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At the beginning of August, the plane touched down in France. They had decided to extend their stay in Romania as Charlie allowed them to stay at his house after their hotel booking ran out. Nobody was expecting the beauty of Romania, they had only gone to Romania for Ron, but it was gorgeous. They completely forgot about all the dragons and Magic that was surrounding them, they enjoyed the scenic beauty and cultural history. Now they were closer to home, only a couple of weeks separating them and returning home to start their training. It was a bitter-sweet feeling. They were looking forward to starting their futures, but they couldn't deny how much they would miss about their travels.

Even though he had only spent a weekend in France, Harry almost felt at home as they were walking around the streets of Paris. Aoife was total enthralled with everything the country offered, from the food to the romance. "Where are you two planning on going when we get back?" Aengus asked Ron and Aoife one evening as they were sat outside eating dinner.

"I thought we could go back to mum and dad's," Ron said.

"That, or I was thinking about going to Pegeen and Oisin's. She can help with the wedding." Aoife told her brother.

"Who's Pegeen?" Harry asked.

"Our Aunt," Aoife explained.

"Pegeen? I haven't spoken to her for too long. If you go there, I might go with you."

"Aren't you going to see Robyn and fix things? You have to fight for her."

"No, I don't think there's anything to fight for," Aengus said as he stared down at his plate.

"She said that, did she? She wrote you another letter to tell you that there was no hope? She only said that you should take a break. You're going to be able to see her soon, you have to at least try."

"Things change, Aoife." He got up from the table, knocking it slightly, and walked off into the darkness.

"Okay, what happened in Italy? He's been like this since February!"

"Emiliana," Hermione stated. "I'm sure something happened between them."


"The girl from the café we went to on our first day there."

"Her? When did he ever see her again?" Aoife asked in bemusement.

"Did no one else realise?" Hermione gasped, "he came back late from the café and he was always on his phone after. Then when he got the letter from Robyn, he was in his room for days. It's obvious something happened."

"Why would he do that to Robyn? I never thought he was like that," Aoife cried.

"He didn't do anything to Robyn, Aoife. She broke up with him," Ron said.

"It's what he wanted to do, it's his life." Hermione added, "we can't judge what's happened because we don't really know."

"I just hope he knows what he has done, if Robyn finds out, everything between them is ruined."

"Will he tell her?" Ron asked.

"I doubt it, especially as he doesn't even want to confront her," Aoife replied.

"Do you mind if I go and find him?" Hermione whispered to Harry.

"Of course not," Harry replied. Hermione nodded and walked off to find Aengus.

"Hermione! Where are you going?" Aoife called. "He doesn't want to talk to anyone."

"Leave it, Aoife. You know that Aengus talks to Hermione above anyone else." Ron said gently, "maybe she'll get some answers from him."

"Hermione, I really don't want to talk about this. I just want all of us to enjoy our last few days here." Aengus murmured as she walked up to him. He had found a small park just a short distance away and was sat on a bench.

"What have you done, Aengus? You may have ruined your relationship."

"What relationship? She said herself that it wasn't worth fighting for. She was the one that ended it and you're all shocked I'm respecting that."

"Are you going to tell her?"

"With all due respect, this isn't anything to do with you. I make my own decisions and this was one of them. I'm never going to see Emiliana again and I just want to move on with my life. Robyn doesn't deserve someone like me anyway."

"Someone like you?" Hermione questioned.

"I'm continuously looking to press the 'self-destruct' button and this is just an example of that. I really don't want to talk about this anymore."

"Alright." Hermione conceded, "I hope that everything works out for you, then." She stood up and began to walk away when he said something.

"Every earthquake has aftershocks, nothing can just end."

Hermione didn't turn around and acknowledge his added sentence, but she couldn't help but think that it had a hidden meaning.


"How was France then?" She asked.

"Good. Not as exciting as the rest of the holiday. I don't know whether it's because I've been to France before, or because we're thinking about our training or just because we were getting tired and had spent too much time with each other." Hermione explained to her Mum as they stood in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. She took a deep breath as she tried to find the words and courage she needed. "Mum-I need to tell you something." She began.

"I already know," she was smiling, that was a good sign.

"You do?"

"Harry told me last night. I'm not angry," she confirmed.

"When did he tell you? We only go back last night."

"He popped around and explained everything. He even got Poppy to come around and explain."

"You really don't mind?" Hermione asked in astonishment, she was beginning to regret her reaction now.

"How can I be angry when it was done for the sake of my beautiful girl? He did it because he didn't want you to miss out. I really appreciate your dedication to making me better, but this is the best outcome for everyone." Hermione nodded slowly, maybe everything did work out for the best. "This house is gorgeous, is it really yours?"

"Yeah, well, it's Harry's really."

"What's his is yours," came Hermione's Dad's voice as he walked into the kitchen to join them.

"Hardly, dad. It's not like we're married," she quickly argued back.

"Not y-"

"How about a tour, Hermione?" Rose interrupted quickly.

"Right, yeah, sure." She breathed, visibly taken aback by the swift change in subject.

As they filed out of the kitchen, Rose gave her husband a quick glance which he understood fully to mean "Shut up, you idiot. You nearly ruined the surprise!"

"It's so big. Much too big for just the two of you," Archie muttered as they walked into the Living Room to finish the rather hasty tour.

"You should ask Ron and Aoife to move in with you. It's in the prime location for their training." Rose suggested.

"They're staying with one of Aoife's Aunts. They won't want to live here with us once they're married anyway." Hermione replied.

"Just ask them, I highly doubt they will want to commute to London from Ireland every day."

Hermione rolled her eyes as she had told her Mother on more than one occasion about the Floo Network. "I don't-"

"Hermione, listen to your Mother! We're only trying to help fill your empty rooms." Archie said sternly.

"Alright, I'll ask them," she whispered.

Just as she promised this, Hermione heard a knock at their door.

"I'll get it!" Harry called from somewhere in the vast house.

"Hey," Ron smiled as the door swung open. "Plan going to plan?"

"Rose is talking to her now so hopefully we're on track," Harry replied.

"Why do we have to live with you?" Aengus asked from behind Aoife and Ron, his voice seemingly quiet and rather lost.

"If we want the events of the next few weeks to run smoothly, Hermione needs to think that all of us are getting the letters too," Ron said on Harry's behalf.

"The events of the next few weeks?"

"Aengus! We explained this to you at least twice. What's wrong with you?" Aoife erupted.

"Leave me alone, Aoife!" Aengus ordered through gritted teeth as he ran upstairs.

"Just ignore him, Harry. Tell us what we need to do-"

"Who is it?" Hermione called as she poked her head around the door. "Hello," she smiled as she saw the faces.

"My Aunt is just about to go on holiday," Aoife began.

"And we didn't fancy staying at Mum and Dad's, so we were wondering..." Ron continued.

"There's plenty of room," Hermione smiled.

"Thank you, both of you. Aengus has already run upstairs," Aoife stopped talking instantly as she heard someone walking down the stairs.

"Can I-?" Aengus whispered. Hermione nodded so Aengus plodded back upstairs.

"We'll keep out of your way," Aoife promised, "I know it isn't ideal, but we really appreciate it."

"Of course, it's ideal, you're always welcome here."

"Thanks, Harry," Ron smiled. "Thanks, Hermione."


"Morning," Harry yawned as he walked into the kitchen the next morning. "Sleep well?"

"Morning, Harry. Yes, thank you," Aoife replied.

"Have you got anything planned for today?"

"No, have you?"

"I'm going to go and see McGonagall about you know what and then going to see Teddy."

"With Hermione?" Aoife asked, "to see Teddy I mean."

"Maybe, she's still asleep. So I'm going to go now and I'll hopefully be back before she notices."

"What do I say if she asks?"

"Give her these," he said as he handed Aoife five envelopes, "and say I've gone to get details from McGonagall."

"Will do," Aoife smiled.

"Mr. Potter, I have to admit that I was surprised by your letter," McGonagall announced when he walked into the café.

"Thank you for coming. I know this is a big ask, but I would really appreciate it."

"We will have to delay the start of school by a couple of days," McGonagall said.

"Not necessarily, how about we do it at the end of August? That way you don't have to delay anything." Harry suggested.

"That would be better. What would you need from us?"

"Food," Harry replied, "that's all we really need."

There was a long pause which Harry held his breath for. If this part of the plan fell through, the rest would follow suit. "Of course, I am going to say yes. You both deserve it." She beamed at him.

"Thank you so much, Professor," Harry smiled.

"I am no longer your Professor, Harry."

"You always will be to me," Harry replied, "I'm sorry, but I can't call you anything other than Professor." Harry laughed.


"He's with McGonagall?" Hermione asked suspiciously. "Why?"

"To discuss this," Aoife replied as she handed over the envelopes Harry had given her.

"A reunion? But it's only been a year." Hermione said once she had opened one of them.

"That's why Harry has gone to see her, to get details."

"Aoife," Hermione said sternly, "if you don't tell me the truth..."

"I am telling you the truth." Aoife argued, "Harry has gone to talk to McGonagall about the reunion."

"Why has he gone on his own?"

"Because she asked me to go and see her," Harry said as he appeared in the kitchen. "She wanted to tell me about what was in the vault at Gringotts."


"She wanted to explain some of the things in there and I thought I would ask her about the reunion whilst I was there. They have one every year, apparently."

"Oh," Hermione became slightly embarrassed. "When is it?"

"End of August. The night before the students return." Aoife answered she had read the invitations in the envelope.

"That's next week," Hermione correctly pointed out. "What's the dress code?"

"Smart," Aoife said. "You know what that means?" Her eyes glistened.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Shopping!" Aoife squealed.

"I'm going to see Teddy, Hermione, do you want to come?" Harry asked, happy he had an excuse not to go traipsing around shops.

"Yes," Hermione replied almost instantly, "sorry, Aoife. Shopping isn't really my thing."

"That's alright, I'll find you a nice dress," Aoife replied, grabbing another piece of toast.

"You do-" Hermione began.

"Come on, Hermione, let's go. I told Andromeda we would be over before lunch."

"I can't believe he's two," Aoife in amazement.

"I know, Andromeda wrote and said he's beginning to speak more now and that he seems to have slightly more control with his hair and eye colour," Harry smiled.

"Have you got the presents?" Hermione asked.

"Thank you," Harry breathed as he ran out of the room.


"He bought toys from each country, mainly teddy bears, as Andromeda told us he was really getting into teddies." Hermione smiled, "he is so sweet with him, it makes me thi-"

"Got them" Harry cut her off, "let's go."

"See you later," Aoife called as they stepped into the fireplace.


She wandered down the train corridor clutching onto the invitation. She was sure Harry and Ron had said they would meet her at the station. She thought they had said that, come to think of it, she wasn't sure at all, she wasn't even positive she had seen their invitations. She read it for about the hundredth time, School Reunion. Hogwarts Castle, 31st August. Hogwarts Express will leave Kings Cross at 11 o'clock sharp.' None of this made sense to Hermione, she was convinced the train should be packed with returning students, but it was empty. She continued walking through the train, peering into each compartment as she passed them. She was so preoccupied with the nothingness that surrounded her, she failed to notice Neville standing in front of her, resulting in her colliding into him. "Oh, Neville, I'm sorry about that, what are you doing here?"

"The reunion, same as you," he smiled.

"Oh, I didn't realise you would be invited as we didn't finish with you."

"Everyone and anyone is invited," his smiled widened. She looked at him properly, wondering why she had never really noticed him before, only now did she realise he had become a man.

"So there is a reunion? I was worried it was a ploy or something."

"It is strange that we seem to be the only two people on the train. Where's Harry? I thought he would be with you, don't you live together?"

"Yeah, he, Ron, Aoife, and Aengus said they would meet me at the station, but I didn't see anyone there."

"Strange," he replied quietly. "Can you help me find my toad?"

"Still losing him, huh?" She smiled, remembering the first time they met.

"I can't seem to keep hold of him."

"Where did you last see him?"

"I went into the second compartment back there," he explained as he pointed beyond her, "can you go and look there? I'll look along the corridor if that's okay?"

"Of course, it is," she smiled, "hopefully we'll find more people."

"Hopefully," he replied suspiciously. She couldn't work out how he was acting and before she could question him, he was gone.

So Hermione stuck to her side of the deal and walked back down the train and stopped outside the second compartment. Without looking through the glass, she opened the door. "Oh, sorry, I didn't know anyone was-" she began saying before she realised who it was, "Harry! I've been looking for you! Have you seen a toad? Neville's lost his." She asked.

Harry smiled, "just like when we met." Hermione looked at him with a massive grin on her face.

"Did Neville send me here on purpose?"

"I asked him to. I've been thinking about this ever since we were in Paris with your parents. I've been wondering how I should do it, I thought about when we were in France, but then it hit me. I should do it exactly where we first met." He paused.

"Do what?" She asked innocently.

He took her hands in each of his, "Hermione Granger, I love you more than I ever thought I was capable of. I can't say I've loved you since the start, I can't even say I liked you when we first met," he joked, "but as our friendship grew, so did my love for you. We've been through so much together and I know that I wouldn't have lasted ten minutes without you by my side." He fell to one knee as he pulled out a beautiful wooden box, "it's made out of the brooms we used in out first flying lesson," he said about the box, "Madam Hooch wasn't too happy with me asking her to take a chunk out of them," he laughed.

"How-?" She managed to stutter.

"She keeps a record of every student and broom," Harry explained. "We may be young and we may just be figuring out who we are and what we're doing, but I do know that I want to do that with you."

As he opened the box and the sparkle caught her eye, the air was taken out of her, "Harry-" she managed to say.

"Hermione Jean Granger, will you marry me?" He said with an air of confidence that was rarely present.

Hermione fell onto both of her knees as her heart screamed at her to say yes, but all she could think about was Harry's mental health. "Harry-" she began.

"I know I've been difficult to be with, I know my heads a mess, but I'm getting better. Edgar has really helped me."

"Are you sure you're ready? Planning a wedding isn't going to be stress-free."

"It will be if you take charge of it all," Harry grinned. "Can you make a decision, please? My knee is starting to ache."

For goodness sake, Hermione. What are you playing at? Of course, you want to marry him. For once, stop worrying about everything! She screamed to herself.

"We will be okay, Hermione. I promise you."

This was what she needed to hear, "of course, I'll marry you!" She managed to say before the tears started. "Did you set all of this up?" She asked once she had composed herself. "The reunion?" She cleared up.

"There is no reunion. It's our engagement party." He smiled.

"At Hogwarts? How did you manage that?" She grinned.

"With a lot of help from our friends."

Several hours earlier

"Morning, Harry! Are you ready for today?" Ron asked as he and Aoife walked into the kitchen.

"A Bit nervous," he confessed.

"There's nothing to be nervous about, she adores you as much as you do her." Aoife smiled.

"Have you got everything in hand?" Harry asked, appreciating Aoife's words.

"We're going to Mum and Dad's from the station with Aengus and from there, everything should run smoothly," Ron explained.

"This is so exciting!" Aoife squealed.

"Have you got a dress for her? Does it fit?" He asked her.

"She tried it on last night, it looks amazing on her."


"Isn't it a bit early to get the party ready? It shouldn't take long to whack up some decorations and it's not like we have to sort out food or anything," Aengus argued.

"Aengus, just because you don't want them to get married,"

"When did I say that?"

"Alright, just because you want to be the one marrying her," Aoife rephrased.

"That's not true either!" He protested far too forcefully.

"Look, I know you really care for her," she began.

"But I have to let go?" He mimicked her.

Aoife shook her head, "no, she was never yours to let go. I know it's hard, but you're going to have to try and forget about her."

"Fe, I'm completely over her," he replied sternly.

"Do you promise?"

"I promise."

"Good. I think Robyn is going to be there tonight," Aoife smiled.

"Leave that too, Aoife. I will sort things out."

She nodded, "thank you," she whispered.

"For what?"

"Not running off this time. I don't know what happened on holiday, but you've been different ever since so I'm thankful that you're beginning to talk to me again and I'm glad I'm getting my brother back."

"I never left," he smiled as he hugged her shoulders.

"Are Ardal and Aisling going to be there tonight?"

"Ardal and guest," Aoife smirked.


"They met in December."

"So not at Hogwarts?"

"No, there's a Muggle-born in the family so Magic and Hogwarts is well known."

"Oh right. So he's finally going to-"

"It looks like it," Aoife smiled, "now that he is out of the picture."

"Good on him."

Just as Aoife was about to say something, a loud noise sounded from Aengus' back pocket, "what is that?!" Aoife screamed as she almost jumped out of her skin.

"Just my phone," Aengus replied casually, "someone's been trying to reach me for months. Hermione said something about telemarketing," he said faintly as he looked down at his phone 195 MISSED CALLS . There was only one person who would be trying to reach him, but he didn't know why.

"They've tried to call you nearly 200 times?" Aoife asked in astonishment as she took a look at the screen.

One a day since I last saw her. Aengus thought to himself. "Yeah, I picked up once and there was silence so I don't bother answering now," he lied.

"I'm sure you can block the number or something, we'll have to ask Hermione about it when we can."

"I've been thinking," Ron announced as he walked in on the siblings, "will we have to move out? It's all coming to an end in a few hours so we won't be needed here."

"I don't think so. I don't actually see what us being here has really done for the plan. I think they want us here," Aoife said confidently.

"This house is big enough for all of us, you're all welcome to stay." Harry smiled from the door. "Can you keep your voices down? Hermione's just woken up."

"Thank you," Aoife smiled.

"Right, should I go over what's happening this morning?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Aengus answered as he hadn't listened to previous explanations.

"We're all going to go to Kings Cross. I've asked a couple of students to be there too. You three shouldn't be on the train so don't let that happen," he said sternly. "Everyone else has been instructed to get to the last carriage as that will break off and transport itself to Hogwarts before the rest of the train."

"How have you got everyone to cooperate?" Aoife asked in admiration.

"It's what happens when Harry Potter proposes to Hermione Granger." Ron joked, "in years to come they'll be able to tell stories of what they did to help and where they were."

"Everyone happy with what they're doing?"

"If we're not meant to be on the train, where should we go?" Aengus asked.

"Get lost in the crowd and then go to Ron's parents," Harry suggested. "Thanks in advance." Everyone smiled at him when Hermione walked in.

"Morning," she croaked, "Aoife, are you putting your dress on now or on the train?"

"Oh, that's a good question. I hadn't thought about it. I guess on the train, but then again, I don't really want to have to carry clothes all night." Harry looked from Aoife to Ron in amazement at her acting skills. "I suppose I will change on the train." She concluded.

"Right, okay, I'll put both our dresses in my bag," she smiled.

Aoife looked at Harry frantically, Hermione couldn't take her dress. "Hermione!" Harry called after her. "You need to eat, I'll pack for you."

"We've got plenty of time, I'll eat after."

"We don't have that long. Your Mum wants to see you before we go."

"Really? Why?" She asked suspiciously.

"You'll have to ask her when you see her. We need to leave in 10 minutes, so you eat and I'll pack." Harry stated as he quickly exited the room.


"So you planned absolutely everything?" She asked once the initial surprise had stopped making her cry.

"Absolutely everything," Harry smiled, "with a lot of help from our friends."

"So Ron, Aoife and Aengus are at Hogwarts?"

"Yeah, along with a few other guests," he beamed.

They were sat on the floor leaning against the bench. "What would you have done if I had said no?"

"I suppose I was confident." He took her left hand and felt rather giddy when he felt the cold metal wrapped around her third finger.

"Harry, I need to tell you something," Hermione said nervously. She didn't think this was the right time, but she had to tell him before the end of the evening. "McGonagall couldn't get you any more time. She did her best."

"What are you talking about?"

"Before he died, Dumbledore made the Ministry agree to a year-long silence after the conclusion of the War. This meant you weren't allowed to be mobbed and people had to leave you alone."

"But it's been two years and no one has come up to me?"

"McGonagall managed to get you until September this year after having previously negotiated January, but the Ministry can't contain it anymore. Tomorrow morning you're going to be a huge celebrity. This will be much more than it used to be, Harry. In everyone's eyes, you saved the World."

"We'll get through it. You and Ron will be celebrities too," he laughed, "let's just enjoy tonight," he said. Now things made more sense, although he hadn't really cared, he did think it was rather odd that no one had said anything to him. He also remembered back to what Mr. Van Rompa had said to him, "It is a shame you did not travel here in January, I can not make a fuss of everything you did for everyone."

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief, she was worried that this information would have ruined the evening. "This ring is beautiful," she swooned as she gazed at her hand which was still nestled in his. It was simple and elegant with a single diamond on a gold band. "I've not seen a lot of gold engagement rings."

"This is one of a kind. I doubt many people can say their ring is made out of a Golden Snitch."


"I took my Snitch to a Jewellers and after she got over her shock of the strange object, she told me it was pure gold and said she could melt it down and make it into three rings. One engagement and two wedding rings. I asked for McGonagall's permission, but she said that it belonged to me so I could do anything I wanted with it."

"You melted down you Snitch for me?"

"Of course. What else am I going to do with it?"

"Oh, Harry-" she couldn't finish her sentence as she began to cry.


"Aengus, please can you help? We have a castle to get ready!" Aoife urged.

"There's nothing for me to do," he argued back as he ate a chicken leg.

"Oh really? I can see that George is on his own levitating the photos; Ron is hanging the lights in the hall, on his own; Molly and Arthur could probably do with your help putting the decorations up and I'm sure the House Elves would appreciate a helping hand." She put her hands on her hips.

"What are you doing?"

"I am helping the band set up and after that, I'm lighting the track up. You could get the carriage ready if you want."


"Please, Aengus," she pleaded, "I really need you to help out."

"Fine, I'll go to the carriage," he mumbled as he began to walk away.

"Aengus?" Came a soft voice.

"Hi," he replied, he had dreaded this moment ever since Aoife had told him it would happen.

"How are you?"


She nodded, "good, Aeng-"

"Don't, Robyn. I know everything you want to say, you don't need to say it."


"No, your letter told me everything it needed to. Excuse me, I have to go now. See you around." He gave her a weak smile and he walked away.


The train slowly came to a halt at the station. Harry and Hermione had managed to get change between tears. Hermione usually prided herself in her perception, but she hadn't seen any of this coming. "Are you ready?" Harry smiled as he held out his hand.

She composed herself, "ready," she returned his smile, took his hand and stepped off the train.

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