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"I've got some damn bad intentions
I got some secrets I forgot to mention
Haven't learned my lesson, woah oh."

Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton

This could only happen to me.

Literally my last fucking year at Hogwarts, the place I come to get away from my family and most specifically my sister, Lennon herself decides to show up out of nowhere.


To add to the betrayal, my parents had to have known Lennon was doing this. My dad knows the reasons I love coming to Hogwarts. He knows how much Lennon and I loathe each other. And he allowed her to come anyway as if my feelings and opinions didn’t matter. I wasn’t never really one for feelings, but damn this is a low blow.

Dom put a hand on my arm. It was simultaneously comforting and a reality check. I firmly crossed my arms across my chest and settled for seething in the direction of the table.

“Carty, it doesn’t matter,” Dom hissed in my ear. “We’ll just ignore her and go on with our lives like we always have.”

“It’s fine, Dom.”

“No I mean it! I won’t even talk to her—”

“Attention students.” Headmistress Bones calmed down the riotous crowd with ease. We are all intimidated by her, but it came from respect not fear. “We will now Sort the new students.”

Professor Longbottom now held a different scroll, “Arcand, Christophe, sixth year.”

A thin, pale young man with blonde curls strode from the back of the crowd. He looked similar to a cherub with his facial features and plump lips. He sat, straight-backed, on the stool.


Christophe gave the crowd a gracious smile and steps back with the other students.

“Armand, Théophile, seventh year.”

This bloke looked like a Slytherin with dark hair, pale skin, and a killer smirk. His blue eyes darted around the room hungrily, but his nose was ever so slightly tilted in the air. He sat down haughtily.


Théophile smirked even wider and gives a small bow to the crowd before stepping back with his mates.

“Beauregard, Adrien, sixth year.”

This kid just looked ecstatic to be here. He had thick, pink lips that were stretched into a
broad smile. He had brown, doe-eyes and brown hair. He sat down hurriedly on the stool. He was very tall and looked pretty athletic.


Adrien grinned even wider if that was possible and walked back to his friends. He and Christophe exchanged grins as they stood beside each other.

“Bellefleur, Éléonore, sixth year.”

This girl also looked serenely happy. She was pretty with her blonde hair in delicate waves and her blue eyes were matched perfectly by the baby-blue, silk robes that the Beauxbatons students wore.


I could hear many of the Hufflepuff boys hooting loudly and Éléonore blushed as she went back behind my sister.

“Blanchard, Margaux, seventh year.”

This girl looked like a queen literally. She held her head up as if she was balancing something on top of it and stood as straight-backed as someone possibly could. She was also blonde with dark eyebrows (eyebrows on fleek) and dark, brown eyes. She pursed her lips in confusion as she sat on the stool.

The Hat was quiet for a minute or two before finally yelling,


Margaux smiled, faintly blushing, and tilted her head slightly toward the cheering Ravenclaw table before backing right in front of my sister.

I like this girl already.

“Chopin, Laurent, seventh year.”

He was pretty hot in a goofy way. Laurent had curly brown hair that he had styled upwards and off his forehead (very James Dean style) with slightly narrowed brown eyes. He sauntered up to the Sorting Hat as if he owned it and sat lazily on the stool.


Wow shocker.

Laurent smirked in true Slytherin-style and bumped fists with Théophile as he went back to stand beside him.

“Dupont, Adélaïde, seventh year.”

This girl had the same regal qualities of Margaux and maybe even more so. She looked exceptionally unapproachable, but she didn’t have her nose in the air like some of the Beauxbatons students. She had fair skin with dark, hazel eyes and huge Angelina Jolie-level lips. She approached the stool cautiously and looked mildly concerned as the Hat was placed on her head.

The Hat barely touched her head when it yelled, “GRYFFINDOR!”

The Gryffindor table exploded in applause and as I watched her stand directly in front of my sister beside Margaux I found myself clapping as well.

Maybe the Beauxbatons students didn’t like Lennon as much as she claimed they did.

“Luck, Lennon, sixth year.”

Speak of the Devil and he shall appear. Or she, I guess, in this case.

Oh Godric, if my snot-nosed little sister gets in Gryffindor I’m going to swan dive off the Astronomy Tower. Please send her to Hufflepuff. Maybe if she’s high all the time she won’t have time to be mean to me. Or Slytherin, she’ll fit in bloody well there. And she’ll be with her precious Scorpius.

If there is an omnipresent-celestial being out there who controls the universe please, please put Lennon anywhere beside Gryffindor.


Wow thanks omnipresent-celestial being, you suck.

My sister pranced back over to her friends and they clapped excitedly.

I turned to Dominique, straight-faced, and told her, “I’m taking a swan dive off the Astronomy Tower tonight.”

She looked at me horrified and began tugging on my sleeve. “No, no suicide is not the answer McCartney! I would be devastated!” Her large blue eyes actually showed a considerable amount of concern.

Aw, Dom is so cute sometimes.

I noticed James’s head was looking in my direction and looked at him. His eyebrows were knitted together in concern and he tilted his head and mouthed: ‘Are you okay?’

‘Fine.’ I mouthed back waving my hand errantly.

James looked like he didn’t believe me, but he turned back towards the podium.

“Rancourt, Julian, seventh year.”

I watched as this bloke walked up to the Hat. He had a funny, sauntering gait that could only be called a swagger (even though thanks to the 2010s that word was given a weird and negative connotation). He wasn’t attractive, but he was. His head was a bit too blocky to be evenly proportioned while his cheekbones could cut diamonds and his eyes were slanted, but were an interesting dark brown. His hair was perfectly styled and matched the shade of his eyes. He was one of those guys who had to have a killer personality or they just wouldn’t be attractive.

I’m going to call this one as Slytherin.


Okay and I was wrong, but it was a decent guess. I mean, he had the Slytherin smirk!

“Renault, Clémence, seventh year.”

This girl looked timid and mousy like she’d never stand up for herself in a million years. She smiled shyly with hazel eyes and her eyebrows were dark and prominent (i.e. eyebrows on fleek again). She had light brown hair that fell around her shoulders freely in waves. She was very pretty in the way that Éléonore was pretty.


The girl beamed and looked in relief at Margaux who smiled at her. They hugged as Clémence rejoined the group.

“Thibault, Xavier, sixth year.”

This kid was tall and blocky with a squared off head and blue eyes. He looked similar to Julian, but more European if that makes any sense. He had black hair that looked vivid against his pale skin. He walked inconspicuously up to the stool and sat.

“HUFFLEPUFF,” said the Hat after a minute or two of hesitation.

Xavier smiled warmly. Yep he looked like a Hufflepuff. He and Éléonore exchanged smiles as they stood together.

“Valois, Cécile, sixth year.”

Lennon gave the girl a reassuring smile and I fumed silently, re-crossing my arms. Cécile was stunning. She had long, silky-looking, red waves, some that were pinned back behind her temples. She had the innocent, doe-eyed look of naivety with heavy-lidded, crystalline, blue eyes and plump, pink lips. She walked gracefully and the powder blue robes swirled elegantly about her feet.

“She’s part veela,” Dominique whispered in my ear. “Only part obviously, because of that hair.” Dom sounded jealous.

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked, happy for the distraction from fuming about Lennon.

“Well I mean no, it’s just you know how guys act around me and I’m only like an eighth veela. Isadora McLaggen is a quarter veela and guys stalk her even though she’s only fourteen!”

“Elisaveta Krum is half-veela and no guys stalk her,” I argued quietly.

“That’s because they are scared of the boys in Slytherin House. Aleksander would flay alive anyone who dared look at Elisaveta funny,” she hissed back.

“Still, Cécile has red hair, veela are supposed to have white-gold hair hence your own hair.” I motioned to Dominique’s silky hair.

“She has a father you know, maybe he has red hair—”

“So do you—”

“Can it you two!” Darcy elbowed me and I almost fell into the floor. Dom grabbed my shoulder to keep me from toppling over. “It’s a hat-stall,” she hissed.

Cécile looked increasingly uncomfortable as we waited on the Hat.

“Did we really argue that long?” Dom whispered in my ear.

I shrugged in response.


The Gryffindor Table, mainly the male portion, exploded in applause and cheering. Cécile blushed madly and went back to stand behind Lennon.

“Now we will hear from one of the students.” Headmistress Bones motioned to…guess who.

My rubbish sister, Lennon ‘the fucking iceberg who sank the Titanic’ Luck. Sorry, my epithet game is off, because of just how bloody angry am I.

“Please welcome, Lennon Luck.”

The Hall erupted in applause.

“Hello everyone, I’m going to keep this short, because I’m sure you’re all hungry. Alright some of you may know me, because of my sister McCartney Luck, she goes to Hogwarts as well. She’s a Gryffindor too and I don’t see her yet…” Lennon was scanning the crowd and I sank down into my seat hiding behind Darcy.

“She’s over here!” Fred yelled loudly and I kicked his shin under the table.

“Damn you Fred!” I hissed.

“Well, go on Carty stand up.” Lennon beamed.

I rose unsteadily and gave a tiny wave before dropping back down in my seat.

“I’ve always wanted to come to Hogwarts since I’ve heard such wonderful things…”

Gag me with a spoon. Gouge out my eyes with rusty scissors. Let a Bludger smack me in the head. Just make it end for the sake of my sanity! I unceremoniously banged my head on the table and moaned pitifully.

“Alright, it’s official. I really am swan-diving off the Astronomy Tower.”

“Dude, Mick you didn’t tell me your sister was that hot!” Fred grinned wildly at me.

“I didn’t know you had a sister,” James added.

“I was trying to keep it that way,” I grumbled into the gold plate.

I plugged my ears as Lennon babbled on about how exciting it was and all that crap.

Could the earth just swallow me up now? Yeah, that would be very much appreciated. Like at this precise moment.

Yeah, no?

Okay, that’s cool Mother Earth, next you want me to save the ozone layer by not using hairspray or fucking recycle I damn well won’t.

I’m also going to use as much water in the shower as I damn well please. Take that Mother fucking Earth.

“Merlin, what did Mother Earth do to you?” James asked me and I opened my eyes to see him leaning forward across the table. Dominique wasn’t paying attention as she idly played with my hair, she loved playing with my hair, because I have silky soft, baby-like hair.

“I said that out loud did I?” I looked at him sheepishly. “Just don’t worry about it. But tomorrow for practice get ready to catch the Quaffle, I can promise I’ll throw it hard.”

James merely raised his eyebrows and set back in his seat.

“You can quit wallowing in self-pity; your sister’s speech is done.”

I looked up to see Darcy grinning down at me. I sighed dramatically and sat up as food appeared on my plate and drink in my goblet. If only it was some hard stuff. I never missed Lidiya and her excess of alcohol more.

“Carty!” Lennon appeared behind me with Cécile. I turned around and she beamed at me. “Isn’t this amazing? Are you surprised? Can Cécile and I sit with you and your friends?”

Darcy snorted into her goblet. Dominique just looked nervously between us.

“Sorry, Lenny,” I sneered her nickname. Lennon and I have never call each other by nicknames. Ever. “Sixth years sit down there.” I jerked my thumb in the direction of the other sixth years.

I watched as Lennon’s eyes narrowed and Cécile looked nervously at Lennon. Obviously at Beauxbatons, people don’t talk to Lennon like I do.

“Lennon, you can come sit with us.” Rose Weasley smiled and motioned down the table. Rose was James’s younger cousin and a sixth year.

“Alright, see you around sis.” Lennon’s voice was venomous.

“I’m Cécile.” The other girl smiled at Rose. I watched as Lennon sat down with Maxima Brankovitch and her crowd. No surprise there. Maxima was the Queen Bitch of the school. Even some upperclassmen (read: me) were scared of her.

“So from that exchange, I suppose this is where the seventh years sit?” An accented voice came from in front of me.

I looked up to see Adélaïde Dupont standing behind Fred.

“Yeah, scoot over Fred.” Dominique smiled. Fred did, but probably only because Adélaïde was attractive. I saw Julian sit down beside Zära and they struck up a conversation. Adrien had followed Lennon and Cécile down the tables and was sitting beside Albus Potter and his mates.

“I’m Dominique Weasley, this is McCartney Luck, Darcy Finnigan, and Zära Winthrop, down there. Then that’s Luke Harrington, Chance Longbottom, Troy Clearwater, Fred Weasley, and on your other side James Potter, Gryffin Masterson, Andrew Wood, Ky Shacklebolt, and JT Desai.” Dominique rattled off.

“It’s okay if you don’t remember, everyone.” Darcy began. “Just call the guys Arse-Wipe or Douche-Nozzle and the girls either Bitch or Slag. Most will respond to any of those.”

Adélaïde laughed. “Thank you for the introduction, but I’m very good with names. I’ll remember.”

“Oh yeah, well what’s my name?” Fred asked with a mouthful of food.

“Fred…” Adélaïde drifted off in disgust from his table manners, “Weasley.” She looked back at Dom. “Weasley and Weasley? I’m going to assume there’s a relation.”

“We’re cousins.” Dominique nodded. “James too. Fred’s dad and my dad are brothers while James’s mom is their sister.” She explained. “We have a lot of cousins so if you see the last name Weasley or Potter they are one of us.”

Adélaïde then looked at me. “Your sister is Lennon, right?”

I sighed loudly. “Unfortunately.”

She nodded in understanding. I went back to toying with my food.

“So Adélaïde, do you play Quidditch?” James asked casually.

“Yes, but I fear I’m not very good.” She blushed. “I played at Beauxbatons and I was a Chaser, but I’m really not that great.”

“Do you have Houses at Beauxbatons?” Troy asked curiously.

“No, no just divided by year.”

“Then how do you play Quidditch?” Fred asked.

“Everyone who wants to play signs up and then they divide us evenly and the chosen captains pick what team they want. They pick captains in an order based on their skill and standing with the faculty. Then we have a yearlong tournament to see who is the best team,” she explained.

“Sounds pretty legit.” I grinned at her.

She smiled back, “It’s good, because everyone gets to play. The younger kids have their own teams though.”

“Hogwarts has JV teams too.” James nodded. “Too many kids wanted to play so they just implemented a new league, but the younger kids can play both varsity and JV, if they’re good enough. My sister Lily plays Seeker on Varsity and Chaser on JV.”

“Your sister must be very good, then?” Adélaïde complimented.

“She’s alright. I’m better, but don’t tell her I said so.” James grinned impishly and she laughed.

I ignored the rest of the table and continued to mope into my steak and potatoes. Maybe I am being a brat, but I don’t really care. This was supposed to be my year to shine. Seventh year is supposed to be fun, because you’re the oldest and nobody can tell you that what you’re doing is dumb.

But no Lennon just has to have everything I have. She couldn’t settle for just being idolized at Beauxbatons. She had to come to Hogwarts to be idolized here too. Why me omnipresent-celestial being, why me?

As if Hogwarts doesn’t have enough stuck-up, psychotic bitches!

“McCartney, I know you don’t want to hear this right now,” Dom began quietly. “…but maybe you should try being nice to Lennon? Maybe she wants to be friends?” Dominique asked.

“It’s Lennon! She doesn’t want to be fucking besties, Dom! She wants to drain all the happiness from my world and take every ounce joy that I’ve ever had!” I was furious that Dom would even suggest something like that.

She knows how Lennon has tortured me over the years. And she has the audacity to suggest that I play nice with Satan’s spawn. Yeah, nice fucking try. I’d rather play a whole match of Quidditch in front of the entire school. With the stands!

“You were a bit of a bitch to her,” Fred mumbled through a mouthful of food.

“Yeah, she seems nice,” Troy added as he placed his goblet back down.

“Oh yes to you people she’s a bloody angel, but behind closed doors she is a regular Edward Hyde! I’m surprised that she hasn’t tried to bludgeon me to death for no apparent reason like poor Sir Danvers Carew!” I snapped.

The wizards surrounding me looked at me blankly.

“What, no one at this table has ever read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?” I asked, my cheeks going pink.

“What is a doctor Jekyll?” Troy asked curiously.

“You know the Muggle equivalent of a Healer.” I prompted. “Jekyll is just his last name, like if you became a doctor your name would be Dr. Clearwater.”

“Oh…” Troy drifted off.

“Wow you guys are so uncultured—” I began.

“Wait is that the book where the Dr. Jekyll bloke kills himself at the end while the Utterson and Poole guy bust down the door?”

I, and most of the table, turned in shock to look at James Potter.

James, of all people, knew about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I beamed at him. “Yes, that’s exactly what happens! See! I’m not an idiot.” I grinned triumphantly.

“Alright fine you’re not an idiot, now eat something you’re giving me anxiety.” Dominique looked at me seriously.

“What are you putting me on suicide watch because of Lennon?” I scoffed.

“Maybe I am,” Dom replied coolly.

“Well there’s no need to worry about that, dear Dominique,” I told her as I unceremoniously stuffed some potatoes in my mouth. “I love food more than I loathe my sister.” I grinned as I swallowed. “It’s a tight race though…”

“Yes, yes we are all aware of how much the stick-thin girl loves food,” Fred said as more food appeared on his plate. His fourth helping, one might note. “You eat like a grasshopper.”

“I like to snack! So what sue me!” I crossed my arms. “I’m a grazer not a gorger. What is it with today? It must be ‘Please Kick McCartney All You Want Day,’ because she doesn’t mind it or have feelings or need any self-esteem.”

“Wah-wah, cry me a river Luck, you know there are children starving in Africa right now?” Fred teased playfully.

“Yes I’m well-aware,” I said. “I go to Africa every summer and on holidays on grace campaigns,” I told him proudly.

I go to Africa with my parents all the time. It used to be, because Mum wanted to go for philanthropic reasons which is what grace campaigns are for. Now though we just enjoy it that much.

“Really?” Adélaïde asked. “I also go on grace campaigns, where do you go?” She asked.

“I go to Soroti, Uganda, usually.” I smiled. “Where do you go?”

“We go to Zimbabwe, Uganda, and we went to the Congo once,” she replied.

“Father won’t take us to the Congo, he says it’s too dangerous.” I nodded.

“That’s why we only went once.” Adélaïde agreed. “I was attacked by some Congolese men and almost kidnapped. Luckily, a very nice American wizard was coming down the road. He hexed them into next week.” She laughed.

“Wow, the worst that’s ever happened to me was when we went on one of those safaris to see the mountain gorillas.” I began.

Most everyone around the table was eating, probably halfway listening to Adélaïde and I.

“I was with a couple of the children from the orphanage we were working at and we stopped for lunch. Well the kids wanted to sit under this tree. So I was like, “Okay that’s fine, whatever,” and so we were just sitting there eating our lunches. Well, there was this one boy named Damba and he decided he wanted to climb this tree. I humored him and let him do it. I watch Damba as he starts climbing then I see something tawny colored in the leaves. For a second, I think it’s just the sun on the leaves so I let it go,”

“But Damba freezes and I call up to him, “Damba what’s wrong?” And he just stares at me with these scared brown eyes. So, I’m like well maybe he’s scared of heights, whatever it’s fine I’ll go up there and get him down. Then I started climbing and I finally get to where Damba is. I look up and—”

Adélaïde suddenly grimaces and she looked at me. “I think I know where this story is going.”

“Well hold on!” I grinned at her. “So, I look up and I grab Damba in one arm, because he’s literally like shaking and hyperventilating. All of a sudden, I hear a snorting noise and I look across the tree. There is literally a full-grown, male lion staring at me with these huge scary amber eyes. He looks absolutely furious with me like I mean he looks scarier than my mother on a bad hair day.”

Adélaïde giggled at this and nodded. “I suspect he would be.”

“Anyways, here me and Damba are with this big, scary-ass, male lion glaring and snarling at us and I don’t even have a wand on me, so basically I’m screwed. But the lion heard or smelled something and he looked away. Damba magically comes back to life and climbs like some sort of ninja monkey down the tree leaving me and the lion to sort out our differences.” I paused for dramatic effect.

“Go on then,” Fred prompted.

“Yeah, I’ve never heard this story before.” James looked at me wide-eyed. I felt my cheeks heat up.

Somehow I never found that brotherly-type of camaraderie with James that I found with Fred and the rest of the team. It’s probably because James is hot and I’m literally the most awkward person I’ve ever met. Just saying.

“Well anyways so the lion looks back at me like, “‘Da hell you still doin’ in my tree, bitch?” And I’m just like “So sorry, Mr. Lion! I’ll be on my way.” So I start climbing down and he just yawns and I swear to you this happened! He rolled his eyes. The lion rolled his mother fucking eyes at me. I’m just like, “Oh yeah, you Lion King reject wanna say that to my face?” Then he growled really loudly and so I gracefully fell out of the tree.”

Those who were listening at the table busted out laughing.

“No really guys I was totally okay, falling probably over six feet out of a tree didn’t harm me in any way.” I rolled my eyes. “I just broke my arm and we had to get it repaired by a Muggle doctor.”

“Oh wow, I bet that was awful.” Adélaïde nodded in sympathy.

“It wasn’t too terrible.” I shrugged as I ate some of my food.

The conversation then drifted off into Quidditch for this year. I settled for devouring my food which had been partially abandoned while Adélaïde and I talked.

“Lily’s been practicing her Seeking all summer.” James was saying to Troy and Fred. “Every time I went outside she was on her broom. I don’t think she did anything else.”

Lily Potter was the Gryffindor Seeker. A damn good one at that.

Everyone thought that Albus was going to be Seeker since he and his dad look like identical twins, but they were poorly mistaken. Al absolutely hated flying. Oh, he could do it well and good, but he despised it. Gryffindors everywhere were devastated. Then along came our savior in the form of little Lily Potter.

“Students—” Headmistress Bones began the Start of Term Announcements. They were nothing special just your typical school rules: no alcohol on campus, no hexing in the hallway, and all that -ish. “Now I need the Beauxbatons students to stay back for photographs. Everyone else you’re dismissed. Prefects, please lead the first years to the common rooms. Thank you.”

“See you around Carty.” I felt a hand latch onto my shoulder. I turned to see Lennon and Cécile. “Watch your step bitch, this maybe “your school” but it’ll be mine soon.” Lennon’s eyes were like crystal daggers and her knuckles were turning white from how hard she was clenching my shoulder.

Cécile looked terrified.

“Get your hand off my shoulder.” I snapped and shoved her hand off.

I stalked furiously after Dominique. Oh if that’s how she wants to play then fine. I’m done being nice. If Lennon Luck wants to go to war, then here I fucking am. If I am to go to war, however, I need allies.

I hurried pass Dom and spotted the brunette that I needed. I grabbed her arm and towed her forward.


I pulled her into an empty classroom.

“What the hell, McCartney?”

“I know what my terms are Lily,” I told her straight-faced.

Lily looked at me with a single eyebrow raised.

“I want you to help me take down my sister, Lennon. And I want her begging for mercy.”

I watched as Lily’s lips settled into an evil smirk. I ground my teeth uneasily.

“If that’s your terms, I’ll take your deal.” I grinned back, but there was a sinking feeling in my stomach.

What have I signed up for?

Hi! I'm alive! Shocking, I know. Haha! But yeah, so I'll be trying to update this! I have a lot of chapters prewritten, I just have to get around to editing them! This statement is my annual disclaimer: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING YOU RECOGNIZE! Anyways, here are the face-claims!

In order of appearance...

Toby Regbo is Christophe Arcand

Kevin Zegers is Théophile Armand

Ansel Elgort is Adrien Beauregard

Candice Accola is Éléonore Bellefleur

Celina Sinden is Margaux Blanchard

Miles Teller is Laurent Chopin

Adelaide Kane is Adélaïde Dupont (the gorgeous girl on the right of the CI)

Ed Westwick is Julian Rancourt

Lily Collins is Clémence Renault

Nicholas Hoult is Xavier Thibault

Lily Cole is Cécile Valois

(And on the left of the CI is the beautiful Emilia Clarke who plays Darcy Finnigan.)

That's all for now! Stay tuned for further updates! Thanks for reading and leave a review if you feel like it! :)


In the next chapter... the Gryffindor Quidditch team visits the tenth circle of Hell otherwise known as Quidditch practice under Captain Wood. Scorpius ambushes LP in the locker room which leads to a date. LP takes to eavesdropping. A trip to the Astronomy Tower turns into a dip in the Black Lake.

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