My head had never felt so warm in my entire life. It was like with every pound my head was being kicked like a football. Like the heart of a dragon was beating inside my head. I didn't see anything until a hairy hand roughly grabbed the back of my neck and made me sit up right.

I tried opening my eyes but both were incredibly swollen and seemed to have their own heartbeat. I barely saw anything because my eyes were so wet it blurred my vision. 

"Quiet!" I heard a voice roar, followed by a disgusting echoing sound of flesh being slapped. It wasn't my flesh. 

"I'm... Sorry... I'm sorry--" Lily's voice sobbed. 

I felt my heart skip a beat when I recognized her voice. 

"No... Lily! Lily!" I screamed, and then I got hit so hard in the face I fell over. At this moment I realized my feet and hands were tied so tightly I didn't even feel them anymore. All I felt was a slicing pain at the part the rope caved itself in my flesh. 

"Now, lets start with your fingers..." 

The voice sissed. 

"No... No sir please no..." Lily begged almost inaudibly. 

I felt this indescribable despair surging through me -- this unbearable feeling of not being able to do anything. 

Lily started crying and Lestrange grunted, annoyed.

"If you continue your wimpering you'll regret it..." He warned.

"No no please no -- I'll do anything... Please NO SIR N--" 

A scream of pure terror and pain sliced through the silence as I felt my stomach leave my body.

I sat up right and felt a reckless anger take control of my body as I screamed: "Lestrange  Stop! Use me, take me--" 

 I still couldn't see anything. It stayed quiet for a few seconds and then Lily screamed again. "NO! LESTRANGE YOU FILTHY STINKING BASTARD I'LL -- ILL--"

I felt an incredibly heavy punch in my rib resulting in me not being able to breath, but I had finally reached my breaking point. 

At this point I didn't care what happened to me anymore. 

"You... Fucking asshole..." I whispered, completely out of breath. "Don't you... Lay a finger on Lily..." 

I felt tears run over the side of my face, one ran over the bridge of my nose and ended in my other eye, the other almost immediately fell to the ground.

In our Granger-Weasley and Potter family, Lily and I had always been the only 2 girls which had given us a special bond. She was basically my sister from another mother -- since our parents were so close us Granger-Weasleys and Potters really did feel like a whole little family on our own. 

I felt a huge foot stamp on my face mercilessly, and with that I felt an excruciating pain in my right jaw -- something definitely had broken. Even the slightest movement of it resulted in burning pain.

"I'll kill you..." I muttered almost inaudibly, feeling the blood seep between my teeth on the ground. I felt this incredible amount of hate I had never felt in my life -- never in my life had I wanted to truly hurt. To truly kill. To  truly destroy. "I'll fucking kill you..." I breathed.

I had arrived at the point just killing Lestrange wouldn't be enough. I wanted to make him pay -- suffer for what he did. 

Out of nowhere, his red, snake like eyes with his vertical pupils appeared in front of me, mere inches away from mine. 

"What is it, Weasley?" He sissed, and I smelled the horrible scent of his breath. 

I wasn't able to form any words so I just looked at him, my eyes filled with solid hatred.  

"What?" He repeated, "Your eyes display quite a lot of hatred Weasley? Why is that? Is it because I hurt your loved ones? Is it because I'm hurting you without you being able to do anything?" 

Die... Die... I thought, looking at his hateful eyes, partly covered by long, wet, curly black hair. 

Silent tears were running down my blood-covered cheeks. Please...KA-DCK KA-DCK KA-DCK Just die... You peace of shit... Leave my family alone... My head felt like someone knocking on a door, harder and harder and faster and faster -- like it constantly was about to burst -- 

"I'm not quite sure what you're on about Weasley," He spat, his spit drops covering my face as I closed my eyes to minimalize the damage, "Its only exactly the same what your people did to me. The likes of you killed my wife. The likes of you killed The Dark Lord. You took everything I care about away from me. And now... I'm doing the same to you..." 

His eyes disappeared and it stayed silent for a while. "You actually have quite a cute little face..." A sissing voice in the dark said, as fear grabbed my heart. 

"You're 12 aren't you, Potter?"  

It stayed silent for a while, until I heard the sound of a flame erupting and felt the light and heat of it on my skin. 

I heard a weird sound that I identified as Lily nodding continuously. 

"Gotten your first period yet?" 


What the...? 

 I was completely flabbergasted. What kind of question...?

"You're are going to die, little girl. Soon. But it'd be a shame if you'd leave this world without ever becoming a real woman... Especially since you've got such a pretty face..." 

My eyes widened as the dawn of realization suffocated me. 


I felt my body become incredibly cold, and  a lone shiver went down my spine.

And then the muffled protesting began. I heard Lily crying like she had trouble to breathe as I heard the sounds of a struggle and Lestrange muttering things like "You should be happy..."  "I will make you a woman..." "Be quiet..."... 

I tried to scream but this only resulted in my jaw hurting so bad that I couldn't think of anything else anymore -- 

No, this was too much, I couldn't take this anymore -- 

"Hm. I'm impressed," His voice sissed. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a well lit room, tied up by my hands and feet, and accompanied by Roxie, Lucy, Lily and Loriette. 

Loriette was the only one besides me that was awake.

As I inspected their bodies and mine, I noticed how they were completely fine. My jaw seemed completely fine too. I was sweating so much my clothes seemed to have changed color though. Everybody seemed to be sweating and they all had this uneasy, troubled expression on their frowning faces, and they were moving their bodies as if they were having a bad dream.  

When Loriette noticed I was awake, she looked at me tiredly and seemed relieved. 

"I didn't expect any of you to break out of it," Lestrange said. "And that girl over there in particular... She truly is something special. She broke out of it after barely 5 minutes," he said, pointing at Loriette who glared at him while frowning, her face dirty and sweaty. I'd never really seen her angry. 

"With you, you were out for over 2 hours... I put you all under a spell -- Magic can be as good or bad as the Wizard in question, Weasley. I had a lot of free time on my hands all these years,which left me with all the time in the world to figure out the best way for me to torture you all when the time came." 

I don't know what disgusted me more, what he was doing to us or the fact that he KNEW that it was wrong. Lestrange may actually be worse than Voldemort... Atleast Voldemort genuinely believed all what he did was the right thing to do. 

He took out his wand and pointed it at Lily. As soon as he did she started screaming, still with her eyes closed, and she started rolling around manically and making spastic movements as if she were possesed. 

"STOP IT!" I screamed as I felt tears pop up. 

He lowered his wands and she stopped moving so manically. Lestrange grinned evilly. I clenched my teeth. "I pity you Lestrange." 

He raised his eyebrows at me . 

"What -- Why?" He said, looking amused. 

"Is this really all your life has come to? Tell me, does this actually pleasure you? Torturing little children? What a pathetic life," I whispered quietly. I somehow felt that the awful dream Lestrange had implanted inside my head before had changed something in me for good. My hatred for him had finally become stronger than my fear for him. I didn't care about what he would do to me anymore.

Surprisingly enough, Lestrange did nothing, he just smiled, looking at something behind me. 

I looked behind me, only to see a huge clock that had just passed 00:00 . 

"It is time..." He whispered with the face of a child that was excited for Christmas and all the presents he was gonna get. 

It seemed like he hadn't heared a thing I just said. 

But I felt fear wrap its hand around my throat -- although I wasn't scared about what Lestrange would do to me anymore, I was absolutely terrified about what he would to do my loved ones. And I knew about Lestrange's instructions ... At 00:00, Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad were supposed to go to a predestined location, Lestrange' hideout where we were right now, just the three of them, to face of with Lestrange. 

The final confrontation. 

Lestrange stood up and said: "Generous as I am, I'm not going to let you two miss the fun. You'll be able to watch the whole thing. You'll get to witness me slaughtering your parents like they slaughtered my Bella..." 

I couldn't help but notice that Lestrange seemed under the impression that one of them had killed Bellatrix Lestrange, while in reality it had been Nana Molly.

And then he walked through the  brick wall that was close behind him. 

As soon as he did, the wall became completely transparant to us and Loriette and me saw a huge dark room with a high trone near us. 

It looked like we were in a huge dirty abandoned warehouse. 

Lestrange flew to the throne (apparently, he can fly)  and sat on it, his back partly facing us as we saw a side view of him. He was looking at were I assumed was the door. 

Both Loriette and me were waiting, holding our breath. 

Seconds passed by. 

Mum... Dad... I thought. Had everyone back at the hotel managed to come up with a plan in the time that I was kidnapped? 

A loud shrieking sound of a door opening interrupted my thoughts. My hands were shaking. 

This is it... 

The sound of Uncle Harry, Mum, and Dad saying "Lumos Maxima". Three very bright balls of light about 15 meter away from Lestrange. 

Because it wad so dark I had no idea how big this room was, but for some reason I could hear Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad as if they were standing right next to me. Must've been Lestrange's doing. He probably  wanted me to hear their screams clearly as he -- no Rose, don't think like that. 

I felt like a completely different person. Before the dream, I had already pretty much given up hope but now I was desperately telling myself that Mum and Dad would find a way. 

They would never give up. Whether they had a plan or not, they wouldn't go down without a good fight. 

"They'll win..." I whispered, as I felt big tears roll over my dirty cheeks again, because of all my emotions. "They will," Loriette whispered to me. She was sitting right next to me, which meant she must have silently shuffled closer to me. "Loriette... Why do I still believe we can win this? I'm not like this. I'm not that type of person. I've always been the pessimistic, sarcastic asshole. THAT'S MY THING." 

She put her hand on my knee and gave it a tight squeeze. 

"Rose... Only when we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change." 

I gave her a sad smile back. Incredibly inappropriate as it was, I couldn't help thinking back to the awful moment when I kissed Scorpius before Lestrange kidnapped us, but I quickly banned it out of my mind. It wasn't important anymore. 

"Granger...Weasley...Potter..." it echoed. 

 dim blue lights on the ceiling went on, so I finally got a good look at the place. The lights were very weak, so everything had a blueish dim glow.  

I saw Uncle Harry, Mum and Dad walk over towards Lestrange who was still sitting on the throne. 

Similiar to the Game of Thrones throne, (The Muggle TV Show Al always made me watch) Lestrange was a few meters above Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad and looked down on them. 

"The Boy who Lived," Lestrange echoed solemnly. 

I could see Uncle Harry's bright green eyes glare into Lestrange' red ones. 

"...Come to Die." 

Uncle Harry took a few steps forward and pointed his wand at Lestrange. As his Lumos Maxima cast a beam of light at Lestrange, we all caught a good look at him. 

Tall, a sad greyish thight shirt with a dark big leather black coat with black fur on the shoulders, and long curly black hair. Yellow, brown and black teeth positioned in an empty grin, a full dark beard, piercing snake like red eyes and a snake like flat nose.  

He looked like some kind of awful cross between Voldemort and Sirius Black. 

"Very discrete,"Uncle Harry sissed, his voice full of barely controlled anger. "The only difference is that, this night, YOU'LL be the one to die, Lestrange." 

Lestrange raised his eyebrows."Why so confident, Potter? Perhaps you all DID come up with a plan to stop me?" 

Uncle Harry ignored him and quickly said: "The offer still stands, Lestrange... You and me, one and one--" 

"When will you finally understand, Potter, that it's not the likes of you who pull the strings anymore!" Lestrange screeched hysterically. "If I wanted to duel you one on one, I would! Fortunely for you, I'm going to duel all three of you one on one. Right here." 

"But... Lestrange..." Mum stepped in, "W-what's even the point to any of this? What will you do after you've killed us --" 

"You can still put an end to this," Dad said, "Its not too late." 

"And what waits for me if I return?" Lestrange spat. "A lifetime in Azkaban, isn't it?" 

Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad all remained silent, displaying their answer. 

"But Lestrange," Uncle Harry continued desperately, "Regardless of if you kill us all tonight... AFTER tonight, you'll end up alone... With no goal. There'll be nothing left for you in this world anymore." 

"That's right Potter..." Lestrange whispered, as he took out the necklace that had been covered by his shirt.  

"In THIS world..." 

I noticed Loriette's eyes widen in realization as it hit me too. Up until now I hadn't given much thought to what Lestrange would do with the TimeTurner -- I had been a tad bit occupied with quite possibly being blown up any minute -- but now it seemed downright ridiculous that I hadn't. 

And by the look of pure shock and terror on the faces of my parents and Uncle Harry, they hadn't either... Which was not good. Not good at all. 

"So... So you'll try to go back to the past huh Lestrange?" Uncle Harry whispered, his wand still pointing at Lestrange' not impressed face, like he was holding a gun. I could just SEE the gears in his head working at top speed. 

"And I'll succeed," Lestrange grinned, "But before I do I'll make sure to vent a little and kill you all in this timeline as well." 

"Then why did you ask only us three to come?" Dad asked. 

"As I said, first I'm going to duel you three. Then I'm going to kill off the whole of Amsterdam by letting loose some of the biggest, most dangerous animals out there." 

I wasn't the only who breathed in disgust. 

"But -- that's thousands upon thousands of innocent people! They don't even -- they don't even KNOW--" Uncle Harry yelled. 

"And that's the exact reason I'm doing it, Potter. If there's one thing The Dark Lord assured me of it's that you hate it when others die for you -- so that's what I'm going to make happen." 

I saw Uncle Harry clench his fist in frustration. "You..." he hissed, lowering his wand and pointing with his left hand. "You won't get away with this!" 

"Try and stop me, I'd say," Lestrange said, smiling. 

"We already have," A voice sissed behind Lestrange, as solely an arm and a knife appeared out of thin air, the knife against Lestrange' throat. 

The Invisibility Cloak was thrown off to reveal a furious looking Teddy. 

"Now, where are the girls?"

I couldn't see Lestrange ' expression but he didn't seem to move a finger.

Dead silence. Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad Apparated the 10 meters to where Lestrange had been sitting on his throne. 

Now,Lestrange was completely surrounded and had 3 wands pointing at his head and a knife against his throat.

Uncle Harry was in front of Lestrange, pointing his wand at merely an inch from Lestrange' forehead.

Lestrange laughed.

"That's it?" Lestrange asked.

"Where are they Lestrange? Where are the girls? TELL ME NOW!" Uncle Harry yelled,and a few sparks flew out of his wand and left small burns on Lestrange' coat.

Lestrange continued laughing. 


Something was definitely wrong... WHY WAS LESTRANGE SO DAMN CALM?

"It's over, Lestrange," Dad said quietly, his wand pointing just above Lestrange' left ear. "Just give up."

"Over? You think its over?" Lestrange said,creepily staring at no point in particular.

"But it has only just begun." 

And then he exploded.

Teddy,Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad all flew in 4 different directions by the impact of the explosion and the throne was blown to pieces.

"MUM! DAD!" I screamed.

And then I noticed Lestrange, standing in the same place Mum and Dad had been standing 5 minutes ago, near the entrance, as he took out his wand.

He started rapidly drawing a horizontal circle in the air, and as he did a huge flaming snake started forming around him, rapidly flying in a circle.

He had a absolutely manic look on his orange lit face, looking at the place of impact where Uncle Harry had just landed with a loud SMACK,screaming: "INCENDIOO!"

And then he pointed his wand in Uncle Harry's direction and the snake shot his way, his mouth wide open. Just before he was to hit him, Uncle Harry conjured a ball of water to protect him and the impact of fire on water resulted in a huge load of thick steam erupting , quickly filling the whole area -- so thick I couldn't  see anything -- anyone, anymore.

I felt my heart beat faster than it had ever done -- when Dad was blown away by the explosion, I had noticed his wand falling out of his hands. 

And now, with this smoke,there was no way he could ever find it -- he was defenseless... 

"Rose," Loriette whispered next to me, and I let out a loud scared cry. 

"Sorry... I didn't mean to scare you..."she said tiredly, "But we've got to get out of here... Lestrange is occupied for now... This is our chance to try and escape so we can help them... Your mum and dad."

"But how?" I whispered. 

I held up my tied hands. The ropes were pitch black, and I could feel the magic flowing through them. 

"Yeah, perhaps I've got something for that," Loriette said, as she held up her feet. "In my shoe, I've go--"

A huge, bright ball of light lit up our faces. 

Both Loriette and me immediately looked back at the 'window', which really was a brick wall, and saw Lestrange and Uncle Harry battling on life and death.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" Uncle Harry screamed, litting up the mist for a split second, but his curse missed its target because Lestrange Apparated away.

Lestrange kept Apparating continuously, like a flickering light -- it was like nothing I've ever seen before. Meanwhile the huge hall they were fighting in constantly lit up and became dark, like a flickering light.

"Do you like my special technique, Potter?" Lestrange screeched, dodging another one of Uncle Harry's curses by Apparating just in time. 

"As I said, I had a lot of time to train, experiment and prepare in that rotten house!"

Suddenly, Lestrange stopped and pointed his wand at a huge can of water in the corner that I had only now noticed.

It fell over and the water was rocketed Uncle Harry's way in the form of Voldemorts face.

He tried to use a shield charm but he wasn't fast enough -- after sending countless Curses Lestrange' way he had grown tired. 

The water hit him straight in the face and he hit the wall 4 meters behind him with a deafening clap.

After, his body collapsed on the floor and didn't move.

With a horrible smile,  Lestrange walked over to Uncle Harry to deliver the final blow. 

No! No -- 


Out of the mist a blinding lightning bolt had soared through the air and hit Lestrange in his left arm.

He had tried to protect himself with a Shield Spell, but even Lestrange' reflexes -- which he had shown to be near inhuman -- hadn't been fast enough to completely deflect it. 

Lestrange soared through the air, blood shooting out of his arm under high pressure -- I felt puke shoot through my throat and was just in time to control myself and swallow it. 

My eyes manically searched for where the lightning bolt had come from, but they just kept searching -- I didn't see anyone. 

Lestrange fell on the ground and was looking in every direction,the steam still incredibly thick, looking for his unknown attacker as well -- 

And then it hit me. 

I felt my heart spring up -- It was Teddy under the Invisibility Cloak! 

As to underline my words, another lightning bolt lit up the thick mist in the room, coming west from Lestrange and very nearly demolishing his head. 

Yes! Yes! 

I felt Loriette squeeze my knee so hard it hurt, illustrating that she absolutely shared my excitement -- He had him! Teddy finally had Lestrange were he wanted him! The combination of Teddy's Cloak and the steam made him completely invisible to Lestrange. In other words, Teddy could hit Lestrange but Lestrange couldn't hit Teddy. 

Lestrange quickly spoke out a Healing Spell on his left arm while standing up and looking in every direction waiting for the next attack. "Think you're clever, huh Werewolf bred filth?!" He screamed. It stayed quiet, and then a lightning bolt came from behind -- 

Lestrange Apparated out of the way JUST in time. For the first time in my life, I heared Loriette swear.

"Don't... underestimate me..." Lestrange panted. 

He pointed his wand to the ground and yelled: "VENTUS MAXIMA!" 

A strong wind blew from his feet in a 360 degree radius, and all steam around him blew away. But, more importantly, Teddy's Cloak was blown away before Teddy could hold on to it. 

All the hope and excitement I had had seemed to he blown away with the wind as well. 

And if all this wasn't enough, now alot of the steam was gone,  I noticed Dad standing 6 meters away from them, searching for his wand. 

Both looked at Dad in surprise, and he looked back at them in surprise -- before the wind had blown away, he hadn't seen them and they hadn't seen him-- and Lestrange used his moment. In the second Teddy looked at Dad, Lestrange aimed his wand. 


Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. 

"NOOO!"Dad yelled. 

It was like it took a whole hour before the Curse finally reached Teddy's body. And then it struck. 

And that's how, just like Uncle Harry, Teddy collapsed and fell on the floor. "NOOO!" Dad screamed, as he, wandless and therefore defenseless, ran towards Lestrange at full speed. His face was something I had never seen nor thought I would see on my dads face -- completely and utterly murderous. 

"No what are you doing?!" Loriette squeeked as she put her hands over her mouth. 

Lestrange aimed his wand carefully with a smile on his face as Dad quickly approached. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what happened next. Dad completely changed his appearance while running, under the course of approximately 5 seconds. His red hair grew as he ran, into black dark long curly locks, his eyelids became heavy and black, his nose became pointy, his eyes became grim and merciless, his lips became fuller and more feminine  -- 

Lestrange' wand hung there in the air, without attacking. 

Dad, still wandless, tackled Lestrange at full speed, let out a roar of pure primitive anger, and started punching him.  

His long black hair was dancing around, his dark eyes furious. 

And Lestrange was just  laying their on the ground, taking every hit, his mouth wide open and his face full of surprise, refusing to fight back. 

"Take his wand!" Loriette squeeked hopelessly.

"Take his wand!" 

But Dad was so furious he didn't seem to be able to think rationally anymore -- instead of disarming Lestrange now that he was so vulnerable ,he was just trying to  transform his face into a bloody pulp. If only Dad had stolen Lestrange' wand, he could have ended it. 

After 15 seconds of continuous punches from Dad, Lestrange got back to his senses and grabbed his wand. 

He managed to aim at Dad's chest, and out of the tip shot a beam of concentrated high pressure water, making him fly into the air 10 meters,  and land with a horrible loud CLAP on the cold hard ground, his arms in an unnatural position. 

As he landed on the ground, his black hair shot back into his head, his hair became a light brown color and he grew in height. 

Bellatrix Lestrange had just transformed into Teddy.

At this point, I was so mindfucked my brain couldn't even digest what was going on anymore. 

Two Teddy's? 

"Ill admit..." Lestrange panted, "Tha... That last one was clever..." 

His whole faces was swollen,bloody, and covered in bruises. 

He used a healing spell on his face, and then said: "But enough playing around. You'll pay for what you did to my face. You'll all pay..." 

He used an Wind Spell even stronger than the last one and suddenly all remaining steam was blown away. 

All eyes in the room went searching, searching for the last person that wasn't incredibly injured, searching for -- 

"Ahaaaa," Lestrange sissed, grinning evilly. 

I followed his eyes and there she was, trying to heal Uncle Harry at the wall -- 

And she looked back at him, shook by the sudden disappearance of the steam that had kept her out of sight until now. 

"What did you guys do? Show that Lupin brat a picture of Bellatrix so he could first transform into Weasley to later, when the right time came, transform into Bella as a surprise?" 

Mum stayed silent and stood up straight.

"Lestrange..." Mum whispered. 

"You filthy Mudblood..." Lestrange sneered. "This is your END!" 

The last word echoed for a while and then the room fell silent. Mum and Lestrange started slowly walking around in a circle, not letting each other out of sight for even the slightest instant. 

This was it. 

The final confrontation. 

This was -- 

"There you are!" 

Both Loriette and me let out a scream. "Shhhh! Merlin!" The unknown female voice sissed. 

Loriette and me turned our heads to the door. In the dooropening was standing a woman with blonde curly hair, stupid looking glasses and an overload of jewelry. Although she looked young, when you looked better it looked like she was actually old but simply did a good job of covering it up. 

"You want the whole of Amsterdam to hear? I'm here to save you! We have to be quick--" 

"Who are you?" Loriette asked. 

I was so traumatized at this point I wasn't capable of saying anything anymore. 

She paused for a second and had an annoyed expression on her face. 

"I'm Rita Skeeter." 

Neither Loriette nor me had a heavy reaction to this. It was all just more mindfuck to me -- I just let it all overcome me. 

She ran towards us and conjured a small purple flame that she used to cut the ropes on our hands and feet. 

Even though the prospect of being saved should've  affected me, I just kept looking at the battle. 

Mum and Lestrange still were circling around, merely talking. 

"You know, i think its about time i told all my dear animals  to let loose. I've just sent a mental sign to them to completely wreck the whole of Amsterdam -- dragons, dementors, trolls, you name it -- they'll all attack from the outside of Amsterdam, where I've gathered them all at several bases to attack and destroy and make their way to the middle of Amsterdam -- where we are now! And after they've killed every last human in this city, ill Apparate out of it,blow it up, and then return to the very day of The original Battle of Hogwarts itself. And then I'll CHANGE history." 

"You wont get away with this Lestrange!" Mum yelled desperately. Her body was shaking. She took a quick look at the first Teddy, who in reality was Dad, but that didnt go unnoticed to Lestrange. He looked at Dad too and said: "Ah, Weasley... I heard some interesting things as my bee's were following the lot of you around," Lestrange smirked.

"So it seems the relationship between you and Weasley wasn't going all too well to begin with? Well, then atleast it shouldn't matter all too much that he's dead n--" 

"He ISN'T dead!" Mum screamed. Tears ran over her red face. 

"Why so emotional, Granger? I've overheard you and Potter talk... You two were planning to tell the whole family about the divorce after the vacation!" 

At these words, all audio sipped away as I felt all color leave my face. 

"Rose! Rose!" Loriette screamed, her hands and feet just being freed from the ropes because of Skeeter. 

But my vision became blurry, everything went black, and the last thing I saw was Lestrange' head slowly turning in my direction, even though all he probably could see was a brick wall, with the most evil smile imaginable. 

Hugo's pov 

Everybody looked at me with big eyes. I just stood there, my knees shaking, as Aunt Ginny quickly embraced me in a tight hug. 

"Don't worry about it... It'll be alright... It'll all be alright..." 

However, the tears weren't coming. I just stood there, my mouth still forming a perfect 'O', and I was in complete shock. 

Finding out that my Mum and Dad were divorcing on top of all this -- My body couldn't take it in anymore. 

We were all standing around the huge warehouse, literally all of us, and were doing everything we could to break in. However, an incredibly strong Shield Spell was pulled around the warehouse making it impenetrable. 

We had fired every single Spell at it we knew, but even the most elite among us hadn't left a scratch. 

The likes of Hagrid and McGonagall were still desperately trying to make a hole or something, but, although Hagrid's faith didn't seem to have withered, I could see McGonagall didn't really believe that we could break in anymore. 

When Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad entered the warehouse, we had secretly sent Teddy and Rita Skeeter with them under the Invisibility Cloak. 

Teddy for his crucial ability to transform his appearance, Rita Skeeter for her being an Animagus who could transform and look for the girls Lestrange had kidnapped as hostages without being seen. 

Amongst the incredible amount of bad luck our family had had, it was pure luck that Skeeter happened to be in Amsterdam (She was here for a signing of her new book)... 

We had been able to follow the fight to a degree because of little microphones we had attached to Uncle Harry and Mum and Dad's clothes before they left. They were not Muggle but Magical microphones, if they were Muggle the abundance of magic would surely mess them up. 

I noticed Scorpius and James, vigorously throwing Curse after Curse at the building on my right and was about to stand up and help when alarm bells started beeping loudly all over the city. First came the message in Dutch, then in English. 


Loud speakers all over the city went. I looked at Aunt Ginny and she answered my look of complete fear and terror. 

"Lestrange said something about..." I whispered. "Is it...?"  

"I think so..." she almost inaudibly whispered back. 

"We have to protect Amsterdam , then!" Uncle Bill's loud voice came. 

We all looked at him in surprise. 

"Uncle Harry, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione are in there, Dad!" Dom sobbed, sitting on a big stone near a bench. She was openly crying, something she hardly ever did. Dom was one those people who hate to show weakness. 

"Do you expect us to go out and help people we don't even KNOW while--" 

"We've been trying to help Harry Ron and Hermione for the last half an hour!" he yelled, "If it's true that Lestrange' Animals under the Imperius Animalus Curse have been let loose and are terrorizing Amsterdam, we have to go and protect this city! 

Atleast out there, we'll be able to protect SOMETHING! Here, we'll just all remain completely useless! 

I know of Shield Spells that take weeks, sometimes even months to set up but are pretty much impenetrable when they're done right, Dom. And I WOULD know such a thing, since its my job! They're unimaginably difficult to cast but Lestrange has prepared for this for 25 years! If he doesn't want us to come in there, we wont. He most likely set up the Shield Spell around this warehouse a month ago!Don't underestimate him!" 

"The children aren't go anywhere!" Nana Molly yelled hysterically. 

Normally, a statement like this would have spawned loud protest. Now however, it remained completely silent. We were all shitting our pants. I wasn't sure how much more I could take before my heart would give up and stop beating. 

McGonagall, who had taken a break of firing spells as soon as Bill started talking, asked him : "Bill... You do know we wont be able to protect this city forever, do you?" 

Bill smiled at her sadly. "I do. But atleast we'll be able to give them as much time as possible." 

McGonagall wasn't quite sure WHO he referred to with "them", but Uncle Bill didn't seem to be so sure either. 

"And what would our exact plan even be? Do you think we could kill every single Monster Lestrange has sent out?" 

"Not necessarily. Its our job to protect the people. Lestrange said the Animals would be coming from the very borders of Amsterdam, didn't he? If we could evacuate all the people to the utmost center of Amsterdam... Create some kind of huge wall around the center to keep the people safe... And then protect the wall with our lives..." 

Except for some heavy panting by everyone, it stayed quiet. "We wont... We wont be completely alone, McGonagall. Except for us we have pretty much the whole Wizaring Population of Amsterdam to count on as well. Its not like except for us, everyone in Amsterdam is Muggle. We have the whole Dutch Auror Headquarters of Amsterdam at our disposal..." 

I, however, was positive I wasn't the only one who doubted if all Magical folk here in Amsterdam would go so out of their way to protect the Muggle Citizens. Honestly, the Dutch Aurors were the only people we could count on besides ourselves. 

"So then what? All adults will be going and we'll leave the children behind? We can't do that either," Neville said, his hand tightly holding the hand of his wife, Hannah. 

Frank was standing next to them, extremely tall, with his black hair and eyes, looking as serious and as quiet as ever. 

McGonagall just wanted to respond when we all heard a huge explosion. 

Looking at the warehouse, were the sound had come from, Rose,Loriette,Skeeter,Molly,Lily,Lucy and Roxie all came through a hole that had been blown in the wall of the building, like they had been shot through it like a bullet. 

Professor Zabini quickly spoke out a Hover Spell so they landed safely and we all sprinted to them and they were embraced in hugs. 

They weren't looking all too good though. Loriette and Skeeter were the only consiuous ones.

The Healing Auror called Charlotte, made everyone wake up through a Spell. 

As soon as they did they were all embraced by everyone again. They were all hysterically crying.I saw Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey sob in tears as they nearly crushed Molly's and Lucy's ribs in a tight hug. I noticed however, that for some reason Scorpius and Rose subtly avoided each other. 

"I'm sorry I have to interrupt this..." McGonagall muttered tiredly and looking genuinely sorry, "But we HAVE to... People are dying. We -- the adults have to leave and protect them -- now--" 

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," Uncle Bill said and McGonagall nodded approvingly, but that wasn't what he had meant.

"I think the older children should be allowed to fight. But only if they truly want to." 

This was met with several indignant gasps but Uncle Bill stood by his point. 

"We are trying to somewhat protect a whole city here, McGonagall! We need all man power we can get."

He looked at all the children expectantly, primarily at James and Fred, and they looked back scared. 

"I -- Uh ..." James hackled. Fred looked at the ground embarrassed. 

The sides of Bill's mouth went down. 

Dom still sobbed and shook her head. It stayed completely silent. 

We were all scared. I had never been so scared in my whole life. 

As bad as it made me feel, I wasnt brave enough to go help out and face the scariest monsters I could imagine. But it didn't matter... I had already accepted that I was the absolute worst Gryffindor alive.

"I'll go." 

We all looked with open mouths at Molly, who glared back at Uncle Bill with a death serious expression. 

"You're... You're too..." Uncle Bill hackled. Even in such desperate times, sending out a 14 year old girl to battle monsters was too much. 

"I'm GOING," Molly threatened, her bright green eyes still glaring at Uncle Bill, who looked uneasy. 

Molly had always been the only Hufflepuff in our whole entire family. 

Except for Al, every single one of us was a Gryffindor, who are supposed to be chivalrous and brave. 

Hufflepuffs were the looked-down-on accept-everyone House that you were put in if you didn't have any "defining character traits". 

And yet, she was the only one among us kids with the balls to take on what potentially could be Dementors,Trolls and even Dragons. 

I noticed James looking completely humiliated when he also made this realization. 

"Molly I ..." Uncle Bill muttered. He actually looked slightly moved. "I... Sometimes, I... I really do think we sort too soon..." 

Overviewing this moment, I noticed something in the corner of my eye nobody else had noticed. From the moment i saw it, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. We had all thought the Shield Spell was one were you couldn't enter from the outside, but could easily leave from the inside, since Skeeter &Co. Were able to blast out of the building with not too much trouble it seemed. What no one had foreseen was just HOW incredibly weak the building would be from the inside, since Skeeters spell had actually left a visible hole in the barrier that was rapidly  closing. Literally no one in our group had noticed the hole, all our attention on Skeeter, Rose,Lucy,Roxie, Lily, Molly and Loriette. looking at the huge warehouse, I noticed a nearly invisible hole close that was made by Loriette and Skeeter. The closing hole was the opening to getting inside the building and protecting Mum from Lestrange. Everything still moving in slow motion,  I made several connections at once at top speed. By the time I would have informed the others about the hole in the building that had gone unnoticed by everyone until now, it would have been too late. 

In the few seconds I had of thinking about what to do and making a decision, I closed my eyes and pointed. 

"ACCENDIO!" I yelled. 

And I shot off right in to the hole Loriette, Rita Skeeter, Rose, Molly, Roxie, Lucy and Lily had just shot out of.As soon as I was in the Magical hole had closed. 

Hannah's pov 

15 minutes later  


""McGonagall, so are we allowed to use absolutely everything at our disposal?" Neville asked. 

Both Neville, me and McGonagall were walking the completely chaotic streets of Amsterdam quickly. There were countless people running around, cars were driving without any regard for the law and there were screaming hookers everywhere. There were several fire outbreaks. McGonagall nodded. "You mean... Like... Boom?" Neville asked. 

"Boom!"McGonagall responded, approvingly.

And then she stopped. She turned, looking at this huge museum  we were standing in front of. 

"Uhm... Professor McGonagall? So where have you taken us?" Neville asked. McGonagall didn't respond, instead she walked into the Museum, breaking the security system with a swing of her wand.

 "No time for questions! You'll see why!" she said, as Neville and me looked at each other and then quickly followed her into the museum. 

She made her way to the "Middleages" section, taking very long and confident passes. 

When she arrived, she made her way to the knight room. 

She pushed a red button on one side of the door and the door slowly went open, to reveal a HUGE hall, full of ancient knight armor through the ages. You had a lot of typically ancient Dutch armor, but also from other countries, like Japan and China. "Knights of Amsterdam, Amsterdam is under attack!" McGonagall said,"Protect your citizens! Do your duty to your city!" 

And the pieces of armor came to life. They all solemly bowed to McGonagall, and then started marching out, in two lines, with McGonagall, Neville and me standing in the middle. McGonagall seemed to be amused by our perplexed faces. 

"Its been so long since I've used that spell!" She said, WAY too happy for such a horrid situation, to be honest. 

We walked out of the museum as Neville took my hand. 

He looked at me and I looked back, nodding.

No words were needed. 

As we left the Museum and looked at the bright full moon and dark purple sky without any stars, we both knew. This was it. This was the end. This was the Battle of Amsterdam.

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