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My palms were sweaty. I did not know how to approach this situation. My stomach felt tight. But I felt like something needed to be said and I knew I could not depend on Addie to say anything. This was up to me, I decided.

Rose Weasley had returned to school early. She was standing at the end of the hallway I was walking down chatting with Scorpius Malfoy. The closer I got the more my stomach churned. Why did they let her out of the hospital so early? There is no way she was strong enough to be back here. How was I going to respond when she started yelling at me? What was I going to do when I came face to face with a sick, fragile looking Rose Weasley?

As I approached her, I noticed that she looked… wait… she looked amazing?

Her lightly freckled skin looked sun kissed. She had added highlights and lowlights to her hair so it now had an edgy auburn to blonde ombre look to it. The strands fell down her back in perfect sleek waves. She was leaning toward Scorpius and smiling up at him.

"Let's sneak out tonight, Score," I heard her saying as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

Scorpius Malfoy ran a pale hand through his platinum blonde hair. His piercing grey eyes looked down at Rose and he took a deep breath. "Do you really think that's a good idea? You just got back. You have injuries. And, Rose, your dad is still iffy about me. If he finds out…"

Rose waved him off. "Let's not get caught," Rose declared leaning even closer to Scorpius. She batted her eyelashes and twirled her hair around a finger.

Scorpius briefly looked down at her lips and then stared at the floor for a long period of time. "Fine, but umm, I have to invite Charlotte," he said while looking everywhere but at Rose.

Charlotte Avery, or Charlie, was Scorpius's girlfriend for two years now, and he was only in Fifth Year. The rumor was that Scorpius's mother and Charlie's mother had arranged for them to marry when they were babies.

"I mean, I know about her dad," Scorpius continued. "But, I promise she would never be involved…"

Rose narrowed her eyes for a brief moment before plastering on, what I assume was, a fake smile. "Of course. Why wouldn't you invite Avery?" she asked.

Scorpius nodded and then turned his head toward me. He jumped a little when he saw me. "Cass," he greeted me slowly while nodding his head.

Rose's head whipped around. She groaned when she spotted me and I prepared myself to be yelled at. "Ugh, Cassie, are you going to give us detention?" she moaned. "Technically, we didn't sneak out! You have no idea whether or not we are actually going to do it."

My mouth dropped a little. "I'm not going to give you detention," I stated slowly.

She grinned widely at me. "Good, I owe you," she said before she started strutting away from me and waving goodbye to Scorpius.

Scorpius walked the opposite way as I followed Rose. "You owe me?" I asked incredulously as I jogged to catch up to her. "You don't hate me?"

She looked at me like I was mental.

"Why would I hate you?" she asked looking genuinely confused.

"Well… my father… I mean… he…" I stuttered.

Rose's dark blue eyes went wide as the words spilled out of my mouth. She stopped walking. "Oh, that! Right, well, it's not your fault," she assured me while giving me a nervous laugh.

"No, but I still feel…" I started to say.

"Oi, Roxy!" Rose yelled down the hall to her cousin. "Look, I really have to go," she told me speaking a mile a minute. "I'm really feeling fine, yea. Don't blame yourself," she advised me. "Charlie, sure doesn't," she added while flicking her hair and running down the hall to where Roxanne Weasley was standing.

I frowned. What just happened?


This may seem shocking but walking in a cold, ancient, and magical castle at night by myself was scary as shit. It was dark and eerily quiet. Every creek and phantom motion put me on edge. But of course this was much better than patrolling with McLaggen. I mean, why would I want to spend my night arguing with a conceited troll when I could take a stroll around the castle by myself?

As I made my way around the last corner of the 4th floor, I heard muted sounds coming from one of the closets. I rolled my eyes. Another couple that forgot to use Silencio.

I pulled the doorknob quickly hoping to get the awkwardness done and over with. I froze and my mouth dropped.

Ollie's green eyes were staring intently down at a girl who had her back to me. Ollie's shirt was open and I could hear him breathing hard. The only thing covering the girl's bare back was her light blonde hair. In the dark, I could make out just the slightest taint of blue strands in her hair.

Dom Weasley.

Ollie's eyes got wide when he saw me. "Oh shit!" he yelled. He moved quickly and peeled off his shirt and covered Dom.

I heard Dom gasp as she realized what was happening. She hugged Ollie's shirt around her and moved to hide behind him.

Ollie cleared his throat. "Uh, sorry, we'll leave if you give us a moment. And we get it if you have to give us detention but…"

"It's fine," I quickly responded finally finding my voice. "I'll just take 10 points off Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Don't worry about detention just leave."

Ollie nodded back appreciatively. "Thank you."

I shut the door to the closet and kept patrolling. I don't know why I went easy on them. Usually, I gave people hooking up 2 weeks worth of detention. But, when Prefects give detentions, we have to make a record of the reason for the detention. There was something oddly private about the moment I walked in on. They weren't sloppily sticking their tongues down each other's throats. It seemed more serious than that. Like somehow more groundbreaking than a late night snog. And Dom and I were cousins. That counted for something, I guess.

"Only one more floor," I muttered to myself and shook my head to clear it. I walked down to the third floor feeling a new wave of boredom wash over me. Dom and Ollie were the 3rd couple I caught that night which actually made for a slow night. It was at least a good distraction from the creepiness of the castle. I dragged my hand against the rugged, stone walls as I patrolled the last floor for the night.

As I was yawning, I heard a loud crash and a scream.

"Let me go!" I heard a girl's voice scream. Shit. I froze for a moment. Of course, this had to happen when I'm on patrol alone. Nothing serious ever happened when you patrolled with a huge git but when you're by yourself…

I heard a deep, throaty laugh. "Watcha gonna do blood traitor?"

"Yea, there's no one here to save you!" another deep voice responded.

Shit. I knew those voices. Without thinking, I broke out into a sprint toward the sounds. I gasped, as I turned down a hallway and saw the scene. A small girl with long, straight red hair was suspended in the air while two idiots, Lance Goyle and Alex Flint, threw painful hexes at her. They were laughing as she squirmed and shrieked with each spell.

I pulled out my wand and released the girl I recognized as Lily Potter from her invisible binds and gently levitated her to the ground.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Nott?" Flint spat showing off his crooked teeth.

I looked over at Lily who was breathing heavily. I could see the fear and anger etched across her freckled face. Her shoulders were squared as if she was preparing for a fight. I turned back to Goyle and Flint who looked ready to pounce at any second. "Lily," I said slowly not taking my eyes off of Goyle and Flint. "I need you to run and I need you to run, right now."

"But…" I heard Lily start to protest.

Flint took that as his cue to send a hex her way. I quickly threw up a shield charm to block it.

"NOW, LILY!" I yelled as I sent a stinging hex to Goyle. He quickly blocked it but it was enough of a distraction for Lily to run away.

"Now boys," I said smiling sweetly at them with my wand hand raised, "two mates against one small girl? This doesn't seem fair."

"We don't play fair with filthy blood traitors like…," Goyle started to spit at me.

Before he could finish, I was moving my wand. "STUPEFY!" Goyle's entire body immediately froze and he fell backwards with a loud thump.

Unfortunately, Flint was more prepared. "INCENDIO!" he yelled.

"PROTEGO!" His spell bounced off my shield. "PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!"

He quickly ducked and the spell just missed his arm. "BOMBARDA" he bellowed from the floor.

I dived but the spell still caused a small explosion and burnt the left side of my cheek. I momentarily bit down hard on my lower lip in an effort to ignore the pain of the burn. "EXPELLIARMUS!" I yelled from the floor ignoring the taste of blood in my mouth. His wand flew toward me and I caught it while standing up.

He looked up at me with wide eyes and cowered. I rolled my eyes. "Run away," I commanded flatly. He started crawling away quickly and then got up and sprinted toward the dungeons.

I groaned as I touched the burn on my cheek.

I dropped Flint's wand on the floor and dragged my feet toward my dorm.


A/N: I took a stab at an (short) action scene! Anddd I introduced two of my favorite fanfiction characters – Scorpius and Rose! Let me know your thoughts.

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