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"Why are you this nervous? It's only Hermione. You know her, very well." Ron added with a smirk.

"That's preciously why I'm nervous, Ron. It's Hermione."

"What? What could possibly go wrong?" Ron asked.

"I might say something that puts her off me," Harry suggested.

"No, I don't think you can do that. She's known you since you were both 11. You've been together for nearly two years. She's agreed to move in with you. I don't think you will be able to say anything to put her off you." Ron smiled. "Now, you better get going."

"Do you think she's nervous, too?"

"Probably. You two seem to feel the same." Ron said as he sat on the sofa and picked up one of the complementary magazines the hotel had to offer.

"Do I look alright?" Harry fretted.

"Yes. You look fine."

"Bye then."

"Wait," Ron ordered, standing up and walking over to Harry. "Have a good time," he smiled as he straightened Harry's tie.


"You look absolutely stunning, Hermione," Aoife smiled.

Hermione was wearing a deep purple dress with lace shoulders. It ended just about the knee and accentuated her curves beautifully. "You don't think it's too much?" She asked as she gazed at herself in the mirror.

"It's your first date, Hermione. Of course, it's not too much." Aoife argued as she pinned part of Hermione’s hair up with three purple flowers.

"It's not like a real first d-"

"Stop right there. You need to start treating it as such because Harry is. He's put a lot into this and it will only make things better if you accept it is a first date." Aoife walked around to the front of Hermione and sorted out her fringe. "You're so lucky to have naturally wavy hair."

"Yeah? When I was younger I would have disagreed with you. My parents liked it because I would stand out in a crowd." She laughed.

Aoife laughed as she took a step back. "Those earrings are gorgeous."

Hermione's hand went to her left ear, "Harry got them for me in Exeter." She smiled. "I have no idea why he did, but I love them."

"He got them because he loves you. Look at me," she ordered. "No makeup and still perfect. I feel like a proud mum." She joked.

"What do you have planned for tonight?" Hermione asked as she got a bag ready. She made a note not to bring a jacket.

"Aengus wants to go to a pub. Apparently Belgium boasts a wide range of delicious beers," she rolled her eyes. "Ron wants to go too, so I guess that's where I'll be."

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know. But we're in an exciting and cultural country and the boys want to go to the pub."

"How about the tomorrow we go to where ever you want to go and we can talk about your wedding," Hermione suggested. She had been well aware that Aoife was struggling with everything that had happened with Calum. Despite the fact that no harm really came to any of them, it must have brought back terrible memories for her.

"That sounds good. What about the boys?"

"The boys can do whatever the so chose," Hermione smirked.

Aoife opened her mouth to say something but a knock at the door silenced her. She walked over and opened it to reveal a very smartly dressed Harry with a deep purple tie. "You treat her well, young sir. And don't be too late back." She feigned a serious tone.

"She's in safe hands." Hermione stepped out from behind Aoife and his mouth fell open.

"You look great," she smiled.

"Thanks. You too - you look fantas - you look great, too." He stuttered, still mesmerised.

"I didn't even have to use the perfume," Aoife smiled. "You two have fun." She waved them off. Once they were out of sight, she went over to Harry's room where Ron was.

"Have they gone?" He asked as she walked over to him.

"Yeah." She smiled. "What do you want to do?"

"Aengus is just getting dressed. He asked the woman down at reception and she told him the perfect pub to go to. I reckon she fancied him," Ron said.

"Everyone tends to." Aoife sighed. "I might stay here, I've got a bit of a headache." She lied.

"Hermione has something for that, it'll be gone in seconds."

"I know, but I'm also tired and just want to snuggle up in bed." She said hopefully.

"Okay then. It'll just be Aengus and me. Don't wait up," he kissed her hair and walked out, leaving her twiddling her engagement ring.

"I won't-," she said rather deflated.


"Where are we going to go?" Hermione asked as they walked down the stairs.

"The lady at reception told me about Bruges. She said it was tranquil and perfect for an evening stroll. First, we're going to a restaurant down the road from here."

"How will we get to Bruges?"

"I went there with Ron this morning, I can Apparate there," Harry smiled.

"Sounds good."

The evening was panning out just how Harry had wanted it to. They were given a window seat at the restaurant and they watched as the sun went down and the streets were given romantic lighting by the street lamps. "Tell me something I don't know about you," Harry said as they had finished their main meal.

"Oh, I don't know. You know pretty much everything there is to know." Hermione said, passing her plate to the waiter and smiling at him.

"One of the only things I remember about my mum is that she used to sing me to sleep. I can't remember the words at all, but I have a slight memory of the tune. I know that if I ever heard it again, I would know. It's strange, I can't remember what they sounded like at all - I've heard them since in the Graveyard and just before walking into the Forbidden Forest to see Voldemort, but their voices could have been anyone for all I knew. But I believe that I would know her singing voice. Sometimes when I'm upset or angry, I hear snippets of it in my mind."

Hermione nodded as he told this story with affection in her eyes. "When I was younger, about six or seven, I lost my parents in a French market. To me, it felt like I was looking for them for hours. They had always told me not to cry in public because someone might take advantage of the situation and that if I ever lost sight of them, I should remain calm and find someone of authority like a policeman or a security guard. I always thought that I would be able to do that if it ever happened, but I couldn't. It felt as though everyone was crowding me and coming closer and closer. So I sat down and cried my eyes out. They quickly walked over to me, scooped me up and calmed me down and I didn't leave their side for weeks and weeks after." Hermione told, she knew it wasn't a particularly exciting story, but it was the only one Harry didn't know.

"I can't believe that you have ever panicked in a situation so much that you can't deal with it," Harry smiled.

"You'd be surprised, Harry. Remember when you and Ron saved me from the troll? I wasn't dealing with it before you came in. It's only since I meet you two that I could because I knew that you'd both be there to help if it all got too much."

"It's only since that evening I felt like I had to deal with anything that came at me, to protect you." He whispered.

"Mademoiselle et Monsieur, do you require dessert?" The waiter was back holding two new menus.

"No, thank you. Just the bill, please." Harry spoke for a rather shocked Hermione as she was looking forward to dessert. "Trust me, you don't want to be too full," Harry whispered as the waiter walked off.

"Une tip would be much appreciated." He had returned with a fake smile on his face.

Harry slapped a large amount of money on the table saying, "keep the change as your tip," with a more genuine smile on his face.

"Are you having a good time?" Harry asked as the strolled down the road to look for a secluded spot.

"The food was almost as good as Hogwarts, I'm having a great time."

"Good, it will only get better from here," Harry smiled.


"So, what are your intentions with my sister?" Aengus as Ron as they sat at a table with a fresh pint of beer.

"I intend to marry her." Ron ." Ron said matter-of-factly.

Aengus took a glug from his glass, "she's been treated badly in the past."

"I know, and I aim to make that just what it is, in the past. I would never do anything to hurt her."

Aengus nodded, "well if that's the case, we have a Stag Party to plan." He smiled.

"A what?"

"You don't know what a Stag Party is? Last night of freedom, mate. Basically, it's just drinking with all your friends."

"So Harry, Hermione and Aoife then?"

"No, no girls allowed. Especially not your future wife." He took another glug of beer. "Me, Harry, your brothers, your dad, Ardal if you wanted to invite him. Surely you had other friends from Hogwarts?"

"It would be nice to see Neville, Seamus and Dean again. But we're not inviting Percy. It's not his thing."

"Hagrid could come," Aengus suggested.

"We would have to do it in a wizard pub then, else people would stare at him. It does sound like fun, though."

"Harry and I can organise it for when we get back. Now, drink your beer. I want another." He said after he had drained his glass.


Harry and Hermione arrived in a secluded back alley which he and Ron had found earlier today. They quickly walked towards the main street and Hermione was surprised to find it cobbled. "It's like Diagon Alley," she smiled as she looked around at all the quaint buildings.

"Diagon Alley doesn't have a canal running right through it." Harry correctly pointed out.

"No, it doesn't. I would love to have a boat ride along there. It looks like it's closed." Hermione sighed as they came across where some boats were floating.

"Come on," Harry signalled as he hopped onto one of the boats.

"Harry, we can't. It's stealing." She quickly looked around them to see if anyone was watching.

"It's not stealing if we bring it back. Come on, Hermione." She thought about it, "we can put enchantments so no one will notice."

"Oh, alright then." She said, taking his hand and stepping into the boat. Harry got his wand out of his pocket and did various charms which helped Hermione relax. As it slowly and carefully drove itself, Harry settled down next to Hermione. "This is perfect," she whispered after almost an hour. Her head was resting on Harry's chest and they were looking up at the stars. "But what about dessert?" She smirked.

"When I came here with Ron this morning, I asked a man to keep his shop open for us with a selection of his items for us to try. He wasn't too keen on the idea but I told him the situation and he was more than happy - he's a wizard too. Do you want to go now?"

"We'd have to move," she sighed.

"I'm afraid so."

"A couple more minutes." She closed her eyes.

The boat seemed to have heard Hermione's request as after another five minutes, it steered itself back to its dock. It gently bumped the wall which brought Hermione back to life. "Come on, I've got room for chocolate, now," Harry smiled as his feet found land. He helped her up and they walked towards a lane of shops. "I was told that this shop does the best chocolate in Belgium," Harry informed her.

"Any chocolate would be good now," Hermione smiled. Her fingers laced through his as the walked.

"Are you cold?"

"I'm perfect, thank you."


"Aoife? I'm sorry for leaving you tonight." Ron called as he walked into their room. "I just thought that it would be nice for Aengus if we took his mind off missing Robyn.

"We've only been here a couple of days." Aoife pointed out.

"I know, I shouldn't have left you. Sorry."

"It's nice of you to be looking out for my brother, though. It means a lot that you two are friends." She smiled as he walked over to the bed where she was sat up reading a book. "You three can do what you like tomorrow, Hermione and I are having a girls day."

"It means a lot that you two are friends," he smirked. He took off his shirt, shoes, socks and jeans and jumped into the bed.

"You know what we said about waiting until we're married?" She asked hesitantly.


"Are you still alright with that?" She wasn't brave enough to look at him, but she couldn't focus on anything else for long enough.

"Of course. If that's what you want to do, that's what we'll do. I never want you to feel forced into anything. Should we order room service?" He winked.

"Yeah, why not." She smiled.


"Did you pay this man?" Hermione asked as they crept into the unlocked shop.

"No, what do you take me for?" Harry feigned offence.

"How did you find out he was a wizard?"

"I saw his wand in his apron pocket. I then explained to him that we've had a bad couple of years, carefully slipped my wand out of my pocket and he nodded at me and lifted his up. So he told me that he held no money in here overnight and that there were security charms on everything but the chocolates he had kept out for us. He said they would be in a cooling box."

"Over here," Hermione found them. "Are we eating them in here?"

"No, he told me the perfect place to go with them. I just have to lock up for him."


"Monsieur, I've finished my shift, would you like to go dance?" The receptionist cheered as Aengus walked through the front doors.

"Dancing? Is there somewhere people go dancing around here?" He questioned with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh yes, Monsieur."

"I would love to, but I really should be getting to bed."

"But, Monsieur, it will be fun."

"I'm sure it will be, but I-"

"You 'ave a girl back 'ome." She sighed. "All the good-looking ones do."


"I'll never get Caspar to notice me."


"I've loved him since six years old. But he would never 'ave time for someone like me."

"Will Caspar be at this dance place?"

"Yes, Monsieur. He goes there every day with Emelia." Aengus thought about what Robyn had said to him before he left "Don't worry about me, I want you to have the best time possible." "I just want him to see me with someone, maybe make him jealous."

"Alright, let's go," Aengus smiled.

"Really, Monsieur? This means a lot to me."

"Really. Oh, and call me Aengus."

"I'm Adela," she told him as she linked their arms together. "You are going to 'ave a lot of fun."


Harry led Hermione down several cobbled streets until they reached what looked like the town centre. There was hardly anyone else but them. "It's so quiet here," Hermione whispered as she tried to keep the serenity.

"It is rather late," Harry observed, "but before we go back, I want to take you to one last place." He said as they stopped outside a tall building.


"Well, Mr Van Rompa told me about the Belfry of Bruges. He said that if we wanted the best view in Belgium, we had to climb to the top of the tower."

"It's locked," she said looking at the opening times.

"Hermione, have you learnt nothing from this evening?" Harry smiled. " Accio broom."

"Let me guess, you hid that here when you came with Ron?"

"With the help of Mr. Van Rompa," Harry smiled at himself. His plan was coming off nicely. "Don't worry, we'll cast a Disillusionment charm on us and the broom. No one will see us fly up or down."

"Just fly slowly."

"I will." He promised as she slowly mounted the broom behind him. As he circled the tower gradually getting higher, Hermione clung around his waist. He suspected her eyes were glued shut. "Hermione, you're not going to fall off. Don't you trust me?"

"Right now? I trust gravity more." She joked.

"You can open your eyes, now." He said as their feet gently touched the ground.

"Oh, Harry," she marvelled at the view. The street lights and light flooding out of the houses and buildings lit the city up perfectly. There was a small breeze and the moon and stars were out to show up the canal. "This is beautiful. I'm so glad you brought me up here."

"Here, you look cold," Harry said as he removed his blazer and wrapped it around Hermione's shoulders.

"Thank you," she smiled.

"Mr. Van Rompa told me that hardly anyone had seen this view at night. He took his wife up here when they were just 18 and proposed under the stars. She died last year and every Friday he flies up here at night to talk to her. He said that despite the 70 years they spent together, here is where he feels the closest to her as this is where they became one."

"I want to meet Mr Van Rompa," Hermione smiled with a tear in her eye. She glanced at her watch, "goodness, look at the time."

"Better eat the chocolate and get going." Harry sighed, wrapping his arm around her waist.


"Where is this Caspar?" Aengus shouted over the loud dance music.

"He is over there," Adela pointed to their right. "That is Emelia."

"You're much prettier than her," Aengus smiled.

"Do you mean that? Thank you."

"Do you want to dance?"

She took his hand and led him to the middle of the dance floor. Adela was tall and slim, almost as tall as Aengus. She had a pixie cut hairstyle with her fringe falling to the right. Her permanently tanned skin made her dark eyes seem even darker. As they swayed together with the music, Aengus' mind went to Robyn. She was a lot shorter than he was, but he liked that. He wondered what she was doing, wondered if she had an incline that he was dancing with an attractive woman in the middle of the night. "He is looking over," Adela whispered.

Aengus leant forward and kissed her cheek. He shouldn't be doing this, but it was only helping out a stranger. "Excusez-Moi," Caspar had bowled over.

"Caspar," Adela said. They went on to have a conversation in French that Aengus could only presume was about him. "He said that he want to take me to dinner," Adela smiled as Caspar walked away from Emelia. "He said that his plan worked - he want to make me jealous, too. Thank you, Aengus. Your girlfriend is very lucky to 'ave you."

"I'm glad it worked, I'll be going now. See you later." Aengus waved as he walked out of the room.


"Harry, I had the most wonderful time tonight. I'm glad we went on a date." Hermione said as they meandered back to the hotel.

"So am I." He smiled. "I'm sorry it took so long."

"Don't be sorry, you definitely made up for it tonight." He placed his arm over her shoulders and brought her closer to him. "I can't wait to fall into bed, though." She said as she yawned.

"I have to go and do something really quickly," he informed. "I'll see you later."

"Where could you possibly be going at this time? It's 3 in the morning."

"You'll find out eventually." He smirked. "I'll walk you to our door."

After Harry had said goodnight to Hermione, he ran down the hotel stairs and to the alleyway just around the corner and disappeared. "Mr. Van Rompa?" He called as he knocked on the big wooden door. "Mr. Van Rompa?"

"Goedenavond, young man. Come in." He was hanging out of the upstairs window. "I will meet you in the kitchen."

Harry got his want out and opened the door. "I just want to thank you for everything you did for me today."

"Did your lady friend appreciate it?"

"She did."

Mr. Van Rompa was a short, plump man. He blamed his rather large build on the chocolate that he made each day - he was very much under the impression that he put on weight by just smelling chocolate. "Did you go to the top?"

"Yeah, that was her favourite part. That or the boat." Harry explained.

"I imagined it would be. Here, I have made you the charm you asked me to." He handed Harry a homemade wooden box. Inside was the most beautiful and intricate charm Harry imagined he would ever see. It had a small, golden model of the Belfry of Bruges with two figures at the top looking out at the view, one had tiny glasses and the other brown curly hair.

"This is amazing, how did you even make this?"

"I make chocolates for a living, I am used to making small things. If you write to me explaining all the other charms you need, I will be happy to make them and send them on to you."

"I would really appreciate that. Here," Harry put a bag of money on the kitchen table. "It's a mixture of Euros and Wizard money, I wasn't sure what you'd prefer."

"No, no. You do not need to pay me. I did this because I know what it is to love and be loved." He handed the bag back. "Where are you off to next?"

"We're here for a couple more weeks and then we're going to Holland."

"That is where my wife was from. Write to me and I will make a charm to remind her of Holland. Oh my, she is one lucky lady." He smiled.

"Thank you, Mr. Van Rompa, but I'm the lucky one."

"Young love," he swooned. "It is a shame you did not travel here in January, I can not make a fuss of everything you did for everyone."

"Sorry?" Harry asked.

"Ignore me, young sir. You must get back to your love. Spend as much time as you can with her." He ushered Harry out of his house rather abruptly which both confused and angered Harry. What had Mr. Van Rompa been talking about? Why was January a significant month?

Harry walked into their hotel room quietly so as not to wake Hermione up. He silently walked over to his bag and rummaged for a box which contained the chain he bought in Exeter. Once he had securely attached it he went to bed.


Hermione was woken up by a knock at their door. She thought about leaving it, but it could be an emergency so she rushed out of bed and opened the door. "Hermione, when are we leaving?"

"What time is it?" She asked as she rubbed her eyes and yawned.

"10. You're not even dressed?"

"It's 10? Give me an hour to get ready. Sorry, I didn't realise the time."

"Alright, see you in a bit," Aoife sighed.

"Harry!" Hermione called as she shut the door. "Harry, get up!"

"Why? We're on holiday." He moaned as he turned away from her.

"Fine, I'll shower on my own," she smirked as she walked into the bathroom.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now you're up and you have the whole day to explore this wonderful country." Hermione smiled as she slipped on a t-shirt and jeans.

"Where are you going to go?" Harry asked as he looked for something to wear.

"Somewhere with Aoife. She needs a friend right now, and we're going to talk about the wedding. Where did you go last night?"

"It doesn't matter. Have a good day with Aoife." Harry smiled as he leant over and kissed her cheek.

"It doesn't matter." Hermione thought as she went to get Aoife. "Hermione, finally. I've looked in a pamphlet and I think we should go to Mini-Europe. The lady at reception said she would sort out transport for us."

"Sounds great. Morning, Ron." She called.

"He's in the shower," Aoife smirked, "let's go."


"How was last night?" Aoife asked as they sat in a café eating breakfast before their day out began.

"It was amazing, right up until he left." Hermione sighed in between bites of toast.

"He left? Where did he go?"

"He walked me to our room and then disappeared. I don't know how long he was gone because I fell asleep before he came back."

"Did you ask him where he went this morning?"

"Yeah, he said it doesn't matter ."

"Oh." She stated. "I'm sure it doesn't actually matter, maybe it had something to do with the date."

"I thought that. He enlisted the help of Mr. Van Rompa, he probably went to thank him." Hermione decided.

"Probably." Aoife agreed. "It was very late for him to go and see him, though." She pondered, "sorry, I'll be quiet."

"So, your wedding," Hermione smiled as Aoife's eyes widened as she prepared to talk about her big day.


"Morning," Harry chirped once Ron had opened the door.

"Someone's in a good mood." Ron said, "let me just grab my jacket."

"Is Aengus still in his room?"

"I don't know, he's not here." Ron laughed.

"I'll go and see if he's ready."

"Wait, I'll come with you." He called after, shutting the door behind him.

"Aengus?" Harry called as he knocked. "Ron and I are going to get some breakfast, do you want to come?" When there was no answer, Harry and Ron looked at one another. "Where do you think he is?"

"Unlock the door," Ron commanded.

"What? You want to break in?"

"It's not breaking in. We're not going to take anything."

"Aengus! We're coming in," Harry warned. Taking his wand and opening the door.

"Lazy sod, he's still asleep," Ron said. He was asleep, but he was slumped on the desk by the window, which was wide open. "He might have been poisoned." He whispered.

"He hasn't been poisoned. He was obviously waiting for a letter. Aengus." Harry had carefully approached Aengus, by the look of him, he hadn't had much sleep. "Aengus." He repeated.

"Sure he hasn't been poisoned."

"I'm sure I've not been poisoned," Aengus croaked.

"Everything alright?" Harry asked, taking a step back.

"Bit of a late one," he said whilst he sat up.

"We left the pub at the same time. I thought you were right behind me?" Ron asked, confused.

"Adela, the girl at reception," he added when he saw their faces, "asked me to go dancing with her."

"You didn't? What about Robyn?" Ron asked.

"It wasn't like that. She needed my help, but I felt like you do. I felt guilty so I wrote to Robyn and told her what happened, but I must have fallen asleep waiting for a reply."

"What did happen?" Ron pried.

"Nothing. She just wanted to make some bloke jealous and she asked me to help. We danced for about two minutes and then this Caspar came over and everything was sorted."

"That's what you said to Robyn?"

"No, well, yeah. I told her the truth. Nothing happened." He reiterated.

"Will she see it like that?" Ron asked.

"Stop interrogating me, Ron. She will see that nothing happened."

"You didn't have to tell her," Ron whispered.

"Hmm, it's good to see that you don't tell me sister things..." he said sarcastically.

"Breakfast?" Harry intercepted, trying to cool the situation down a touch.

"Good idea, Harry." Ron quickly said.


"A traditional Irish wedding?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah. I haven't spoken to Ron about it yet, but it would mean a lot to my family. I know we've been through a lot with my dad, but I still want to honour where I grew up. My dad has a sister, she means a lot to me and it would make her life if we did it the proper Irish way."

They were now walking around Mini-Europe and were currently wandering through Spain. "What is involved in an Irish wedding?"

"There's a couple of traditions I definitely want to do. After we've read our vows, Ron and I ring a bell that has been given to us as a present and then whenever we argue or anything, one of us rings that bell to remind us of our vows." Aoife explained.

"That's a really nice thing to do. I think everyone couple should have that." Hermione laughed.

"The colour of the wedding dress is important. There's a rhyme that I can't quite remember, but blue dresses are meant to bring luck. So the dress I picked out the other day has a slight blueness. Also, at the beginning of the ceremony we light two candles and at the end, Ron and I use them to light one big candle to celebrate becoming one and union. Wildflowers in the bouquet and I have to have a braid. Those are just a few things."

"None of those sound too difficult to achieve." Hermione smiled, "Ron won't mind doing that."

"I just worry that he wants to have a Magic wedding."

"It will be magic because you two love each other. But if that's a problem, you can compromise and have a wedding party that Ron wants. The one for Bill and Fleur, although it ended in disaster, was really fun. They had a massive marquee at the Burrow, you'll probably have that."

"As long as we have an Irish wedding cake."


"At least two tiers, depending on how many guests; the bottom is a fruit cake and the top tier, which is smaller, will be soaked in whiskey and kept to be used as our first child's Christening cake."

Hermione remained silent for a moment, "that might be hard for, Ron. I doubt he'll want a fruit cake."

"We can substitute the fruit cake for something he'll like." She quickly added.

"I guess that important part is the top tier." Hermione smiled, "an Irish wedding sounds great."

"There're quite a few rules, though, can't get married between May and August. There's another rhyme which, again, I can't remember. The first person to compliment me can't be a woman, it has to be a male member of Ron's family."

"I'm positive that Ron will be happy with whatever you want. How big is your Irish family?"

"Massive. Catholics tended to have a lot of children. My dad has five brothers and one sister. They're all married with a least three kids. Some of my cousins are married with babies. Then there's my grandparent's generation, my granddad's sister is still alive and she had five children and they all married and had children, my grandma had quite a few siblings and they married and had children. There's too many to count," she laughed.

"You've never spoken about you uncles or aunt before," Hermione asked delicately.

"Dad didn't get on with them, we would meet up with them secretly, but we tended not to talk about them." Aoife sighed, "just another of dad's rules."

"Are they witches and wizards?"

"Some are. Some married Muggles. Not one member of my family went to Hogwarts, even before the constant fear of death. We have all been homeschooled, I think that they once had a whole cluster of young witches and wizards so they made a makeshift school for them. The Curran's of Ireland used to be quite well known. Then my dad fell out with them so we were pushed to the side of that. Not that I mind much because now we're here and we're friends and I've met Ron."

"That's amazing. I would love to have such a big family history."

"You'll get to meet them all at the wedding. They'll all be there, no matter what. Just another excuse to drink," Aoife joked. "You don't really talk about your family."

"There isn't really much to talk about," she began, "my mum is an only child and my dad has a brother who has a daughter. We're a similar age, but seeing as I left for Hogwarts at 11, we never really kept in contact. My dad's dad is still alive, I used to see him in the school holidays when I could, and both my mum's parents are alive. I should really visit them more, but everything was too busy. I will go and see them as soon as we get back, though."

"Do they know you're a witch?"

"My grandparent's do, but I don't think my uncle or cousin know. I'm not sure. I've not told them."


The rest of the month was as relaxing as they could have hoped for. Ron had agreed to have a proper Irish wedding, as long as they got to have a magical after party which Aoife was more than happy about.

"Can you believe we're already leaving Belgium? I feel like we've only been here a couple of days, but I also feel like we sort of belong here." Aoife said as they made their way to the airport.

"We did pretty much everything Belgium had to offer, on to Holland," Ron smiled.

"I'm looking forward to next year when it's hot and we can go to the beach," Aengus added.

"But then the holiday will be nearly over. I just know we're going to have a lot of fun." Aoife cheered.

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