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 I’d always had this thing with plans. I had to plan for success always and I never  wanted to be let down. Now I was planning my wedding with Ron, and I think I was starting to think that I’d settled for Ron instead of really being in love with him. If I was to be married with children and a successful ministry career by the age of thirty then he seemed to be my only choice, finding true love was a long and dreadful process that I had never been up to. I mean, I’m Hermione Jean Granger, I needed a good life. Which is why I picked Ron. 


He was sweet and nice and I know he really loved me and would do anything to make me happy, but I wasn’t sure if I could be the same towards him. Maybe I wanted to live my life alone. Maybe I wanted to live my life in love, but maybe not with Ron.


After the war had ended I’d almost lost the capability to see things clearly. People could trick me easily, and though I was still book smart, my intelligence in my choices wavered often. I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. Maybe I could go get help to figure it out…




First I went to Harry, who’s opinions were non-judgemental, logical, and even at times interesting. However he seemed distracted about something, smoothing the gold of his own wedding ring and looking deep in thought about something possibly horrible. He didn’t have many answers for me, and he took Ron’s side as if he needed him to be on his side later. I had a sinking feeling it had something to do with his own marriage, and I left him to think about it in peace. Maybe I should have asked him if he was okay.


Next, I sought out Luna. Her whimsical and non-sensical ideas could perhaps help me make sense of things. I had to delve far into my head for answers to the questions she’d asked me, then I got the feeling that maybe I should have been the one asking questions. Later Neville came in and offered us tea, and they seemed perfectly happy together, I thought perhaps I’d be like that with Ron.


After, even though I knew I’d be in for a temper, I found the eldest Weasley and had a chat with her. Molly’s mind was clearly on other things as well, as she seemed to be writing letters about what each of her children were going to name their children, just so she could start working on jumpers. Soon there would be so many to do each year that she’d have to enlist an assistant, and she almost tried to recruit me. I hastily shook my head and told her I was absolute rubbish at sewing and knitting. She continued writing her letters and drawing up plans for future jumpers so that they’d all be unique in their own way.


After I had a chat with Bill and Fleur, who were slightly to busy with newborn Victoire to even pay attention to me. They had to keep running around and conjuring her toys and food, and even made me hold her a bit. I was glad that I was good around children and even wanted my own. Eventually I apparated back to England and continued my search for advice.


I was hopeless, so I went to Cho. Bad mistake. Apparently she was still upset about the loss of her one true love, and talking about marriage only seemed to upset her even more. She just cried and cried, and eventually I was the one given advice. 


Soon I had no other choice but to turn to Ginny. She said Harry made her happy everyday and that she loved him with all her heart, but lately he’d seemed a little less in love with her and slightly more in love with work. She had no idea how that could be, because over dinner a few nights back he’d said something about how Draco Malfoy had just started working in his department. She also said that only I would know if I was making the right choice.


I was running out of people to turn to, and I found myself unexpectedly in Seamus and Dean’s flat. They’d been roomies since the end of Hogwarts, and everyone was waiting for them to grow up. Maybe they would be bad at advice. It turns out they were horrible. Seamus just shrugged and said he knew nothing about marriage or relationships that passed beyond friendship. He hadn’t even seen Dean for two weeks! The only thing Dean had said was a called out ‘hi’ from inside the walls of his room. He was working on healer internship problems apparently.


Eventually I decided to go to to Arthur Weasley, who would have an intelligent opinion for me. But the muggle artifacts business had gotten huge and he was about to retire, so I had to speed walk with him and try to get questions off my list. Eventually I glimpsed a water fountain and excused myself, asking if he could wait. I went over, took a sip, then look around to find Arthur, who probably hadn't heard me, gone.


Now I had no other choice. I payed a hospital visit to our old Professor and sat down. I wouldn’t say ‘Ron’ because I’d be bombarded with questions about who Ron was, but I did talk about marriage. I realized quickly that coming to see Mr. Lockhart had not been a good idea. He simply asked who I was and then asked what marriage was. What was I doing coming to a person who’d been obliviated by my fiancé? And when had I gotten so stupid?


Reluctantly I had a shifty conversation with Draco Malfoy, who seemed to have the same weird illness as Harry, glancing over at his wife who laughed in their lavish drawing room, and twisting his ring weirdly around his finger in deep thought. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something I was missing, and something wrong with everyone that day.


I had a fast chat with Angelina in hushed tones, as George was in the kitchen cooking and was quite protective of Ron ever since Fred died. She wasn’t much for good advice, and I left with haste, making a few excuses about a job interview.


Shortly after I decided to go to Ron himself. I didn’t understand why I had thought it would be a good idea, but after a conversation I was glad that I had come to him about us. He had the same doubts as me, and even thought that I had settled for him. But eventually we decided that this was the right thing, and that we loved each other. And he kissed me lightly and softly, assuring me I’d made the right plans, no matter how long it took.



Author's Note: Basically the story for how this story came into existance was, I saw a banner on TDA in the Up For Grabs section and I was like "Merlin that banner is awesome, I'm going to write a story for it" and so I placed a hold and I worked fast to come up with an idea and write it in a ten day deadline... There were nine days left in that ten day deadline. I worked hard, and this is the result.

Reviews and constructive critisicms are always appreciated and wherever you are in the world have a fabulous day!



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