I could hear the footsteps gaining on us so I grabbed Alice's hand and pulled her along. She stumbled slightly but fastened her pace to meet mine and we continued racing down the dark corridors.

I wasn't exactly sure which floor we were on but I knew it wasn't seventh, we were never going to outrun Filch AND Mrs Norris II. They had tactics and everything, we on the other hand were just running blindy.

"We...need to...hide" I said between gasps.

Alice threw me a withering look, she was struggling more seeing as she wasn't a part of the Quidditch so exercise wasn't a regular on her agenda.

If it wasn't only the first week back I'd be fine, but my endurance had dipped over the summer.

We turned the corner which opened into a corridor of classrooms.

I grinned, "come on, this is perfect".

She huffed but made no other response.

We ran into the second classroom and I dropped Alice's hand as she bent over and breathed heavily.

"Alice, we can't stay by the door, Filch will probably look in here".

She spoke for the first time, "you're right, let's hide in there", she pointed to an old broom cupboard in the back corner of the room.

I glanced her slightly nervously as we made our way over to it.

I froze, I could hear the door was opening, but when I looked behind me it was still firmly closed.

"He's checking the classroom before this one dummy" Alice whispered urgently.

We both moved quickly into the broom cupboard and I softly closed the door.

We sat in silence, the only thing I could hear was Alice attempting to get her breathing under control.

A noise startled us slightly, they were entering the classroom and Alice decided to hold her breath completely.

I tapped her leg and shook my head at her, indicating she should breath in and out deeply but quietly. Holding your breath only results in being forced to release it, often at the worst possible moment.

Filch shuffled around, probably checking under desks and such "I don't think they're in here", he grumbled.

Mrs Norris II meowed, and we both tensed because if one of them was going to realise you were there, it was always Mrs Norris II.

"Yes yes you're right, we need to get on and catch them so we can punish them right missus".

His footsteps became quieter and only when we heard the click of the door could we relax.

I grinned at Alice, "see that wasn't so bad".

She laughed softly "it isn't even the fact that we did it, it's the fact we did it of our own choosing, James isn't here to egg us on anymore".

"We don't need James to have fun, that's what we just proved".

"I'm not sure 'fun' is the word I would use" she winked at me, an action I on,y just caught in the dim lighting.

I leaned closer "well maybe we should make it 'fun' then" I said suggestively.

She stayed where she was and I took my chance.

I was about to put my lips on hers, when suddenly I was pushed back and could only see the angry face of Alice Longbottom.

She glared at me.

I began to stammer apologies, I hadn't meant to disrespect her, Mum had drilled into me and James the importance of respecting girls, not that he always listened, "I...I'm sorry...I thought-"

She cut me off.

"-Albus Severus Potter, just what do you think you're doing?"

I opened my mouth to reply but wasn't given a chance.

"As if I'd let our first kiss happen in a rotten broom cupboard, no thank you, I may not be some girly girl but I have some class and I'm also a tiny closet romantic, which doesn't actually mean I like romance in closets fyi, I've been waiting for this kiss too long to let it happen here, do you understand".

Her rant finished and I could only stare dumbfoundedly as my brain attempted to make sense of what she'd said.

"So...you do want to kiss me?" I questioned, the confusion evident in my voice.

"Of course I do you nitwit" she chuckled.

Slowly a grin unfurled across my face, and I could see her breathtaking smile looking back at me.

"I've been waiting all summer for you to say that" I laughed with glee.

She laughed with me and I grabbed her hand and pulled her out the broom cupboard.

"Come on".


A/N: I wrote this and decided I might as well post it, let me know what you thought and if you like these characters (from the little you've seen of them).

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