From behind the counter, Bella watched a new customer enter the diner. His dark, ruffled yet professional attire made him stand out among the few Forks people here, who were actually dressed casually. She assumed he may be a tourist or just someone passing through this small, mostly known for grey clouds and rain, town. The gentleman also searched his surroundings, his eyes meetings hers for only a short moment before they landed on a table at the back corner, where he found it suited for him to sit at. Once he settled down, he picked up one of the menus that are normally on the table’s surface.

Under the orange glow of the lights, his matching dark hair turned brown, and she could see the blurry reflection of the menu’s content from the man’s round-shaped glasses. It seemed nothing appealed to him, since he put folded the menu back up and return it to its proper place right afterwards.

Bella jumped at the sound of Matthew’s voice from directly behind her. “That’s Inspector James Evans. He just arrived a few days ago.”

She did recall her father mentioning the Inspector sometime last week.

“Is it about the mysterious deaths?” She asked her coworker. It was another thing that chilled her to the bone. The deaths were no mystery to her. She knew what happened to the four victims that were found in the Forks area and Seattle.

“Yeah, apparently there were similar deaths back in his hometown too from what I heard.” Matthew responded.

Matthew always somehow attained information faster than anyone in Forks did. She didn’t know that part. Bella made sure to keep a mental surveillance on him. She was afraid of what he might find out about her, and have her secrets spilled. Secrets she wasn’t supposed to be knowledgeable of and not her own to tell.

Without furthering the discussion, Bella took her pen and pad out of the pockets of her apron and headed over to Evans.

“Hello sir, welcome to Harvest. How may I be of service?” The words flew out before she even thought of them, being so used to saying after working at the diner for a year.

“Just coffee will do, thanks.” The inspector replied, not looking up at her all. His shoulders were hunched over as they were carrying the weight of the world of the world. She got a glimpse of red marking blemishing his forehead, purposely hidden beneath his bangs.

Recording it onto her pad, and slight nod of her head, Bella went to the back to prep the coffee. She thought that while Evans waited, she’d get him some water, so she carried an ice-filled pitcher and glass cup. Once she’s back at his table, she began pouring the water.

Then fingers grabbed the hand she was pouring the water with, sloshing the clear liquid onto the table and the flooring. The inspector pulled her arm forward with roughness. He focused solely on her wrist, and she realized what he was looking at. The crescent-moon shaped scar, forever etched in her skin reflected in Evans’ spectacles too. Bella tried to pull away, but his grip tightened in response.

“You got a problem sir?”

Bella shifted as much as she was allowed to see another male customer stand up from his seat. Two other gentlemen followed, glaring down at Evans. Everyone was watching the scene in anticipation.

As she turned back to look at her captor, she was startled to see frustrated green eyes glare at her. Her heart started to pound hard in her chest, but she met his glower, daring him to try anything. With great reluctance, he released her. He launched out of his seat, making a dash out the door.

She pulled her wrist to her chest as she continued to stare at entrance-slash-exit. The tension in her body dissipated.

Eventually, Bella resumed her work. Almost everyone was whispering about the event. Her boss and coworkers expressed their concerns, but she brushed them off. She didn’t want to make it more of a big deal than it already was.

The next day, Charlie, her father and Chief of police, confronted her that morning. Embarrassed that he found out, but not surprised, Bella had to appease his worries as well.

“Hm, something’s not right with Evans,” she remembered him saying. “I knew it from the first time we met.”

Along with, “what the hell was that all about?” Matthew commented the night before.

Bella wanted to put it behind her, and avoid the inspector. Fortunately, she didn’t have to do any avoiding since she didn’t see him around again, working that day.

After three days, Evans was nowhere in sight, and she was happy with that. She still remained on guard nevertheless. Ever since her encounter with him, she dreamt of red eyes, sharp teeth, cold skin, and a well-crafted stick.

That night, she worked last shift, and she was the last one to work and close up the diner.

As soon as she took care of her duties, Bella got in her beat-up truck. Her body relaxed into the seat as she dug out her keys from her right jeans pocket. She put the right one in the ignition and turned it. The engine started up, but then it shut off just as sudden. She tried again, and the truck still did the same thing.

She sighed, seeing her breath float out of her mouth. The tips of her fingers started to bite. Goosebumps formed on her skin. Her eyes widened when windshield of her truck began forming ice. Forcing the door open, she jumped out, running around the front of her vehicle to go back inside the establishment, but only to be stopped in her tracks.

A cloaked figure hovered over her, the color of the material blending with the dark sky. Instead of a face, she saw absolute darkness. Its long, corpse-like fingers stretched out towards her.

Bella felt her lungs tightened. The light of her vision grew dimmer. The scar on her wrist radiated icy-hot burn, and it started to spread throughout her veins.

“Expecto Patronum!”

A large blue mist shot forward at the unknown creature, charging at it at full speed, colliding with it. At that moment, her eyesight seemed to have cleared. The creature’s shriek echoed through the air. It perished by the brightness of the blue mist.

With a shaky breath, Bella leaned on her truck, drained of energy that she couldn’t flinch when a hand grasped her arm. It was Inspector Evans, studying her with care. A noticeable contrast to the expression she last remembered on his face.

Even through her muddled brain, she put two-and-two together. He was the source of the strange blue mist.

“Who… the hell… are you?” She asked, though her voice lacked the emphasis she wanted to put into.

Bella wasn’t sure if it was through her haze or she was really seeing his eyes dance with unshed tears.

“You’re more involved in this than I had originally assumed, Miss Swan,” said Evans. “I fear so may the people you’re close to… If you want to find a way out of this, you’ll have to trust me from this point onward.”

It didn’t matter whether or not she should let her guard down with him because the remaining strength she possessed diminished. She felt him catch her, picking her legs up, bridal style. Another thing she was not sure of was hearing him say this:

“Welcome to the world of magic,” with a hint of grim sarcasm.

Actual Word Count: 1267

June 15, 2016 - Wednesday

Author's Note: Dear readers,

This is a complete rewrite of this one-shot from three years ago, and I believe the same month I posted it too. This is for Lost Muse' Muggle challenge! Thanks for creating the challenge and giving me time to get it in! In addition, this was originally written for Mihalli's Write or Die challenge, so that's what help brought forth the idea in the first place.

So writing this... this was something I had to literally drag out of my brain because it refused for a good while to work with me.

Now it's in virtual writing. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I have writing it.

Just so you guys know, for any of you who are familiar with the Twilight series, it is much of an AU as it is for HP. Also, I'm not a fan of Twilight anymore, but I still love the idea and this story. That's why I came back to this.

Last but not least, James Evans is of course Harry Potter. I gave clues of his description as much as I could. There is so much to the story that I had in mind for a novel. So much more. If I get to write it... that is the question...

I do not own HP because it belongs to JKR and I don't own Twilight as it belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

I appreciate you readers for taking the time to read this. Thank you!


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