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The first thing I noticed about these Hoggy-Warty people was they seemed to know everything and everyone. I think someone popped into the apartment just about, every five minutes. Each one with a knew greeting or something to say about the holidays. All of them sending me curious glances some even glaring.

It was because of this that I had come to the conclusion that  I had just spent the last 3 hours with the popular kids. Something I wasn't used to. 

I know, I know it may seem hard to believe but I didn't have many friends at Ilvermorny.

Scratch that I had none.

"And finally I'm not even going to go into detail about the Hufflepuff's. Because judging by the way you pretty much seem to hate everything and everyone, I don't think you'll last a day there without killing one of them." Dominique giggled as we exited the toilets and made are way to the train exit.

I smiled slightly feeling a familiar sense of dread, as we pushed are way through the mass of people towards the boys who like us were docked in the schools itchy robes. While they had a red and gold striped tie and badge I was yet to be given my own colours which Dominique explained would be given to me after I was sorted.

I was not looking forward to that part of my evening.

"Excited for the sorting Ms.King?" Fred asked eyeing my green tinged skin.

I gave him a very weak nod in response.

"Poppy King!? Poppy King?! Is anyone here named Poppy King!?" A shrill voice broke out across the crowd of buzzing students, chattering about their summer holidays and the latest gossip. I instantly looked up trying to locate the source of the voice. That's when my eyes landed on a man who couldn't have reached no higher than my hip. Which was quite something since I was short- and I mean short hobbit sized short.

At seeing my recognition of the name he instantly ran over, having trouble getting through the throng of people and coming out the other side red in the face, his white hair all over the place. "I'm guessing you are Miss King?" He asked in question looking up at me with kind eyes.

I nodded sharply raising an eyebrow in question.

"I am Professor Flitwick, the headmistress has asked me to escort you to the castle for you to attend the sorting ceremony." He beamed his blue eyes twinkling in adoration at the thought of the castle. "Uh-" before I could answer the old man, he was marching off weaving his way through the crowd only turning back to give me a hearty wave.

"No need to worry Pops, without a doubt you'll be sorted into Slytherin." James flashed a grin, arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Call me 'Pops' again and I'll rip your balls off" I growled smiling slightly as Dominique shoved  him in the chest.

"Come on guys we should go. See you later Poppy, and good luck." Dominique beamed cheerfully, before dragging the 4 grown boys along with her. I span on my heel taking a sharp breath as I plunged into the crowd following professor Flitwick.

The carriage ride was spent in silence on my part and Professor Flitwick rambling on about Hogwarts and god knows what else. Again I tried to pay attention... Tried. The professor seemed nice enough and chose to ignore my reaction to the haunting creatures drawing are carriage, which I was thankful for.

I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as I caught view of spiralling towers, peeking over the ghostly quite wood. Piercing the inky blue sky like a needle with its sharp ends. I felt a shiver run up my spine as I took it all in. I had heard that the Hogwarts castle was amazing, withstanding two Wizadering wars and countless brutal storms. But I hadn't truly believed anyone till now. Thousands of little lights sparkled, illuminating the dark forest, probably leading to so many rooms I had yet to explore.

"Quite extraordinary isn't it?" Flitwick asked breaking me out of my thoughts. An amused smile on his face at my awe.

"Yes..." I breathed slightly flustered and feeling my cheeks tinge red. "It's a remarkable castle really. Not only historic but home to many great wizards and witches." He beamed. 

"Now once we've arrived I'll escort you to the front of the hall where you shall be sorted with the rest of the first years. You'll go last being a special case." He informed me seriously as if this was a sacred process. I frowned not quite sure why I need to be sorted in front of the whole Hoggy-warty population. It didn't sound appealing, "Can't I like-do it in private?" I asked glaring as he let out a squeaky chuckle.

"Goodness no! It is tradition, you must be sorted with the rest of your classmates!" He smiled clapping his hands in a flourish.

"But I'm not a first year." I interjected the man clearly couldn't see how worked up I was getting because he let out another giggle. "Of course not it's just the way." He explained as if that made all the sense. I bit down on my lip deciding to stay silent for the rest of the, what I hoped to be, endless carriage ride.

A cold feeling of dread sank in my stomach as the carriage halted to a stop in front of the grand castle doors.

"Come along now." Flitwick called cheerfully hoping out of the carriage and turning to rush up the stairs. I gulped following him out in a much less peppy fashion. Sluggishly walking up the stairs with about as much enthusiasm as one could have. "Come on Ms.King we don't have all night!" He sighed tapping his foot impatiently at the top of the steps. I mumbled a response reaching the top of the stairs, pretty sure I would be sick right there and then.

Before Professor Flitwick had time to comment on my queasy appearance. The great oak doors opened in that moment. Revealing a nervous looking first year who looked about as sick as I felt. 

"Young man! you should be getting ready! What are you doing out here!?" Flitwick cried in outrage as if someone had ruffled his feathers. Before the poor boy had time to answer he let out a horrible gagging sound, that made my stomach lurch. I stepped back knowing what was coming. Just as the boy opened his mouth and threw up the contents of the entire sweet trolley all over the professor's shiny, leather shoes. 

Well this was a wonderful start to what I knew would be a wonderful evening. 




I let out another heavy sigh. After the disgusting incident outside, Flitwick had rushed off shrieking to clean his destroyed puke covered shoes. Another teacher had come to collect both me and the sick boy and escorted us through the gigantic corridors. If I thought the exterior of Hogwarts was incredible Merlin knows what to call the inside.

I was currently stood in a long line of eleven year olds with Lily and Mirabelle on either of my side. Like two mini body guards with sparkly clips in their hair.

"Oh! Poppy look at that ghost! Dad told me about those. Do you think he'll introduce us?" Mirabelle whispered excitedly in my ear. The poor girl had practically peed herself at the sight of the floating candles, and hadn't been able to stop talking since the moment we entered. Lily slightly paled as yet another person was sorted and the hall burst into celebration. Again for the millionth time, we get it you like new students! 

"Don't worry Lily it'll be fine." Mirabelle beamed patting her friends shoulder reassuringly. "What's up with her?" I murmured softly, Mirabelle quick to answer. "She's just nervous because she wants to be a Gryffindor." The small blonde explained in a matter of fact tone. I frowned remembering what Dominique had said about the house clad in red and gold.

"Why? It doesn't sound all that great to me." I shrugged nonchalantly. Mirabelle slapped her hand to her head in expiration. Pausing momentarily to clap as a small girl with braids was sorted into the blue and silver house . "Have you never read Hogwarts a history?" She sighed heavily as I pulled a face.

"Of course not. Well everyone barring a couple of her cousins and Al has been sorted into Gryffindor. Her mum was, her dad was, James was-" I cut her off with a loud snort.

"I think that's a reason to not want to be in it." Mirabelle rolled her eyes but had a small smirk playing on her lips, "Anyway Lily just really wants to be sorted there." Mirabelle muttered just as a boy with flaming red head was called to the stage.

"Hugo Weasley!"

Lily took a sharp intake of breath just as the dirty old hat (who may I mention talks!  These Hoggy-warty people are too weird) cried for what felt like the 50th time that night: "GRYFFINDOR!" 

"And there goes Hugo." Lily sighed miserably pulling at a strand of ketchup coloured hair in nerves. "Quit worrying you'll do fine. And if anyone has anything to say about what house your sorted into give them the middle finger." I sighed, slightly annoyed that such a young girl felt this much pressure from her family. The grin on Lily's face was brilliant, the mere action sending her hazel eyes ablaze and returning the olive hue to her freckly skin. "Thanks Poppy. I know it's stupid." She sighed but not in the hopeless, defeated way she had done moments before.

"No problem." I smiled an action that felt unfamiliar on my features. Just as the Headmistress called out Mirabelle's name.

walked with a spring in her step and an excited smile positioned on her face. Giving my hand a squeeze before marching up to the sturdy stool in front of the hall.  Only moments  later happily springing up, the hat lifted off her blonde curls as it cried "HUFFLEPUFF!" I felt a small smile tug at my lips, watching Mirabelle as she skipped down to the end table a massive grin on her heart shaped face.

A few minutes passed before Lily was called up her eyes nervously finding mine and I gave her a brisk and what I hoped, reassuring nod. She smiled weakly before the Hat obscured her from my view, the brown fabric falling past her eyes and brushing above her button like nose.

The hat took longer in calling out the house this time. The hall quite in anticipated silence. Only the quite tapping of my shoe to be heard throughout the room as the seconds started turning into minutes.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the hall seemed to spring to life as the hat was taken off of Lily's small head, revealing her massive grin I watched in amusement as she ran down to the Hufflepuff table; enveloping Mirabelle in a tight and frantic hug. The smile was gone from my face when I took in my surroundings. There was no first year waiting to be sorted. No I was the only one left. My mouth fell open, forming a perfect  'O' as headmistress McGonagall began to speak.

"Now if you will all settle down, I'd like to welcome a special student among us today. Hogwarts has been gifted with the first transfer student in over 20 years. I hope that you will welcome Ms.King with the kindness and hospitality I expect of you." McGonagall smiled warmly her intense gaze settling on the 4 tables. Seeming to have the power to flit over every face in the matter of 2 seconds. I stiffly walked up to where she was standing as she beckoned me forward, perching gingerly upon the stool. feeling all eyes on me as the rough leather was placed on my head and the world went dark.

Let's just hope this would end soon.

Impatient one aren't you.

I jumped in shock at the sly voice whispering in my ear. Breathing slightly in relief as I realized what it was. No offence but I have better things to do then speak to a mouldy old hat. It chuckled the sound ringing in my ears.

With a tongue like that you would fit right in at Slytherin.

Great are we done here?

Not quite. You Ms.King have potential. You might not realize it yet but you have a greater influence over people than you might think. It's for that reason and the courage you hold close to your heart that I know exactly where to place you.

If you say Hufflepuff I would like to let you know I own a pair of scissors, and I'm not afraid to use them.

The voice chuckled softly, when it spoke next its tone finalized.

Good luck Ms.King. I hope you find what you're looking for, even if you're not quite sure what that is yet.

Before I knew what was happening the hat was being ripped of my head, and the sound of muffled cheers coming in to focus. Just as the dammed hat called out the one house I was least slightly expecting.



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