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Just another day at St. Vladimir’s. The moon is shining, the dhampir are training—and oh shit sun rising. Okay so, sun doesn’t actually kill any moroi or dhampir vampires, although sun can definitely sting moroi’s. 


Nicholas Drozdov is heading inside, as curfew is soon. Classes are over for the day, and as the moon leaves the sky the students go to their rooms. 


“Hey!” Nicholas’ dhampir protector, James, said, coming up to Nicholas. “How’s a going Nicholas?” He said in his loud American accent.

“Fine.” Nicholas answered, with a perfectly usual british accent. 

“Do you think you could help a thirsty dhampir out?”

“Sure thing.” Nicholas said, then waved his hand in the direction of the water fountain and sent a jet of water into James’ mouth. 

“Thanks.” James said, giving him a hug. “We better get inside, especially since girls are whispering about us again.”

“Please James, they’ll whisper until Queen Dragomir says they can’t.”

“Lissa? I can ask her to scold them.”

“Right, I forgot, you two are close personal friends.”

“We have tea sometimes.” James shrugged.

“I’m aware.”

“So,” James said looking around. “Need homework help?”

“Of course I do, I need you to help me practice, I acidentally sent a jet of water at Ryder Ivashkov today.”

"Well, he's a douche if you ask me."


Nicholas and James headed back to Nicholas’ dorm and didn’t do homework at all. The door slammed and James pressed he and Nicholas’ heads together and looked down the small difference between them before closing that distance and causing a fury of emotion. Passion erupted between the two, and together they made their way across the room, whilst unbuttoning clothing and nearly tripping over a table.


“I know that—mmh—they say dating-ahh-dhampir is a normal phase but—argh- I’m not going to get over you.”

“Same here. Now shut-up and let me kiss you.”


The two didn’t even make it to the bed, so instead James just pushed Nicolas against the wall and continued pressing his lips to his beloved. 


The moment was broken however. Go back 30 seconds or so, and Nicholas mouth opened above James’ neck and his teeth sank in. James moaned in pain but then relaxed and the amazing sensation that’s better than anything ran through his body. James breathed heavily and found Nicholas’ head with his hand, pushing it forward and sinking Nic’s teeth further into his neck.


Nicholas pushed James away and looked down crossed eyed at his fangs covered in blood. “Did I just?”


“No, James, you can’t let me do that! Not ever. People will-“

“It won’t happen again, but you have to resist me. Sometimes it’s hard to stop you, it feels so good and I loose conscious in what we’re doing.”

“You can’t let me do that ever again. That was once before, we were naive, we were fourteen and it can’t happen again. Why did you let it happen again?” Nicholas cried, starting to sob. “If anyone ever knew, you’d be… you’d—they’d call you a blood whore.” Nicholas said, weeping and pacing.

“Nic, no one even knows about us. I wouldn’t let you do it again, but you have to promise me you’re eating enough.”

“I had blood two days ago.”

“No wonder you look so tired, we’re going down there right now.”

“We’re supposed to be in bed James, besides you were enough for tonight, we’ll go first thing tonight.”

“Okay disgusting, but fine, only if you promise.”

“I pro- what is that?”


Nicholas made his way over to the table they’d tripped over in their tongue match and picked up a white envelop with a red seal on it that shaped into an ‘H’.


You Have Been Invited,

to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a one year term starting September 1st 2023 until June 25th 2024. 

Enclosed is a description of the program and a list of needed supplies. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.


 Deputy Headmaster Longbottom.


James looked over Nicholas’ shoulder and read the letter. “Oh my god Nic.”

“We should ask if I can go.”

“No, you have to stay here for your own good! I refuse to let you go!”


10 Minutes Later…


“The Queen has approved it. She thinks it’s a wonderful idea. Of course, Mr. Hollinger you’ll be going with Nicholas, as he is a member of the Drozdov royal family and you are his protection. The strigoi are a risk that is found everywhere, you must be vigilant. From what I understand the school has it’s own protections. We’ll see you two in a year.” The headmistress said, handing them each their passports and the private jet itinerary.

“No,” James said “no way. He’s at risk, they don’t know anything about us and we don’t know anything about them. Why shouldn’t we keep it that way?”

“For the welfare of, all societies, Mr. Hollinger.”

“If James doesn’t want to, I could go alone.” 

“No, absolutely not. You need him, you can’t defend yourself.”

“You can’t just judge me when James is standing right next to me. He’s tall, strong and sexy, and those abs. I’m skinny, gangly and nerdy. Unfair competition!”

“Unfortunately Mr. Drozdov, you’ve just made it harder for yourself. Both of you are going. You’ll continue St. Vladimir’s work as well as whatever they demand. James, you will simply sit with Nicholas as they’ve only asked for him. Dismissed.”

The boys left to go pack their stuff, both fathomably pissed off. It was going to be a long year.



Glossary (all terms belong to Richelle Mead.)

St. Vladimir's - A school where vampires go to train (dhampir) and use elemental magic (moroi), and also learn the normal stuf like math and socials. It is basically Vampire Boarding School. It's in the middle of nowhere in Montana.

Dhampir - Half human half vampire, they can eat any normal human food, have hightened strength and speed, and their lives are dedicated to protecting the moroi. They are not affected by sun.

Moroi - Moroi are full on vampire. They specialize in one time of elemental magic (earth, air, water, fire, and spirit). Most moroi have dhampir guardians, and there are fewer of them than there are dhampir. They are affected by sun, and live on a diet of human blood, and have retractable teeth that they use during feeding and that show when angry. (The school provides blood donors.)

Drozdov - One of the 12 royal families. One person from any 12 of the families is elected to serve as king or queen. The rest are known as princes or princesses.

Queen Dragomir - The current elected queen of the vampire world, this is a quick mention of one of the main characters in the Vampire Academy series, Vasilisa Dragomir.

Nicholas/James relationship - Moroi and dhampirs in relationships is considered normal in the teen years, but is frowned upon during adulthood. Moroi usually end up marrying other moroi.

Blood Whore - A dhampir who lets moroi drink from them during sex. This is scandalous behaviour and is highly frowned upon by both moroi and dhampir. 

Strigoi - The bad vampires. They have hightened skills and senses, and crave moroi, human, and dhampir blood. The sun burns them, and the only other way to kill them is a silver stake through the heart. Unlike moroi, they are made not born.


Thank you so much for reading and wherever you are in the world, have a wonderful day!


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