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"Might I say, I have never been more mesmerised by a girl eating chicken wings before." 

I looked up in confusion, my eyes flitting to my piled high plate of chicken bones and then back to Fred. Who was currently sitting in front of me with a look of adoration in his brown eyes. "Poppy you have a bit of... Sauce on your face." Dominique inputted awkwardly sipping on her pumpkin juice with a small smile. I frowned scuffing at the side of my mouth before continuing with my much appreciated dinner.

If there was one thing that these Hoggy-Warty people were getting right it was the food. Robbie looked slightly green as I ripped a piece of chicken off viciously with my teeth. "Has anyone ever told you that you eat like a bear." Sexy beast- James observed smugly, eating his own chicken wings with grace, neatly cleaning the sides of his face with a napkin.



I pulled a face at him, receiving chortles of amusement from around the table.


"I eat what and how I want. And anyway if it's so upsetting to watch I don't know why your still sitting here, feel free to move." I stated in annoyance gesturing to the very long, very wide space that was the Great hall. As soon as I sat down I registered that these Hoggy-Warty people were persistent. Apparently it was criminal to Fred Weasley for I, Poppy King, to even dare not sit with him and his friends.


I had managed to find space, wedging myself between two first years, at the opposite end of the table as far away from them as humanly possible. And as soon as I was located, Fred Weasley made a fantastic show of literally shoving the first year to the floor with his elbows. The idiot made the poor boy cry. To say the least I felt bad for the red faced 11 year old. For a little while... Then I got hold of my wits and laughed my head off. The idea that they would even want to sit me hadn't even crossed my mind, of course I had just spent the last 4 hours with them. But then again I wasn't exactly the best company ever.


"That first years still crying." Evan murmured glumly. I had also learnt that Evan was very kind and considerate. We will not get along, that's for sure.


"So Poppy, tell us about yourself." Fred exclaimed gleefully, looking at me like I was a brand new toy opened on Christmas Day. I scowled smothering more sauce on the much needed chicken.



It was like watching all the lights in the world die out, as Fred looked at me in disdain. I can't say I cared much, but there was something about Fred Weasley's big brown eyes that made you want to hug him. "Alright." He whimpered. Merlin I don't know why I was the one always being referred to as a cat. In this moment Fred couldn't resemble anything more than a wounded puppy.

"You're only going to lose and give in here. Everyone does." Robbie chuckled shaking his head at his loon of a friend. I rolled my eyes.

"I strongly doubt that," I promised him, beginning to nibble on a new acquired plate of chicken. Fred smiled for some odd reason considering this a suggestion to go on. "You are a awfully moody person did you know that?" I laughed abruptly, his honesty refreshing to my ears. Not in the slightest put off he continued, "So how come you moved to Hogwarts?" And just like that I wasn't very interested in what he had to say anymore.

They all stared at me waiting for an answer, I ignored them. "She doesn't seem to like you that much Frederic." James chuckled in amusement, his golden eyes watching me as if I was a ticking time bomb. "So what was Ilversmorny like?" Fred asked in desperate hopes to prove James wrong.

My fists clenched in agitation. "Fred stop," Robbie interjected, sitting closest to me and seeing my reaction. Fred didn't seem to listen as he continued to bombard me with question, each one adding to the flames.


"Do you have any siblings?"

-"Whats it like living with Neville?"

-"Where are you from in America?"

-"Are your parents from here?"


That was it. "WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP?!" I roared. 

He stared blinking in shock. My cheeks flushed as I realized all eyes were on me now. "If you will excuse me, I have to go, " With that I stood up and curtsied with so much poise it would make my childhood Ballerina teacher, Ms.Beaumont, cry in pride. Fred stared guiltily after me, he hadn't known that with each question he was making me more and more uncomfortable. I felt a soft pang, his brown eyes pleading with me. Quickly brushing it off and marching off with well- not a ounce or shred of grace. Hundreds of eyes piercing into my skin as I left the hall.

"Poppy wait!" Dominique cried as I took quick strides out of the hall into the dimly lit corridor.

"I don't think you heard me the first time. Maybe it's just here in Hoggy-Warts you have trouble hearing. But I don't like you go away!" I shouted my voice rising an octave with each word.


Dominique slightly cowered. Before lifting her head to face me fiercely in the eye.

"I never said you had to like me. I just... Didn't want you to get lost. Like it or not you're going to need someone to show you around. And unfortunately for you today that's me." 


I stared at her blankly sizing up my chances of dashing for it and trying to find my way to the dorms by myself; Chances of survival: Next to Zero. And anyway out of all of them Dominique seemed to be definitely the most tolerable. "Fine. But only because I'm lost." I grumbled, compromising for what felt like the millionth time that day.


Dominique beamed way to brightly for my liking grabbing hold of my hand before dragging me the opposite way I had been intending to go. "I think you'll like Gryffindor tower. It's great really. Once you get past half the pompous idiots in there-"


"-Does that include your cousin." I grinned sweetly she laughed rolling her eyes, although she looked slightly uncomfortable. Unsure whether I was talking about James or Fred. Neither was I.


"Yes. Bear in mind I have many though." She sighed heavily letting go of my hand, as we reached a set of stairs leading upwards as far as the eye could see. I watched biting my bottom lip as she began to wring them together in discomfort. However she avoided the topic of what had just happened in the Hall, which I was grateful for.

"How big is this place?" I asked more to myself in disbelief then to the blonde girl. Taking in my vast surroundings. Everywhere I looked there was something different to study, whether it was the immense statues or the captivating tapestry. Holding a story that I longed to learn. The soft hymn of chatter from the portraits cleansing me of my remaining anger.

Dominique laughed, smiling softly at the portraits stared down at me in interest, whispering of the commotion I had made since arriving at Hogwarts.



"I don't think even McGonagall knows that. Hogwarts is many things. And one of those is big." She answered, patting the hard stone stairs drawing comfort from the familiarity of it all. As if it could feel and appreciate the action. "I wonder how long it took to build." I murmured only to trail off as I let out a very loud, very annoying squeak. I glared at Dominique as she chuckled enjoying the uncharacteristic noise far too much.


"Why do the stairs move? Isn't that a safety hazard?" I asked unimpressed. "No I think they just really like messing with our lives, and making us late for lessons just for the fun of it." She giggled the tinkling sound infectious.

"I don't think I've ever hated any set of stairs more." 

She raised an eyebrow smirking slightly. "How many staircases do you hate?" She asked genuinely curious.I started at her slightly taken aback by her interest.

"Many. The ones outside my Grandparents house, I fell when I was 8. The stairs to my local library. Too many I tell you. But these, these definitely are at the top of my list." I listed off enjoying the feeling of being laughed at. But not for a mean malicious reason for once."You are a weird girl, Poppy King." Dominique sighed chuckling slightly, as we stepped off the staircase and made are way down a maze of endless corridors.

"I won't try to deny it." I muttered as we stopped in front of a immense lady, the delicately painted dress taking up the entirety of the painting with pink sheets of satin.  She gave us a quizzical glare, before opening her small mouth.

"Password, dears." She drawled, the sound muffled by the layers of paint. -"Nicholas Flamel." Dominique answered, not even blinking. I frowned slightly but was unable to question her further, as the portrait swung open revealing a tunnel, orange light reflecting off the walls, beckoning me to enter.

"You ready?" Dominique asked smirking. I shrugged in confusion lifting an eyebrow.

"For what?"

Dominique smiled sympathetically, "Gryffindor Tower. Trust me, you'll will never be quite the same." She giggled urging me forward into the lion's den. I took a shallow breath, letting it run through my body, that seemed to be pulsing with excitement. And then I let the orange light engulf me, charging forward chasing away the darkness and the monsters.




To say the least I was blinded. Too much gold and red for my eyes to focus. It was a nice room,  it seemed to emit a feeling of warmth that I couldn't quite explain. Plush cushions adorning the dozens of squishy armchairs and couches dotted around the room. Splashes of red and gold everywhere, even the windows were tinted proudly with the bold colours. A roaring fire was caged in the clutches of a stone fireplace, that curved around the wall elegantly.  Adorning the walls, were rows and rows of books; their spines peeking out from the concealment of the wooden shelves of all shades blues, greens, reds and browns. Each had a title emblazoned in gold waiting for me to read. I hadn't been expecting books for the house of the brave. More nun chucks and samurai swords.


I didn't often instantly take a liking to a new place, especially not a school. But something about the Gryffindor common room made me feel at home.

"This bed could fit a million of me's! Why's it so big?" I asked currently sprawled across the very comfortable four poster.


Dominique chuckled from her position on the floor unpacking her trunk. I supposedly should have been doing that too. But the bed had distracted me first. "I don't actually know. I do however know, that there isn't a bed on this earth comfier then that one right there." She smiled pointing towards her own four poster beside mine. I smiled up at the ceiling in agreement.

"You should get unpacking, I always like to leave dinner first that way I get all the shelve space and walls." She grinned getting up to hang up a poster of the very attractive Ewan O'Niell the very young, very rich Irish national teams seeker. 

I raised an eyebrow smiling slightly as she stared at him dreamily. "I'm guessing you're a fan of Quidditch?" I asked muffling a chuckle as she whizzed around with a sour look on her face. Her lips pursed and her nose wrinkled.


"Merlin no. Can't stand it actually, but come on its Ewan O'Neill." She sighed gesturing to the poster as if it were reason enough. 

"Right." I murmured falling back onto the bed with a soft thud. Voices emitted from the stairwell. There were roughly 8 rooms in the girls section, the 7th year girls residing right at the top. Meaning a hell of a lot of stairs. Once again I applaud the four idiots who decided to put so many fucking stairs in this place.


It's like they did it on purpose just to ruin my day. 


"That should be the rest of our roommates. I'll introduce you." Dominique beamed setting down a number of small figurines of Ewan at her night stand. I gave her an unimpressed gaze and she shrugged her cheeks tinting with colour. 


"Be nice." She murmured setting me with a firm look that could make even a grown giant cry.  I sighed giving her a sadistic smile as the door opened two girls walking in.

The first girl was far too tall for her age her arms slightly too long for the rest of her body. Hanging awkwardly by her sides. Wisps of corn coloured hair pulled back neatly to reveal her refined elfish like features. The other girl was the complete opposite all soft edges and round cheeks. Dark eyes sunk deep into her smooth skin, framed by her dark lashes. A dashing sparkly headband placed perfectly on her brown ringlets. So sparkly and pink that it made me want to throw up. 

"Hey Dom! How was your summer?" She beamed embracing Dominique in a intense hug not even reaching Dominique's shoulder.  The blonde girl gave her a half hearted wave, before turning to me raising a bushy eyebrow at my cat like position. "So- you're the new girl?" She asked inspecting me further, well as much as she could without being scrutinised by my glare.


"Oh hello! I'm Zinnia..." The brunette beamed scuffing her foot on the stone floor like a four year old. Her hands deep inside her fluffy jumper.

"Good to know." I replied sourly. Her cheeks instantly flushing as dark as beetroot.Her wide eyes instantly losing the openness and warmth as she looked away.


"I like her." The blonde chuckled seeming to find the other girls embarrassment amusing. "Anyone who can shut up Zinnia is an instant friend." She grinned strolling over to the four poster opposite me. 


"Thanks for the support Valerie." Zinnia sighed giving me a sheepish smile before following Valerie's lead and heading to her own trunk. "So America huh?" Valerie asked eagerly. Setting me with a intense gaze. 


I was tempted to ignore her attempt at small talk, and I had had enough of questions for the day. But a kick to the ankle from Dominique- little cow- got me talking.


"Yes. That would be correct." I replied, after I bit on my cry of pain. My attempt at having a normal conversation had already miserably failing. I returned Dominique's affection with a gentle kick to the shin. She, however, did not muffle the shriek, turning to glare at me.

"That's cool. I've always wanted to go." Zinnia inputted her cheeks still a flaming red from before. I felt a small pang of pity for the girl. It was gone within seconds.




I cut off Valerie before she could continue with what I am sure, would have been a very interesting question. "I'm off to bed." I said grinning sweetly at Dominique who was glaring at me before rolling her eyes in defeat. Just as I got up to head to the attached bathroom another girl walked in.

The room instantly tensed making me stop in my tracks in intrigue.

She cast a quick cold glance around the room, pointedly ignoring me before marching across the room and shutting the door of the bathroom in my face. Which I was about to enter.


How fucking dare she.


"And that would be Ellen Jordan. Gryffindors' resident moody cow." Dominique drawled, seeming to take great joy in insulting the other girl. I felt a small grin itching at my lips.


"Let me guess she did something awful when you were younger, thus setting off the cliché rivalry of poorly thought out insults and over dramatic arguments?" I asked taking pleasure at the instant chorus of yes' that followed.


"Ah what's high school without a bitch getting in the way of everything." I grinned cheerfully. Ignoring the chuckles from the other girls, and a timid smile of amusement from Zinnia, grabbing my wand I flicked it at the door with a small twist of my wrist. Marching forward, the girl by the sink gave a yelp of shock, turning to face me with a look of pure malice.


Her growl of outrage music to my ears.


"What makes you think you can just walk in here! I could of been changing your creep!" She shrieked her hand flying to her chest dramatically. She reminded me of a victorian duchess, proud posture and all.


"Well you weren't, so there's really no problem here." I answered with a wave of my hand. She wrinkled her nose in distaste not seeming to get the message as I gave her a little wave, nodding towards the door. Which the other girls were currently looking in from beaming uncontrollably.

"Well what are you waiting for? The return of Voldemort? Get going!" I yelled knowing full well it would take a week for her ear drums to recover. Giving me a look drenched in acid she sashayed past me, making sure to very loudly whisper 'Psychotic Bitch' as she went. I grinned giving her a sarcastic wave before I slammed the door shut.


Gryffindor only had room for one Moody Cow and that definitely wasn't going to be Ellen.


Disclaimer: It may be hard to beileve, but no I am not J.K Rowling and everything you recognise belomngs to her! Thank you for reading! 

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