“Scorpius!” Astoria Malfoy calls, waving among a few other parents. It hasn’t been 5 minutes and Scorpius is already abashed. “Albus.” She adds happily, nodding to the dark haired boy. Draco Malfoy shakes Albus’ hand, and then they’re off to Malfoy Manor.


“You have a beautiful house.” Albus says, as they walk into they foyer, because it’s the only thing he can think of saying. “Oh, thank you.” Astoria says, “we changed a lot because it was so dark and gloomy before.”

“Well, it looks nice.”

“Thank you.” She says, then leads the boys upstairs. “So, here’s Scorpius’ room. Make yourself at home Albus, don’t be shy to ask for anything.”

“Wait, so where’s my room?” Albus asks quickly. Draco answers “Oh Albus, we aren’t under any illusions that you two don’t sleep in the same bed.”

“Dad, he’s a guest, he’ll be sleeping in the guest room.” Scorpius says through gritted teeth. “We can’t be wasting water washing extra bed covers.” Draco says then leaves quickly with Astoria following. 

“I’ll get extra linens.” Scorpius grumbles, heading to his walk in closet. A few minutes later he comes out with pillows and such and starts to set up a bed on the floor for Albus. When Scorpius goes back to the closet to put the unused linens back he sticks his head in and Albus swears he can hear him say “no, no, no.” and “why me?”. 


Scorpius had stayed at the Potter’s countless times, but Albus had never once been to Malfoy Manor. He’d met Scorpius’ parents plenty of times before though. Harry hadn’t really wanted Albus around here, and he also hadn’t liked the idea of Scorpius in his house, but was always at work, so it didn’t matter.


Dinner, later that night, is incredibly awkward. Astoria makes her best efforts at conversation and Scorpius tries to always have food in his mouth so he doesn’t need to say anything. Draco sides with his wife on trying to get a conversation going, and Albus just doesn’t say anything unless he’s addressed. 


“So Albus, what are you thinking of doing after school’s over?” Astoria asks. “I’m not sure yet Mrs. Malfoy.”

“Oh dear, no need. Call me Astoria please.”

“Astoria.” He says. Scorpius starts choking, but more chocking on bile then food. “Scorpius, are you all right?” Draco asks, after Scorpius has downed everything with his water. 

“I’m fine Dad.” Scorpius answers. 

Would you care to see my library after dinner, Albus?” Draco asks. Albus perks up at the mention of books. “That would be lovely.” He says.

“Great, well we’ll head up there as soon as we finish eating.”



When everyone finishes with dinner, Draco leads Albus up to his private library. As a child Draco had never really cared for reading, but now he adored it, and he could afford the hoarding as his inheritance composed of a fortune. 


“Wow.” Is all Albus can say as they walk in. “This is incredible.” He says, his eyes scanning the floor to ceiling bookshelves, on them (overcrowded) are hundreds of beautiful hard covers and paperbacks, muggle and wizard alike. 

“Can I?” He asks, approaching the bookshelf. “Be my guest.” Draco says, waving his hand at the many shelves. 


Albus looks through the many books, Draco taking down the ones too high with his wand. After Albus finishes, Draco addresses him. “Your welcome to come in here whenever you please, alone or with Scorpius.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure, I’ve read all of them, but there’s so little time and they need to be more worn.”

“Thank you, again.”

“No problem Albus. Even when you were just Scorpius’ friend, you were a very good one.”


All of a sudden, Albus feels the urge to come clean and tell Draco everything. But he stops himself. 


“I’ll leave you to it,” Draco says leaving. Albus looks around one more time before following suit and getting ready for bed.



“Albus, are you awake?” Scorpius asks silently, peering into the darkness at his friend. “Yes.” He groans. “What?”

“Nothing, just wanted to bother you.”

“Go back to sleep, Scorpius!” 

“Okay, maybe I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Do you have a legitimate question?”

“Depends on what you’d consider, legitimate?”


“What if we actually did love each other like that?”

“GO BACK TO SLEEP SCORPIUS.” Albus groans, tossing and turning and then finally deciding to face the wall.



A few weeks have passed and now it’s Christmas. Scorpius doesn’t usually get much (even though coming from wealth), but he tries to put off anything about gifts for as long as possible. If Albus hated Christmas forever, Scorpius wouldn’t be able to blame him.


“You don’t have to wait,” Albus says  “go ahead. I’ll be fine. I’m not twelve anymore.” He hands a gift to Scorpius.

“Albus,” Astoria calls, coming down the stairs. “I’ve just finished wrapping your gift, sorry about that.”

“No it’s fine, I wasn’t expecting anything so this is great.”

“Here you go dear.”


All of a sudden, an owl comes in through the window. “That’s my mum’s owl,” Albus says. He walks over to Cay and takes a letter from her, and a small parcel.


My little boy,

I couldn’t give you nothing for Christmas, and I know it’s not much and in no way forgives how I’ve been ignoring you, but I need you to know I love you. Albus I’m so sorry you’ve had to spend Christmas like this, you deserve so much more for being so brave. If your father wasn’t so adamant about finding someone for you to talk to, I’d want you back immediately.

James and Lily are aware of the situation, and they’ll send you their gifts with Snowy and Storm. They love you very much, and Lily is excited to be back with you at Hogwarts.

I want you to know that your father isn’t mad at you, he just needs time, it’s  a lot to process. You and Scorpius, a Malfoy and another boy at that. He just doesn’t want you to get hurt, there are a lot of horrible people out there (especially at the profit) and he doesn’t want people to get the wrong impression of you. 

I love you so much, and hope you are having a wonderful break despite the circumstances.

So much love and acceptance, 



“Excuse me for a moment,” Albus utters, giving his parcel to Scorpius and going up the stairs to the room they’ve been sharing. 


He sits down and writes a reply immediately.


Dear Mum,

Thank you for writing to me, I’d thought you’d never talk to me again. I love you so much. Yes, to answer your question I am having a good Christmas. Mr and Mrs Malfoy are being very considerate, and they’re nothing like Dad made them out to be. 

Scorpius is very lovely, but I want you to know that he’s just a friend, as he’s always been. We did have a moment, but it was quick and then over. We love each other no further then friends, and it was all just a big mis-understanding. 

Thank you for the gift, I haven’t opened it yet but am excited to. I await Lily and James’s owls impatiently, and ask that you tell them that I love them too.

Thank you for telling me about Dad, but I need time from him even when he does come to terms with what I did, even though it was wrong and I hate myself for it.

Yours, Albus.



After he writes the letter, he heads back downstairs to where Snowy and Storm have already dropped their parcels and left. He gives his letter to his owl, Minty.


Then he looks to the parcels. The one from James is quite large, and the one from Lily is very small. Albus goes over to Scorpius who has already opened some of his presents, but has waited to open his last three.


From James, Albus receives a huge box of prank and joke things from their Uncle George’s store.

From his mother, he receives a box of chocolates.

And from Lily he receives a small bracelet with a green stone the colour of his eyes.


But, those don’t happen to be his only presents, as soon many owls are dropping parcels for Albus, and some for Scorpius as well.


From his Aunt Daphne, Scorpius gets a guide to the Wizarding and Muggle Animals of the World and a big package of liquorice wands. He gets more presents from distant relatives and close friends as well.


Albus gets his annual Christmas jumper from his Nana, Molly Weasley. He gets presents from Rose and Edmund, as does Scorpius. He also gets plenty more gifts from all of his Weasley-Potter relatives, so much that by the end of the day, he and Scorpius’s gift number is about equal.



“So, do you think that it’ll will ruin Christmas for you?”

“No, it’s just hard sometimes.”

“Do you think he’ll warm up?”

“I’m not sure. If he does, that’s great but… A part of me will always be broken—“


A pair of lips meet Albus’s lightly, but then Scorpius pulls away. “I’m sorry, I know we’re not doing that—but, I just wanted to make you feel better.”


“It did… Make me feel better, I mean.”

Albus puts his hands around Scorpius’s neck, and instead of kissing him brings him in for a hug.

“I just, can’t afford to do that.” Albus whispers, starting to cry. “I love you, but I can’t afford to not be myself.”

“I understand…” Scorpius says slowly, letting go of Albus and moving off the bed where they’d been sitting.


A moment passes.


“I’m so going to hell.” Albus says, grabbing Scorpius and locking the door to the bedroom, then pushing him onto the bed and taking off his belt.


Scorpius isn’t in the mood for more pain, but he can’t stop himself. Some deep part of him doesn’t care what the consequences of shagging Albus again are.


They kiss, and somehow it feels different then the last time they did it. Scorpius feels more loved, and Albus feels less like a player.


When Albus starts to take his shirt off, Scorpius stops him. “Let me.” He says, taking the lead this time.

Albus moans a little when Scorpius kisses his neck, and Scorpius hisses. “Shh, my parents.”

“We’ll be quiet. I’m not a screamer.” Albus says. Scorpius rolls his eyes and continues to kiss him, and they fall into that passion of soul-mates.


But they aren’t soul-mates.

It’s not magic, but Scorpius wants it to be. It isn’t. They’re shuddering and breathing heavily and Albus is moaning Scorpius’ name and stroking him face. Scorpius tries to go back to reality, he knows having sex with Albus again is not a good idea. But, it’s already started, and Scorpius has never been one to not finish what he starts.


After, Albus gets up to take a shower. He sees Scorpius, asleep and snoring softly, and immediately regrets having sex with him again. And silently he thinks, what did I do?

He is scared of what will happen.


Author’s Note: Okay, so I know I know, this whole shagging again thing was tiresome especially since SPOLER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT I’m so totally sinking my ship. I hate happy endings when they are in stories like this. 

I kind of loved writing this Christmas thing, but not as much as chapter V because I based Professor Melbourne on Magnus Bane (Cassandra Clare’s TMI and Infernal Devices character, I don’t own it). I mean, gotta love that Magnus! 

Anyways, thanks for reading and wherever you are in the world have a wonderful day!




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