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The beginning of the year always passes fast, and two weeks later I’m making time to study like crazy, getting dragged by Audrey to parties, spending “quality” time with my brother, and hanging out with my best friends. 


Finally the weekend is here and I feel so happy as I roll around in my warm bed, enjoying the time I have to sleep in… Until I hear pacing outside my bed curtains, and then a wind hits and the red curtains around my bed fly open. 


“Audrey, how did you get into my dorm room?”

“TJ let me up here. Inter house relationships are a lot better now, so all you have to do is get someone to say the password for you, and then you come up.”

“Okay, but what do you want?”

“You are coming to Hogsmede with me!” She cheers excitedly, clapping her hands like a five year old receiving candy. 

“Audrey, Hogsmede outing is next weekend. We’re not of age, we can’t just go whenever we please.”

“But Lyra dearest, we can go, I got a permission form from Professor Kaleidoscope and Professor Longbottom. We’re allowed to go from ten to three, and only to buy party supplies with a max of five people including us.”

“What? Party supplies? Why?” I ask, confused at the whole thing. Until I get my coffee, consider anything you say lost forever. 

“We’re throwing a party genius, in the Room of Requirement.”

“Argh, go back to where you were the sun’s shinning right in my eyes.” 

“Lyra, are you getting any of this?”



“Need, coffee.” I moan, turning over in my bed. All of a sudden I feel a pulling sensation on my arms, as I start to be ripped away slowly and painfully from my warm bed. “NOOOOOO!”

“TJ, come help me!” Audrey calls to him. He’s probably sitting in the Common Room trying to figure out when he can hold Gryffindor try-outs. A few minutes later and I hear thumping noises coming up the stairs and into the 6th Year Girls Dormitory. Then I feel the pulling in my arms twice as hard as before. 


I whip to the floor like lightning, and hit my head on the wooden floorboards. 


“Are you happy now? You just pulled a grumpy so totally not a morning person out of bed. You’re lucky that you guys aren’t my parents, when I was younger and they had to do that I used to scream like a banshee.”

“Interesting fact, now get your lazy butt out of bed.” Audrey commands. While she’s thinking about it she asks TJ if he wants to come to Hogsmede with ‘us’. 

“I’m not going to flipping Hogsmede, Audrey. You won’t make me!”


Half an hour later…


“I can’t believe you three managed to drag me all way over here!” I whine. My brother, TJ, and Audrey stand grounded and proud of themselves on the cobblestone street. 

“Anything to torture you little sis. Now, will you run away if we take the handcuffs off, or should we keep them on and let your hands get cut off from your blood stream?”

“I won’t run, just get these bloody things off of me.” I growl, glaring at all three of them and their pretty smirking faces. “I hate all three of you!” I exclaim angrily, stomping after them once the handcuffs are off. 

“I now realize that I’m very good at getting the Malfoy siblings to do what I want.” Audrey says. Oh no, not the Day of the Tape. 


When my brother was in 3rd year (2nd year for us), Audrey was a lot less Hufflepuff than she is now. She wanted a kiss from my brother and he wouldn’t give it to her, said he had someone he fancied (who knew it was Albus?), and he would never want to kiss her anyway. She got really upset, and she taped him to a wall. Somehow no one knows what really happened. I was walking through the corridors completely minding my own business, when I saw my brother screaming his head off near the ceiling. I ran all over the place looking for help, and eventually he had to get down with the help of Julian Holly, Cameron Finnigan, and Alessia Thomas. When he got down he ran to Audrey, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and ran away (fearing for his life). And that is what we now refer to as the ‘Day of the Tape’.



When we get to the store we’re looking for, I basically become Audrey’s servant as she asks for opinions on food, decorations, themes, and other crap that has to do with parties. Luckily, my brother was Hufflepuff enough to go buy me a coffee, and now I’m sipping the warm dark brown liquid of the gods happily. 


Finally, we walk back up to the castle and I head straight back to Gryffindor, where I lay by the fire and fall asleep.




“Hey, Lyra.” A confident voice says to me as I feel the weight of the couch I’m laying on shift. I open my eyes and see that the face belongs to Hugo Weasley. He’s got freckles and brown hair, and seems to resemble his mother more than his father. He’s one of the few Weasleys who has brown hair. Actually, I think he might be the only one. 

“Hi Hugo, what’s up?”

“Well, I just came over here to let you know that I fancy you.” In a flash his lips are on mine and he gives me a kiss that lasts about twenty seconds and tastes like bran muffins. Ew. When he pulls back, I stare extremely confused.

“Aren’t you like, fourteen?”

“Fifteen.” He states, pouting like a four year old. I rub my temples and take a sharp breath in. How do I deal with this the way a prefect would. Well, I don’t think this has anything to do with being a prefect, but for some strange reason I’m a role model now, so I at least have to have some decorum.


“Hugo, I do not fancy you back. And frankly I don’t really know you. Goodbye.” I say awkwardly, getting up and heading to my dorm. 


Old Lyra would have handled that with a lot of yelling and maybe a growl. 


“Lyra, my brother wants your help with photography stuff!” Lily Potter, Albus’s sister, calls to me as soon as the door to my dorm is closed. 

“Coming!” I call back. The door is stubborn, and so it’s difficult to push open. But when it does open, it hits me completely by surprise, and I tumble down the staircase and twist my knee in a weird fashion.


Lily rushes over in a wind of red hair and leans over me. “Are you okay? What happened?” She asks panicked. 

“I think my leg is broken.” I groan. Lily calls out to someone, and I can’t really tell who it is, but soon I’m looking into Tim Wood’s eyes and I melt. His eyes are golden and green, and any girl who’s dated him has probably been infatuated with those eyes. They’re just so beautiful. Blonde curly hair frames his face and ends at around the bottom of his ears. I’m almost tempted to stroke it, but I don’t.


Soon, too soon I decide, Tim puts me down and Lily rushes over to tell Madam Pomfrey what happened. 


“Oh dear, oh dear me.” Madam Pomfrey says as she goes through the white metal medicine cupboard, that is filled with potions and pills a plenty, all vivid greens, sea blues, and pulsing pinks. She closes it and locks it back up.


“My dear Miss Malfoy, unfortunately there is no more potion that would heal your broken bone. The Slytherins used up the last of it during their quidditch try-outs. It would take about a month for a new box to be delivered up here, as it’s very much in demand, and it would not do any good to make you wait without proper medical care. We’ll have to get you healed the muggle way. 



It is day three in the Hospital Wing, and I now I’ll never pity myself again. Muggles have it was worse with most things. The cast around my leg is itchy as hell, and I feel like shit. Madam Pomfrey is giving me pain elixirs to soothe the aches in my legs, but other than that everything else is muggle. Plus the Hospital Wing is bright white everywhere, the lights, the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture. I feel like I’m going to have a seizure if I stare into the white lights any longer.


Everyone who knows me has already signed my cast, excited by the fact that they’ve never signed one before (except Ben).


Finally Madam Pomfrey tells me I can leave, and to come to her everyday after 5th period to take certain potions to help my leg. 


Oh no, here it comes. I think as I walk into the Great Hall. All eyes are on me as I walk on my crutches to Gryffindor table, and sit down awkwardly. About five minutes later, everyone at Gryffindor except the muggleborns are gathered around me with quills asking if they can write their names on ‘that white thing around your leg.’ I groan and everyone cheers, probably thinking that means ‘yes’. It doesn’t.


I sit there with my leg out for about an hour, chewing on my food as people stand in line to sign the cast. I think it’s a totally barbaric custom, and I don’t see why muggles even do it. By now I have about a hundred signatures, all crowded and in a variety of ink colours from black to red to blue to green then purple, but not just.



The next morning, I’m eating breakfast whilst the Ravenclaw and Slytherin non-muggleborns sign my cast. At this rate, there’s no more room, and they’re signing on top of old signatures. I stare into my coffee, excited for this torture to end and class to start, when I see it. My father’s owl swoops down into the Great Hall and lands gracefully in front of me. 


“Hello, Romeo.” I greet the bird, scratching its head fondly. Romeo is a beautiful brown owl, with flecks of colour that are almost gold looking. He sticks out his leg and I untie the small package he’s brought me. I tear open the paper as fast as humanely possible, and cheer when I see what’s inside. A small potion bottle, marked Bone Healing Potion. A note from Dad is underneath. 


For that nasty leg of yours. I love you. 



I seize one of the quills from an unsuspecting Ravenclaw, who glares in return, and I write a note back.


Thanks so much! I feel like crap, and you’ve ended it. The Harry Potter to my Wizarding World… Just kidding. 




I give the note to Romeo, and he flies off. 


“Just in time for quidditch try-outs.” I smile, then leave the table and go as fast as I can with crutches to find Madam Pomfrey. 

“Oh, you’re very lucky that your father sent you that.” Madame Pomfrey says.

“I know,” I sigh in relief. 

“Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, drink the whole bottle.” 


The potion is bitter, and I’m almost tempted to spit it out, but I know that if I do I won’t have any more. I swallow with a strange face, and soon I can feel my leg mending inside of me. Five minutes later Madam Pomfrey slips the cast off, and I leave.


“I’M A FREE WOMEN!” I yell as loud as I can, but am shushed by a professor who passes me. “Sorry!” I call after them. 


When TJ sees me back on both feet he smiles. “Thank god, just in time for try-outs tonight.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”




The wind blows my hair back as I race with the quaffle, passing it off to others who are trying out.  How I’ve missed flying. I love the feeling I get when I’m high up on my broom, I feel free. I feel like I’m doing something worth while with my time. I feel pure and soulful, connected to the world. The wind feels cool and good against my sweaty skin, and I breath in as it rushes up my nose. I fly fast, doing a tumbling motion to catch the quaffle as it’s thrown to me. 


And I think I aced it. A few days after try-outs I’m walking down the corridor to the Great Hall, and I see that the teams have been posted. And I see it right there.


Chaser 3: Lyra Malfoy. 


I smile a little. 




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