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“Lyra, I need your help with something?”

“What?” I groan, throwing my pillow at him. He dodges and I groan again.

“Albus is introducing me to his family.”

“If by ‘family’ you mean parents, then you’ve already met them idiot.”

“No, family. Like cousins, aunts, uncles, grandpa, grandma, the whole enchilada.”

“I’ll just let you get strangled.” I say, and turn around in bed. He rolls his eyes and sits. 

“I’m serious Ly, I really need you.”

“Two Malfoy children at a Weasley-Potter gathering is like two zebras in the middle of a heard of lions.”

“Stop exaggerating, you’re in Gryffindor. They’re more likely to kill me, considering I’m dating their precious darling boy Albus.” He says, taking my arm and dragging me from my bed.

“Okay I’ll help.” I say. “If you’re not back in 48 hours, I’ll tell Mum and Dad that you’ve gone Missing In Action.”

“That’s not what I mean,” he says, striding to my closet and tossing things out one by one until he finds a blue dress, modelling it in front of himself to see how it looks in the mirror. “I need you to come with me.” 

“No way!” I yell, suddenly realizing my cheek is pressed against my hard wood floor. “No!”

“Oh come on. If you do this I promise I’ll stay celibate for the rest of the summer!”

“You’ll pass up having sex with Albus for two weeks, just so you can drag me to this thing? Wow you must really be serious. Fine, I’ll go.” I sigh, getting out of bed and grabbing the blue dress from his hands. “However, I refuse to wear a dress.” I growl.


“Fine. But not this one, it doesn’t hang right on me. I’ll wear that pretty purple one dad bought me for my fifteenth birthday.”




“This is my boyfriend, Scorpius, and his sister Lyra.” Albus says, introducing us again and again to virtually all of his relatives. So far my favourite Weasley is Dominique, daughter of Fleur and Bill Weasley. No one is unsettled by us, and everyone seems to know who we are before we get within five feet of them.


“Thanks for coming.” Scorpius thanks me. 

“No problem big bro. You should of just told me there was food, it wouldn’t have taken so long to convince me.”

“How much cake did you have?”


“I can’t believe you,”

“What can I say? A fed Lyra is a happy Lyra.”


We mingle some more and I have more cake, a lot more cake. Eventually I hang out with Albus’ brother James and James’ best friend and also cousin, Louis.


They mostly talk about quidditch, and I don’t mind because I’m a chaser on the Gryffindor team, alongside TJ, and Albus’s sister, Lily. Louis and James are done Hogwarts now, but I played with them for a while as well.


Victoire Weasley was captain my first year, then she left Hogwarts and Dominique (who at the time was in fourth year) took the spot. Then, when she resigned in sixth year to focus on her NEWTS, James took over in fifth year. In Seventh year he resigned for NEWTS, and TJ took over. Complicated, I know.


“So Lyra, boyfriend?”

“James, are you hitting on me?” I ask bluntly. He looks to Louis awkwardly and gives me a weird grin.

“Ah… Yes.” He runs a hand through his perfectly jet black hair. “If your brother hadn’t gone for mine, I would have hit that. You’re the leftovers.” I smacked him on the shoulder. 

“1. Gross. 2. I am not leftovers!”

“I was kidding Lyra, I’m not into your brother, or guys for that matter. And you, are most certainly not leftovers. You’re very pretty, and funny.”


I’m probably red as a firetruck. My face is super hot and I can literally feel the blush creeping up my face. “Oh, well I’m wearing quite a bit of make-up and—“


“I’ve seen you without makeup before, you know.” 


“Quidditch. You never wore any whatsoever because you were scared it would get into your eyes, that’s exactly what you told me the day before the big match against Ravenclaw.”

“How did you remember that? I must have been in third year?”

“You’re just very interesting, I like to remember beautiful people.”


“Yep, he’s hitting on you.” Louis says, completely bored and out of it. 

“How about you Louis?” I ask. “How’s it going with Stan?” He sticks his hand out and I gasp, seeing the glinting ring on his left hand. “Oh my god! Congratulations, when?”

“Last week.”

“Aren’t you guys a bit young?”

“We’re 19. Besides, it’ll be a long engagement, Ace is going to Romania.” Louis tells me, not even looking up from his book. Louis has always been quiet, and he doesn’t ever say much. I’ve only known him at Hogwarts three years as there is a three year difference between us.

“That must be tough.”

“I’ll miss him, but it’s important to me that he’s happy.” Louis says, smiling. I stare at his ring a little longer, and then tell the two that I’ll be right back. Mrs. Weasley (Molly, there are too many Mrs. Weasleys to count) has just brought out more cake. I think I love cake more than Scorpius. Nah.




At the end of the night the gathering has shrunk to just a few of us. Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter, Lily, Albus, Mrs. Weasley (Molly), Mr. Weasley (Arthur), Mrs. Weasley (Hermione), Mr. Weasley (Ron), Hugo (Ron and Hermione’s son), Minister Weasley (Percy), Mrs. Weasley (Audrey), and Scorpius and I. 


Mr. Potter is in the middle of asking Mrs. Weasley (Hermione) why Rose didn’t come, whilst Mrs. Potter is in the middle of passing around tea and asking ‘creme, sugar?’.


“Mrs. Weasley,” I say, to ask Molly a question about the house. 

“Yes.” All three Mrs. Weasleys reply.

“Oh dear, please call us by our first names, you two are family now.”

“Oh wonderful. Molly,” I ask my question about The Burrow, and then the conversation goes back to other things. It’s funny to think about them now being family. Scorpius and I stand out as if we had just left a funeral and walked into a Pride Parade, with our platinum blonde hair and reserved conservative attitudes. The Wotters are all over the place laughing and talking loudly. Scorpius and I were raised differently. It’s almost funny to see how differently.


“So, how did you two meet?” Audrey asks, motioning to Albus and Scorpius, who are lazily lounging against each other, Albus’ arm around Scorpius, almost as if being protective. It’s funny to think I could have ever thought that the Wotters might view us as enemies, but we were welcomed into the family.

“Well, you mean besides Hogwarts?” Albus chuckles. 

“Well,” my brother starts “we met in flying lessons, the second week after the start of term. Al was trying to get his broom into his hand and—”

“We were next to each other,” Albus says, cutting him off. “And I was failing miserably. Scorp had already gotten his broom up and I turned to him and asked ‘how’d you do it?’”

“And I replied ‘sheer talent, of course.’”

“And we started laughing and the professor had to come over and shush us.”

“But we still kept laughing, and Al ended up being the last one with a broom in his hand.”


Audrey laughed, smiling. “It’s cute how you finish each other’s sentences like that. Almost as if you were made for each other.” She says. Albus and Scorpius look at each other and smile. Maybe love isn’t so bad, but those puppy dog love eyes really have to stop. 


All in all it wasn’t such a bad evening, and I am really glad I came, and even gladder to have a new second family.



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