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A/N: This is a non-magical AU. Basically this whole story is based off of a song that I absolutely ADORE called Little Wanderer, by Death Cab for Cutie. It’s not completely based on that, but quite a bit. I will occasionally use lyrics from other songs in the story (because I’m hopeless at writing songs). When lyrics aren’t mine I will credit in the Author’s Note, and when they are mine I will specify that they are. The title of the story is obviously from Death Cab for Cutie’s song Enjoy!


Isn't Milominderbinder @ TDA amazingly talented?





Albus offered to let me come with him, but I told him ‘no’. I won’t get to be the world’s best criminal law attorney if I don’t go farther then year eleven and do my final final exams and go to college and uni. Albus has never been concerned about anything school wise. He was always complaining and complaining, as soon as I’m done year eleven I’m gone from this shitty town. Everything is too unexciting for Albus, and he used to always talk about his big plans for the future. In our region, he was famous. In the world, he was unknown. Not anymore. 


Cold wind and raindrops hit my face as I stare out at the foggy road ahead of us.   The beat up old van is Albus’s Dad’s. The band won’t be getting their tour bus until they get to their first destination, Tokyo. I don’t even know why I’m coming to the airport to see Albus off, I’ll just be the weird blonde kid who awkwardly hugs his boyfriend, and then I’ll cry and everyone will wonder why because no one in the world knows that Albus is gay except a select few people. Who’s that? They’ll ask themselves. I’m not excited for any of it. Not Albus leaving, not me staying, not everyone crowding around us asking for Albus’s autograph. He is hot, I’ll give all of those psycho fangirls that. 


This highway is so lonely, and I take to staring at the double yellow lines that lead us forward, closer and closer to London. Closer and closer to Albus leaving. Here’s something important, and I’ll say this many times again: This is the worst day of my entire life. Worse then the time I failed exams because I was up all night helping Albus with a new song, worse then when I broke my tibia and had to spend nearly a whole month in the hospital, worse then when I got sea sickness on a crossing to America. Worse, worse, worse. Anything you can think of, this will still be worse. 


“And we arrive to the big city.” Jupiter, the drummer, says excitedly in his deep moody voice. London and its large buildings and bustling life start to come into view, though we haven’t quite reached the busy part. We start to zoom through townhouses as we get closer and closer to the city centre. The reds and blues and whites of houses merge with the green of trees and bushes and the grey of the sky. I watch it go by quickly, as I come to dread the moments that are coming towards me faster then a Ferrari. 


“Hey,” Albus nudges me. “What are you thinking about.”


“How much I’m going to miss you.” I answer, turning away from the chilly air and stroking his fair and beautiful face. 


“You can still come,” he reminds me, giving a face that is meant to convince me, and leaning in close to me. 


“I’m already signed up for the fall semester at Blishermand”


“Screw that school, come with me Scorpy.” I sigh. I don’t even count the times anymore. We go through this every other day. Albus always seems to have trouble understanding that we have separate dreams. I want to be there for him, I really do, but I want to be an attorney more then I want to stand around pretending that I’m the strange groupie best friend, and resisting the urge to kiss Albus whenever he comes off stage. His record company is adamant that his sexuality stays under the radar until there is an opportunity for publicity, or some other rubbish. They fear sales will plummet and girls will be left with no more tissues to wipe their tears, I suppose. But it’s still so bloody annoying.


“Albus,” I start, but he promptly cuts me off. 


“I know, I know. You want to finish school, go to Uni, get your job at your fancy firm, find a nice house, and have kids. That’s the plan. Can you please screw the plan?”


“If it helps, I want the house and kids with you.” Albus sits back, seeming to contemplate how good or bad what I’ve just told him is.


“It helps a little.” Albus says, puffing in annoyance. “Fine. I support you, you have my blessing. But at least give me a kiss before I leave for six whole months.”


“What about the—”


“Here, silly boy.” 


“Oh, of course. Before we get into busy London?”


“Yes, because unfortunately my Dad’s beat up red Honda van doesn’t exactly have tinted windows.”


I give no warning. I lean in and put my hand on the back of Albus’s neck as I lean down a little to give him his goodbye kiss. His lips are soft and addictive as usual. He tastes like peppermint lip chap, and it’s now that I realize I probably taste like breakfast burrito with guacamole. Albus hates guacamole. He doesn’t really seem to notice however, as he happily kisses back, and I feel him smile against my lips. 


“Get a room!” Jackie, another one of Albus’s bandmates cries, then she laughs. She always pretends to be annoyed with us, but I know that she’s the joker of the band. 


“You guys are gonna wanna stop that kiss now, we’re getting close to Heathrow.” Jupiter alerts us. Albus pulls away quickly, but it’s written all over his face that he does it reluctantly. He touches my face lightly, and then slowly pulls his hand away when it becomes too busy. 


“We’re famous yet we still have to pay parking.” Grunts Jupiter as we enter the airport’s parking area. 


“That’s because robots don’t know what feelings are, so they hurt them willingly.” Richard (yet another bandmate) hums. 


“Exactly. But please stop using lyrics from our songs.” 


Jupiter starts scatting the song’s sound. Then Albus bursts out into song, nearly shouting the lyrics to a song Jackie wrote (usually Albus writes them, so he tends to like the ones he doesn’t). 


“And now the world’s been taken by robots, who don’t understand feeling. They willingly crush us in an iron grip, now we’re screaming and running away.” This is my least favourite song by the band. But I won’t let Albus know it because he adores this song. I think he’s a lot more creative and poetic with song lyrics. This one is fast, with a quick beat and quite a bit of bass. Eventually Albus nudges me again, and the whole band stops singing and making beats. They turn to look at me. Silence.


“RO-HO-HO-BOTS. AIN’T GOT NO HEART!” I cry, and the band goes back to singing, as I join in where I can. 


When the song is over, we all cheer for ourselves. “Groupies and indie rockers, we are The Deathly Hallows. Out!” Jupiter exclaims. By this time, he’s managed to find a parking spot, and we all jump out of the car. 


“Where is all the crap you guys need to actually have a legitimate concert?” I ask Richard.


“In Tokyo, it goes on a private jet. We have our instruments though, except Jupiter. I mean, who wants to have a drum set on their plane? And who wants to lug around a drum set anyways?” He answers.


“So they can get your equipment a private jet, but not you?” I ask, dumbfounded that an incredibly famous band like them wouldn’t get a nice fancy jet with black leather seats and champagne.


“They can, but Mandy says it’s good for the paparazzi to see us in an airport, and for a bunch of screaming girls to see us and for more people to find out that we’re doing a world tour.” 


“I’m starting to think that Mandy’s a little psycho.”  


“She is. Sometimes more then the teenaged girls. Maybe if we were signed to a different record label then you and Albus could—”


“Richard, shut the hell up about that. We’re in a public place.” Jackie cuts him off. 


The band starts rolling their suitcases of clothing for when they’re not performing, and I follow, putting my hands in my jean pockets to protect them from the freezing April rainy day air. I always find show biz interesting. Though “The Deathly Hallows” basically wear the same style clothing on stage as they do in real life, they can’t wear their every day clothes. There are a bunch of clothes (that are exactly the same style) in the dressing rooms of all their concerts. Most of the band members have two suitcases, but Jupiter (who actually knows the best way to pack is rolling your clothes, and vacuum compression, and all that), only has one. I carry Albus’s guitar, but he takes it from me when we get to the doors. Their manager, Mandy, says it is always about the image. 


People start to recognize Jackie, Richard, Albus, and Jupiter the second we step into the airport. An old man asks Jupiter for his autograph, saying that his granddaughter absolutely adores “us” (clearly he doesn’t know that I’m not a part of the band). About fifteen teenage girls ask them all for their autographs, and that’s only in the elevator. A young boy, who looks about fifteen as well, asks Richard for his autograph, claiming it is for his sister. 


I only have a messenger bag with me, and people don’t really seem to notice the fact that I’m with the band, or that Albus keeps glancing over to make sure that I’m okay. 


I wait for them outside the lines for check in, and I notice that quite a few more people ask for their autographs. Even the lady that they check in with (who seems quite young, about twenty), gets very excited. 


Albus turns, and to the normal onlooker he’d appear to be smiling at his fans, but I know. He’s smiling at me. He did this when they went to do their European tour, but that wasn’t nearly as long as this one will be. Just a concert in a few major European cities. I’m pretty sure it was London, Oslo, Dublin, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Florence, Athens, Moscow, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Stockholm, Helsinki, and a few other places. They’d never really done an actual tour before that. 


The band formed when it was kind of just Albus joking around and playing with music. It was him, and a few other guys from our school. The guys kind of ditched him after a while. Then Albus started going to music camps and programs. That’s where he met Jupiter, who lived three towns away, but since the towns around us are all so small, they were able to meet every weekend. They recorded in the Potters’ garage and sold tracks on burned CDs. The duo soon expanded when they met Jackie and Richard at a music camp they had decided to attend together. 


By the time Albus turned sixteen in the first month of the year, they had their European tour after getting picked up by a record company a few months earlier and gaining interest and popularity all over Europe extremely quickly. They went fast, fast, fast, and they’re still going just as fast. We were thirteen when Albus started The Farting Squirrels (I tried to talk him out of that band name, I swear). He met Jupiter at fourteen and they had their duo for about three months when they met Jackie and Richard. Albus and I were fifteen when they got picked up by their record company. Sixteen and Albus was on his European tour. And now at seventeen, I’m still really not used to the fact that he’s famous. 


When they finally come back to me, we all start heading to security, and I hear the whispers start. 


“Who the hell is that?”


“Have you ever seen that kid before?”


“Is he a new band member? I didn’t hear about that.” 


As usual, I try to ignore it, and Albus keeps checking on me, asking questions with his eyes. “I’m fine,” I mouth. 


You have no idea how much self-control it’s taking for me to not hold your hand right now.” He mouths back. 


Ditto, I miss you already. What do you think Mandy would do if I gave you one little kiss?”


“She’d probably throw me off a bridge.”


By now we’ve perfected the art of mouthing, and we can have a bunch of silent conversations. We’ve been doing the same thing since we were in year nine. 


“I think It’d be a bad idea to kiss you then…”


“Unfortunately, I’d agree. Go to the bathroom.”


“What, why?” 


“You’ll see.”


“Okay.” I shrug, a little confused. I turn away from them, and start making my way to the closest mens. It’s actually not far away, just insight of where I was standing. 


“Hey guys, I have to go to the bathroom.” I hear Albus tell the bandmates as I walk away. 


“Yeah sure, we’ll wait for you at the gate.” Jackie smiles, taking his suitcase for him. 


By now, I’ve slipped into the surprisingly empty bathroom. It’s an ugly colour of orange, with green tiles that I’m sure are supposed to be “decorative”, but are actually really ugly. I wait patiently for a few minutes, and then Albus slides in, locking the door behind him and giving me an evil genius smile. I’m pretty damn sure that airport employees can unlock the doors, but right now I don’t really care. 


Albus jumps up, pressing his lips to mine hungrily. He tastes good, mint toothpaste, green tea, and cherry bubble gum. It’s a weird combo, but I love it because it’s Albus. Just pure, pure Albus. I kiss back just as hard, tugging at his hair and running my tongue over his soft lips. He moans a little and I follow suit, groaning as he bites on my lips. It’s a nice kind of pain, the kind that makes you feel so incredibly loved. Albus moves us, pushing me against the ugly orange stalls and kissing slowly everywhere from my lips to my neck. He nips quickly at my neck, and my eyelids flicker with pleasure. I let out a loud breath, and cling to Albus as if my life depends on it. And with one last deep kiss, it’s over. Albus smiles, and he entwines our fingers together, squeezing my hand and kissing me on the cheek. Soon, instead of holding my hand he tugs me by the shirt, bring me closer. He looks up the inch of difference between us, and whispers, so quietly I can barely even here. “I love you, Scorpius Malfoy.”


He leaves, and all the sensations and feelings I have drop to the pit of my stomach. I count to thirty as I fix my hair, and then I leave the bathroom, meeting Albus at the start of the security line. 


“I’ll miss you.” Albus says to me, giving me a bro hug and searching my eyes, using his own to tell me that he wants to hug me tight and kiss me into oblivion. Even though he’s basically already done the last one. “Thanks for being my best friend through this life.” He adds, a little loudly so that people will be “informed” of who the hell I am, and not make their own silly rumours which are often actually true. 


“I love you.” He lowers his voice to the smallest of murmurs again, and for once the whispers of the people around us wondering who I am seem to fade as I enjoy this one last second with Albus.


And then he’s gone, walking to the security entrance slowly, waving and smiling. I try so hard not to cry, but it has always been difficult. How long will this last, this secrecy? Until he comes back? Until we move in together? Until we’re engaged, or married, or starting a family? There’s nothing more annoying then not being able to show everyone how much I love that green eyed rockstar.


My phone vibrates in my pocket, and I take it out, just now noticing that my fingers are shaking violently.



Albus (3)


Missing you already.

It’s still not to late for me to sneak you in my carry on :)

I don’t want to be away from u, u mean everything to me. 


I watch as the dots that indicate typing appear on the screen. He seems to be writing a long message this time.


. . .


I love u so so much bby, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please change your mind and come with me! PLEAAAAAAASE! I’ll miss you too much! Do u want me to die of pining? It can happen u know. Please just ditch stupid school, and come travel the world with your man.


. . .


Can’t u take online courses? 



No, not the ones I need to take. Also, stop using popular girl text words.


No, bae. Why do u want to be an attorney so much anyway?



Seriously stop. 

Because Albie, it’s my dream. You’re following yours, I want to follow mine. 



Does your dream take you all over the world?



Again, your dream. And I hate flying. 



Then… We’ll boat. Or drive. Or walk. Or ride horses. PLEASE COME WITH ME! 

Oh, gotta go, boarding just started. 



Love you.



Love you too, you big nerd.



I smile, and make my way out of the airport. 




Author’s Note: I have no idea what the Heathrow Airport bathrooms look like, so don’t be judgmental! To incorporate more music into this work, I’ll be putting a soundtrack right underneath here, and I’ll add new songs once in a while. These all go with the story at some point, but not necessarily with the chapter they’re put on.


The Robots song is mine (I know that I’m horrible at song writing).




1. Little Wanderer - Death Cab for Cutie

2. Dreaming - Blondie

3. Home - Youth

4. I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers

5. Rollercoaster - Bleachers

6. Where Is My Mind? - Pixies

7. Heroes - David Bowie 

8. Lighthouse - Rend Collective 

9. Beginnings - Junip

10. Here Comes Your Man - Pixies

11. Hero - Regina Spektor 

12. Sugar Town - Lee Hazlewood (the Zooey Deschanel version)

13. Us - Regina Spektor

14. Hero - Family of the Year

15. Because I Love You - Masters Apprentices


More songs to be added later on…


I hope you enjoyed this first chapter!



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