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"Over the past five years, I have been held in Azkaban Prison. As I said before, I didn't mean for things to go as far as they did. Before I knew it, I was being branded a murderer." Adelbert's head dropped. "They took some pity on me, they knew I never meant to kill anyone which is why I was only given five years, but five years, Mr Potter, is long enough to learn the error of your ways." Harry wasn't listening to any of this, his mind was solely on what he had said about Hermione. "Whilst I was in Azkaban, a new inmate arrived, well a lot of new inmates arrived after you killed You-Know-Who. But this woman was a mystery to me. She didn't look menacing or malevolent, but the things people were saying she did were beyond the imagination. Her name was Julie Eliot."

Harry instantly looked up. "What does she want with Hermione?" He had finally found his voice.

"She and Rodolphus Lestrange were plotting something. I would always see them in corners whispering."

"Rodolphus Lestrange?"

"That's right, Bellatrix's husband. Most presumed he was dead, but he was bundled into Azkaban along with the rest that managed to survive. They wanted Hermione because they knew that you would go after them to save her, they knew that if they took her, you would follow. He wants to finish what You-Know-Who started and she wants to finish what she started with you."

"Do you know where they've taken her?"

"No, but they did mention someone called Calum."

"Thank you, Adelbert, thank you," Harry said as he quickly got up and crossed the room to the front door.

"I hope you reach them in time," he smiled weakly, the candle light making his face seem warmer. "Good luck," he whispered as he blew out the candle.


Ron had resulted in firing spells at a nearby tree. He had started off kicking and punching it, but that failed to get him anywhere. "We need to calm down," Neville suggested. "Lashing out isn't going to get us anywhere."

Ron screamed and cursed, so loud that the birds in the surrounding trees flew away, "Ron, they're together," Ardal said, trying to sound calm. "At least they're together."

"Who are you trying to convince here? Ron or yourself?" Aengus question with rage pouring out of his voice. "It doesn't matter if they're together, one spell and they'll not be together."

"Don't say that, Aengus. They'll be okay, they'll both be okay." Neville tried to smile.

"Where is Harry and this marvellous plan of his?!" Aengus screeched.

"There is no plan," Ron said quietly, "he isn't comi-"

"I know where they are," Harry said as he appeared beside Ron. "They've taken them to Calum."

"How could you possibly know that?"

"I just do. We need to get to Ireland, as soon as possible."

"Calum isn't in Ireland," Ardal informed. "He's in Southampton."

Everyone stared at him, "how could you possibly know that?" Aengus repeated.

"I heard him. When you had all gone to Devon. A couple of weeks later, he was on our drive on his phone talking about how he was excited to be moving to Southampton. I reckon he has a job there."

"He was on your drive?" Neville questioned. "Why was he there? Are you friends?" He asked naively, everybody looked at everybody else, not wanting to be the person who broke the news.

"No. He's worse than vermin," Aengus spat.

"So what was he doing on your drive?"

"This kid has a point," Aengus observed, "I think we should go to Ireland. He was only on our drive so you would hear him and think that he is in Southampton."

"How can we be so sure?" Ron asked, getting more and more desperate to get to Aoife and Hermione.

"We should split up." Harry instructed, "some of us go to Ireland and some of us go to Southampton. If they're not in Ireland, we might at least be able to get some clues."

"Sounds like a good idea," Ardal agreed, "I'll go to Southampton. Luna and Ron, can you come with me?"

"I think Luna's knowledge of Ireland will come in handy," Harry said, "Neville, do you mind going to Southampton with them?"

"Of course not, if you think it will help." He said. "What about here?"

"They've got what they were after," Luna said gravely, "Hogwarts no longer need us here."

She was right, they weren't needed anymore, the whole thing was a distraction so they could get Aoife and Hermione. "Ardal, do you have a fireplace that is connected to the Floo Network?"

"Yes, just say the name of our house, Aengus will help you."

"How are you going to get to Southampton?" Aengus asked.

"We'll have to fly," Ron replied. "Have you got your phone?" Ron asked Harry, "let me know if you find anything!" He ordered, seemingly appreciating something most Muggles take for granted.

"Will do," Harry nodded, "Ron, they'll be okay."

"They'll be okay," he nodded.


Harry, Luna and Aengus arrived at the Curran's house, which was aptly named Curran's Castle "it's an old house," Luna explained, "been in the family for generations. It did once use to be a castle."

"I'm going to find Martha, see if she knows anything." Aengus walked off into the kitchen, hoping their trusted housekeeper would be there.

"I didn't realise she lived here all year round," Harry pondered to Luna.

"She's got nowhere else to go, she has no other family."

"Martha?" Aengus called as he opened the creaking door. His eyes fell on the plates that were stacked in the middle of the kitchen table. "Oh, no," he breathed before he ran back out to the others. "Harry, something is wrong."

"What do you mean?" He got his wand out.

"Martha. She never puts plates on the table because of something that happened when Aisling was really young. It's habit now, she never leaves anything on the table."


"There is a stack of plates in the middle of the kitchen table. Aisling is staying with Pegeen, but still, she wouldn't leave them there."

"Maybe she hasn't got around to putting them away?" Harry asked, trying to think logically about all of this.

"No, something is wrong. Martha would never leave things on the table." He ran upstairs, Harry and Luna looked at one another and followed, taking two steps at a time to match Aengus' speed. "We need to get into her room."

"You're never allowed in there," Luna said whispery. "You won't know if anything is awry."

"Aengus? Is that you?" Someone called from downstairs.

"That might be Martha," Harry whispered.

"Harry, you need to believe me. Something isn't right here, I'll go and distract whoever it is downstairs, and you get in that room and see if anything is odd." Aengus order. He waiting for any form of confirmation from Harry, his voice and his eyes told Harry that it was glaringly obvious that Aengus was right.

"Okay, I'll get in that room."

"Thank you," he whispered before he made his way downstairs.

"Aengus, it's good to see you. What are you doing here? I thought you were at a party?" A female voice said from the floor below.

"Martha, you look a bit stressed. Is everything okay?"

"What are we going to do?" Luna whispered to Harry.

"We're going to open this door," Harry pointed his wand at the door and whispered. The door clicked open and revealed all to Harry.


"Are you two doing alright?" Ron called as they soared across the sky in the middle of the night.

"Just about," Ardal shouted back, "I've never flown for this long before."

"Ron, there's something I should tell you," Neville called.

"If it has nothing to do with what we're doing right now, you're going to have to wait!"

"My Grandma, she's from Southampton. If we fly to her, I'm sure she'll be happy to take us there."

"Neville, why didn't you say that before we took off?" Ardal laughed.

"Take us to your Grandma," Ron ordered.

"Sorry about that," Neville whispered as they walked through the streets of Southampton. "Sometimes I forget. She rarely talks about her childhood.

"It's alright, Neville. We're here now," Ardal smiled. "Have you heard anything from Harry?"

"Nothing, that's a good thing, right?"

"No news is good news," Ardal replied. "He mentioned the name of a hotel, Southern Crown Hotel I think it was called."

"What do you think is waiting for us there?" Neville asked.

"I have no idea," Ardal replied, "I just hope that it will help us."


Harry and Luna snooped around the tidy, plain room. Nothing jumped out at either of them as being out of place. Harry was looking at her wardrobe, it was slanted slightly - did that have anything to do with anything? "Harry," Luna said, her voice breaking through the silence like a sharp knife. "This is Martha's husband. He was Scottish and went missing whilst on a walk. Nobody knows what happened to him." She explained as she pointed to a photo in a frame which was stood on her dressing table.

"Luna, why are you-" he began to say when he saw what Luna saw.

"No hairbrush," Luna whispered. Beside the photo frame was a box of hair styling equipment, including a comb, but no hairbrush.

"Who's downstairs with Aengus?"

" Not Martha," Harry whispered.

"Follow me," Luna replied.

"Are you alone Aengus? I could cook you something to eat."

"No, thanks, Martha. You know I don't eat at this time." Aengus replied suspiciously.

"That's right, sorry. So, are you alone?"

"No, Hermione and Aoife are with me upstairs." He lied, waiting for the reaction.

"Oh, really? Would they like anything to eat?"

"I don't think so. I'll just check," he replied slowly.

"No! That won't be necessary, I'll go up and ask them," Martha said forcefully.

"If that's what you want to do," Aengus smiled. "Come on, Harry, this is down to you now." He said under his breath as the woman walked upstairs.


They were standing outside the grand hotel, looking up at the various windows. The large steps that lead up to the front doors seemed like a mountain to the three of them as they tried to prepare what they were planning on doing once they had reached reception. "He won't have used his name, would he? That would be too obvious." Neville said.

"Maybe. We can't be sure," Ardal replied.

"We could try and steal the logbook, see the names in there?" Ron suggested.

"How are we supposed to steal the logbook?"

"Neville, we're Wizards," Ron said matter-of-factly.

"We're not going to hurt anyone, Ron." Ardal ordered. "We'll talk to the receptionist, see if we can distract them or something."

"So you want to talk to them instead of using magic and making it a lot quicker?"

"Hello, my name is Phoebe, how may I help you?" The platinum blonde receptionist smiled as the three of them entered the hotel.

"Hi, Phoebe," Neville smiled, "my name is Nev and I've seemed to have lost my brother."

"Right, how can I help?"

"The last I saw him he was running in here with a girl, so I was wondering if you saw them?"

"No, no one has walked through those doors since my shift started." She smiled before looking back at the computer screen. "What's his name? Maybe he booked himself in."

"Calum, but he might not have used his real name," Neville said.

"Ah, right, a bit of a so-and-so?"

"You could say that," Neville laughed, not really understanding her comment.

"Well, Nev, no one called Calum has booked in today."

"Has anyone booked in today? Or in the past week?" Ron asked frantically.

Phoebe looked up from her desk and acted like she had only just seen Ron and Ardal, "that's confidential information, Sir. Sorry, but I can't tell you that."

"Ardal, we need to use magic," Ron whispered so only he could hear.

"No, we can do it without," Ardal urged, sounding much louder than he had intended.

"Oh, hello," Phoebe smirked, "I didn't see you there. What's your name?"

"Oh, umm, A-Ardal." He said bashfully.

"An Irish, how…mysterious."

"Yeah," he forced a laugh, "is there any way you can help us?"

"I'm sorry, Cutie, but I can't disclose visitors details."

"Give us a minute," Ron said as he dragged Ardal away. "She's flirting with you, you're going to have to distract her."

"Why me?"

"It was you who insisted we didn't use magic, so you're going to have to distract her."

"Ron, I can't do that."

"Why not? It's just flirting, you might end up having a lot in common," he winked.

"She's most certainly not my type."

"That doesn't matter, it doesn't have to go any further."

"Then why can't you do it?"

"Because she evidently has taken a liking to you. Come on, you can do this. Eli doesn't have to know." He smiled.

"You know?"

"Of course, I know, you brought him to the party. It's obvious how much you care about him. Do this for your sister and Hermione."

Ardal nodded, seemingly forgetting how much was at stake. As they were about to go back over, Ron got a message on his phone, Martha is missing, she might be in Southampton. "What does it say? Have they found them?" Ardal asked desperately.

"No, Ardal. Ask the receptionist about Martha."

Ardal looked at Ron through narrowed eyes, but he followed the order. "Hi, Phoebe."

"Hi, Cutie."

"Nev's brother, he was with someone called Martha. Has she checked in?"

Phoebe flipped through the book, "Martha?"


"Ah, yes, she booked in several days ago." She smiled, looking up at him with her big grey eyes.

"Could you possibly tell us which room? We need to get Calum and leave."

"Sorry, that's private information. If only you could give me something in return," she said slyly. "Give me your number, and maybe I will let slip what room."

Ardal leant in closer to Phoebe, "tell me first," he whispered.

That seemed to work for her, miraculously, "room 170," she sighed.

"Thanks," Ardal said as the three of them ran off upstairs.

"Hey! What about your number?" She called.

"I don't have a phone!" He revealed as he turned the corner, out of sight of the glaring Phoebe.


"Aoife? Hermione?" Martha called as she reached the last step. "Would you like anything to eat?" When no reply came, she got angrier and louder, "Aoife! Hermione! I need to speak to you!" She looked up the next flight of stairs, the stairs that led to Aoife's room. "Fine, if you won't come down, I'll just have to go up," she murmured to herself.

"Luna, what are we planning?" Harry whispered as they crouched in Ardal's wardrobe.

"She'll be trapped up there, there's no way down and Mr Curran put a charm on the house so there's no Disapparation allowed.

"So we are going to run up there and do what? She'll have a wand and will probably be quicker than we are."

"When I said there was no way down, there is no way down that most people know about. When they were young, their Mum put a secret passage so that they could get to each other's room without leaving theirs."

"Martha doesn't know about it?"

"I don't think so, this imitator certainly won't."

Once they heard the door upstairs close, Luna led the way out of the rather cramped wardrobe. "You're staying incredibly calm, Harry. I'm impressed." She expressed as she found the secret door which was located behind a poster.

"I just need to find her, staying calm is the best way of doing that." He replied quickly.

"And we will find her, I promise." She squeezed his shoulder, the usual fairy tone being replaced by a serious one.

Harry nodded, knowing that negative thinking wouldn't get them anywhere. They began climbing up the secret passage which was easier than Harry had expected. "What spell are you going to use?" He whispered once they had reached the top.

" Incarcerous " Luna screamed as she pushed through the secret door on Aoife's room. Martha, who was ignorant of everything that Luna knew about the house, fell to the floor after trying and failing to free herself of the thin cord that now locked her arms to her body and her legs together.

"What the- let me go!" She screeched.

"Who are you?" Harry asked as he leapt out of the door.

"I'm Martha, you know that, Harry." She said innocently.

"Then who am I?" Luna asked.

"Luna," she growled.


"Can you believe that they've sent Martha here, I can't understand it." Ardal said as they walked up countless steps and through countless corridors.

"They're sending us on a wild goose chase. They knew you would have heard Calum on the phone talking about moving to Southampton and intentionally said the name of the hotel, but they weren't to know that we would split up, I bet they're still in Ireland, exactly where Calum always is." Neville said.

"I hope you're right," Ron said through gritted teeth, "I hope the others get to them."

"Here we are," Neville smiled up at the white door with the number 170 in brass.

Ron knocked on the door as hard and as loudly as he knew how; it was several minutes until they heard footsteps on the other side. "Ardal, what on earth are you doing here?" She said as she rubbed her eyes, they had all forgotten that it was quite late.

"Who sent you here, Martha?"

"You did," she asked, her voice confused and shy. "I got a letter from you to say that you thought I deserved a holiday, I found it a bit odd because I had spent a couple of months in Scotland, like always, but I couldn't have possibly turned down an opportunity to stay in a swanky hotel for a couple of weeks."

"Did we send the booking forms and everything?"

"Oh yes, everything was paid for. Ardal, surely you should know that." Martha wrapped her dressing gown tighter than previously, obviously taken aback by this whole conversation.

"Martha, I'm sorry but we didn't send you here. It was all part of a ploy to get us as far away from Aoife and Hermione as possible."

Martha gasped as her hand covered her mouth, "someone has Aoife? And Hermione? Who?"

"Calum," Ardal replied.

"Oh, no," she began to cry, "this is all my fault! I should never have assumed."

"This is far from your fault, Martha, but we need to get back to Ireland, you're coming too."


The heavens opened up and rain began pouring, Harry, Luna and Aengus were standing over the person who looked like Martha, waiting for the potion to wear off. "We're assuming this isn't Martha," Harry voiced after more than twenty minutes.

Aengus was getting more and more on edge, he knew who Martha was going to turn out to be, but he was too afraid to tell them. "This isn't Martha," Luna whispered, bending down and looking at her in the eye.

"It's from Ron," Harry said as he gazed down at his phone screen, "Go to the Barn Yard, NOW!"

Martha's eyes instantly grew wider, "what are you going to do there?"

"Never you mind," Aengus snarled. "Someone has to stay here."

"I don't think that’s a good idea," Harry said, "we shouldn't be left alone."

"Then lock her in the cellar, do what you want, but we have to go."

Harry was hesitant, he didn't particularly want to go locking people in anywhere, but he knew he had no other choice. "We're going to come back as soon as possible, right?" He asked as they walked down the drive in the pouring rain.

"That's my Dad, Harry. We will contact the authorities when we get the chance."

"How do you kn-"

"There's certain mannerisms you pick up on when you're completely terrified of a person. There are things that he can't help doing or can't help saying - when we get back, my Dad will be in that cellar. Bet he regrets putting charms on the house now. He won't be able to contact anyone, so all he'll be able to do is wait." His eyes were wild and had no ounce of emotion in them.


"Ardal, do you think you can get us to Ireland?" Ron asked as they ran down the steps at the back of the hotel, Ardal insisted so they wouldn't bump into Phoebe.

"I've never travelled that far before," he replied.

"What about the Knight Bus?" Neville suggested.

"Will that be quick enough?" Ardal asked, "we used it several times when we were younger, but I'm not sure if it would get us to Ireland quick enough. Also, what about Martha?"

"There's only one way to find out," Neville smirked as he stuck his wand arm out. It a matter of breaths, the extravagant purple bus pulled up.

"Good evening," a round face smiled.

"How quickly could you get us to Inistioge in Ireland?" Ardal asked as he peered up at the conductor.

"We're fairly busy tonight so it won't be as quick as usual."

"We need to get their as soon as possible, my fiancée and my best friend have been taken by some really bad people and I fear that they are dead, please, could you get us there?" Ron begged.

"Fiery red hair, quick-tempered, you must be Ron Weasley. Hop on board, I'll see what we can do." Ron smiled to himself, he wasn't used to people recognising him and being treated like this. As he walked past the conductor, he pushed his chest out and for an instant forgot the enormity of what they were doing.


"You go without me, I don't feel like I belong on that thing," she smiled timidly, "I'll see if I can push my flight forward."

"Go to Pegeen's until you hear from us, I don't want you getting caught up in all of this."

"Be safe, all of you, be safe."

The bus was packed with a miss-match of Witches and Wizards. Ron rarely used the Knight Bus, the first he really heard about it was when Harry told them all about it. They sat down on a row of seats that had seemingly been left for them to occupy. Ron and the others held on to hoops that were dangling from the ceiling to stop the jostling of the bus from disorientating them too much. "Do you think the others have got to them yet?" Ron shouted as he was being swung from left to right.

"I think so," Ardal feigned confidence that Ron was too desperate to ignore. "Aengus will stop at nothing to get them both back safely."

"I know," Ron agreed. "I can't help but think we have wasted our time by coming here. Martha was safe and we've spent hours here when we could have been saving them."

"You wouldn't be saying that if they were here, Ron. At least we know that Martha is safe and knows nothing about what is going on." Neville offered Ron, he seemed to drop the subject but not out of agreement.


"Aengus, you're going to have to calm down. We don't want to go running into something we don't know about. Anything can be going on behind that door!" Luna urged.

"You don't seem to understand, L, she's my sister and my friend, I can't just stand around anymore. As you say, anything can be going on behind that door and that anything can be horrific and torturous to them. We need to get them out of there as soon as possible!"

"Luna is right, Aengus. You know that I want to get them out of there as much as you, but we need to do this intelligently. We need to outsmart them and not scare them."

"How do you suppose on doing that?"

"I brought this," Harry smiled as he held up his Invisibility Cloak.

"No offence, Harry, but only one of you will fit in there now," Luna said delicately.

"Which on of us is going in?" Aengus said as he grabbed onto the cloak.

"I am. Aengus, you know you won't be able to control yourself once you see Calum, you know that you might as well walk in freely than under this. We need to use this for our benefit."

"So what are we going to do?" Aengus asked through gritted teeth.

"How many entrances and exits are there?"

"Just this one, it's quite a dodgy place."

"Then you are going to guard it to make sure nobody comes out and if they do, I want you to stun them or tie them, whatever you have to do to stop them from escaping and potentially getting reinforcement." Harry took charge, trying to channel Hermione as her plans usually ended successfully. "I am going to try and get them out without anyone seeing."

"How?" Luna asked.

Harry hadn't thought about that. Yes, both Hermione and Aoife were smaller than he was, but there was no way he would be able to sneak them under even if he tried to do it one at a time. "I'm going to take them to Ron's." He said. That was all he could think of, getting them as far away as possible from here."

"Do you think it's safe there?" Aengus asked, realising they didn't have this much time, but wanting to make sure their plan was viable.

"I believe it will be," Harry nodded, wondering how he would fare disapparating to somewhere so far away.

"Just get them both out of there," he almost snarled.

Harry didn't need telling twice, it was now or never.

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