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The room was dimly lit. Harry could hardly see what was surrounding him; everything just looked like shadows. He did, however, hear talking from the corner nearest to him. One of the people was Julie, but there were two more that Harry didn't recognise, he took a closer look at them, making sure he didn't make a single decibel. One was definitely Calum; he remembered the boy from the night last year, same venue. "Where is he? He said he would be here with Harry by now," the last man said, someone Harry assumed was Rodolphus.

"He'll be here, darlin'; they're probably just coming kicking and screamin'." Julie patted his arm in what she would consider an affectionate way, but Harry noticed a distinctive disgusted look on his face.

"So we're just going to wait until Patrick turns up? What if they outsmarted him?" Calum spoke.

"That's very plausible; Patrick isn't the sharpest." Julie agreed.

Harry quietly and quickly snuck back out to see Luna and Aengus, "your Dad, they're waiting for him to turn up with us before they do anything."

"I've got an idea," Luna shared, "do you think Patrick will have any Polyjuice Potion on him?"

"Most likely, but it might already have Martha's hair in it," Aengus sighed, they still hadn't saved Aoife and Hermione.

"We don't have to time to brew any," Luna pondered aloud.

" Accio Polyjuice Potion ," Harry tried. To everyone's surprise, but Harry's, a phial floated towards them. "Hermione always carries some with her, has done since the war," Harry smiled smugly.

"Hopefully they didn't see that."

"I doubt it; it's very dingy in there," Harry said. "Aengus, could you run back to your house and get a hair of your Dad's? I'll try and get them out before you come back, but if I can't, it would be handy if they thought you were Patrick."

"No problem," Aengus nodded.

Harry smiled and covered himself in the cloak again before walked back in. "Be safe," Luna called after a disappearing Aengus.

"I will!"

Harry didn't bother to stand around and listen to what they had to say about anything; he just wanted to get them out. He noticed a door at the side of the entrance, which they neglected to man. He could have done with a distraction so they wouldn't see or hear the door opening. Just as he had thought this, someone started screaming outside, and no sooner had the three left the room, did it stop. "Thanks, Luna," Harry whispered as he opened the door.

"Hermione - the door just opened," Aoife whispered, her voice shaky and scared.

"Did anyone come in?" Harry's heart skipped a beat; they were both still alive.

"Not that I could see."

"Harry?" Hermione called out.

"Hermione, what are you doing?" Aoife hissed.

"You said the door opened, but nobody came in. That will be Harry under his cloak. I told you he was here," Hermione sounded rather smug.

"What have they done to you?" Harry asked as he pushed the hood off his head.

"Can we get out of here before we explain that?" Aoife asked, her voice not sounding any more relieved to see Harry.

"I'm not quite sure how to get you out," Harry explained.

"There's no Apparating allowed in here, we've tried," Hermione said.

"Right, well will you two fit under here?" He asked as he took the cloak off.

"We can't leave you here," Hermione whispered, "what if they come in and check on us?"

"Where are your wands?"

"They snapped them," Aoife cried.

"Right," Harry thought quickly, "Aoife, you take this," he handed her the cloak, "Luna is outside, get to her."

"How will you two escape?" She asked hesitantly, not taking the cloak off of Harry.

"Aengus will be back soon as your Dad, and I don't know where Ron and the others are, but I assume they are coming here," Harry explained, his voice low as a precaution.

"Ron knows we're here?" Aoife asked.

"He told us to come here," Harry smiled, "Aoife, take this and get to Luna. She has a wand so will be able to protect you. Then when Aengus comes back, he'll be able to distract them so we can get out."

"Will that work?"

"Aoife, get out of here, please." Hermione pleaded.

Aoife slowly nodded as she took the cloak from Harry and disappeared, "get to Luna and stay with here." Harry said one last time.

"I told you it was a wise thing to carry Polyjuice Potion around with me," Hermione joked as she saw the door open and close.

"Are you alright? What have they done to you?" He asked as he sat down next to her.

"Nothing, they were waiting until Patrick arrived, as soon as he didn't, I knew you had something to do with it."


Luna was standing a short distance away from the door as she watched the three of them run out and then back in. She hoped that her distraction would have been enough. With one eye watching the door and the other one trying to focus on the hill that Aengus would be running down any minute now she wasn't really paying attention to either. "Luna?" Aoife whispered as she pulled the cloak off. "Luna? Nice to see you are a concentrating guard." She laughed to herself. "Have you heard from Ron?"

"Oh, Aoife!" She jumped, startled by the sudden arrival of someone else. "It's good to see you. Where's Harry and Hermione?"

"They're still in there; only one person could leave. When did Aengus leave?"

"A while ago, he should be comin- there he is!" She smiled as she pointed to a figure running towards them. "Were you right?" She asked.

"He was pretending to be Martha," Patrick's body replied.

"How do we know he isn't actually Patrick?" Luna whispered to Aoife.

"Has Ardal ever had a girlfriend?" Aoife asked.

"Aoife, we don't have time for this." He sighed, "no, he has only had one serious relationship before now, and that was with Ethan - something that took both of you a while to get over. Now he is with someone called Eli, and although they haven't known each other for very long, they seem to be getting on really well." Aengus replied defiantly.

"Alright," Luna sighed, "get in there and get Harry and Hermione out." She ordered.

"It's good to see you alive, Aoife," Aengus replied as he took the Invisibility Cloak off of her.

Just as Aengus began striding in, he heard a blood-curdling scream which resulted in a sprint from all three of them.

"Potter, what are you doing in here?" Julie spat once the door had been opened and Harry had been revealed.

"What does it look like?" Harry growled as he stunned her.

"Now, Harry, this doesn't have to get violent," Rodolphus said calmly as he waved his arms around, not taking a second look at Julie's body on the floor.

"You've made it nothing but," Harry argued, "why did you take them? If you wanted to fight, you should have come directly to me."

"That would have been less fun," Julie croaked as she sat up. "And you know me, darlin', I'm all about having fun."

Harry had to be careful; he was aware that Hermione no longer had a wand, so he was outnumbered. It seemed like Rodolphus didn't care for Julie as much as he was claiming so it would be less dangerous to get rid of Julie first. But Aengus wasn't aware of this plan when he came running in brandishing his wand at Rodolphus. Harry watched as his body fell to the floor, still breathing. Luna was quick to follow and used the same spell she used to tie up Patrick back at the Curran's house. "No," Harry screamed as Julie lunged for her wand.

"You shouldn't have done that, darlin'; now you're all going to pay." She growled. "First, you," she said as she turned to Hermione. As the unmistakable stream of green shot towards Hermione, Harry's heart was in his mouth, he sent his trademark red towards Julie as he tried to jump in front of Hermione, but he was too slow. As it struck her, her lifeless body slumped to the floor.

What happened next was a blur to Harry as he stood on the spot. Aengus took out Julie, whether she was still alive was unknown, Harry didn't care. Aoife ran over to Hermione's body to see if she could do anything whatsoever to help while Luna tearfully explained everything to Ron, Ardal, and Neville who had just made their entrances. "Harry?" Someone called out to him. It sounded as though he heard it through water. "Harry. We need to contact the Aurors."

"No, not yet!" He cried. "We need to get her outside." He whispered as he walked over to Hermione. "She wouldn't want to be in here."

"Harry's right," Ron agreed. Nobody could quite believe what had happened and in turn, they were acting quite out of the ordinary as they tried to comprehend the last ten minutes.

Harry knelt down next to Hermione as tears flooded his eyes - he didn't know how to react. He knew what he wanted to do in his heart, but he couldn't do it here. Her body seemed smaller like it was missing something that made her. "Harry, do you need any help?" Ardal whispered as he had walked over to him. Everyone knew what he was referring to.

He shook his head, too afraid to speak as he scooped her body up like Hagrid had done to him years ago. The only difference, Harry was still alive in that scene. "I can't-" Luna stuttered as they all followed Harry outside.

Aoife and Aengus held back, "are you alright?" She asked her brother, knowing that he would be blaming himself for this.

"She's gone, I lov-" he began saying before dropping his head and shaking it, as though now wasn't the time to express any feeling.

"I know," she whispered, looking sympathetically, but almost as heartbroken, at her brother.

"What am I going to do? I can't do it again."

"We have to be there for Harry and Ron; they're both going to need us to be strong. We have to put our feelings in a little box and not open them." She ordered, every part of her acting like she said they should - strong - apart for the trembling lip and wheeling up eyes.

"You were always good at that," there was a small smile, "you were always good at hiding your feelings." He whispered, Aoife nodded, but they both knew that all three of them were too good at hiding their emotions.


Everyone followed Harry as he walked towards a nearby wood. The only thing that was keeping everyone going was disbelief and adrenaline. The wind was blowing through her hair, giving the impression of life - Harry couldn't look at her, couldn't look at the life that had been lost. They shouldn't be here, in Ireland, they should be at Hogwarts celebrating with their family and friends, celebrating the start of their new life together. "I'm going to wait here," Luna whispered to Ardal, "someone has to make sure no one escapes."

"You can't do that on your own," Ardal replied, "besides, no one is escaping those ropes. You need to stay with me; I don't want anything happening to you." He smiled as he took her hand and started walking again.

Harry wasn't exactly sure what he was looking for, but he knew there was something he was waiting to see. It wasn't until they came across a large oak tree that he felt compelled to stop. He knelt down and gently placed Hermione's body on the soft grass. As he stood back up, his hand went to his chest pocket as he remembered she had given him something to keep safe. He slipped the ring out and placed it delicately on her finger as tears cascaded down his face and he fell back down to his knees. Ron stood next to him; he opened his mouth to say something, but he knew no words would help either of them, so he knelt down beside him. One by one, the others did the same, Aoife deciding to kneel down on the other side of Harry and holding his hand.


"Sequoia, we have to do something. You know we can, and she definitely deserves it."

"What would we get out of it Althea? We need to make sure we're not taken advantage of again."

"Harry Potter would never do such a thing, Father. We stood by and watched as the good nearly fell, we can't stand by now and watch them fall apart just as they were about to thrive."

"We would need the help of the others, Zinnia and I don't know how readily Blaze will agree to it."

"We have to at least try, Sequoia, we have to at least try." She looked deep into her husband's golden eyes, "you know we have to at least try," she whispered one last time.

"Zinn, get your brother and talk to Silas; he will be easy to recruit. Althea, the Meadows shouldn't be too hard to convince. I shall see what I can do about Blaze. I can't make any promises."

"Just tell him that his is our chance to re-join the community we've desired to be a part of ever since we left."

"I'll try my best."

Zinnia almost skipped down the hall in search of her brother. She had never been quite as excited as she was at this moment in time. "Casimir," she sang as she opened the door. "AH!" She screamed in such a fashion that only one who had just walked in on her brother, and a girl in a compromising position would use. "Calida!"

"Hey, Zinn. How's it going?" The girl smiled as her orange eyes burrowed into Zinnia. "Do you mind leaving us to it?"

"Actually, Calida, this is a rather pressing matter. Cas, we need to find Silas."

"Silas?" Calida smirked, "good luck with that, he's having family troubles."

"Why do you want to see him?" Cas asked her as he sat up and straightened his shirt.

"Dad, he wants to Join and save Hermione Granger-" Zinn blurted out before she remembered that she probably shouldn't have just blabbed while Calida was in the room.

" The Hermione Granger?" Calida squealed, "you're going to need my father's help. I will go and talk to him this instance."

"No, you don't have t-"

"Oh, don't I? I expect you have left it down to your Dad and I doubt either of you are very confident about that." The stupid smirk was back, if Zinn were a not so nice person, she would have smacked her face right there and then.

"That would be perfect, darling." Cas smiled as he helped her up and kissed her nose.

darling ?! Zinn squirmed at her brother's choice of words. "No problem," Calida winked. "Don't worry, Zinnia, if anyone is going to talk my father around, it will be me." She boasted. "Best of luck with Silas."

"Thanks," Zinn mocked, although deep down she did know that they were going to need luck on their side.

"Dad really wants to Join?" Cas asked as soon as the door had been closed and they were alone.

"This is the perfect opportunity, Cas. Imagine if we save Hermione Granger! She's going to go on to do wonderful things, and we can trust her to treat us well. It's been so long since we went into hiding."

"Hardly for us, we were born like this!" Cas argued for the sake of arguing.

"I know, Cas, but I've explored every petal there is to explore here, I'm ready to see the sun - the real sun. It's time we show our faces. The only reason we're not dying out is because of Mixing - we need some fresh faces." She smirked, "then maybe you could get rid of Calida." She whispered.

"Hey! I heard that. Zinn, I really like her. Don't let some stupid disagreement when you were five ruin this for me. She's really caring once you get to know her."

"Cas, she's a Fire, that means it's only a matter of time before she erupts because you said who instead of whom ." She joked, but there was an element of truth about it.

"Shouldn't we be going?" He asked, believing he was mature enough to walk away from a rather uncomfortable conversation.

Zinn nodded, after all, she only wanted two things right now - to talk to Silas and everyone to agree to Join.

Althea took a deep breath as she crossed the threshold to the Meadows. They were typically warm and welcoming, but after decades of being in hiding, friendship and ties had become fraught. "Althea? To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure?" The pastel blue haired beauty smiled as Althea walked over to the hammocks.

"Poppy, it's good to see you. Tracks are being made by my family to try and reunite for the sake of Hermione Granger. It's been about ten minutes since she was cruelly slain - we don't have long, so I was hoping you lot were up to it."

Poppy's eyes widened, "never in my wildest dreams did I think you would say that. What do you need from us?"

Althea was shocked at how easily it was to convince Poppy, but she tried to keep that to a minimum as she had no time to lose. "We need your two eldest and most powerful members."

"Follow me," Poppy smiled as she led Althea into a small shack that was decorated with rare and beautiful flowers. "Aster, Althea Ewing is here to see you."

Poppy nodded to Althea as she exited the shack to leave the two to it. "Whatever it is, Al, I will agree to it." She whispered as she turned her back to Althea.

"It's Hermione Granger. It's time." Poppy smiled.

"I'll fetch Amaranth, can you ask Huckle to show you where to find Virtuflo , please? We shall meet you at your home."

"Thank you, Aster, thank you so very much."

Silas was pacing his headquarters when a knock came at his door. "Zinnia, Casimir, what are you doing here?" He asked as the door swung open.

"Guess what?" Zinn beamed at him.

"Your father has finally lifted the ban on-"

"No!" Cas blushed, "don't hold your breath on that ever happening, Silas, you know what father is like."

"One can only hope, Cas." He winked. "Why are you here? Would you like a cup of oak tea?"

"If only we could." Zinn sighed, she did love a fresh brew of oak tea, but now was most certainly not the time. "It's about Hermione Granger."

"Yes, I saw. Such a terrible loss of life - she was so young and had such a future ahead of her."

"Well, if you agree to it, that life might not be lost after all." Zinn held her breath.

"Come again."

"Father has agreed to Join, we've heard that the Meadows are in and Calida is trying to get Blaze to agree so now all we need is you and Silvana and everything will change." Cas pleaded.

"This can't be true, your father has always been dead against Joining, and he is hardly an advocate for returning to the Wizarding World."

"He was hardly an advocate when its current state was as it was, it's different now." Cas began.

"It's safer now," Zinn continued, "Hermione Granger just accepted Harry Potter's marriage proposal - that means we will have the Harry Potter on our side! There's no way he would let us be taken advantage of again. This is a fresh start for us, for them. Please, Silas, you're all we need to complete the Join."

Silas' green eyes lit up at the mention of Harry Potter - of course, he had seen that they were engaged, but he never really connected it together. "This does seem like the perfect opportunity, my love. If we do this for them, who knows the good it will bring."

The woman with long, silky brunette hair made Silas jump, "so you're in?" Zinn asked hopefully.

"Yes, my dear, we're in." Silvana smiled.

"Thank you all for coming," Sequoia clapped his hands together as they all gathered around him. "As you all know, Hermione Granger has not been breathing for over twenty minutes. Her friends are still gathered around her, and it doesn't seem like they have contacted anyone to let them know what has happened. I want you all to know that this is dangerous, we haven't used these sorts of powers for decades - some of you never have - but you are all more than able. The power that we transfer tonight will most certainly drain you, so if you want to make sure everything is ready when you get back, you will have five minutes to do so. We have to be discreet; we don't want to draw attention to ourselves. I know you have all been promised a reunion with the Wizarding World, and that will come, but I will not be building those bridges hastily, and it may not happen for some time, but I assure you that it will happen. As soon as we breathe life into that young girl, I want you all to disperse and get regenerating as quickly as possible. After that, you are all invited to a feast here." The seven elegant creatures all looked at him and nodded. "One more thing, this stays between us for now. I don't want others hearing about it until we know more ourselves. When the time comes, I will allow you to let your clans know. Do I have your word that you're not going to open your mouths about this until I have said so?"

"You have my word," everyone but Blaze stated.

"Blaze? What is the problem?"

"Why are you in charge?" The fiery haired man asked. "Who put you in charge?"

"Do we really have to go over this again, Blaze? Sequoia is in charge because he has the largest clan." Amaranth sighed. "We all agreed to it."

"He only has the biggest clan because the Mixlings seem drawn to settle here." Blaze rolled his eyes.

"Blaze, you agreed to it years ago. If you have a problem with it now, we will sort it out after this. We don't have time to waste. Do I have your word?" Sequoia asked sternly.

"You have my word," Blaze sighed.

"Thank you." Sequoia nodded as a sign of respect and understanding. "Right, you all have five minutes to put anything in place that will help you regenerate as quickly as possible. Then we are off."

"Sequoia, I can't believe we are doing this," Althea squealed as she embraced her husband.

"It's going to be very dangerous, what if something happens to you? How will I live with myself?"

"Nothing will happen to me; I'm ready for this. Besides, we get to sleep for twelve hours after this, imagine that." Her eyes sparkled.

"If you're feeling Low, just let us know, and we'll stop. I don't want to risk you."

"I won't feel Low, Sequoia! Stop treating me like a wounded bird - we both know that I can do this."

Sequoia smiled at his wife, "there's the fire I feel in love with."


Harry wanted nothing more than to be alone, but he couldn't bring himself to get up and leave. "She looks so beautiful," Aoife said as she successfully held back her tears.

"We will never forget you, Hermione." Ron whispered, "because of you; I will never forget how to levitate an object. I'm sorry for mocking you - I really didn't mean it, I was just jealous of you."

"Look over there," Neville whispered, "there are two fireflies."

"Fireflies? In Ireland?" Ardal whispered so that only Luna could hear. "There don't look like the ones we saw on holiday."

"They're almost glowing," Aoife swooned. "It's like they're here for Hermione."

Harry didn't say anything as he saw two ladybirds crawling across Hermione's left hand, "it's almost as though nature is reclaiming her," Luna whispered. She too was focusing on something other than the fireflies, for she had seen two butterflies dancing.

Suddenly, a large gust of wind blow through the opening they had settled in and if by some miracle the wind had blown life back into Hermione as she gasped. "Hermione?" Aengus shouted.

"What's happened?" She mumbled.

"No, no," Harry stuttered. "This isn't happening. Ron?" Harry turned to his best friend for confirmation of is sanity.

"Harry?" She croaked. "Where's Julie and-?" She couldn't finish her question because her throat hurt too much.

"They're back in the Barn Yard," Harry whispered as he stroked her cheek, it was cold, but only because of the wind. "Do you remember what happened?"


"We need to get her to St.Mungo's," Aoife said. "Maybe they will be able to explain what has happened and how."

"Hermione, is it really you?" Harry smiled.

"It's me, Harry." Hermione smiled as she took his hand in hers.

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