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The next morning I woke up and immediately wanted to go back to sleep and hide in my room the entire day.

Today was the day they had to start the Muggle Studies project.

Reluctantly, I got up and went through my morning routine. Finishing up rather quickly I headed down to the Great Hall to meet up with everyone before leaving for Merlin knows how long.

As I walked through the door to see everyone at the Gryffindor table, I realized I was going to miss them terribly. I have been trying not to think about it but it’s inevitable now. 

Muttering a hello to everyone, I sat down next to Ginny and Harry. I couldn’t really stomach any food so I settled with a goblet of pumpkin juice as my breakfast.

“Are you guys ready for this journey you’re about to go on?” Neville asked.

“I don’t like this project one bit,” Ginny replied as she interlaced her fingers with Harry’s and looked at him somberly.

“Oh Ginny it'll be okay, it'll go by fast and you’ll be back before you know it!” Harry said encouragingly to which she smiled a little at.

“I'm not ready to leave but I think it will be interesting to find out what we will be facing.” Hermione said as she took a sip of her pumpkin juice. “As long as Malfoy doesn’t act like a git the entire time, we will pass. It is Malfoy we’re talking about though.”

“He'll have hell to pay if he hurts you in any way, Mione.” Harry said roughly.

They all agreed and realized it was time to go to class and said goodbye. Leaving Ginny and Harry to have their own moment I motioned Ron to walk with me.

“How have you been? I haven’t been able to really talk to you just us.” I asked Ron.

“Oh Mione, I've been getting better as every day passes, you know with the whole Fred situation. Its hard but I'm glad to be back in Hogwarts. The distraction always helps and this project surely will help.” Ron laughed.

“That’s great, Ron!” I said with a smile. “It will certainly be an experience.”

Ever since I told Ron how I wasn’t feeling the relationship thing after the war our friendship had gotten much better. We agreed that after all the chaos with the war that it was only adrenaline fueling our feelings and we decided to go back to being friends. Ron handled it admirably.

They had finally reached the classroom and found their seats. I noticed that Malfoy and his crew were already there and seated. He saw us walk in and gave us a sneer and looked away.

Typical Malfoy.

“Alright class, let’s begin! Today’s the day I send you to your alternate worlds! I have gotten Professor Snape to concoct a potion that will take you there. Everyone will be living in a community together and there will be certain challenges that will come up that each pair will have to deal with. You are not allowed to harm your partner or you will fail this class.” Professor Victoria said. “Everyone get into their pairs.”

I looked at Malfoy to see he was apparently not moving so with a huff I reluctantly walked over and sat my bag on his table.

“Your filth should not be on my table, Granger.” Malfoy sneered.

“Shut it, Malfoy. We're leaving in a few minutes. Deal with it.” I said with a scowl.

Professor Victoria had come around and put on each of our tables a different colored potion. Ours was a cloudy blue.

“Whenever you’re ready you can drink it. If anyone has any questions or concerns, you are allowed to owl me. Remember, have fun with this. Make the best of your last year here at Hogwarts.” Professor smiled.

I picked up my portion of the potion and looked over at Malfoy. “Bottoms up, Granger.” He smirked.

Everything had turned black and it felt like being pulled through a tiny hole. It was rather uncomfortable and I was starting to feel nauseous from all the spinning.


When I finally woke, it was to a rather unexpected sight. 


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