So, Christmas vacation is coming up, and Albus realizes that other than Rose, (which isn’t really possible because his dad will find him), he has no where to go. The situation is hard. He’s already signed against staying at Hogwarts, so he can’t change his mind now. For a moment he thinks of asking Scorpius, but he knows exactly what he’ll say.

“No.” Scorpius says stubbornly, crossing his arms. 

“Scorpius, I need this.”

“The answer is still no. Do you know what my parents would do? They seemed to have developed fujoshi tendencies in their last few letters.”

“What’s a—“

“Don’t ask.”

“Scorpius. Please. You’re my best friend. I need you to do this one thing for me. Sure your parents may be weird, but we’ll survive.” Albus says, giving a little pout.

“Stupid bloody pouty face.” Scorpius says “fine.”

“Thank you thank you!” Albus says, hugging him and dragging him out of the Ravenclaw common room to the Great Hall for food.



“I can’t believe this! You mean Christmas vacation has to be a week longer, and all the students must go home because of a troll fiasco, a troll that’s still on the loose? So we’re all going home the day after tomorrow? Headmistress McGonagall this cannot be happening.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Malfoy, but that’s just the way it has to be. Now, you best be packing your trunk and off to bed. You have a long trip soon.”

“Yes Professor.” 

Scorpius turns away from the Hogwarts Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, and sulks back to his dormitory.

He starts packing, as all the other 6th year Ravenclaw boys are doing. All the parents have been notified, and everyone is putting the stuff they need for Christmas in their trunks. Scorpius leaves the stuff he knows he won’t need under his bed in nice neat lines, then goes to the Ravenclaw boys lavatory to get ready for bed.


The next morning everyone wakes up early, dresses, and trudges down or up to breakfast. Albus tries to find Scorpius on the main floor, but doesn’t succeed until he gets in the Great Hall, where he spots Scorpius, Edmund, and Rose sitting together at the Ravenclaw table. He heads over to join them, and sits next to Scorpius, wrapping his arms around him affectionately and resting his chin on his shoulders.

“Don’t do that. We aren’t dating.” 

“Please.” Albus says with morning breath.

“No. You screwed me over. You’re lucky I’m still brining you to my house for the holidays. I told your Mum by the way, and she thinks it’s a good idea. Your Dad is still pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing.”

“How very unfortunate.” Albus says slyly, with an unplaced seductive tone.

“Albus stop.” Scorpius says, as Albus starts to move the hands he’d chosen to rest on Scorpius’s shoulders, down.

“Stop.” He repeats, as Albus is rubbing his hands on Scorpius's hip bone. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you today? It’s like you had a bad potion.”

“Oh my God.” Rose exclaims, noticing Avery Vain at the Gryffindor table, staring at the boys with a small grin on her face, that widens as Scorpius is about to take a draw at his pumpkin juice. 

“Scorpius don’t drink that!” Rose says, whipping the goblet of pumpkin juice Scorpius was holding, to the floor.

“Bloody Hell Rose!”

“She’s slipped you a L-Word potion.”

“Oh my god, Rose. You do realize that love is as far from vulgar language as one could get?” Edmund protests. 

“Fine. She’s slipped you a Love Potion. Both of you! Her mum slipped my dad a love potion that was meant for Harry in their 6th year.”

“Wait, why would she—?”

“Because she’s obsessed with gay guys. She runs the school queer club, but it’s about to shut down for actual lack of LGBTQ+ members. There’s like, not a single queer person in that club. So, I’m sure her motive is proving to the staff that there are queer boys at this school.”

“That’s great future lawyer work Rose, but can you please get your cousin off before he starts groping me.”

“Oh, yes right. Edmund, find us a cure!” Rose says, pointing at him.

“What? Why me?” He huffs.

“Because you’re the future healer!”

“I don’t want to hurt him, maybe we should just take him to Melbourne.”

Together Rose and Edmund get Albus off Scorpius, and then drag him to the potions professor’s office. They have to go down quite a few stairs, and after Rose heaves and nearly drops Albus from the exhaustion.

“Professor Melbourne!” Edmund yells, rapping at the door.

“Yes, yes.” A man in about his late thirties with black rimmed glasses says, opening the door. “Love potion?” 

“How’d you guess?”

“Mr. Potter holding on to Mr. Malfoy’s leg as if it were a stick of pure gold and moaning his name. Come in.” Professor Melbourne says with a bored tone.

“I already have an andidote brewed up.” Professor Melbourne informs, strolling over to his cabinets. “Teenage girls especially like to poison their crushes at this time of year, I’ve taken to checking all my consumables before I bite or sip. But, who can blame them? It’s rather horrible to be alone on Christmas. Anyways, Edmund, how’s the homework going?”

“I did an extra foot, I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course.” Professor Melbourne says, shaking around glass tubes and playing with his nose ring. “I never take a learning opportunity from a student. So, Edmund, what would you have done if I hadn’t been here?”

“Go to McGonagall I suppose, maybe try to brew an antidote myself.”

“Wrong. You take him to Madame Pomfrey and stay out of the rest, you aren’t properly trained yet, I don’t want you in Asakaban for a minor infraction, and might I say I’d hate joining you in there.”

“Wait, where are you from?” Rose asks, confused.

“Miss Weasley, I cannot believe it took you this long to figure out I lack an English accent, I have been your teacher since you were 13. Well yes, I’m from America.” He says, and tosses her a tube full of blue liquid. “Give that to Mr. Potter.” 

“Scorpius,” Albus moans in response.

“Please do it before I throw up.” Professor Melbourne says, pretending to fix the sleeves on his sharp blue muggle suit. 

“Albus, if you drink this we can have sex after.” Scorpius says very unconvincingly and shoves the tube in his mouth. Albus downs the whole liquid in one gulp. After he shakes his head wildly, and opens his mouth.

“I just drank tar.” He groans, keeping his mouth open.

“Here, drink this.” Professor Melbourne says, throwing a vile of pumpkin juice in the foursome’s general direction. Albus grabs it and downs it too. 

“Much better.” He sighs. “Scorp, I’m so sorry. Who poisoned me?”

“Avery Vain.”

“Oh God, she hates me.”

“That would explain it.” Edmund says, looking at his nails.

“Edmund, catch.” Professor Melbourne calls, throwing a pocket book at Edmund. “Your Christmas and birthday gift. Say ‘hi’ to your parents and sister for me!”

“Thanks Luke.”

As soon as they leave the office, Rose hisses at Edmund. “You didn’t tell me you and Professor Melbourne are on a first name basis.”

“His dad and my mum went to uni together. Cause’ both my parents are muggles, and he’s a half blood.”

“What’d he give you?” Albus pipes in.

“You wouldn’t be interested.” Edmund says. “I am!” 

“Fine. It’s a muggle book called Outlander combined with a book of expert potions, beyond NEWT level.”

“You’re such a nerd.” Rose says, chuckling. Scorpius sees her look at him strange. Rose has never looked at anyone like that…



“Hey Edmund, can you help me with this runes homework. It’s got me all wound up.”

“Yeah sure, but Rose isn’t runes your best subject?” Edmund asks. Rose bites her lip nervously.

“No, it’s History of Magic.” She sucks at history of magic. 

“Oh, yeah ok.” Edmund says, taking her assignment and looking at it.

“So how’s it going with Holly?” Rose asks conversationally.

“You ask for homework help when you’re the smartest Ravenclaw ever, and now your asking about my girlfriend? Rose, are you sick?”

“No.” She says stubbornly, taking her books and giving Edmund a surprising kiss before running to the sixth year girls dorm. 


“Why are they making us walk?” Scorpius groans, as they walk down to Hogsmede and get on the Hogwarts Express, then find a compartment and sit.

“No idea.” Edmund says, not looking at Rose.

“So, what are your guy’s plans?” Rose asks quietly.

“Try not to die.” Scorpius answers, with a completely serious tone. “You?”

“I don’t know, other then the Weasley-Potter Christmas.” Rose shrugs. At this, Albus huffs and turns towards the window.

“I’m not going to be able to go.” He says sadly.

“C’mon, you can still come.”

“Dad will want me back home if he sees me.” Albus tells her, running his thumb on the misty window. “I can’t go back there.”

“But you’re not actually-“

“Yeah, that’s the problem, he probably won’t listen to the truth.”

Scorpius turns around with an awkward look on his face. “Sorry,” He murmurs.

“Don’t be.” Albus tells him “It’s not your fault.”

“I almost feel like it is.”

“Well it’s not.” Albus says grumpily.

“Cool it,” Rose says, “last time you guys fought so badly, that the only thing that could fix it was sex.”

“Not funny Rose.” Scorpius growls. “Change of subject. Edmund, what do you think you're getting for Christmas slash your birthday?”

“Dunno. Hopefully a new broom, the one I have now is crap. You?”

“My parents have this obsession with muggle books, so I’ll probably get a whole whack of them.” 

“Something about Herbology hopefully.”



Edmund remembers, and then they didn’t touch the subject of Christmas again. They almost didn’t talk for the whole train ride.



“See you guys after break.” Edmund says, gathering his things quickly.

“Have fun in Norway.” Rose says.  

“Bye.” Albus says quietly. He and Scorpius wait until everyone is filled out of the train. Albus looks out the window to see his sister hugging their mother and father happily. Albus stares right at his father, and starts to go into full blown panic.

Albus…” He hears faintly, feeling lightheaded. “Al, I’m here. You’re okay. Deep breaths.”

“I can’t.” He cries helplessly, shaking and sweating.

Yes you can. Breath, in, out, in, out. That’s it, breath with me, you’re okay.” Albus leaves his panicked state, and realizes he’s on the ground in Scorpius lap, his back being rubbed. He'd thought his anxiety had been gone for a while, but clearly it hadn't. 

“Do your parents know we’re going to wait till’ my parents leave?”

“Yes. Just breath a bit and we can go.” 

“I’m ready.” Albus says, after a few breaths, and stands to get his trunk. Scorpius does the same, and together they step out onto the platform. 


Authors note: Okay, so... This is the 5th chapter! I really hope this isn't just completely horrible and that some of you guys are actually liking it, reviews would help me a lot. Is the story going too slow or fast? Any suggestions. I love constructive cristism and enjoy reviews so much ( they make my day :) ). I think there will be a few more chapters after this, and I feel like I'm going to be sinking my ship hehe :). 

I've started work on Chapter six, so make sure to tune in. And wherever you are in the world I hope you have an amazing day!



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