Victoire’s least favourite part about Hogwarts was the end of the year, not because she was sad to be going home, but because her fellow classmates had developed this irritating tradition that involved dumping her in the Black Lake at the end of each year.

It started in her first year when Victoire was walking along the lake enjoying the nice weather when she tripped and fell into the lake. And then in second year, somebody “accidentally” ran into her and she went diving into the lake. Victoire was forever convinced that somebody had it out for her but everyone scoffed every time she brought it up so she learned to stop bringing it up.


During her third year, Donna had come charging out of nowhere and body slammed her into the lake. Victoire had only managed to get out a “What are you-” before Donna had come barrelling into her, arms wrapped around her waist and knocked the air out of her.


Victoire had almost killed Donna right there and then but managed to restrain for several reasons. First and foremost, murder didn’t look good to . . . well, anyone really, and second, Donna was one of her only friends.


In Victoire’s fourth year, Donna had managed to convince the rest of their dorm mates, which included Poppy at the time, to grab one of Victoire’s limbs and carry her down to the lake, where a large audience had assembled, and on the count of three, swung her into the lake.


By fifth year, it had turned into a game of Capture Victoire, the teams being Victoire and everyone else. Victoire was very good at hiding, but as it turned out, everyone else was even better at finding her. When she asked Donna how they managed to find her, Donna had just rolled her eyes and said that Victoire’s magic was very obvious.


“What do you mean it’s obvious?” Victoire asked indignantly.


“You overdo it because you assume the rest of us are too stupid to notice so your work always ends up looking just a little bit out of place, it’s like even your magic is looking down on us,” Donna had replied.


“That doesn’t even make any sense,” Victoire huffed.


“You just need to see it to get it,” was all Donna said shrugging.


Sixth year meant it had turned into an event, the merpeople had been given notice so as not to attack when a giant human being suddenly splashed down into their waters, a boat was made ready and even the teachers were watching from the castle. Victoire had hidden herself on the Whomping Willow, how she managed to get up there without getting her head taken off no one knew and Victoire didn’t spill any beans.


It took all morning but by the time lunch rolled around a group of students managed to get her down. They got on the same boat as the previous year with Donna and rowed far enough away from the shore that Victoire wouldn’t bang her head when they threw her in.


“I’ll see you all in hell for this,” Victoire snapped at everyone on board.


“Victoire, we all know that you don’t hate this nearly as much as you act like you do,” Donna said, rolling her eyes at Victoire’s childish pout.


“Victoire, we know you don’t hate it as much, otherwise you would’ve sued everyone for all that they had by now,” Donna pointed out which got her a glare from Victoire. “By the way, the water’s particularly cold today, enjoy.”


And before Victoire could say anything more, she went flying through the air and landed with a loud splash in the freezing lake.


But in her last year, Victoire was determined to evade the situation, she would hide where nobody would think to look, she’d stick herself to the ceiling of the Great Hall and cast a Disillusionment Charm on herself.


They always threw her in on the second last day before they had to leave, that way she had enough time to dry off and change her clothes, so in the middle of the night, Victoire snuck out of her dorm and made her way down to the Great Hall as quickly as possible. She’d had to change her course several times on the way down as she heard Prefects coming down the hall or, worst of all, Peeves went zooming by.


Eventually, she made it down to the Great Hall without getting caught, and after making sure that it was empty, quietly made her way to the center of the room. Victoire took out her wand, pointed it at herself and whispered, “Wingardium Leviosa.”


She slowly lifted herself towards the ceiling, making sure not to lose focus as that would end painfully, not to mention loudly. After five minutes of slow work, she landed herself on one of the curved beams of wood holding the ceiling in place and let out a deep breath in relief.


With one hand resting against the ceiling to make sure that she didn’t fall, Victoire twirled her wand around herself, muttered, “Calamitatis,” and watched as the Disillusionment Charm took effect and she blended in with her background. She carefully slid her legs down on either side of the beam so that she was straddling it and slowly slid her way as close to the ceiling as she possibly could without falling off.


Once she had moved as far as the beam of wood would allow her, Victoire took her wand, pointed it at herself and said, “Exposimise,” and leaned back into the wood now having stuck herself securely. She repeated the spell on her legs and butt, and once confident that her Sticking Charm was going to keep her from falling to her death, she placed her wand in between her legs to make sure it didn't fall, and fell asleep.


Several hours later, Victoire woke up as the volume in the Great Hall had increased from dead silent to achingly loud. It took her moment to adjust to the amount of sunlight streaming in and shrug off enough of the sleep to focus on everyone in the Great Hall.


After carefully looking up and down the Gryffindor table, Victoire finally spotted Donna, who was looking around the Great Hall, no doubt searching for Victoire. She watched as her friend turned to those around her to ask if they had seen Victoire and watched as everyone shook their head no. Poppy didn’t seem nearly as interested in finding Victoire as Donna was, she was more concerned with shoving as much food into her mouth as possible.


Obvious magic my foot, Victoire thought smugly, Donna would never think to find her stuck to the Great Hall.


Eventually Donna stood on the Gryffindor table and called everyone’s attention to her, Poppy continued to eat undisturbed.


“Everyone, I would like to inform you that Victoire has gone missing, so to start off today’s event, we’re going to split up and search this castle from top to bottom to find her. And Victoire, in case you're listening, which you probably are because you somehow have eyes and ears everywhere, we’ll find you, don't worry,” Donna yelled. As soon as she stepped off of the table, the entire hall erupted in noise as everyone got up and hurried out of the hall to search for Victoire.


Victoire was tempted to yell out, “Good luck!” but even she knew that would be a very bad idea.


The Great Hall emptied within minutes -Poppy abandoned her plate of food with a sigh loud enough that Victoire heard it before following the rest of the student body out of the room- until it was only Victoire and the professors still left in the room.


“Minerva, shouldn't we have put a stop to this yearly event, I'm pretty sure this qualifies as harassment,” Neville said to McGonagall as the two of them prepared to leave.


“Ms Weasley is more than capable of handling herself, if she were against this little game of theirs, I believe she would've put a stop to it all on her own quite a few years ago,” McGonagall replied, looking up at Victoire before following Neville out of the Hall.


Victoire spent all of her morning in her spot, she watched as the house-elves stopped by to clean up whatever mess was left from breakfast. She watched first years come in to look under the tables and then the sixth years that came after them to check again. She could see students running back and forth through the doors and hear them yelling to each other outside and still nobody found her.


Eventually everyone came back for lunch before splitting up again to go searching. Victoire was watching the fifth group of students to come around checking in there for her when a girl came running into the Great Hall to pass on a message.


“We have to get down to the Lake apparently they're going to come up with a different plan of finding her or something,” and out ran the girl who gave the message with the group right behind her.


Victoire considered now a good time as any to get down. She picked up her wand, undid the Sticking Charm and levitated herself back down to the ground with the Disillusionment Charm still in place.


She quietly and quickly made her way down to the Black Lake where most of the student body had gathered. Victoire avoided touching anyone around her by moving through any empty spaces that she found available whenever someone moved until she eventually found herself right behind Donna.


Donna was standing at the edge of the Black Lake, her back to the water as she spoke out to everyone.


“Instead of looking for Victoire, let's try luring her out. She’ll probably want to know what our next plan of attack is and Victoire loves to brag. Chances are she’ll probably come out of wherever she's hiding to prove that she can keep from getting caught no matter what and that's when she’ll slip up, hopefully,” Donna added. It was then that an idea hit Victoire, since it was their last year and all, now might be a good time to change tradition. Someone was going into the Lake alright, but Victoire was going to make sure that it wasn't her.


“Hey, Donna!” Victoire yelled loud enough to be heard over the crowd.


Donna frowned and turned to look around her trying to find Victoire just like everyone else was. Once Donna had completely turned her back on everyone and faced the Lake, Victoire used her wand to lift Donna off her feet and drop her into the Lake.


It was a few seconds before Donna came sputtering to the surface, her hair stuck to her forehead and her robes floating around her. She looked around wildly trying to find whoever had thrown her in. Victoire took her wand and with an elaborate flourish, undid her Disillusionment Charm. She shook her hands on either side of her face while grinning smugly.


“Surprise!” Victoire said as she continued to do jazz hands. “How's that for subtle magic.”


Donna went on and on about Victoire pulling the wool over her eyes well into dinner time and all the way up into their dormitory, although Victoire had no idea why she was so surprised. Victoire thought that maybe by the time they had all gotten ready for bed, Donna would’ve let it go, but when she walked out of the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel, the first thing out of her mouth was, “I cannot believe that you actually escaped from us this year, I just cannot.”


Poppy groaned and buried her face in her mattress. Victoire, kneeling by the side of her trunk, stared up at the ceiling as she let out a sigh.


“She was bound to win one of these years,” Poppy replied, as she braided her hair.


“Speaking of today, I didn’t see you,” Victoire said. She was folding up and putting away the last few items of clothing that she had left into her trunk. Victoire noted with disapproval that Donna’s things were still hanging out of her trunk and around her bed.


“I had a feeling you’d be trying your best to stay out of the water and I didn’t want to make myself a target in case you decided to throw someone in, but I was there, don’t worry,” Poppy said, staring intently at her hands as they worked.


“But still, how? I thought I’d be able to spot your work from a mile away,” Donna said as she kicked a stray shoe out of her way.


“You can’t win them all,” Victoire said with a shrug. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll have plenty more opportunities to push me into bodies of water in the future.”


“We’re all going to stay friends after Hogwarts, right, all three of us?” Donna asked.

“Of course we are,” Victoire replied with a raise of her eyebrows, why wouldn’t the three of them remain friends after Hogwarts? “You didn’t think you could get away from me that easily, did you?”

a/n: this story has been sticking around for a long time, mostly due to the fact that i was too lazy to write anything for it but i finally decided that it was time i get to work with all of my works in progress, and here we are, at the end of one. i enjoyed writing victoire a lot and i hope you enjoyed reading about her. i don't know if i'll write anything else on this version of victoire but you never know, inspiration might strike.

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