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Something unpleasant wakes me this morning. Oh no, not now. No no no, shit shit shit shit! Damn that boy!

My eyes grow wide and I think that they’re going to pop out of my sockets. Mum and Dad aren’t home. Even if they were they seem to have become deaf and blind to this zoo of a house.


“Shit, my sister’s up.”

“YOU PROMISED ME YOU WERE GOING TO STAY CELIBATE!” Next time I’m making the bloody Unbreakable Vow. No way is that boy getting away with these sexual trysts.  


The boys seem to be ignoring me, so I try everything that is humanly possible to not hear anything. Five minutes later I’m sitting on my deck with pillows pressed over my ears, and I’m singing a rather annoying muggle tune.


There she was just a walking down the street, singing ‘do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do.” Some song by some muggle band called Manfred Mann.


Somehow, I still hear everything


There’s a knock at the door, but I don’t answer. I continue with the tune and shove my finger into my ears. When the door opens, I make a mental note to get alohomora resistant locks.


“I’ll give you anything, just don’t tell Mum and Dad.”

“Scorpius, do you realize that Mum and Dad wouldn’t care if you had a threesome in the middle of the bloody Ministry as long as you made me watch enough to torture me?” I ask, rolling my eyes. “But, as you broke your promise I would like a fifty galleon gift certificate to Flourish and Blotts or a broom trade between you and I. Whichever is easiest for you. Actually, I will gladly trade my broom for yours.”

“You will have a fifty galleon gift certificate deposited—well taped—to your door by tomorrow morning.”

“Great. Now, please go back to shagging your boyfriend.” I urge him sarcastically.


“Do I sound bloody serious to you? Get the hell out of my room!” 


Scorpius raises his hands in defeat, and backs slowly away from me. 


“When I’m of age you better learn to sleep with one eye open!” I call after him as he closes my white bedroom door.


I hate my brother and over the next few days it really seems to show. Actually, I think I’ve almost always hated him, but I hate Scorpius’s hair gel more…


2 Years Previous


“Oh, that’s disgusting! SCORPIUS!”

“Hmm?” My brother acknowledged, sliding into the bathroom we shared. 

“What is this?” I motioned angrily towards the clogged up sink. 

“Oh, it’s my new hair gel. Doesn’t it smell good?”


I took my hands off of my hips and shifted my weight from right foot to left foot and back again before speaking. “So that’s why you smell like a skunk.”

“It’s Indian Lotus.” He whined, taking a hand full of the gooey substance and throwing it at me.

“Gross! That skunk must have eaten a lot of Indian Lotus gel and then crapped and puked it out, and they decided to use that instead of making it again, because it was cheaper than making another batch!”

“Why are you trying to insult me?”

“You threw gooey hair gel at me!”

“You insulted me before I even threw it!”


Scorpius was probably the most frustrating person I’d ever met in my entire life, but it didn’t mean that I was going to let him frustrate me. I was going to pummel him so hard that his pretty boy face would make Albus run for the hills. They’d only been dating two months at that point, but I was already sick of it.


Instead, I kind of lucked out and shoved my palm up his nose, then ran past him and fled into the backyard. Let’s just say that father was not happy about mopping up blood from the white bathroom floor…


Back to my current comically horrible life. Two weeks later…


“Would you please let my trunk go, you’re going to damage it!” Scorpius whines, pulling at the hella heavy brown luggage.

“I try to do something nice for you and this is how you thank me? I should have been the Hufflepuff.”

“Ly, I don’t think Hufflepuffs are sarcastic, two faced grumps who hate their lives.”

“I do not hate my life!” I defend, scowling at my brother’s long pale face and making a move to hit him.


Mum and Dad are at the bottom of the stairs, and Dad seems to whisper to her. Probably something like, "at least when they’re at Hogwarts we won’t have to deal with them."


“I heard that!” I yell at them, even though I don’t even know what exactly I heard. Even so, they both raise magazines and back away. The stupid things are upside-down… Again. If I had a galleon for every time I wanted to give myself a facepalm, I’d be a millionaire. I mean, besides the millions we already have.



I board the train with a confident feeling. This year will be phenomenal, I can feel it. Or maybe it will be a complete disaster and my brain is making things up, after all I got an ‘A’ in Divination last year. 


Finding my friends is hard work, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I accidentally knocked down at least fifteen firsties, there are so many this year, and my new height is difficult to control. I’ve grown about five inches this summer, and it’s really hard to get used to. I am about those five inches taller than my brother, and I have no idea how that can be. I feel like an outsider among my family. I’m loud, they’re quiet. I have hazel eyes whereas the rest of them have bluish-greyish eyes. I’m sassy, they have trouble coming up with witty retorts (I will never give Scorpius the satisfaction of knowing that he pulls off the sass a little tiny bit). I’m good at quidditch, and they’re all absolutely horrible (well, I guess Dad’s at least mediocrely okay). But, what teenager doesn’t feel like an outsider?


Finally, I reach the end of the train and find Audrey and Ben. They’re sitting talking, and showing each other phrases in books. Typical Audrey and Ben.  


“Hey guys,” I smile, raising my hand and giving a little wave after I open the compartment. 

“Hey, Ly!” Audrey says and jumps up, squeezing me in one of her bear hugs. She hasn’t seen me all summer, as she’s been on the island of Lipari in Italy with her family for most of the two short months off of school that we have. 

“Hey Auds,” I greet, hugging her back. “How was Lipari?”

“Ahhh, it was so beautiful. Open and free, and the water was the bluest of blues.”

“That sounds amazing.” I exclaim, smiling with happiness as I’m back with my two weirdo besties. “Ben, info on Lipari, please.”

“Lipari,” Ben starts. “An island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Area: 37 kilometres squared. Island group: Aeolian Islands. Province: Province of Messina. Postal code: 98055. Patron Saint: Bartholomäus. Dialling code: 090. That’s from Google by the way.”


Audrey and I raise our eyebrows.


“What’s Google?” Audrey questions, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

“Oh never mind,” Ben huffs, running his hands through his hair and looking disgusted with us.


The train leaves London and slowly enters the suburbs. I stare out the window as Audrey and Ben talk more. 


“Oh shit, I totally forgot!” I cry. “I have prefect rounds.” 


I jump up and sprint towards the Prefect’s Compartment. I’m going to be in so much trouble! The reds of the train corridor flash around my eyes as I run faster than a Firebolt. My admittedly shity stamina fails and I go tumbling, hitting the floor right in front of the prefects compartment.


“I’m so so so sorry.” I exclaim as I launch myself into the small space. A Slytherin looks up at me and smiles. 

“You must be Lyra Malfoy.” He says, shaking my hand. “I’m Samuel Marshin, everyone else has started their rounds but I stayed behind to wait for you. I’m glad you came, or else I would have had to wait for the whole train ride.”


“Well, I’m glad I remembered. I’m not used to all the responsibility.”

“That’s okay, I forgot my first year being a prefect as well. You’re on the twenty compartments at the back of the train.”

“Thanks! Wait, who are all the prefects?”

“Well, for Gryffindor there is you and Stef Longbottom. For Slytherin there’s me and the head girl, Talia Davies. For Hufflepuff there’s Jackie Shyder and Amerika Brown. And then for Ravenclaw there’s Jenna Randy and as head boy there’s—.”

“Albus Potter, I know him all too well.” I grunt. “Thanks for telling me everyone’s names. Have an nice day.” I say awkwardly, then slip out of the compartment to go do my rounds. 


Other than a few firsties who want to know where the bathroom or the trolley is, and a few 3rd years who think they’re so cool just because they are thirteen, and cuss in front of me, I don’t really have any problems with anyone. When I’m dismissed from my rounds, I head back to my compartment and am displeased with the spectacle that I did not come here to witness.


It seems as if couples are unavoidable and you see them everywhere. I should be used to them apparently. Even so, the sight of TJ on Ben’s lap, stroking his hair and making out with him, is one that causes vomit to ride up in my throat. I know Ben seems that innocent, but trust me… He’s not.


I cough throatily, trying to get their attention. Nothing, not even a glance. Typical.


“Guys!” I yell, clapping my hands at their faces. 

“Oh hey Lyra.” TJ acknowledges me, running a hand through his dishevelled hair. 

“Hello Theodore-Jack, please understand that at any moment any other prefect could open this door and see you two snogging each other to pieces.”

“Use my full first name again and I’ll crucio you.”

“Okay, okay.” I comply, raising my hands in supplication. TJ’s face is flushed and Ben’s lips are all swollen. I guess love alters not only your emotions, but your physical traits or looks. Clothing styles, hair colours, redness of everything. 


“We have the blinds closed and everything, we’re fine.” Ben sighs, probably willing me to leave them in peace. 

“Yeah, except now the prefects just barge in to make sure that no one is killing each other. Blinds or no blinds, you two could be outed faster than you can say ‘no homo.’”

“Thanks for the tip. Would you guard the door please?” Ben asks, with an almost sarcastic tone in his voice. 

“What? No. You guys can go snog in one of the bathroom stalls.” I suggest, angry that they’d even ask such a thing.

“No, that’d be way too cliché. Please, Lyra. I’ll get you a cake from the kitchens if you do this for us.”


I think about it. Food or dignity? Cake.

“It better be a big one.” I grumble. “Before I leave, where’s Audrey?”

“Being cliché.” TJ laughs. God, am I the only one without a person on my arm and by my side? I feel as if I kept failing a subject and so I ended up getting stuck with the fourth years in that subject, whereas everyone else is taking the 6th year class. There are even second years with boyfriends! I mean, personally I think that’s too young but I’m still jealous, and I feel like that’s childish. 


I leave the brightly lit compartment and bring a book. I start to crack it open to read it, but am interrupted a few minutes later by Albus. Damn it. He starts to slide open the compartment door, when I shove my palm up his nose as I did to my brother a few years ago after ‘the hair gel day of doom’. A bunch of crimson blood spurts from his nose and hits me. Ew. My white blouse is covered in red dots and splashes. If it didn’t make me look like a murderer, it’d be cool, even though this blouse is five hundred galleons. Oh well, it’s two years old.


“Ow, what the hell was that for?” Albus asks, rubbing his nose and glaring at me. 

“Ben is… Ben is…” 

“Ben is what?”

“Snogging Audrey in there!” My life is really depressing if that’s the best answer I can come up with. 

“Oh, well, carry on.” Albus says, winking and then raising his eyebrows all suggestively. 


As soon as he leaves, Audrey shows up and smiles at me. “What’s going on in there?” She asks, pointing at the ‘Compartment of Doom’ as I will now refer to compartment 400 for the rest of my life.

“Ben is snogging his, ‘girlfriend’.” I say, making quote marks covertly. Audrey looks confused, but then her face changes expressions and she seems to understand.

“Ohh, oh, ohhh.”

“Yeah. And you need to go and hide in the bathroom, because I told Albus Potter that you were the one snogging him.”


“Just until TJ and Ben finish up. They’re paying me with a cake, we can split it.”

“You do anything for food don’t you? And yet you’re so skinny and tall, how do you do it?” Audrey complains. She’s neither skinny nor overly large, she’s just naturally a little bit bigger. But she has curves and big breasts, I’m skinny and tiny chested. She pulls off her look, I’m a TAGF. Tall Awkward Gangly Friend.

“No idea. But hey, you’re beautiful too.”

“Thanks, most people don’t think so.”

“Well, don’t tell me who those people are because they’ll be in the Hospital Wing in about the five seconds after I’m done with them.” 


I have no idea why Audrey believes she’s not as beautiful as others. I’m jealous of her, and I know quite a few other girls who are too. She’s rich, smart, and gorgeous. The only thing she’s not is popular. It's the perpetual awkwardness that makes that factor impossible, so it's not like she can blame it on her body.


I watch her as she sways from side to side, making her way to the bathroom. “I’ll bring you a Chocolate Cauldron!” I call after her. 


I knock on the compartment door and hear a soft “come in.” I slide the shiny red door open and slide in gracefully. 


“Guys, pretend to be nothing but friends for the next five minutes, I’m getting Audrey a Chocolate Cauldron.”

“Wait, why are you getting her a Chocolate Cauldron? She’s snogging someone.”

“No, she stopped. I told her to go hide in the bathroom because I accidentally told Albus that she and you were snogging, not you and TJ.”

“Okay.” Ben agrees.

“Gotcha,” TJ smiles. “Thanks for covering us.”

“Cover you for what?” I play dumb, even though I should have probably said ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘no problem whatsoever’, but this makes TJ laugh giddily so I take it that I was funny and that it was the right thing to say. I slide back out and find the Trolley Lady. I give her a few bronze knuts and then go into the bathroom and give the creamy and delicious looking chocolate to Audrey. The bathroom is small and dim, with tree green, blue, gold, and red wallpaper. The house colours, original. Wow, sarcasm does not work as well when not spoken. 


I go back and slide the compartment door open. “Proceed.” I say to the boys, then close the compartment door a split second before TJ’s lips crash against Ben’s. 


The train ride seems to last forever, and by the time the boys come out and tell me they’re done and I can come back in, and I go find Audrey, it’s time to get our robes on. 


Audrey slides on her yellow capped Hufflepuff robe over her pretty lilac sweater, Ben gets stuck in a blue capped Ravenclaw robe (Audrey has to help him out), and TJ and I both sport our new Gryffindor robes. Well, I know they’re new because we both forgot to take the tags off.


“I see that you grew this summer too.” TJ points out, taking my tag off for me. I do the same for him, and then we all sit back down. 


TJ and Ben make the best of the little time they’ll have together until the weekend, without kicking us out or being disgusting. They cuddle, whispering sweet nothings to each other, as Audrey and I discuss the coming school year. Of course, there will be cramming for NEWTs (even though we don't have to sit them until next year), and boys, and parties, but how she's supposed to keep on top of them she has no idea. For me it’s simple. I have no social life, no boyfriend, and pretty top notch grades (except divination. Which I’m not taking this year, thank Merlin.)


I can’t help but stare at TJ and Ben. Am I jealous or do I find love disgusting? I’m really being pulled back and forth between those two feelings right now. If I did want to date anyone, I wouldn’t really know who. That Samuel Marshin was really cute, and he seemed interesting. I don’t know how he could have seemed interesting though, I barely talked to him. 


Despite the fact that I will never admit it, James Potter is pretty cute. Oliver Wood has a son called Tim, and he’s beyond hot and completely quidditch toned and super smart. I don’t know though, do I really like any of them?


Audrey gets my attention (apparently I was zoned out) and says something about quidditch.


“Are you going to try out this year?”

“Hell yeah, quidditch is my life Auds.” I exclaim, smiling at TJ and giving him a hard high five. 

“Just know Lyra, if I pick you it’s not because you’re my boyfriend’s best friend, and y'know my best friend, but like I was dating Ben before I became friends with you so I felt like I should mention that and-"

I cut him off. "TJ, we get it. The point is?"

"Well, it's because you’re an amazing chaser and an amazing keeper too.”

“Thanks, TJ.” I say, giving him a genuine smile. 

“We’re here!” Audrey cries out. Whenever we come back to Hogwarts she get this look of intense wonder in her eyes, and she grabs her trunk, runs out of the compartment, and finds us all a carriage. Then she spends the rest of the week with post-Hogwarts arrival euphoria. After that, the reality of classes and homework start to fall on her, and she’s miserable. Well, as miserable as a Happy Hufflepuff can be. 


TJ groans. “At least we have quidditch.” He says to me and I nod solemnly in agreement. Audrey and Ben both absolutely adore school, so they wouldn’t agree. The only subjects I’m extremely good in are Herbology (Professor Neville Longbottom is my professor in that class) and Potions and Alchemy (under the watchful eye of old Professor Slughorn, who I have a feeling is about to let me into the Slug Club). After all my years in Hogwarts, there’s nothing I want more than to be collected. Oh it’s been my deepest desire since the first day I knew about it. Mr. Potter always laughs when I tell him this, and says “sometimes I think we should trade lives.”


I get my trunk down from the overhead shelves and follow Audrey to the door. I see the boys give each other one last kiss, and then follow us. As soon as we’re out into the chilly night air, Audrey runs full force and gets us the very first carriage. 


“I love Hogwarts.” she sighs dreamily, looking up at the brightly lit school in all its glory. 


I sit down next to her and bring up a conversation about the Quidditch World Cup with TJ once he sits down. When the carriages start moving, TJ and Ben lace their hands together and smile. 


“Actually, I’ve never really asked before, but does anyone see the thestrals?” Audrey asks curiously. TJ looks a little hesitant, but then he speaks up.

“My sister had a heart attack. Got her to St. Mungo’s, we thought just in time, but she died about five seconds later.”

“Wait, your sister wasn’t Olivia Peartrude, was she?”

“Yeah, half-sister really, Mum’s side. My last name’s Dashkin. ” 

“Sorry,” Audrey apologizes awkwardly. “I heard she was an amazing rights fighter. She worked on a bunch of elf rights campaigns and some gay rights.”

“Yeah, she was four years older. I really looked up to her.” 


Eventually we move past the depressing topic of Olivia Peartrude, and move on to what we’ll be learning this year, and what classes we’re all taking.


“I’ve got Astronomy, Charms, two DADA classes, four Herbology classes, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, three Potions classes, Transfiguration, Alchemy, three Arithmancy classes, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies, Magical Theory, Muggle Music, Apparation starting in January, and Orchestra.” Ben announces proudly.

“I thought they destroyed all of the time turners after the Second Wizarding War.”

“They did,” Ben says matter-of-factly. “But there’s a program they have for sixth and seventh years who want and are eligible to take more than ten classes. If enough people are able, which has happened this year, then the program happens.” Ben starts. “It’s super complicated, but I’ll draw you up a basic explanation later.” 

“How come I wasn’t told?” I protest.

“Well, you’re probably not eligible for more than ten classes, or you didn’t apply.” Ben explains.

“Well, I would’ve applied if I had any idea it existed!”

“I’m in that program too!” Audrey exclaims, giving a high five to Ben. “Wait, why do you need to take Muggle Studies? You’re a muggleborn.”

“Because it’s interesting and I need it for some of my career choices.”

“Anyway, yeah I’m in the program too. I’m only in thirteen classes though.”


The same as every other year, when we get to the castle Audrey jumps out of the carriage and squeals. 


“Home at last, home at last!” She cries, and her face looks like she’s about to kiss the dark brown soil beneath her. I don't even understand why she says it twice, but there's Audrey for you. She leaves the whole world going "what the fuck?" even after you think you've figured out everything about her.


We head into the grand and completely lit castle, and I wave goodbye to Ben and Audrey as I make my way over to Gryffindor with TJ. We sit together and wait for the first years to arrive. 


There are about a fifty of them this year, a little bit more than last year’s 44. They shuffle in, afraid and nervous looking as they look around themselves in awe. Whispers flutter among them, and they look at us with wide eyes as if we are mystical creatures. Not surprising, most of us are at least a foot taller than them. 


“Were we that tiny and helpless?” I lean over and whisper in TJ’s ear.

“No idea, maybe you should ask Ben. He remembers almost everything he wants to remember.”

“Like the answers to every single question any professor could ever think of asking.” I chuckle quietly as the first child is called up. 

“Cara Stevens,” Professor Longbottom calls to a small mousy haired girl with deep brown eyes. The hat doesn’t take much time, and almost like my own father it barely touches the girl’s head before yelling “SLYTHERIN!”


Eleven Years Previous


Scorpius and I were munching on our cornflakes when Dad came into the kitchen, prompting my six year old brother to ask a question and he and my five year old self to get the answer mouths widening. 


“What house were you in at Hogwarts, Dad?” 


Dad seemed to be taken off guard by the question. We knew Hogwarts existed and knew we would go one day (and a few other details), but we’d never really talked about it or even mentioned it. 


“Ah, I w-was in Slytherin.” He answered, stuttering a little. (We knew exactly what the house virtues were and what people were like in each of the houses when Dad went to school). He clearly didn’t want to talk about his Hogwarts house. I learned over the years that Dad really hated talking about his years at Hogwarts.


“You were in Slytherin?” I gasped, mouth turning into a black hole.

“What, how?” Scorpius asked, following suit at black hole creating.

“Yes I was, Mum was too actually.” Our black holes got three times bigger.

“Were you a hatstall then, and the hat kind of just gave up after a while? That must be it,” I suggested. Dad’s face froze, and his consciousness seemed to melt off of his face. “Blink so that I know you’re in there.” I said after a while. What can I say? I’ve been witty and sassy my entire life.

“Actually the hat picked my house the second it touched my head.” He uttered nervously.


“WHAT?!” Scorpius and I both yelled simultaneously. We spent the next few minutes yelling and wondering how it could be possible, until Dad had to yell.

QUIET!” We shut up for the rest of the day after that, both dumbstruck with the fact that Dad was in Slytherin and that so was Mum. He and Mum enjoyed the silence.


Back to my current comically horrible life. 


The sorting takes about two hours. There are many almost hat stalls this year, and even a few hat stalls themselves. Apparently someone even broke the record, but they need to make sure that’s accurate. 


I’m so happy when the food appears on the tables, and everyone starts eating. I immediately reach for some smoked ribs and some sautéed veggies. Gotta start eating well for quidditch. 


When the dinners disappear and the puddings arrive I’m nearly full, but am never up for passing the elves special chocolate cake with a side of lavender macaroons. Delish! My parents are decent at cooking and we do have a house elf (who is there by choice and does have clothing and a nice warm bed) who makes tasty food, but the dishes at Hogwarts are simply divine.


Again, I almost forget my prefect duties, but TJ gives me a quick nudge in the direction of my fellow Gryffindor Prefect, Stef Longbottom. I run over to him and he gives me a warm grin before telling me to take the front of the pack. 


“First year Gryffindors this way please!” I call, holding a hand up and doing a quick head count before I start walking. “Try and stay together.”


When we get to the staircases I let the Ravenclaws pass in front of us and then mention how the stairs like to change and that it's imperative to stay alert on them (not that I ever do). When we get to the Fat Lady’s portrait I say this year’s password draconis divination and lead the first years in. I point them to the boys and girls dorms, the loo, and introduce the Common Room with flare. Then I lay down some brief rules with Stef’s help. 


When I finally get into my bed I let out a sigh of relief and fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. I can almost feel the power of how incredible this year is going to be, as I drift off into dreams and 3AM thoughts.




The next morning I stare into my coffee blankly and TJ stares at his food tiredly, as Ben stares intently at his watch. “Yes, 8:15!” He shouts excitedly, causing me to jump a little, and knock over my coffee onto TJ. TJ screams like a girl and has a fit of yelling “hot, hot, hot” that causes a few (many) people to stare at him. With that scream he’s going to have to be twice as careful with the secrecy of his gayness. 


“Oops.” I shrug, drying him off with a flick of my wand.

“Please don’t spill coffee on me ever again.” TJ glares, then laughs a little. “No big deal, I’m exhausted too.”

“Tell me about it, we went to sleep at midnight last night, that sorting took forever.”

“Anyway, what are you so excited about again, Ben?”

“8:15 is when everyone gets their schedules!” He cheers happily, like a child on Christmas morning. We stare at him in silence, blinking. “Well, I’m excited.” He shrugs. Ben’s relationship with school is like a muggle’s relationship with something called Google (don’t ask me), never ending and better then a couple who’s been married for fifty year’s relationship.

“Good to know,” TJ smiles, and I can tell he’s resisting the urge to kiss Ben. I honestly have no idea why they won’t tell anyone, but it’s their choice. They’re always so happy together, I just think it would do them some good not to be worked up hiding it all the time. It was a wonderful experience for Scorpius and Albus. But I think that’s because they’re so horny that they can’t keep it in their pants for each other for more than fifteen minutes. But that’s just them. I gag on my coffee when I risk a look over and see my brother’s tongue down Albus’s throat. Yep, hornier than a thirteen year old boy who’s just seen porn for the first time and has just entered the hell hole of puberty. 


“Here you go,” Professor Thomas says to us. He shuffles through some folders and then sets down schedules marked Malfoy, Dashkin, and Arringer. “Have a good day you guys.” I always feel awkward around Professor Thomas. When I was eleven I had the biggest crush on him for some unknown, probably very childish reason, and even though it was a million years ago it can’t seem to leave my thoughts whenever he passes us. I have no idea what I saw in him. Well, at least I wasn’t the one who had a crush on Madam Pomfrey’s son *cough* *cough* Scorpius *cough*. That neanderthal broke his wrist on purpose just so he could go to the Hospital Wing and have Charles Pomfrey fix him up, completely oblivious to staring him down the way I stare down cake. But I guess that’s a part of growing up. A nasty part of growing up. 


Ben lets us take a look at his schedule, but it’s the most confusing thing ever. “Oh yeah, here’s the explanation papers I said I’d give you.” He says to us, pulling out two sheets of muggle notebook paper and sliding them over to us. 


We have schedule rotations. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays we take all of the same classes that we’ve applied for as you guys. On Wednesdays and Thursdays we get the work from all classes we weren’t able to take, and we do them supervised by a professor. Make sense?


“Barely,” I say, after reading the explanation. 

“Oh well, figure it out on your own time. I have Orchestra to prep for.”


I look at my schedule. 




Period 1 = Study of Ancient Runes - Professor Felix - Class 105.

Period 2 = Charms - Professor Holly - Class 404.

Period 3 = Potions - Professor Slughorn - Class 204.

Period 4 = Alchemy - Professor Slughorn - Class 204.

Period 5 = Transfiguration - Professor Castrid - Class 506.

Period 6 = Magical Theory - Professor Kaleidoscope - Class 305.

Period 7 = Herbology - Professor Neville Longbottom - Greenhouse 2A.

Period 8 = Defence Against the Dark Arts - Professor Thomas - Class 524.

Period 9 = Sexual Education (insert me groaning here____). - Professor Charles Pomfrey - Class 317.

Period 10 = Photographic Arts - Professor Messina - Class 101.


Monday = Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Tuesday = Periods 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Wednesday = Periods 2, 3, 4, 5, 1.

Thursday = Periods 7, 8, 9, 10, 6.

Friday = Week 1 Periods 1, 7, 3, 9, 5. Week 2 Periods 2, 8, 4, 10, 3.


Please speak to your head of house for schedule changes, or applications to the OTC Program (Over Ten Courses Program.)

A note that Alchemy is only available to 5th, 6th, and 7th year students this year. However, there will be a club for 3rd and 4th years who are willing to learn the art of Alchemy taught by Professor Harris. Student must have had an ‘E’ in Potions in their last year end exam to join. See Professor Harris or your head of house for details. 

Ability to change schedule or apply to the OTC Program will be lost on October 1st. Please apply for all schedule changes before that time. 


I ask TJ if I can take a peek at his schedule, he hands it over, and I notice that we only have three periods together. When our parents were at school, there was only one teacher in each subject, but now there’s about three. 





Period 1 = Study of Ancient Runes - Professor Felix - Class -105.

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Period 2 = Potions - Professor Harris - Class 501

Period 3 =   Sexual Education - Professor Charles Pomfrey - Class 317

Period 4 = Astronomy (may also include midnight classes) - Professor Wolf - Astronomy Tower

Period 5 = Transfiguration - Professor Castrid - Class 506.

Period 6 = Care of Magical Creatures - Professor Hagrid - Grounds Area (if you're lost look for a hut).

Period 7 = Defence Against the Dark Arts - Professor Hannah Longbottom - Class 104

Period 8 = Charms - Professor Iroda - Class 424.

Period 9 = Arithmancy - Professor Harris - Class 317.

Period 10 = Photgraphic Arts - Professor Messina - Class 101.


Monday = Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Tuesday = Periods 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Wednesday = Periods 2, 3, 4, 5, 1.

Thursday = Periods 7, 8, 9, 10, 6.

Friday = Week 1 Periods 1, 7, 3, 9, 5. Week 2 Periods 2, 8, 4, 10, 3.



“Only three classes together.” I say, giving a little sad smile. 

“Well, we see each other during quidditch anyway. We’ll probably only have one class with Audrey and one class with Ben each, since this whole OTC Program thing is happening.”

“Yeah, who knows.”


Everyone starts flooding out of the Great Hall, and we quickly catch on to why they’re leaving. 


“Shit, we gotta get to Runes!” I cry, grabbing my books and running for my life, not even bidding TJ goodbye, but then realizing with relief that we share that class. 


The stairs clearly aren’t happy with me today, as they stay in their place for about five minutes before moving to let me on. TJ jumps as they start to move again, and collapses from breath loss. 


“I ran all the way up here.” He breaths out ruggedly. “I swear I have asthma.”

“You’re a half-blood TJ, you can’t get asthma. You hang around Ben too much.”

“Says you.”


When the stairs are in place we scramble down them and head left down a hallway to get to our Runes classroom. 


I've been at Hoggy for eleven hours, and I can already tell that it's going to be a stressful, fun, and fantastic year!



Ahhh More Notes!!!: The information about Lipari was from Google Maps/Google (as Ben tells you).

The phrase, blink so that I know that you’re in there, is from the movie How To Be Single.

Honestly, the whole schedule and OTC program is hectic, so I’d love to know if you think it seems weird and I should take it out, or it doesn’t bother you/you find it interesting. I’m not even sure if the logic behind it is accurate. Oh well, open your philosophical minds to it. Am I doing a good job? Do you like how the story is going? I’d love to hear about it, please take five minutes out of your day (out of 1440) to leave a review. It makes my day. 

Love to you all and I hope that wherever you are in the world that you have an amazing day!



Edit February 28th 2017: I know that I said I wouldn't edit until all of the GTOLM chapters were posted, but this was driving me nuts. Okay, so guess who mess TJ's schedule and had to re-do the whole thing for one confusing hour on a school night. You guessed right! Me. So now it's fixed, as hopefully are the other issues in this chapter, and of course the above message still stands.

Lots of love,



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