The entirety of Hogwarts was just a joke, Scorpius Malfoy had decided. Why should he care about a place that humiliated and tormented him? He’d been teased about his family for the most part of his school life, his grades were rubbish, and he was also teased about how he’d managed to snag a girlfriend (let alone a popular, famous and gorgeous girlfriend in the form of a one Lily Luna Potter). Not only had his Death Eater father and grandparents been the topic of abuse from his bullies, Scorpius had always been the tallest one in his class (sometimes in the few years around him), and he kind of looked like a vampire. Attacked by his peers in all directions, Scorpius had turned to one person growing up… Himself. Now, his social skills were kind of in ruin.


Not including his awful peers, a little less awful professors, and mediocre food and living spaces, there was only a few things Scorpius could actually stand about Hogwarts. Muggle studies was one of them. It was the only fabulously interesting and mentally challenging class the school had. He boasted his ‘O’ in this class every year proudly, and had even been invited to talk about one of his many papers at the ministry. 


Scorpius had never ended up visiting the Ministry to talk about any of his twenty-something papers. Despite not wanting to admit it, Scorpius had always been rather self-conscious about his anemia and height of about 6 feet. Thankfully he’d stopped growing at the age of fifteen, but unfortunately at fifteen his height had been much more awkward. 


Dating all three Potters had been a weird experience for him. James had been at a small point in his life where he’d preferred hooking up to anything serious, and James had only been a head shorter than him (despite being the older of the two). Albus however, he’d dated for the course of a year. Carrying a footstool around could have been a thing when they had dated. Albus had been cursed with being a late developer, and was a rather short boy anyway. Lily was the tallest of the three, and she and Scorpius fit together nicely. 


On top of of being six foot tall, anemic, easily sunburned or blushing, and obsessed an unusual amount with muggle studies, Scorpius had a fondness for trumpets. He’d never learned to play, but he was in a quicksand that he would not be pulled out from when it came to them. He had shirts with trumpets on them, his bedroom boasted a thousand galleon trumpet in a glass case, and he found trumpet music during make outs to be the ultimate life soundtrack. Scorpius had also rather enjoyed the bass guitar, but he’d abandoned that a few months ago. 


“Love, should we go for canary or lilac napkins for this brunch party?” Lily asked, shaking Scorpius out of some quickly flowing thoughts. 

“Remind me, which brunch?”

“Scorpius dear, I’m starting to think the doctor misdiagnosed you with anemia when he meant amnesia.”

“Lily, you know how I feel about people joking about my anemia.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. But anyway my mother thought I’d be the best fit for planning my Dad’s 40th birthday. My brothers have their heads up their assess most of the time, apparently.”

“Well, Albus hasn’t cared about anything since he found out what quidditch was and James has a new boy toy, so I’m thinking that your mum was right.”

“Well, I need to pick napkin colours or else this brunch will be a flop and mum will pick Ja—wait, isn’t James’s new ‘boy toy’ a party planner?”

“Beats me, James hasn’t slept with him yet so no one is meeting him, or even finding out who he is until it’s over with. How do you know he’s a party planner?”

“Albus mentioned something, I don’t know. Maybe James’s boyfriend’s head of the Garbage Department, it doesn’t matter. James could move to Tokyo or overdose on potions, I wouldn’t really notice.” 

“I remember when you used to worship your brother.” Scorpius started laughing, turning bright red. 

“Let’s not talk about it.” Lily cringed, shaking her head.


Scorpius waved the canary yellow napkin in front of Lily’s chocolate brown eyes, signalling that it was the better choice. Then he went back to his thoughts, most of them about muggle studies, his ex-best friend, and trumpets. He was certainly not prepared for what would happen in the next few days…



Author’s Note: I know, I know, I started another WIP. I just had this idea gallivanting around in my head, and I absolutely love the title ‘Perpetually Awkward’, so here we go. If you’re a reader of my other stories, don’t worry those will be updated too!


About the chapter, this was more of an introductory phase chapter type thing. So it introduces Scorpius, but not really the story. The story will be introduced next chapter, in James’s chapter. So next chapter, you’ll have story and James. 


I appreciate reviews so much, so please take a few minutes to share your thoughts, point out typos, say what you liked, etc. Thank you so much for reading and I hope that wherever you are in the world you have an AMAZING day.



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