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My name is Elizabeth Hart and today I find myself in a hospital bed wishing I was somewhere else. The doctors told me that my chances to survive were very slim and that they were shocked that I was even awake. I wished that I had my books with me not that I could read them as I laid there unable to move. I had been in a car crash and I had all these tubes going into me. They were waiting for my father to come before they did anything else to help me further. I decided to let my body rest so I closed my eyes not knowing that when I opened them again I would be somewhere else completely a World of magic with witches, wizards, and dark lords.


I was in that bed because I had left my fathers house angry with him about how he wanted me to stop reading and settle down with a guy. I don't need a man in my life I was happy with how my life was going. We fought so bad that he told that I wasn't even his child. That him and his wife found on the side of the rode and took me into their loving home because they couldn't have any children themselves. 


How can a girl that believed one thing could not be upset. He tried to apoligize but the damage was already done. I was already in the car driving away from him to go meet up with my friends. The car that hit me came out of nowhere when I went to make my turn. Now here I am having an out of body experence with two men just outside of my room.

"Where is she?"

"Sir, are you her father?"

"Yes, How is she?"

"Sir, I'm sorry to say this but she didn't make it."

"No! It's to soon. It's not her time to go back yet..." 


"Sir, is just inside if you like to say goodbye."


"But you said that she didn't make it."


"The machines are keeping her alive but we need your permission to remove them."


My father walked into the room looking at me on the bed with tears falling down his cheek. He stood over me and whispered something that I could not hear and held onto my hand as sat in the chair to the side of my bed. He took out a paper out of his coat pocket and began to read it. I still couldn't hear what he was saying but at the end of the letter he read was when everything went dark and bright  around me. It was then that I felt something change and I hope that it would be something good. Little did I know that a world like this could be real. Or maybe its just my own way to believe it could my own peace of Heaven. Because of my love for these books it became my tiny peace of heaven in hell.

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