for the first time.

“Draco, lovely to see you again.” She smiled,

“You too Molly, I don’t believe you’ve met our daughter? Isabella this is Mrs Weasley, she’s a good friend of your mothers.” He told his daughter.

“Hi Mrs Weasley” She smiled shyly at the older woman. Hermione meanwhile was staring dumfounded between Draco and Molly.

“Come in dears come in. Bella let me take you to the play room. You can play with James.” Mrs Weasley took Bella by the hand leaving a dumbstruck Hermione following with Draco.

“What was that?!” She turned and whispered to Draco.

“What was what.” He answered playfully. Before Hermione could retort a great shout erupted from the middle of the Kitchen.




Before she could draw breath Hermione was enveloped in a twin sandwich, Fred and George smothered her with hugs. Oh yeah, during the war it was widely believed that Fred had been killed and in fact his family believed it themselves and it was only with Hermione’s great knowledge and a team of St Mungos Healers that they realised that he had been hit with a very bad curse. Six months in intensive care, a few well performed spells by Hermione later, and he was right back to his former joking self, George however, still lost an ear.

“Fred! George! Its so great to see you guys! How is the business? What have you been up to?!” She squealed, happy to see two of her oldest friends.

“Business has been...”

“Wonderful. We’ve expanded into Europe,”

“And we’ve just been awarded the first prize for best original design in our new wonder witch and wizard products.”

“Which we know you have been a fan of in the past.” They winked at her.

“Oh please that was like 7 years ago.” She laughed.

“And I’d like you to meet someone.” George said, taking Hermione’s arm and dragging her into the living room where she was immediately attacked by two very small people.


“Hermione, I’d like you to meet the newest and most adorable even if I do say so myself Weasley’s” George said.

“You have children?!” Hermione turned to stare at George in shock before crouching down and hugging the little boy and little girl that were now babbling away to her.

“Yep, meet Remus and Amelia.” He said proudly.

Hermione immediately picked up on the name choices, “You named him after Lupin? She whispered.

“Yeah and Tonks told me whilst she was pregnant with Teddy that if he turned out to be a girl that she liked the name Amelia, I thought since they didn’t get the chance to have a daughter then this was my way to honour them.” He shrugged.

“Who are you and what have you done with George Weasley” She laughed, and the slightly sad atmosphere that appeared disappeared.

“Oh don’t say that Mione, I’ve only just stopped him from switching out my shampoo for toothpaste.” A tall dark haired girl said as she came into the room.

“Angelina!” Hermione cried, hugging the girl. “It’s so great to see you.”

Mrs Weasley called them through for dinner and soon the entire Weasley family, minus Ron was enjoying yet another marvellous three course dinner. Draco sat across from Hermione with Bella next to him giving Hermione the chance to catch up properly with her old family, every so often she would catch him watching her and a she couldn’t help the little grin that escaped her each time.

Hermione loved catching up with everyone, Arthur couldn’t stop quizzing her about American muggles and if they were the same as the muggles here, a heavily pregnant Fleur was telling her about her latest fashion range that she had brought out for children and how she wanted to send Bella some clothes.

Soon the children grew tired so they were put to bed in the den next to the living room whilst the adults continued to chat in the kitchen. Draco was telling them how he tried to teach Bella to ride a bike yesterday morning and to show her that it was easy he tried to ride on an adult one but ended up falling over and riding into a bush. They were all laughing so much that none of them heard the door to the kitchen open nor did they notice the figure watching them from the shadows.


Ronald Weasley was feeling lost. He couldn’t believe that Hermione, his Hermione was back in the country. Yet she wasn’t his Hermione any more was she? No that Malfoy had poisoned her against him, and as for their child, well he would make a much better father figure to her than that monster ever could. Yes, he had to make Hermione see that. But how to do it? A big part of him wanted to take drastic action but what? If only he could get to the child, and convince her that he was right for her mummy and if Hermione really loved her daughter she would listen to her and they could be one big happy family.

When he arrived at his mother and fathers house it was to apologise to his mother for his actions, perhaps if he buttered her up enough he could convince her to get Hermione to meet him?

What he did not expect was to see his entire family sitting round the kitchen table all listening to Draco Malfoy of all people telling a story. Abruptly he was furious, so furious he was shaking. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the kids sleeping in the next room. Silently he made his way next door.



“So Hermione says I’m not allowed to ride a bike anymore, and that Bella doesn’t need to learn to ride just yet.” He finished laughing.

“Would anyone like some more pudding?” Mrs Weasley asked, “Harry you’re still looking thin eat some more, you too Draco you must be hungry with all the hard work you do.”

“No thanks Molly.” Harry said standing up, “I’m just going to go check on the kids.” He left the room.

“Oh Molly I couldn’t possibly I’m stuffed after that delicious dinner.” Draco said, “Let me help clean up though.” He waved his wand and all the dishes landed by the sink where one by one they started to wash themselves.

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE.” Harry’s voice exploded throughout the house. At once the adults leapt to their feet and ran into the den.

Hermione stopped dead, her blood ran cold. There stood Ronald Weasley and in his arms was none other than her daughter.

Well I’m back! After far too long an absence, I really have no excuse other than life got in the way and uni took over and honestly I fell out with writing but I’m trying to get back into it. Anyway If I still have any readers out there, I would love a review if you think I should continue with the story. Thanks. :) 

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