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"It's not possible, how does that work?"

"Aoife, you don't know what's possible for Muggles," he correctly pointed out.

"Hermione couldn't explain it."

"I'll give you that. I'm sure it's not impossible."

"Why do you believe her and not me?" Aoife asked impatiently.

"What?" Ron mumbled.

"Hermione - you believed her when she said it wasn't possible, but argue against it when I say it." She lay beside him in the dark room, failing to find sleep.

"No, I believed her when she said it was highly unlikely that it would happen." He explained. "We can talk about this in the morning. We have plenty of time."

"Ron, if you go to sleep now-" it was too late, he had already fallen fast asleep.


"Is everyone packed and ready?" Mr Weasley asked at breakfast.

"Yeah," everyone replied together. They had decided to fly to Ireland as no one was completely confident about apperating to another country.

Hermione still couldn't quite get her head around the fact that she was here and her mum was better without medical intervention. "Oh, we forgot to tell you," Ron was addressing his parents, "Hermione's mum and dad got us all telephony things to stay in contact."

"Oh that's a good idea," Mrs Weasley muttered and she sifted through the Daily Prophet.

"We have one for you - we've charmed it so you don't to worry about how it works. Everything is taken care of." He explained as he handed his dad a box.

They both looked bemused as they looked down at the box. "We all need to work them out," Harry laughed.

"We ought to get you lot to the train station."


"Mum, don't be upset, it's like sending us off to Hogwarts, we'll be back."

"I know. You don't understand; when you're a parent you'll get it." Mrs Weasley said. She gazed at her son, who had suddenly become a man, and everyone she had taken in knowing that this was it. She had done her job, she had protected them the best she could, although she sometimes got it wrong she had always tried.

"Wish Ginny good luck from all of us," Ron smiled as he stepped on the train behind the others.

She had never expected Ron and Ginny to stop needing her at the same time. "They'll always need us," Mr Weasley whispered as they watched the normal train pick up speed.

"Our job is done," she smiled with a tear in her eye.

"You'll be wishing that's true when they all come back," he tried to inject some laughter but to no avail.


The plane touched down smoothly and the Currans started chatting excitedly. "Does Martha know we're coming?" Aisling asked as they remained seated until the queue died down.

"I wrote to her last week. She didn't reply but I expect she got it." Aoife answered.

"Who's Martha?" Ron asked from next to her.

"Our housekeeper. She lives with us." Ardal replied.

"Oh right," Ron nodded.

"Housekeeper?" Harry mouthed to Hermione. She smirked, she couldn't wait to see their house now.

"We can either get a train down to Inistioge or travel ourselves," Aengus suggested.

"You could see Ireland if we catch a train, but it is about four hours," Aoife informed.

Ron opened his wallet to reveal a measly 20 euro note. That's all his mum could spare, he had other currencies in his suitcase, including Wizarding money, but that was meant to last him the year. "Should we just apparate? We've had a long day. I'm sure you'll show us the best Ireland has to offer over time - we do have plenty of it." Hermione said after she saw Ron's funds.

"Luna, you've been before, could you take someone?" Ron asked.

"No, I haven't got my licence yet." She informed, "and I'm not keen on breaking the law."

"No, no, not many people are," Ron said in a whisper. Aoife elbowed his ribs which kept him quiet.

"I'll take Ron, Ardal take Luna and Aengus take Aisling. Two of us will come back and take you two," she directed that at Harry and Hermione.

"Sounds good, see you in a couple minutes," Hermione smiled.

"How are you?" Harry asked once they were alone. "We haven't really spoken about-"

"About my mum suddenly getting over a life-threatening disease," she interrupted. "I'm not really sure what to think. I'm not sure what I'm meant to think. The doctors said it was highly unlikely at her stage, but kidneys can regenerate and heal themselves. But that doesn't explain why it suddenly happened. They didn't think it would, they're more than flummoxed us."

He should tell her. Surely she'd understand that it was the best outcome for everyone. Rose was back at work and everything had returned to how it was before. He was going to tell her, but Ardal and Aengus popped back. "Aoife is getting everything ready, Martha didn't realise so many of us were coming so we need to get some more food and other bits. Who wants to come?" Ardal asked.

"I will. I have our money and I need to pick up a few bits myself," Hermione explained.

"Are you sure? I can it for you." Harry offered.

"No, it's fine, I'll go." She insisted.

"Aengus will be going with you, I need to show Luna something in the greenhouse."

"Bye," Harry smiled, gently kissing her forehead.

"Sorry about this, it shouldn't take too long. I'll get us to the supermarket."

Hermione held onto his arm and they were gone. "You don't have to be sorry," she reassured once the initial feeling of disapperating had worn off.

"I can't imagine you wanted to spend your first night her with me," he said at a mutter as they collected a trolley.

"Actually, it gives me chance to think.." Her voice faded out.

"Think? About what?" He asked gently.

"Just a small decision," she answered vaguely.

"Well, my grandma used to tell me that when faced with a decision we always know what we want to do - it's the first thing that comes to our mind, even if it's just a flicker."

"Yeah, that's the problem," she whispered at an inaudible volume. "Where do we start?" She painted a smile back on her face.

"Just put in anything that takes your fancy." He smiled. "Oh, and just to warn you, a couple of old friends work here and they speaking rather outdated Irish slang." Hermione nodded, she hoped she wouldn't stand out. "Don't fret, you understand us well enough," he joked, "just don't wander too far away from me and you'll be fine."

They walked down the aisles slowly, getting anything that took their fancy. Suddenly something bleeped in Hermione's jean pocket. "What was that?" Aengus asked.

"I'm not su- oh my phone. Harry must be playing around with his. It'll take a while to get used to them." She laughed as she deleted the blank text Harry had accidently sent her.

"It was extremely kind of your dad to buy us all phones. I'll give you the money to give to him."

"I wouldn't worry - he's not expecting repayment. He got them really cheap from a patient of his."

"I don't like owing people money, I'll feel much more comfortable paying for it." He stood proudly.

"Well, if you insist. They were £15."

"Ah, I don't have your English money, sorry," he joked.

"Well if it isn't Aengus fecking Curran. I don't believe what's standing before me." A tall, spotty boy of about 19 strode over to them.

"Fin, how've you been?" Aengus suddenly sounded much more Irish.

"Not bad, mate, not bad. Weak as a kitten but good. I thought you moved to England with your pa?" He quickly glanced at Hermione and smiled.

"Sorry, Finley this is Hermione, Hermione Finley." A whirl of 'nice to meet yous' flew all over the place. "We went to boarding school, but we're back now. Well for a month and then we're going to Finland and the rest of Europe."

"Feckin' hell, living the high life. How's Ardal, Aoife and Aisling?"

"Yeah, all good," Aengus smiled.

"Aoife got herself a new fella?"

"Yep. Seems like this one is a keeper, though, sorry mate."

"Don't be an eejit, I'm with Soph now. Got a nipper on the way."

"Really? Congratulations!"

"Yeah, about a month to wait now, hopefully, you get to meet him. Bit of a fecking shock, but made up about it now. Anyway, gotta dash. Come down Barn Yard later, catch up with the rest of the lads."

"Yeah, might do that. Seems like there's a lot to catch up with."

"You don't know the half of it," Fin winked. "Bring your girl with you. The lads won't believe what a fine th-"

"My girlfriend is flying over tomorrow, Hermione is just a friend from school," Aengus explained going a bit red in the process.

"Opps, sorry. Didn't want to make it awkward."

"You didn't, maybe all of us could go down tonight," Hermione suggested.

"That's a great idea! Hopefully see you all down there." Fin cheered. "See yas," he smiled before heading to a new aisle.

"He seemed nice," Hermione observed.

"Yeah, we're not going there." He stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh, right. Why?"

"The Barn Yard is not a nice place to go, that's where he will be."

"He? Calum?"

"Yeah, everyone seems to have forgotten what he did, we're avoiding them for as long as possible."

"I see, shall we carry on?" Hermione smiled trying to change the subject.

"Yep. Is there anything else you want?" He asked, sighing but smiling all the same.

"Yeah there is actually. I'll catch up with you if you want to go and pay, I'll give you some money towards it."

"No need, Curly. I have money here. We don't need to worry about splitting the bill."

"Are you su-"

"Absolutely." He proved the point by walking away from Hermione towards the till.

"Okay," she muttered as she walked around to find what she needed.

"Got what you want?" Aengus asked cheerfully as Hermione walked out of the shop.

"Yeah," she smiled holding up a bag to prove it. She noticed that he had managed to put all the shopping into one bag which was incredibly light.

"The trick is to hide the bag as you're doing it," he smirked. "Right, let's go home. You're going to love Sausage." He smiled as he took her hand in his without realising what he was doing.

"Sausage?" She began to say but couldn't get it out before he had twisted on the spot.


"Just wait, Aisling. I know you want to give them a tour, but wait for Hermione to come back." Aoife moaned as they all walked through the door with their suitcases after a rushed tour of the land surrounding the beautiful house. The front door opened up to a vast sized hallway which boasted a large sweeping staircase.

"Bloody hell," Ron's jaw dropped as he tried to take in everything he saw. Everywhere they looked they saw something exciting, and most likely expensive. There were four huge wooden doors and one archway off of the hall which would cater for someone of Hagrid's height.

"It looks like Hogwarts," Harry observed as his eyes couldn't settle in one spot.

"It's not quite a castle," Ardal laughed, "but it is quite big."

"Quite?!" Ron challenged, "it's bloody huge."

"When will they be back? I want to show them around now." Aisling cried.

"Any moment now," Aengus laughed as he and Hermione walked through the door. "Sorry, we took so long, bumped into a friend." He explained to the rest of the group.

"Who?" Ardal asked.


"Finley Backman? I used to have a massive cru-" Aoife began to say before she caught the look in Ron's eye.

"Yeah, he's with Sophie now, she's expecting a baby."

"Is it his?" Aoife asked.

"Who knows, you know what Sophie was like." Aengus joked.

"That's not entirely fair, Aengus. Of course, it's his. Those two always gravitated to one another."

"Excuse me, but we have important things to do," Aisling shouted with her hands on her hips.

"Sorry," Aoife laughed, "have a nice tour. We'll be in the kitchen sorting out something to eat."

"Don't expect Hogwarts or Mrs Weasley standard food." Aengus joked as the three of them, and Luna walked through the door on their left.

"Right, we'll start at the top and work down." Aisling decided as they walked up two flights of stairs right into a bedroom. "This is Aoife's room, we shouldn't really be here as she doesn't like unexpected visitors, but Ron you can leave you bags here." She smiled sweetly. Hermione looked around the large room at all the things that made Aoife, Aoife. It was an elegant room with one wall taken up with a collage of pictures of her with her family and friends from her past. "Have a good look around, this will be the only time you're allowed," Aisling ordered. Hermione walked right up to the pictures to see how she used to be. Her mum was beautiful, she was obviously the one who gave all four the gorgeous dark hair and vivid green eyes. Most of the pictures that had their mum in were several years old, only a couple housed Aoife as she was a year ago, her mum beaming away. Hermione also noticed a picture of Aoife with an extremely handsome boy, Hermione would have to ask her about him later. Hopefully, it wasn't Calum, Hermione thought to herself. "On to the next room!" Aisling skipped down the stairs.

"Like a mini Aoife," Ron joked as he followed her down the stairs.

"In there is the bathroom, all your rooms have one, but just in case," Aisling smiled. "This is Ardal's room." She opened the door next to the bathroom which revealed a room which was just as big as Aoife's, something Hermione couldn't work out. It was full of weirdness, that was the only way to describe it. Weird furniture, weird plants, weird contraptions, weird books about weird plants and contraptions. It was a room that would even turn Dumbledore's eye if he were to see it. Like Aoife, Ardal had a few pictures stuck to the wall. One of them had Luna in at about five years old, she hadn't changed much.

"Next!" Aisling screeched. She led them to the room opposite Ardal's, "this is Aengus'." Like the previous two rooms, his was huge. Magic must have had something to do with it. His room was less decorated. Quite plain and simple, not giving too much of his personality away. Hermione was drawn to a picture frame which was resting on his bedside table. She walked over and crouched down to get a better look. In one of the pictures was a young smiling Aengus with a pretty young girl, that must have been Bree. He had her arm wrapped around her, it was a rather bittersweet image. You couldn't ignore the love that the two characters felt towards one another, but they were so blind to what was about to happen to them. None of the pictures in the Curran house were moving, but Hermione liked that. Just like pictures from her childhood. There was a picture next to it of all the family, except for a dad, she noticed that his figure had been folded to the back of the photo. There was nothing really else of interest to Hermione, posters of bands and sports teams, but her eyes were locked onto the pictures by his bed.

"Hermione? What's wrong?" Harry asked as he had noticed her eyes welling up.

"Nothing, just this," she pointed to the family photo. There was a baby Aisling being cradled by a smiling mother and the triplets at about six years old.

"Every family have secrets, some just rip the family apart more than others," he tried to comfort her.

"Aisling, we're ready for the next room now," Hermione smiled, taking hold of Harry's hand.

"Alright," she smiled. Leading them to a room on the other side of the hall. "This is where you two will sleep, but we don't need to look in there as there's nothing very exciting." She ran over to what was most likely her door and seemed eager to reveal all.

"Can we just put our bags in there?" Harry asked gently.

"Of course, be quick." She ordered so they placed their bags down without having a good look of their newest haven. "This is my room." She smiled as she opened the heavy door. Every wall was a different colour, a vivid colour. She kept looking at them, wanting approval or at least a comment.

"It's wonderful," Ron smiled. "Did you draw that?" He pointed to a picture of her family.

"Yeah," she smiled.

"It's amazing," Hermione said truthfully. She wasn't a very good drawer, but Aisling was obviously a natural artist.

"Take your time in here, have a good look around." The three of them stepped further into the room and started looked around aimlessly, none of them really wanted to look at anything in particular but they all pretended to keep her happy. After five minutes Aisling finally thought it was time to move on. She started walked down the stairs to the bottom floor when Hermione noticed two doors they hadn't gone through.

"Aisling, what are those doors?" She asked knowing that one was likely to be her parents.

"Mum and dad's old room is the one on the left and the other is Martha's room. We're not allowed in there, don't go in there." She ordered.

"Understood," Harry said strongly as he followed her down the glorious staircase.

"Only a few rooms left now, in there is the study," she pointed vaguely to the room opposite the door that the four others went through, it obviously wasn't considered much of an importance to her. "In there is the dining room, you'll be seeing that one later," that was the door the others went through. "It leads to the kitchen, so does the archway over there. That is another bathroom and over there is the snug." She ran over to that door and pushed it open. The room was exquisite. It had bookshelves which housed many varieties of books, much to Hermione's delight. It had a crackling fireplace and two smart sofas, both pointing to a TV. Ron stared at it, never having seen one before. Behind the TV was a magnificent bay which had pillows and blankets to make it look rather cosy.

"Aisling, have you finished the tour? Martha's finished making dinner." Ardal appeared at the door with a cheeky smile. "Ah, here you all are."

"I haven't shown them the pantry or the fridge or the back door yet," Aisling whined. "Well take them through there now, but be quick."

"Come one," she beamed eagerly. The went out of the snug and through the archway she mentioned led to the kitchen. "There's another toilet," she smiled pointing to a door. "And here is the pantry." It was huge and full of food. Hermione was positive she and Aengus hadn't brought any of this. It was a chilled room with a door in the corner of it on both sides. "There's the back door and over here is the kitchen." She opened the door to reveal a magnificent kitchen with marble worktops and oak cupboards.

"Bloody hell, saved the best til last," Ron gasped.

"So, what do you think?" Aisling asked the three of them.

They were all too gobsmacked to find words to explain how gobsmacked there were. None of them had ever imagined the Currans to live in a mansion. "Wait until you see the grounds," Luna added.

"Can I-" Aisling began.

"No, Bee, it's dark and cold, you can show them tomorrow. Ron and Harry have already seen some of it."

"Some of it?" Ron stuttered. "We were walking around for about 10 minutes."

"You just wait, Ron. You're going to love it." Aengus smiled. "Anyway, let's eat."

"I've set it all up in the dining room." A timid voice with an accent that wasn't quite Irish or Scottish said from behind the triplets.

"This is Martha," Aoife introduced and small, slender woman of about 50.

"Nice to meet you," Martha said quietly. "I've been told a lot already." She said before walking away into the pantry.

"She's not much of a talker," Ardal explained.

The meal was delicious, on par with Mrs Weasley and Hogwarts food Hermione thought. Having realised that none of them had really eaten since breakfast meant conversation was rare and short-lived. Dessert followed until everyone was full. "Do you want to watch a film?" Aoife suggested once Martha had cleared all the plates away.

"A film?" Ron asked.

"We have electricity here, and a television to watch a film," Aoife said slowly to make sure he understood her.

"What's a film?"

"A moving photograph that tells a story," Aoife explained poorly, but explaining a film to someone was hard. "You'll love them.

"A moving photograph that tells a story?" Ron repeated under his breath.

They all sat on the sofas in the snug, Hermione snuggling up next to Harry with her head on his chest and her legs bent to the side of her. After about an hour of the film, Aengus who was increasingly fidgety suddenly stood up and announced that he had forgotten to buy some bits for Robyn that she had asked him to get. Ardal offered to go with him, but he was too engrossed in the film to really mean it. Nobody really took much notice of Aengus leaving so hastily. Nobody even thought about the possibility of Aengus going in the morning when it was light and warmer. But it festered in Hermione's mind. They brought a lot of things earlier today, he hadn't acted like he had forgotten to pick anything up and then it hit her - he was a the Barn Yard. He was so upset that everyone seemed to have forgiven Calum for everything he had put this family through.

"I need to do something." She suddenly announced at a pivotal scene in the film.

"What?" Ron asked.

"S-shower. May I?" She asked Aoife and Ardal.

"Of course, you don't have to ask. There's an ensuite in your room." Aoife answered without taking her eyes off the screen.

"Don't you want to wait until the end?" Harry asked.

"No, I've seen this already, I know what happens." Hermione lied as she stood up. "Harry, can I talk to you outside?" She asked she knew she shouldn't go alone.

"Sure," he sighed as he stood up. "What's wrong?" He asked once they were in the hallway.

"We need to find the Barn Yard," Hermione ordered.

"The what?" Harry scratched his head and stifled a yawn.

"It's a pub Fin was talking about. Aengus said that Calum would be there and then he just rushed off. I don't know how I know, but he's gone there to confront Calum. We have to get there to stop him doing something stupid." She explained frantically.

"Okay, calm down. Do you know where it is?" Harry asked calmly.

"No, but it must be close by. I'm sure we can find it."

"Okay, have you got your wand?" She nodded as her hand went to her back pocket just to make sure. "Let's go then," Harry smiled at the thought of an adventure. "Just stay behind me if anything kicks off, I don't want you getting hurt." He cupped her face and tenderly kissed her as if it was for the last time - just in case it was.


Thousands of miles away in the middle of the North Sea, Rodolphus and Julie were handed their Releasement Papers and were walking out, hand in hand, of Azkaban. "Where to now?" Julie smiled bitterly.

"To my brother, we need to thank him for getting us out of here. Then to Ireland to find this Calum boy. Hopefully, we'll find Patrick on route. We could do with his knowledge of his children." Rodolphus explained. "We're going to finish this war once and for all."

"Let's not waste a moment then, come on." She willed him to take them to his brother. The sooner she got her revenge on the meddling Hermione, the better.


After almost an hour of walking, Harry and Hermione had found the place they were looking for. They unlit their wands and placed them back into their pockets. "Hopefully, I'm wrong," Hermione whispered as the walked up to the dimly lit barn. "Hopefully, he is actually picking bits up for Robyn."

Harry doubt that - Hermione was abnormally observant about these things. "Just be careful, don't resort to magic too quickly." They heard a crash and a scream which made Hermione abandon all common sense and run in to see what was going on, wand at the ready. "Hermione, wait! You don't know what's behind those doors!" He yelled as he ran after her, but he was too late.

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