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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Warner Bros., 2001. DVD.

 I felt someone shaking me awake barely hearing what they were saying. I blinked a couple times before seeing whom had shaken my awake. I saw a girl with bushy brown hair and looked to be about eleven years old. I nodded at her and started to look around the room I looked out the window to see that I must be in a vehicle or something.

"Sorry to wake you but have you seen a toad this boy Neville lost it." said the girl standing before me.

I shook my head "Sorry I've been asleep." Neville why does that name ring a bell to me?

"My name is Hermione Granger. What's your name?" she asked. What!

"Uh...Elizabeth Hart." Maybe I'm over thinking this.

"You should get your robes on soon we will be arriving at Hogwarts. It was nice meeting you Elizabeth." Said Hermione.

"Nice meeting you too Hermione." I said as she left and I looked for my trunk to change. Looking at all the clothes looked too small to me. I looked down at myself noticed I looked younger. How is this possible? How am I here? How do I have all these things? I noticed a letter and grabbed it. How odd it looks to have the Malfoy seal on it. I opened it to see that it was a letter from Narcissa Malfoy.

My sweet Daughter,

If you are reading this Draco was not with you as you woke up on the train. We knew this day would come I told Draco that he would need to find you and explain to you. Why you are here in our world. Dumbledore will be able to explain it more. But do you remember anything before you woke? Do you remember the wish you made before falling asleep? Sorry but you will have to start from age of eleven and not the age you left your world from. The reason I call you daughter is because Dumbledore has asked me to take you as my own child. We don't know how but Dumbledore says you are a pureblood like us. When Draco finds you let him know how upset I am with him.


Narcissia Malfoy

I couldn't believe what I read so I reread it a few more times before I decided to change into my robes. I had my skirt on and my shirt was on but not buttoned up yet I was facing away from the door so I didn't know that someone came in until the spoke.

"Elizabeth?" a male voice asked.

I turned slightly to see a pale skinned boy light blonde hair and grey eyes. "Mother is upset that you didn't find me before I woke up Draco." I finished my shirt and turned to grab the vest part of the uniform. But it wasn't where I had it. I look around to see that Draco had it in his hands. He had a smirk on his face as if he won something.

"Mother fails to realize that this train is long and it may take a while to find someone you never meet. How did you wake up?" said Draco

"A girl came in and woke me up to ask about some boy's toad that he lost. Draco give me my vest."

Draco had a smirk on his face and slowly walked over to me and I took steps to back away from him until my back hit the window. "You may have the Malfoy name and looks but you are not and never will be my sister. I know mother has asked you to call her mother." He gave me my vest and sat down since he was already dressed and I couldn't help myself.

"Don't you have friends to hang out with? I don't need a babysitter."

"What do you know about my friends?" asked Draco.

It was my turn to smirk "Ah so mother didn't tell you everything about me. Did she? I know many things Draco and there is nothing that you can do to get me to tell you."

No matter what I knew about him or the other characters I wouldn't tell them what I knew I loved how everything played out.

"We'll just see about that dear sister our friends are waiting for us."said Draco.

"Our friends?"

"It would seem that Dumbledore cast a powerful spell to bring you here. Everyone I grew up with has memories of you as if you lived with us forever only my parents, us two and Dumbledore know the truth about you." said Draco.

"Oh so you forgot to look for me and they asked about me. Which reminded you that you had to come look for me." I said as I laughed at him.

He rolled his eyes at me grabbed my trunk "Let's go. Hurry up will you."

I quickly followed after him and stayed quiet until we stop and he opened the door only for me to be pulled in dragged by Pansy. I looked at Draco for help and he just smirked at me so I glared at him. If this is how he wants to play then fine two can play at this.I began to talk to her while smirking at Draco making him think I had a plan. She was telling me what was happening on her summer holiday. I knew soon we would be at Hogwarts I just had to deal with Pansy talking about herself for a little while longer.

"Draco I demand that your sister ride along with me as we head to castle." Said Pansy as we waited by the lake. He just shrugged and continued to talk to Blaise.

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