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Alliah Bane-Lightwood had never liked boys. They were cocky and always thought they could beat her at anything, just because she was a girl. They always laughed when she snickered and told them she was more powerful than they could ever be. 

They just replied “You’re a shadowhunter just like us, plus you’re a girl, so we’re more powerful.”

Boy did they regret anything they’d said when Alliah wielded her seraph blade in one hand, and shot out graceful blue magic from the other.


Everyday she made her fathers, Magnus and Alec, very proud. Everyone always assumed she was just a shadowhunter (perks of having a warlock as one of your fathers, who can make the impossible possible), which gave her the upper hand in almost all battles.


Of course, when she fought her relatives they’d see magic inevitable, and sometimes when she’d train with them they’d make her pick one, but she was so strong in both she usually won anyways. 


On a seemingly normal weekend day she got up early and padded her way to the kitchen. She spent most of her weekdays at the Institute, but liked to be at home here. 


“Morning,” Alec Lightwood smiled, ruffling her hair and pushing over a box of takeout waffles. “Courtesy of dad, I always annoy Uncle Jace about how we don’t have to go grocery shopping.” He said.

“Where is dad?”

“Hmm, he’s either on a dangerous warlock mission, or loudly snoring in bed. I’ll guess it’s the latter because he woke me up this morning.”

“I’d have to agree with you on that.” Alliah said. 


Alliah snapped and conjured herself a plate and a glass full of orange juice. 

“I see conjuring’s going well,” Alec said, pointing to the plate and cup. 

“I’ve been able to conjure things in a 5 mile radius now.”

“Well, it’s good that we have a cafe not far. Could I get a coffee?”

“What’s the magic word.”

“Your puns are as horrible as your father’s, Alliah.” Alec said, shaking his head. “So, by the angel, please?”

“You can walk.” Alliah said, pouring herself orange juice. “Please All?”

“Fine.” She said stubbornly, snapping and putting coffee from the independent cafe down the street in front of her father.

“Thank you.” Alec smiled. 


Soon after, Magnus Bane walked into the kitchen, wearing a purple house robe and carrying a cat and a letter.

“Chairman Meow has developed a new hobby of stealing letters from the unsuspecting members of this house. All,” he said, handing Alliah a letter. “Who writes letters anymore?” Magnus added as an after thought.

“The Clave,” Alec said. “Don’t tell me you’ve broken someone important’s nose again.”

“I didn’t, I promise.” Alliah said, throwing her hands up in surrender. Magnus took a seat next to his husband and his daughter and looked curiously at her. “Are you going to open it?” He asked.

“You’re so nosy.”

Snap, Magnus ripped open the letter and pulled the letter out but snap Alliah had it back. Before she could glance at a word snap Magnus got it back.

“Ha, you only got the envelop.” Alliah laughed. Snap.

Could you guys please find some other method of fighting. You do realize I’m the only one here with no downworlder blood, right?”

“So, you’ve declared yourself king of the house have you?” Magnus chuckled. “That’s funny, because last time I checked in bed you're quite—“

“Don’t even go there.”


“At least read it aloud.” Magnus called after Alliah as she walked away, even though it wouldn’t stop her father from getting it.


A few minutes later she came back with a stunned look on her face. “I’ve been accepted to some sort of program in England. Something called the ‘Hogwarts Diversities Program’” Alliah said. “I didn’t know wizards were even real, plus I never even applied” She said quietly.

“Wait, wizards?” Alec asked. Magnus cut in. “They’re supposedly people who can do what we,” Magnus motioned between him and Alliah “do, but with less efficient ways of doing it. Apparently they use sticks.”


Together, the family read over the letter and thought about it. Alliah thought it was a horrible idea, but Alec seemed to think it could be useful.

“But dad,” She groaned “I still have so many runes to learn, and training, and my new marks, my ceremonial 18th birthday seraph blade, and—“

“Hold on bud, did you even pay attention to the letter? It’s just for a year.”

“But still. I couldn’t be away from New York, the Institute, Uncle Jace, Simon, Aunt Clary, Aunt Isabelle, everyone else, and the cats, and home, my room, you two. I don’t want to go.”

“I agree with Alliah, Alec, there’s no way the Clave would let us expose ourselves to another non-mundane community we know nothing about. And I couldn’t bear to send our darling away for a whole year.”

“We’ll talk to the Clave.” Alec said. 

“It’s feels like you're trying to get rid of me,” Alliah said quietly, looking down. “No, no, I just want the best for you. You should experience more than New York and Idris. Please, for me.”

“Fine, only if the Clave says ‘yes’.”   



Author’s Note: Okay, so I know the Prologue and the first chapters have/will be/been short, but I promise as soon as Alliah, Nicholas, and Jay get to Hogwarts, it’ll go faster.


Quick Glossary (All terms belong to Cassandra Clare.)

Downworlder - A being that is not a human nor a shadowhunter. Ex: Werewolves, Vampires, Seelies (Fairies, pixies, etc.), Warlocks, etc. 

Mundane - A human.

Shadowhunter - Half angel, half human. These are beings of immense power. They rid the earth of demons and keep mundanes safe from them. They have marks called runes that give them their power.

Seraph blade - One of the many shadowhunter weapons.

The Clave - Pretty much the government of the shadow world.

Snap - An onomatopoeia referring to conjuring.

Conjuring - In TMI, conjuring is like teleporting an object. The object has to exist already, in other words. You have to get it from somewhere, Ex: Orange juice from the fridge, coffee from the cafe, pancakes from a cart in Central Park.

The Institute - In some major cities, there are Institutes where shadowhunters (and sometimes their guests) can stay, train, eat, etc. Isabelle and Alec Lightwood’s parents run the NYC Institute. 

Idris - The homeland of shadowhunters.



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