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Without even paying attention to my suroundings, I just run towards the Hospital Wing. I push people out of my way causing them to yell after me, but I don't care. The only thing on my mind is James.

Reaching the Hospital Wing I practically slam the door open and find myself taken aback when almost the entire Potter/Weasley clan stares back at me. I notice James' mother is sitting next to him on the bed and is holding his hand. Kyra is standing next to her looking at me in surprise.

“I…” I try to say something as they all stare at me but I can’t. I just break down and cry knowing they all hate me now and that I have no business being here amongst his family and his girlfriend.

“I’m sorry!” I say through tears and run out of the room. Again, I push people out of my way until I reach a tapestry hiding a shortcut towards the Gryffindor tower. There, I lean against the wall and start crying. I cry because of James, because of his family, because of the horrible thing I’ve done to him. I cry for me. I cry because I have put myself in a situation where I don’t see a way out.

“What have I done?” I repeat to myself. “What have I done?”

“Ashley?” I hear a voice calling me and when I look up, I find Al staring at me looking worried.

“Al?” I ask not able to stop crying.

“You okay?” he asks sitting next to me on the floor.

“No.” I say honestly. “You?”

“No.” he says shortly and almost makes me smile. He tries to smile at me. “He’s still sleeping.” He says. “Madame Pomfrey says he hurt his head and she can’t know for sure how long the healing of his skull will take. He’s still sleeping and we can’t know anything for sure until he wakes up.”

“Until he wakes up?” I repeat and he nods.

“He’s unconscious.”

I feel tears in my eyes threatening to spill and I hide my face with my hands.

“You really care for him?” Al asks and I nod still hiding from him. “Then why, Ashley?” he asks and I know exactly what he’s talking about. Why have I hurt him so much by getting engaged to another guy if I care so much about him?

I start sobbing loudly and just shrug my shoulders. He puts his arm around me and pulls me I a brotherly hug causing me to sob even more.

“I’m sorry, Ashley.” He says gently rubbing my back. “I’m sorry we put you through this. Everything will be fine.”

And that is how I gotten to know that Albus Potter is probably the best person there is. Because he didn’t need an explanation to forgive me and to start believing things aren’t as they seem. Because he was my friend and I didn’t even have to ask.



I figured there is a bad side and a good side to my situation here. The bad was that Ashley was getting married to the worst narcissist there ever was. But on the plus side, my Dad did send my Mum a letter after thirteen years of not speaking. And also, once he sent that letter, it seemed like he completely forgot about his plans to propose to Elena.

The next morning I woke up only to find my Dad staring through the kitchen window and sipping his coffee.

“’morning Dad.” I say putting on my shoes. “What are you doing?”

“And what are you doing?” he asks me. “It’s Sunday! There’s no school today.”

“I have a project.” I mumble. “A school project with… friends.”

“Friends?” Dad asks suspiciously.

“Yes, Dad, friends.” I say.  “I have those!”

“Apart from Nick who is now your ex-boyfriend and Jenna who Nick got pregnant, I haven’t met any of your friends.” He says and I make a face at him.

“Gee, thanks Dad.” I say as I put my coat on. “That was so very considerate of you.”

“I’m sorry.” He says and stares out of the window again.

“You know that the owl couldn’t possibly get to Britain in only twelve hours?” I ask from the door.

“I know that!”


“Shut up.” Dad says and I shake my head at him with a small smile.

I step out on the street and open up my umbrella. The last of the snow is finally melting but now all the heavy rains have started. Still, it was nice taking a walk in the weather like this. It sort of felt like I was feeling, dark and gloomy.

I was planning to hide out in the alley next to my building and apparate straight to the office, but I figured it was Sunday and it was just going to be Gerard in there so I figured I would walk for a little bit and clear my mind.

With all the things that are happening my head is going to explode. And there were so many things I still didn’t understand. Why hasn’t Blair told me about her engagement? Why is Grandmother writing to Dad instead of mother? Does she even know what’s going on? What kind of mother allows that to happen?

I figure I was done with this walk considering it just got me more furious. I turn around the corner trying to find some place abandoned to apparate in but instead I run straight into someone. I look up and find a tall guy with greasy dark hair dressed in ripped jeans and an old brown jacket. He smiles creepily at me showing a smile that’s missing a few teeth.

“Who is paying me a visit?” he asks cocking his head to the side while I take a step back from him looking around. There were no people here.

“I’m sorry.” I try to stay calm. “I didn’t know anyone lived here.” Apparently it was the wrong thing to say because he suddenly got mad.

“Of course you didn’t.” He hisses coming dangerously close to me and I stumble back. “You’re just a rich girl who gets everything when she just bats her pretty blue eyes.” Suddenly he pulls out an old rusty knife from his jacket and smiles at me.

“Oh, God.” I say staring at him. “Please, I didn’t want to bother you. I’ll give you all the money I have. Just don’t hurt me, please!”

I didn’t even realise when I started crying. But the guy was coming closer and I realised I was backed up in an alley.

My wand. Where the hell is my wand?

“Please, I…”

“Just shut up!” he yells cutting me off. “Give me all your money and jewlery and then maybe I’ll leave your pretty head attached to your neck.”

I quickly search my bag and throw my wallet to him. I take of my necklace, my earings and my watch and give it to him. “Please, don’t hurt me.” I beg of him.

He picks up the things I’ve thrown him and opens up the wallet counting money. “There’s not much in here!” he says threating me with his knife.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have more.” I say starting to shake and to cry when he approaches and puts the blade in front of my face.

“Well, that’s not enough for traspassing my property.” He says lowering the blade towards my neck. “I’ll have to take something else from you.”

I close my eyes trying to feel my wand in the back pocket of my coat but before I even manage to find it, I hear a loud bang and when I open my eyes I find the guy lying unconscious on the floor. I look up and there’s Nick pointing his wand towards the man.

I crumble down on the floor suddenly crying even louder.

“Ashley! What the hell are you doing here?” he hugs me and tries to get me up. “Did he do something to you? Ashley, look at me!”

He cups my head with his hands and whipes a few spilled tears. “Did he hurt you, Ashley? Just nod or shake your head, please.”

I shake my head and he lets a breath out in relief. “Come on.” he says picking me up. “We need to get away from here.”

I don’t even remember how I managed to get up and walk across the street in an old building, but I was suddenly sitting on an old couch in a small apartment and Nick was bringing me a cup of tea to calm down.

“Drink.” He orders. “You’ll feel better.”

I take the cup and notice how my hands have started to shake. “It’s okay.” Nick nods at me. “He’s just a homeless man that threatens people in this block. He likes to hit the bottle occasionally but he won’t bother you anymore.”

I nod as well and take a sip. We sit like that for a couple of minutes.

“Where are we?” I’m the first to break the silence.

“My place.” He says and I look up at him.

“Your place?” I repeat and he nods. I look around the trashy apartment. The paint is falling from the walls, the furniture is old and most of it is breaking apart. The windows are creaking and the only thing freshly painted is the green entrance door.

“It’s not much.” He shrugs. “But it’s home. You want another cup?” He asks as he gets up and goes to the kitchen.

“No, thank you.” I say looking after him as he gets a cup for himself. “I didn’t know you lived here.”

“Well, I do.” He shrugs again.

“Where is your Mum?” I ask.

“Working.” He explains. “She’s a nurse at the local hospital. She’s working double shifts lately so she could pay the rent.”

“You never told me that.” I say. I didn’t even know things were this hard for Nick’s family.

“What’s to tell?” he asks turning towards me. “I haven’t seen my father in over a year because he gets drunk so heavily most of the time he forgets where he lives and when hat gets too tiring for him, he just packs up his stuff and leaves. He could be dead right now and my Mom and I wouldn’t even know because he’s never here. And I’m not even sorry for saying this but I would be glad if he was dead because my mother wouldn’t have to work 24/7 and she wouldn’t have to come home scared to find him.”

“Nick, I-“ I get up and try to come closer to him.

“And on top of it all,” he continues. “I’m going to be a father.” I stop in place and he looks at me. “And I lost the love of my life because nothing seems to be working out for me.”

I just stare at him feeling heartbroken.

“I don’t-“ I start but tears well up in my eyes and I’m not able to finish my sentence. He takes a step towards me but I stop him. “Don’t.”

“I’ve hurt you.” He says. It wasn’t a question. “I’ve lied about so much, but I never cheated on you.” He continues and I shake my head trying to hold my tears.

“Don’t, please.” I say but he continues anyways.

“I was arrested for stealing, that is the truth.” He goes on. “Sometimes, Mom and I couldn’t afford to pay the rent. And I can tell that she’s exhausted. She works all day. She is going to get sick. And I…” he takes a deep breath. “I tried to find a job but who is going to hire someone who doesn’t even have finished school? And when Jenna and I started dating… She, well, she and her friends were doing that much before I started. But they made good money on it. So I joined them. I had to.”

I shake my head. “No, you didn’t, Nick.” I say. “If you have just asked Dad would’ve helped you.”

“I couldn’t ask your Dad!” Nick says angrily. “I know he cares about me but he already started suspecting that I was stealing from you. Remember how he got angry because of your broom?”

“You could’ve asked.” I insist.

“I had no choice.” He shakes his head sadly. “It was smart of you to break up with me. I’m not good for you.”

“I broke things off because you’re expecting a baby.” I say and then add sadly. “With Jenna.”

“I know.” He says. “And I promised to be there for the baby. But I don’t have feelings for Jenna. I still love you.”

I look up at him and laugh at that sarcastically. “Right. And that’s why you sent Jenna those flowers for Valentine’s day.”

“What?” Nick furrows his eyebrows. “I’ve never sent her flowers.”

“Yes, you did.” I insist. “There was a note attached. It said that you were sorry for everything and that you still love her.”

“Those flowers were for you!” he suddenly says. “I gave them to Jenna because the two of you started hanging out and I hoped she would give them to you. I did that because you haven’t answered any of my letters and I was scared you wouldn’t even read the note.”

“Why would she say it was for her?” I ask and he shrugs.

“She obviously still has feelings for me.” Nick says. “You can’t trust her, Ashley.” He sighs and takes a step closer. “I miss you, Ashley.” He says gently as he approaches me. “I haven’t been myself since you left me.”

I look up at him as he puts his hand on my cheek gently. I put my hand over his. “I miss you too.” I admit and feel tears falling down my cheeks. “I miss you so much it hurts. It is supposed to be only a broken heart, but my entire body aches from the pain.” I suddenly start crying so much but only pull him closer to me. “What have you done to me?” I ask out loud.

“What have you done to me?” he asks me cupping my face with both of his hands before he kisses me. And instead of pushing him away, I lean into the kiss feeling more passionate and free than I ever have in my entire life.

I don’t even know how, but we managed to go to Nick’s room and in the next moment he was planting kisses down my collar bone and I took off his shirt tracing his tattoo gently down his hand.

“I love you, Ashley.” He whispers gently.

“I love you too, Nick.”


“I can’t believe we did this.” I say when Nick gets up from his bed to light up a cigarette.

“Don’t tell me you regret it.” He says as he takes a smoke. “Because that was-“

“Amazing.” I finish and smile at him. “No, I don’t regret it, but I…” I sigh and take one cigarette from his pack. “I do regret it, Nick.”

He sits next to me and takes another drag. “You told me you loved me.” He says accusingly.

“And I do.” I say gently looking at him. “But you’re going to be a father, Nick. And I’m… I can’t do that to Jenna.”

“I will never be with Jenna!” Nick says angrily.

“But you will.” I shrug my shoulders. “You’ll be there for your kid and you’ll be there for her. And I’m just-“

“The love of my life.” Nick says.

“I’m only seventeen.” I correct him. “I can’t have a baby with you. I’ll be there if you need something, but this can’t keep happening.”

“I screwed it up.” He says and I light up a cigarette.

“It could’ve happened to anyone.” I say. “I’m just not ready to deal with that.”

“I understand.” Nick nods and I put an arm around him giving him a small kiss.

“I will always love you, just so you know.” I say to him.

“And I will love you, Ashley.”


After I’ve send a letter of apology to Gerard for not coming to work today and after Nick and I had one more slip but then decided it couldn’t happen again, I got dressed and apparated home. It was middle of the afternoon when I returned and before I stepped in the apartment I checked if my hair was alright and if my clothes were proper. I wouldn’t want Dad to know that his sweet daughter just lost her virginity to a guy she has a complicated past with.

But when I enter, Dad isn’t paying attention to me at all. He’s standing in front of a mirror in a tuxedo and is fixing his hair. I immediately feel my stomach flipping out.

“What are you doing?” I ask suddenly scared.

“Oh, look who decided to show up!” he throws his hands in the air as a sign of desperation.

“I was busy.” I say as I take of my coat. “But don’t change the subject. Why are you wearing this?”

“I’m going out with Elena.” He says as he goes back to fixing his hair.

“And?” I ask crossing my arms.

“And I’m going to propose to her.” He says avoiding looking at me.

“What?!” I snap. “Dad, you can’t!”

“We already discussed this.” He says fixing his tie.

“Well, clearly we haven’t discussed it enough if you’re still going through with it.” I say.

“I’m doing it, Blair.” He says. “And no one will stop me.”

“But-“ I try to protest but the sound of someone knocking on the door interrupts me.

“Are you expecting someone?” Dad asks and I shake my head. “Well, it’s probably Elena then. I was supposed to pick her up but she couldn’t wait. Can you get that?”

I roll my eyes but don’t say anything. I go to the door expecting Elena, all dressed up and annoying as usual, but when I open the door, my heart almost falls out of my chest. The person standing in front of me is an older picture of myself with her blonde hair neatly tied on the back. She’s wearing a nice red coat and a pair of high-heeled boots. The woman smiles at me charmingly.

“Good afternoon, Blair.”

“Hi, Mom.” I manage to say.


Dear Blair,

I know I’m not your favourite person lately, but I just need a friend right now desperately. I wish you were here to tell me that I’m an idiot. I wish you were here and made everything better.



A/N: Guess who's back?!

Well after a long, long, long time, I finally decided to put all my imagination to work and figure something out with the story. I'm determined to get the twins a happy ending they deserve. 

I hope you liked the chapter! A lot has happened to Ashley. I need to hear your thoughts on that. I hope you liked the ending. A bit of a cliffhanger actually but I had to come back with some drama. Hope you're not disappointed. 

I'm starting to untangle everything and bring the story to an end, but don't worry, plenty of more chapters to go. 

Review, review, review. 

Love you all. 


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