In the Great Hall,all the people that have lost somebody in the battle were so sad and so desperate that they couldn't say anything and they were all sitting mourning the deads quietly.There were a few that were crying in silence,but the pain of the most of them was beyond tears.

When Harry,Ron and Hermione entered the big room,everybody turned their full-of pain-faces with red crying eyes to the three newcomers with sadness.Harry tried not to look at them.He couldn't see people suffering like that...their faces tormented by sadness were asking for mercy...their red eyes full of tears seemed to be injected with melancholy.He had to go to talk with all the survivors,to thank them for taking part in the battle,and try to motivate the ones that had lost their brothers,sisters,parents,friends or children.Ron and Hermione would help him but he knew that it would be difficult to talk about their beloved in front of someone who was in a shock.

Harry saw the Weasleys in the right corner near the hourglases with house points.All four were damaged but only the Slytherin's and Hufflepuff's hourglases had the little precious stones in them.The Gryffindor's rubies and the Ravenclaw's sapphires were scattered throughout the Great Hall among the deads and the wounded.

Ron ran to them and fell near Fred's corpse.He put a hand on Fred's forehead and started to cry.Harry thought that this was the first time he saw Ron crying.He was crying too.Hermione too.She went to Mrs.Weasley and said something to comfort her.Harry didn't hear.He was feeling miserable.He was looking at Ginny's face.He wanted to take away all the pain that was reflected on Ginny's face.Or Mrs.Weasley's.Or Ron's.Or everyone's there.But he couldn't.He made a step forward.

"I'm so sorry for Fred,Mrs.Weasley!"said Harry."It's my fault.If I could kill the Death Eater who made that explosion,I...".Mrs.Weasley shut him up with a hug.

"No,my dear,it's not your fault".said Mrs.Weasley.

"It's no one's fault!"added Mr.Weasley who was looking at them."You did your best,Harry!You killed You-Know-Who!"

Harry talked with the rest of the Weasley family(George was missing) but he could  sense that all of them were dismayed.They were all feeling incomplete without Fred and his jokes.

After the Weasley family,Harry,Hermione and Ron(who was forced by Charlie and Percy to leave Fred's corpse and join Harry and Hermione)went to other families.They talked to Dennis,Colin Creevey's brother because his parents were in shock and they were crying silently over Colin's corpse.Hermione tried to explain to them that it was no use crying now but  they ignored her.Dennis,even though he had lost his brother, was not crying and he was talking normally.He said to Harry,Ron and Hermione that he had  fainted when he saw Colin's lifeless body for the first time,but he was ok now.He thanked Harry before he turned away and went to his parents trying to  make them feel better,leaving Harry surprised.Why had Dennis thanked him?He hadn't done anything special for Colin.Instead he had came to the castle saying that he was searching for a thing but he didn't know what it  was.Everyone had offered to help him look for the tiara,everyone had  faught against the Voldemort to give Harry more time to find it...and now...Colin and the others were deads.The death of all the people that had died here was his fault.

Harry,Ron and Hermione joined the Browns after the talk with Dennis Creevey.Lavander's parents were not crying like Colin's but their eyes were blurred as if  they  had met a ghost,not a boy named Harry Potter.They were in a state of shock too.This time Harry didn't say anything,Ron and Hermione were the ones who talked to Mr and Mrs Brown.He was watching an old woman carying a blond haired baby in her arms.Next to them were Remus and Nymphodora Lupin's corpses.They were holding hands exactly in the way they died.Ignoring Ron,Hermione and the Brown family,Harry headed to Andromeda Tonks and her grandson,Teddy.The baby was looking curiously around with a big smile on his face and when he saw Harry,Teddy stretched his little hands towards Harry and giggled.Harry had never seen Teddy in front of his eyes before,but only in a picture just after the baby was born,but he inferred that it should be him because who would stay besides the remains of Remus and Tonks if not him and his grandmother?

"Are you Andromeda?"asked Harry carefully and he leaned over the old woman."Can I hold Teddy a little?"

When Andromeda understood that he was Harry,she nodded and gave Teddy to him.He was so elated that he pulled Harry's hair very hard and he almost dropped the blond smiling baby.

Harry didn't say anything,but he kissed Teddy's forehead.When Andromeda saw his gesture,Harry noticed a little hope in her eyes,but immediately her eyes were again sad and disapointed:

"You'll be an excelent godfather,Harry!"Andromeda managed to say.

"Do not despair,Andromeda!"said Harry trying to make that sadness in her eyes disappear."They  will never leave you and Teddy alone."pointed Harry to Remus and Tonks with his free hand...They will be forever in you mind and heart...and in Teddy's too.Harry wanted to say more but his emotions blocked him.He threw a forced smile to Andromeda and continued to speak to Teddy and make him smile.When he finally gave Teddy back to Andromeda,trying not to look at Remus and Tonks's corpses,Teddy's hair suddenly coloured itself in light blue.Harry smiled,waved his hand to Teddy and Andromeda and joined Ron and Hermione in the discussion with Neville and his grandmother.

"Teddy has to grow up like me,without a mom to kiss his forehead when he goes to bed without a dad who to play Quidditch with...without the most important persons in the world...his parents."Harry thought.They died fighting,heroically,but Harry knew that their death will affect him forever.

"Harry,are you ok?"asked someone near him.

"What?Uh...yes...I'm just tired."said Harry and he looked at Neville's face."Wow,Neville...what happened to your face?"asked Harry dumbfounded.Neville"s whole face was full of a red liquid...he looked like an alien.A red alien.

"Ah...this is nothing!A Death Eater used that spell <<Sectumsempra>> on my face but Madam Pomfrey took care a little bit of it.It's nothing."

"But,Neville..."started Hermione to say but Neville's grandmother appeared from nowhere and said:

"Oh,hi Harry Potter and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.You fought well."

"You too."said Ron to Neville and his grandmother.

"Harry...continued Neville' grandmother."Thanks to you,You-Know-Who no longer exists.I have no words to express how much I thank you!"

Harry nodded."I must thank you too,because you fought in this battle alogside with  me.Thank you!"

"Oh,boy!"exclaimed Neville's grandmother and hugged Harry.

"Neville,I owe you one!If you hadn't killed the snake Nagini,Voldemort would have been still alive"said Harry when Neville's grandmother let him go and he could breathe again.

"No,you don't,Harry!It's ok!"whispered Neville in Harry's ears when he beat him friendly on his back.

Harry wanted to protest but proffesor McGonagall's amplified voice sounded loud in the Great Hall":

"I'm so sorry for everone who died here and I thank everyone who participated in the battle.Before organizational problems...Harry,do you want to say something?"asked proffesor McGonagall.

"Oh,sure."responded Harry nervously.A speech in front of some people was not planned.He didn't know what to say.He went near proffesor McGonagall,he cleared his throat and said with his voice trembling."Hm...I...I...I can't express how terrible I feel...that...that so many persons lost their lives in this battle to defeat Voldemort."said Harry and he sensed people shuddering at the name of the Dark Lord."Do not be afraid of his name.He is dead now..."continued Harry.

"But most of the Death Eaters aren't dead."said Cho Chang looking in his eyes,making Ginny clear her throat loud meaningfully.

In the silence that followed ,a shout was heard in the Great Hall:

"Of course we are not!AVADA KEDAVRA!



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