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When I was little I used to hold my breath, counting the seconds in which it would take for my eyes to glaze for my heart to race and for my hand to impulsively fall back to my side.




I once read that no matter how hard you tried you could never suffocate yourself. The mortal instinct to live would kick in too early for your life to come to end. In this moment I wished nothing more for that truth to be wrong. Because death, sounded a lot more appealing than a friendly conversation with Fred Weasley.


In the days that followed my first, eventful night at Hogwarts. Fred Weasley and his group of morons have tortured me in the most excruciating of ways:




1. They think it is acceptable to talk to me before 9:00 in the morning. Morons I tell you.


2. Fred Weasley cannot get it into his thick brain that I do not like to be touched.


3. James Potter needs to mind his own business.




I tolerated it at first. Fred apologised at least 500 times before I finally, begrudgingly, forgave him. Trying to embrace this whole 'new Poppy' shit and all. But then James Potter stuck his infuriatingly attractive face in my business, so I punched him in the throat. Thus sending me right back where I started. Friendless, moody and unwilling to even think about changing.


'New' Poppy could go to hell for all I care. And this is how I ended up 5 days later hiding from Fred Weasley in a broom closet




When did my life get this low.


"Poppy! Poppy!" 




I grumbled shuffling in my uncomfortable position; squeezed in between an abnormally large barrel and cleaning products. Which were worryingly emitting strange fumes that made my gaze go fuzzy.




"Poppy!" Fred called one last time before I heard footsteps patter back down the hall.


You could say I was taking this whole ignoring thing a bit too far. But in my defence Fred is cheerful and annoying. I was only doing what's right to protect him from my fist. After counting to three to be completely sure, I managed to squeeze myself out of the crammed closet spluttering as I fell out landing flat on my ass. Great. Searing white hot pain coursed its way through my tailbone a grunt of pain leaving my mouth. This being met by an amused chuckle. My eyes cracked open slightly, meeting two blue eyes staring down at me intently, looking far too amused for my liking.


"Helping me up would be the polite thing to do. Or are you just here to stare." I snapped glaring at the blonde. Dominique chuckled in amusement holding out her hand. "Polite doesn't sound right on your tongue Poppy." She smirked as I dusted myself off.


"I'm in awe, never have I seen anyone quite so desperate to escape Freddie." Dominique said a mischievous glint in her kind eyes. "That's a surprise, considering how fricking annoying he is." I replied sharply, heading off into the opposite direction Fred went. "I have no idea how the hell you put up with, Dominique."


"Please stop calling me that." Dominique groaned catching me up in two quick strides.




The girl was to tall to be fair. It was just plain mean for the universe to give her the height and looks of a supermodel. Meanwhile I was gifted with the height of a 8 year old hobbit and looked like a potato next to Dominique.


"I call you what I want to." I retorted smirking slightly as she huffed, by no means seeming to slow down or have any intention of leaving my side.




"What are you doing?" I asked in expiration eyeing her warily. "Walking. It's very rare you probably have never heard of it." She giggled flicking her blonde locks over her shoulder. I rolled my eyes in irritation. "I mean why are you following me?" I growled not appreciating her sarcasm. 


"I was just thinking of heading to the library, it's merely a coincidence that's where you're going too." She smiled evilly the glint from before still present. I gave her my most pointed stare watching in entertainment as she squirmed slightly. "Are you sure about that?" I asked, bemused at her incapability to lie. Her cheeks flushed as she squeaked a reply unable to hold my stare.


"Of course why else?" She asked.


I rolled my eyes not giving her an answer as I shouldered open the library door, adjusting the strap of my bag further up my shoulder. I gave the librarian a quick nod before heading over to a secluded section in the back of the library. Which had become my second home in the time I had spent at Hogwarts. Dominique trailing after me like a lost puppy.




Her face was tomato red and her mouth kept opening and closing like a goldfish,  by the time we had sat down at a table by the windows. I chose to ignore her idiotic expression, instead I began to read my history book profoundly. Trying my hardest to not acknowledge her existence. 


It took precisely 42 seconds for Dominique to crack.


"So... You never told me which part of America you're from?" She mumbled looking slightly lost for words.




"The northern part." I replied dryly resisting the smirk that was quickly spreading across my features at her acidic look. "We both know what I mean." 






I chuckled lightly setting down my book and leaning back in my chair stretching my arms out. "Well if you must know. New York City," This was met with far too much enthusiasm for my liking.


"That must of been an amazing place to grow up in. I've always wanted to go, it just looks so beautiful in all those Muggle Movies." She smiled the smile a little to forced. She was up too something here. I cocked my head to the side slowly raising an eyebrow as an intimidation tactic. It was working as her eyes nervously darted to anywhere but my face.




"So are your family still-"


I cut off her next question with a death stare pressing my finger to my lips to indicate my need for silence. "Let's cut too the chase. Why are you here?" I asked waving my hand in a unimpressed flourish in her general direction.


"I told you I just needed to come to the library." She mumbled biting down on her perfectly manicured nails ravenously. I pulled a face but continued my interrogation leaning forward and resting both arms on the table.


"Now,  could believe you. But sadly enough I don't, you're a terrible liar and in the brief time we've been here you haven't expressed any interest in any books or homework. So why don't you answer my question?" Wow, I sound like a detective or something. I should make a wiz-show and it can be called 'Poppy King solving mystery, one donut at a time'. Ok that's a shit idea, moving on swiftly...


She was about to crack. With one more word I was positive she would physically combust. My lips parted ready for speech. However she beat me to the chase- her shoulders sinking in relief as she finally got it out of her system. "I wanted to invite you to a party." My ears instantly perked up in interest cocking an eyebrow I gave her a nod to go on.


"I know we haven't exactly got off to the best of starts. But from the brief time I've gotten to know you, you seem really cool and I don't exactly trust people very easily so the fact that I'm sharing this all with you definitely means I trust you. I think you should just give us all another try you never know we might actually not be that bad. And to be honest what's the harm in trying we both know you, you have no problem expressing what's on your mind so... yeah." 


I blinked a couple of times. Trying to process the information she practically just vomited onto me. Merlin the girl talks a lot I don't think she even breathed once in that whole speech.




"I'm confused. You want me of all people to go to a party. Why?" Her face was a picture her mouth hanging open and her eyes widening furiously."Did you not just hear anything I said?!" She practically screamed receiving menacing glares from all directions. I couldn't resist the sadistic smile that was pulling at the corners of my mouth. 


"Yes I did. I just thought it be funny to annoy you." I chuckled. She rolled her eyes sighing heavily. "I don't even know why I bothered." She muttered shooting me an acidic glare, but not getting up to leave. I looked at her expectantly.


 "Is there something you still want?" I questioned cocking an eyebrow and setting her with an excruciating gaze. This time she didn't even flinch staring me dead in the eye. I swear this girl changes mood at the speed of light.


 "You still haven't given me an answer." She told me bluntly. I can't lie, her coldness took me by surprise. I had now gotten used to the kind, bubbly girl I had known in the span of the last couple of days. This was not that girl.


I pursed my lips almost mentally slapping myself for even considering the option of going to this damn party. "No." I replied hastily packing away my things and marching out of the library at full speed.


I have said it before and I'll say it again these Hoggy-Warty people are fucking persistent. Dominique had grabbed my hand before I could even reach the end of the hallway. "What the hell are you so afraid of!?" She questioned raising her voice but not too much as to damage my ear drums. I blinked in surprise at the concern and vicious curiosity plastered on her face. For the first time in my life I was actually lost for words.




"You make yourself out as this heartless girl who doesn't give two fucks about anybody or what they think. And yet your too scared to go to a bloody party?" She asked in disbelief a frown pulling at her perfectly shaped eyebrows.


I was frowning myself now. Not because I was actually angry but more so because I couldn't believe she actually had the guts to say that to me. No one ever dared comment on anything about my behaviour and antisocial habits. Ever. Well at least not to my face. I almost felt a sense of new found respect for her.


"Listen. I'm not- I'm not very used to this whole 'friends' thing. I just have a hard time trusting people." I said, feeling slightly vulnerable as I let her know this information.






The anger on Dominique's face quickly melted away. "Poppy, I'm not asking you to sign a bloody contract to be my best friend or anything. It's just a party invitation." She laughed lightly.


My shoulders sank in relief. The tension between us quickly dissipating.


I smiled still unsure eyeing her wearily. "If you don't have fun at the party, I swear you don't even have to give me the time of day again. Just try it out." She smiled kindly giving me a nod of accomplishment. And then walking back down the corridor towards Gryffindor Tower. I stared after her, weighing out my options. It was just a party? It didn't mean anything. It wasn't like after this there was no turning back. Like she said if I didn't enjoy myself, I didn't have to ever talk to any of them again. So there wasn't any harm... Really?




"Dominique! Wait... I'll go." I cried.  Awkwardly adjusting the strap of my bag and giving her a half smile.


She grinned waiting as I caught up with her.


"I'm glad you decided to come." She chuckled slightly unsure herself. "And Merlin please stop calling me Dominique." She grinned, blowing a strand of hair out of her face in annoyance.


I grinned easily. "No can do Dominique." She groaned in frustration but smiled slightly. There was a pause of awkward silence. "So whose party is it?" I questioned, watching as her face went pink, in suspicion. "Dominique?" I asked again warning slipping into my tone. She looked away her lips sealed shut and her cheeks red.


"Promise not to freak out..." She asked quietly I nodded knowing full well I would probably break that promise.




-"Its James' Birthday Party."




I think the whole of Hogwarts heard my next screeches of complaint.


Oh hell to the no...




A/N: HELLO!! I'm back and I'd just like to say a huge thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read my crappy story over the last couple of months. I was so happy to see I got 1000 reads!!!! Anyway here's another chappie and I'm quite pleased with it, there should be another one coming in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled.


disclaimer: Everything you recognise belongs to JoJo, apart from Poppy unfortunately she belongs to me!

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