It is all fate. Fate that Scorpius and Albus are paired together by their potions teacher to work on NEWT potions. Fate that they’re working on Amortentia. Fate that there’s already some brewed up. Fate that the next week will bring up a lot of drama.

“Amortentia is a bitch.” Albus says, as they work.

“Why?” Scorpius asks, a little annoyed that Albus is talking to him.

“The smell.” Albus snorts.

“Why, what do you smell?” Scorpius asks him.

“Your quidditch sweater, and your lavender shampoo.” Albus says, in a non committal way.

“I smell your quidditch sweater and Rose’s coconut shampoo.”

“Wayda’ make me jealous Malfoy.”

“Don’t use my last name in that tone!” Scorpius whines.

“Urgh, thank god I don’t have to deal with you on the pitch.”

“Might I remind you that if you were in Ravenclaw, I would be your captain.” Scorpius announces, as if Albus hasn’t heard this a million times.

Scorpius has been Ravenclaw quidditch captain since his fifth year, last year. It’s tough, but he likes it. He’s the team keeper. Albus is, though he doesn’t look it, one of the Slytherin beaters. He doesn’t seem stocky, and is even more feminine than Scorpius (another reason girls worry), but he has good arms and good strength.

The boys finish the Amortentia, and when they are dismissed, since it’s their free period, they go up to Ravenclaw common room.

It’s surprisingly empty. Usually a few people stay in the common room for free period, but it seems as if more people have just asked to be placed into NEWT level classes. There has been a lot of retirements, so teachers requirements for NEWTs have changed too.

The boys haven’t exactly made up, but sitting in silence on two separate couches doesn’t seem too daunting.

Scorpius grabs a book from the book bag he just set down, and begins to read. He’s always been interested in astronomy (the only thing he hates is getting up late for the class) and as he reads about the Sagittarius constellation, he thinks maybe he should say sorry to his dark haired best friend.

Sagittauris - The large constellation, representing the Archer. It is said to represent a centaur, with its bow and arrow. The centre of the galaxy is-

A pair of lips meet his and he realizes that Albus Potter is kissing him. Had Harry forgotten to lock the liquor cabinet? Scorpius is tempted to push Albus away but he is drawn to the boy's warm and wet lips. They comfort him, he wants more. He’d never thought he would see a day where kissing Albus Potter felt natural.

Scorpius has kissed a fair share of girls in his life time, but never a boy. Never Albus. His lips are softer than any girls, and he takes his time, but is still fast. The world seems to stop while they keep going.

Scorpius can’t keep himself from moaning.

“I think we should take this upstairs.” Albus whispers. Scorpius nods in agreement, and Albus gets off of him so that he can get up.

They go up to the dorm and Albus takes his wand out of his pocket. He puts a silencing charm on the curtains around the bed and then casts a charm so no one will be able to open them other than he or Scorpius.

Scorpius sits nervously on the edge of the bed, his muggle tennis shoes smacking against the end of his bed. He is glad that they are in Ravenclaw and not in Slytherin, because blue seems a more ambient colour than green. He immediately regrets thinking that, because he refuses to loose his virginity to ’totally not virginal’ Albus Potter. It’s worse because they’re best friends and both boys.

Scorpius chews his lip, and Albus takes notice of his friend’s nervous habit.

“Scorpius Malfoy,” He says, oh so seductively. “I know that you’re a virgin, so tell me if things get too much.”

Oh shit. Albus Potter is going to have sex with me. Bloody hell!

Albus has said all of this whilst taking off his shirt, so now he’s getting into (well, as much as one can without lifting the covers) bed next to Scorpius, a little too shirtless he decides.

He knows Albus isn’t gay. He knows he’s not gay. So what the fuck is happening? Is this just some fling for Albus to add to his resumé of hookups? Is he just making himself available to more people?

Preying on his skinny submissive best mate to get good hookup ratings is not a good idea. What in Merlin’s beard is Albus thinking?

He’s tempted to push Albus off, but what he thinks is a good idea is not exactly what he wants.

Scorpius is torn between sticking to what he thinks is logical, and what his body clearly wants.

But now Albus is undoing his and Scorpius’s belts. So if he wants to make a decision about losing his virginity to a boy, his not gay best friend, and maybe getting stuck in a petty hookup, then it needs to happen now.

Author's note: So, that was chapter three. Again, I'm sorry it was short, but I guess that's why you call it a "short story" right? This is going by quickly, I think there will only be two or three more chapters (maybe more...)

Thanks for reading!


Edit: Okay, so hopefully most of the typos in this chapter are gone now. 

Edit II, July 17th 2017: So sorry for my old and cringey writing!

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