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Rose POV

The Hogwarts express. Secrets, lies, tears, fights, snogging, revelations, hearts broken, punches thrown. It really is the only way to travel.

Al and Chase aren’t talking. Lucy bumped into Alex who has a new girlfriend. Max and Fred now have green hair. Jordan has a bruised knuckle. James is stealing, Hugo is sharing the winnings and Lily is drawing on faces. I’ve been banished. And who knows if Scorpius is even on the train.

Maybe I should rewind a little….


Albus POV

The day before…

“I’m not going home for Christmas” Chase reveals.

It’s weird how the world continues revolving, when time fractures and the ground is swallowed whole, and everything turns to darkness. Well at least my world did. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak. I felt numb. I felt paralysed. I felt stupid. Even though I had assumed the worst, I still thought I was kidding myself. It could have just been a random occurrence, my organised and neat freak Chase could just be having a lazy packing day like the rest of us. It could have been Scorpius’ trunk. It could have been true. It could have been another time, with him chastising me for my sloppy folding and end up finishing it for me. It could have been me completely messing with him, with a trunk filled with Sugar quills – and absolutely nothing else. We could have been laughing. It could have been Christmas. It could have been us. But this isn’t our time. It’s a trunk filled with empty memories and broken dreams. It’s just darkness.

“What?” I whisper.

“I said...”he begins again, but I cut him off. What the hell was he thinking? I began to see red. Rosie is always telling me I need more colour in my life, so I held on and everything came into focus. A blinding focus.

“I know what you said. I just don’t understand what you’re saying” I angrily accuse.

This cannot be happening.

“I suppose I should be appreciative that you’re still calling it home, but then I see that” (the empty trunk) “and I get extremely pissed off again”

I can’t even think I’m so angry.

“Albus…” Chase advances. Well at least he has the decency to look ashamed.

“Don’t” I warn. He stops dead. I can count on one hand when I have ever been this angry and hurt before. Disappointment and hurt flood his eyes. I’m not sorry it’s there. I’m proud. What is happening?

“I… didn’t know how to tell you” he softly admits.

“No you were afraid that you were being a bloody prick and knew I’d call you out on it” The truth hurts.

“It’s a difficult situation, I didn’t make the decision lightly” he defends.

“Bollocks! How do you think this makes me feel?” I step forward.

“Relieved probably” He mumbles.

“Then you seriously don’t know me at all” he seriously needs to begin to start back pedalling, fast.

“I just wanted you to have a good break, I thought some distance might have been good for us”

“So what, I sit at home all merry and jolly, while you’re here, alone!” I yell.

“You don’t need me… anymore”

“I can’t… I can’t even stand to look at you right now” I storm to the door. “Just pack your crap, or I will hex you nine ways to Sunday” I exclaim and slam the door behind me.

How could he think so little of me?


The door had never felt so heavy and the slam had never been so loud. It’s been over 20 hours since, and I still flinch with the resounding slap. Luckily when I returned to the dorm, many hours into the evening, the trunk was no longer empty, but the truth was still just as raw. We haven’t said a word since and I’m not making the first move. And from his defiant statue I observed this morning, Chase hasn’t made plans to either. Of course the tension hasn’t gone unnoticed. Rose ambushed me yesterday afternoon, James and Lily tried a sibling double attack, and Scorpius hasn’t said much. All their attempts were dismissed with a very conclusive I don’t want to talk about it. Not the most original of arguments, but effective nonetheless.

I’m currently waiting for a carriage with James and Jordan to Hogsmeade, Luce and Chase are trailing behind. Max and Fred were ahead of us and must already be on their way to the station. No idea where Rose and Scorpius are. But they’re clever kids, I’m sure they know what time it is.

“So did you bring it?” Jordan pulls me from my thoughts. I turn to James, he looks a little confused.

“What one are we talking about?” James questions.

“The one with the gold leaf and the red stone rain drop” Jordan clarifies.

James still looks puzzled. Snow had begun to fall, luckily we were all rugged up. And yes Chase does look sexy with his scruffy beanie hair and red coat. It’s not like I could miss that. No matter how angry I am.

“You know the one my grandmother handed down to me” Jordan pulls her red beanie on a little tighter, her blonde hair flying wildly with the wind, and her hazel eyes zeroed in on my prat of a brother and her idiot of a boyfriend. Such a lovely couple.

“Um…” James drops his bag and begins to search for his scarf. I wonder how long it will take him to realise that Jordan is wearing it.

“The most precious necklace she has ever owned… It’s a family heirloom” Jordan begins with a slight hint of irritation.

“Maybe….” James thinks.

“And the only pleasure she gets from the holidays is seeing it hang proudly around my neck?” She continues.


“I’ve only been reminding you about it the last three days”

“Oooh. Yes. I remember that. I listen…” James grins.

Jordan rolls her eyes and sighs. “The one that we used in the prank against Lily and Hugo in the library with the muggle witches hat”

Finally realisation swarms over his face.

“Ohhh… Yep. Gotcher. I know the one” He smiles.

“SO… did you bring it?” Definitely getting a little pissed off now. Maybe I should look for someone else to talk too. Luce and Chase appear behind us. Then again, I think James really needs me right now.

“No of course not. I know how important it is to you” he then kisses her on the cheek, completely oblivious to the oncoming scolding and steps into the carriage that timely arrived in front of us.


“It’s like she expects me to read her mind or something” James whines. Somehow, James ended up ruining Jordan’s Christmas before it even began, so she booted him from the carriage, declared she hated all men, so he dragged myself and Chase with him. I know. This sucks.

“The legilimency thing isn’t happening then?” I replied. We’re now in the carriage behind the girls, James is lying on one side, whilst Chase and I are squashed, awkwardly together on the other. I didn’t have a choice as James is in one of his melodramatic moods.

My heart is practically screaming.

“No… One day” He pouted in reply. “It will save me all this trouble though. Birds they’re bloody mental let me tell you.”

This would be one of those moments where Chase and I would share a look, and roll our eyes. But I resisted. Life sucks. I can’t wait till I get my apparition license.

“Legilimency won’t prevent arguments, it will probably ruin everything” Chase shared his thoughts on the topic. Lovely. His voice just makes me feel all cuddly and warm inside. I’m thinking of throwing him out the window.

“Jordan doesn’t really hold anything back, so our arguments pretty much make me a legilimens.” James informed us.

“Trust me she’s holding back. Things are never as they appear” Chase replied cryptically.

 “Yes NEVER trust appearances, you’ll get burnt” I finally joined in, with clenched fists.

“Scars add a little character don’t you think?” Chase poses to James. Who opens his mouth and closes it.

“Not when the person who put it there, laughs in your face” I bite back.

Chase sighs and does something I completely wasn’t expecting. Something I was in no way prepared for. He turns and looks me in the eye, with a completely blank expression.

“No one is laughing, Albus” Chase whispers, disembarks and disappears among the throngs of snowy students.

Well at least his vocal chords still work. I understand we broke up. I understand my last name is Potter, and his isn’t. I understand he might feel slightly uncomfortable spending the holiday with his ex-boyfriends family. But from the first day we met. Our friendship was never so flimsy. So easily erased. So easily forgotten. How could he think I would just let him get away with that? He receives more letters from my family than I do. So maybe I thought some distance from Hogwarts might help us find our feet again. We had been progressing so well. I thought maybe being home, we might have found our way back. However now, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so far apart.

“You do realise you’re being an idiot right?” James poses. We were yet to move from the carriage.

“You’re going to lose him” he adds.

“I’ve already lost him” I respond bitterly. I do not want to talk about it.

“Funny. As he is right here, right beside you”

“You don’t even know what’s going on” I irritably reply.

“I know that he’s here, putting up with that, for you” James wisely informs me, and then leaves too.

I hate the holidays.


Rose POV

Ever been the most hated person in the world? At Christmas? With a half empty trunk, A serious lack of time to fill it, and no fudge or friends to help you through? It’s rough. I feel like Voldermort, you know except with an army of shoes instead of death eaters, and the raging psychopath thing.

Everything is all my fault.

Albus, won’t even look at me. Chase is unsurprisingly moot. Luce and Jordan have always believed my meddling was a serious hazard. And Scorpius, well I think his lack of presence speaks loud enough.

I was trying to help. I thought… I don’t understand what happened. They were all smiles when they left the hall. They looked, like themselves again.  

I shove the last pile in and force the latch to close, and begin to trudge my way out of an empty Gryffindor Tower to a completely dreaded train ride home. If I’ve forgotten something important, fuck it.

“Rose, running a bit late aren’t you?” I turn at the sweet kind voice.

And inwardly curse. Could this day get any worse?!

Channing Wood. I’m not normally a resentful person. Or jealous really. I mean the girl is nice. And she keeps James in line. But she has a serious affectionate perception for the guy that has made my day, dark. And today just isn’t the day for the bigger person route.

The girl looks amazing. Her long Brown hair in an envious braid crowning her head. Gorgeous red pea coat, hugging her slim figure. And black stockings shaping down her long legs, to meet a cute pair of red boots (Must get me some of those). But I think the object I find I’m most jealous of, is the joyful grin spread across her lips.

I wish I was that happy.

“Yeah. I’m a bit of a last minute packer” I reply back tonelessly.

“Oh. Well care to walk down with me? I’ll just be a minute, the idiot forgot his Santa hat…” She gestures her hand back through the portrait hole, amused. Completely oblivious to my inner turmoil.

There is only one person I know who would be festive enough to wear a Santa hat, and believe it’s important enough to miss the train to go back for. And I’m not sticking around. The wound is still too fresh. What were you thinking? You’ve ruined everything. Have you seen Al? Chase? Have you seen what you’ve done? Thinking about that is totally going to help the situation.

“Oh that’s alright. I’m meeting… um… Hugo. You know family holiday and all that” I lie awkwardly.

“Hugo left with Lily 15 minutes ago” She replies sceptically.

Of course she keeps tabs on my brother and cousin. Is she the crazy stalker who leaves strawberry fudge on my pillow every night? Because you know after 3 months, I wouldn’t mind another flavour. Or you know maybe signing students out is part of her head duties. I think I prefer the stalker theory. She has that slight crazy air to her.

“Well then, I better get a wriggle on. Have a good break. See you” I turn away and bolt off so quick, I nearly hit the wall behind me. What is wrong with the world today? Even Hogwarts doesn’t want to be friends with me.

Thankfully, I ditch Channing before his highness makes his merry entrance. And the next challenge doesn’t hit me until the fourth floor staircase. My levitation spell falls with a great thud. I just stare at the heavy, giant, infuriating mass. If it wasn’t filled with all my worldly possessions I would seriously Avada Kedavra it.

I look into my future. The 80 attitudinal steps between me and the entrance hall.

I look into my past. The boy I’m completely messed up about and the girl who would be perfect for him.

Neither look too appealing.

Rose Weasley does not need a white knight for extraction. All he’d do is flex his muscles while I did all the work anyway.

First: I disillusion myself and my nemesis of a trunk and somehow manage to drag it over to the alcove off the staircase.

Just before soft perfect footsteps begin bouncing merrily to my doom. Hopefully my position will not be compromised.

“How can you wear a Santa hat and hate Christmas? That doesn’t make any sense” she giggles. Well not little school girl giggles, head girl giggles, so you know, genuine but definite flirting. It’s an art and the girl has it mastered. They’re about to walk straight past me.

“I don’t hate Christmas, it’s just not all fairy-tales and magic” he defines. That voice. Those eyes. He’s smiling. And he knows that I’m somewhere miserable, well if he doesn’t, he should know. Pig.

Seriously, Fairy-tales, are you trying to turn her off? They walk in perfect sync straight past me. All perfect and uncomplicated. Why am I being so green eyed today? I hate it, and it’s so unlike me.

“Oh so I’m guessing you have a story where you wanted a new quidditch broom and instead your dad thought you needed an educated lesson in transfiguration and sport medicine and gifted you the heaviest dullest tomb ever written?”

More like his family fell apart, but you know close enough. I know that the ugly sweaters and red pointy hats, is just him being sarcastic. The moron.

“Sounds like Christmas at the Wood’s is educational” He deflects. Ah. The Scorpius Malfoy special.

She giggles again. Cringe. Then divulges into the Wood family fiasco of 2016. Then they were gone.

Neither even looked at me or in my direction. I’ve never felt more invisible and relieved. I understand that I technically am invisible, but I guess we like to think, our presence is not only perceived physically but felt. Like you know, with Freddy. He has the chill factor.

I wish he was here, he never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s like there’s a secret transfiguration spell converting a frown into a smile. I wish he’d let me in on the secret. So I don’t get lost in the hard drugs like cheering charms. You can lose yourself that way.

Actually he’s probably mad at me too.

On that depressing note, Trunk Fun Time.


After some heaving, puffing and pretty words. The trunk and I, weren’t in the best shape. You see I’m trying my best to be a team player, but the trunk cannot be tamed. I try lightening the load, so it might swivel better. I try transfiguring wheels on. I try talking kindly, I try yelling a little (a lot), but it will not give in. The damn things are so protected after Luce’s accidental Trunk Terror of 2020.

I’m going to have to live here for ever.

Maybe I should redecorate.

Maybe I should…


Oh, Fudge Sticks.

“Drew…” I begin faux nicely. I had obviously dropped the disillusionment charm by now. What stupid thinking that was?

“Having a little trouble?” he tries the patronising prince charming grin. Drew and I hadn’t really conversed all that often, since the raspberry muffin situation. Our little arrangement ended quite abruptly after his manly pride was wounded. The corridors have become a place to ignore and the Great Hall enables him to stare, and the quidditch pitch, revenge. Safe to say, I’m not exactly his favourite person. But I am still Rose Weasley, whatever that means. I guess it translates to if the guy happens upon a sweaty Gryffindor redhead who has burned him in the past, slumped on her trunk in the middle of the fourth floor stair case, a friendly conversation is mandatory.

“No actually I’m taking a break, you know mornings are so chaotic. Saying goodbye to Hogwarts. I do miss it so terribly over the holidays” I roll my eyes. What does he think I’m doing? Fortunately or unfortunately I’m not really the friendly conversationalist type. I’m more snarky.

“Okay…” He replies confused, but looks over my state with impressive eyes (He is still a guy, and I have been considered as mildly attractive before – snaps for me)

“I’m afraid my trunk is a little too upset though, damn thing doesn’t want to leave” I give the old lump one more shove. The trunk is resolute, we are going nowhere. Isn’t that my life’s motto.

“It’s a piece of muggle furniture, Rose, it doesn’t have emotions” he quirks is eyebrow at me. It takes a special person to translate my “Rosie” language. Or so you know people say. One person in particular maybe, but we are not thinking about him.

“Oh. Really? I’ve obviously been sitting here too long then” I snort. Really attractive.

“Yes, but no worries, I’m here to save you.” He grins. His own trunk levitating behind him.

“It’s like Merlin sent you himself, what’s the grand plan?” I stand, ready to be saved.

“Spells 101” he begins smartly.

“Is that a band?” I reply confused and slightly excited. I love my music. Not sure how it’s going to help in this particular instance. If anything it will brighten my mood.

“No Rose, We’ll levitate it of course” he laughs at my obvious ineptitude, and begins the incarnation.

And they all lived happily ever after.


Lucy POV

Three weeks. Three long weeks. Mum is expecting me home, as dad is excitedly awaiting my arrival with applications for summer internships. Meanwhile Aunt Ginny sent me an invitation for a snowball fight, Uncle Harry wanted advice for a surprise gift for Aunt Ginny, and Aunt Hermione wrote for the recipe of my famous liquorice slice, and that she desperately requires my baking assistance, at my earliest convenience.

So evidently I’m not unloved, I’m just… lacking the holiday spirit I guess.

“My mother is going to kill me” Jordan informs me for the tenth time. The necklace, still talking about the necklace.

“Could you transfigure something similar?” I suggest.

“She would know the difference” she frowns.

“I thought you were spending the holidays at James’ anyway.” I enquire. I didn’t really want to impose on aunt Ginny further when she had Chase, Jordan, Scorpius, James, Al and Lily to cater for. Not that they would mind of course, it’s just I have a family, some of them don’t.

“I am, but I have to at least visit my family” she whines. Rose is the person best suited for these types of conversations, she would have it handled before you could say quidditch. Max would probably plan some sort of Hogwarts Heist to fetch it. And I’m close to leaving a Lucy shaped whole through the window. I guess we all have our unique attributes.

“Wear a scarf then” I propose. I swear Hogsmeade has never felt so far away. 

“Yeah. Guess that will have to do” she sighs in agreement.

Finally the snowy station appeared into view. Crowds and crowds of students were gathered on the platform. The carriage in front of us halted, and one of the disembarking student’s faces I recognized, and also the adjoining swinging merry hands. I swear my heart stopped beating for a second.

It was Alex.

Alex and another girl.

Alex and his new girlfriend.

Someone worthy of a chaste romantic kiss in the snow. Someone worthy of his softly reddened cheeks. Someone worthy of his sparkling heated eyes. Someone worthy for him to adore, out there in front of everyone.

Someone who wasn’t me.

Luckily Jordan was too distracted with James trying to yell to her from the carriage behind us, to notice my devastated expression and traitorous failing tears. I quickly cleaned myself up and busied my hands with fixing my hat, gloves and zipping my coat a little tighter.

Lucy Weasley cries over no one.


Rose POV

Once upon a time their lived a princess who was held captive in a trunk on the staircase. One day along came a young prince, who believed he could save this young princess from her horrid circumstances. However, this naive young prince forgot that men are stupid and that princesses are brilliant and can save themselves.

Hence she took a luxurious trunk sledge ride the forbidden and dangerous descent to the entrance hall and left the idiot prince trailing after her.

The princess is the brains behind the rescue, prince charming is just the face, written in to make everything look romantic. That’s the truth they leave out of the story books.

Thankfully Scorpius and Channing had long left. But Sally Jackson, the last prefect around for the stragglers, was staring at me flabbergasted. I often have that effect on people.

“Did you just slide down the staircases on your trunk?” she grins.

“Only way to travel. Sledge class for only the most wildest and innovative patrons” I advertise.

She laughed, signed me out and scared me shitless with the time.


Oh dear Merlin. I thought I’d lost him.

He yelled his name to a swooning and giggling Sally (So much for brilliant princesses), and swaggered over to me.

“You’re crazy Rose you know that, brilliant but crazy” he laughs and steps out into the white cold snow.

For some reason, I felt kind of sad hearing the words spoken from Drew, rather than the usual cocky scruffy haired idiot, who tries to ruin my life.

Sally vanished our trunks to the train, thank Merlin I didn’t have to transport it further (Dad will sort it out when I get home, or let’s be honest, Mum will) and she followed us out to meet the carriages. We were the last students. The train better not leave without us.


“So what are you up to for Christmas?” Sally tries another attempt to draw Drew into a conversation. I don’t know why she is having such difficulty, the guy loves to talk, especially about himself.

“Family stuff.” He replies.

“Oh, anything special?” Sally persists. I’m just bored.

“We play a family quidditch tournament which is pretty rough” (Insert wink at me) “but mostly just chill out with my neighbour” he elaborates.

“Is he from Hogwarts?” Sally responds, hanging on his every word.

“Not anymore, she” (Insert another wink at me) “graduated 3 years ahead of us” he adds, quite smugly.

“So she still lives at home then?” I interject.

“Nah, she works for one of the top fashion labels, she’s just home for the holidays” he replies.

Sally deflates, with a quick once over of her definitely not top label attire. Don’t give up yet Sally.

“Which one?” I ask.

“Lot of questions there Rose?” his arrogant smirk, only grows bigger.

“What can I say, I’m interested” I grin coyly.

“Course. Not sure I think it’s Winx something…” he responds.

“Wait you don’t mean Winx Jewel?” Sally is back for round two.

“Yep! That’s the one, she’s the face of their new campaign, people ask for her autograph and everything” I swear his head is going to combust the carriage if it swells anymore.

Sally goes quiet in thought, so I tap in “Wow sounds like a good friend to have” I state impressed.

“She gets me into all the clubs-” he begins. Thankfully Sally interjects.

“Are you talking about Raven Tyler?”

“Yeah, pretty hot right?!” He boasts, obviously neglecting to remember the two lovely ladies present.

I catch the small grin on Sally’s face, the guy never saw it coming. They never do.

“Didn’t she get engaged last month to her long term quidditch pro Girlfriend?” Sally enquires.


And the princesses take the lead once again.


Lucy POV

Jordan and James have reunited, so all is right with the world. Well… only because McGonagall overheard the continuous cries of apologies and resentment, so she summoned the blasted necklace to stop the incessant chatter.

Smart women our headmistress.

I haven’t seen Alex again, but I have seen Chase, and he looks more solemn than before. Sometimes being in the presence of an Ex does that to a person, or even thinking about them is an extreme hazard to one’s health.

But he disappeared again, soon after the very few words that passed between us. What was Rose thinking? She really shouldn’t have involved herself. I understand her heart may have been in the right place, and she would never intentionally hurt someone. We were maybe a little harsh this morning. Scorpius was so quiet, I’d never seen him so silent towards Rose. And I’d never seen Rose so deflated because of it. As much as she pretends that his opinion doesn’t matter, she obviously cares, an awful lot. And he has no idea.

“Thinking about Rose?” Max guesses. We found Max and Fred too, wreaking havoc as usual. I think some first years may be missing some luggage when we arrive at Kings Cross. I should be mad, but I just can’t really be bothered with it all.

“I thought she would have been here by now” I reply.

“Yes, I mean it was supposed to wear off after 10 minutes, she wasn’t supposed to miss the train” Max defends.

“I warned the two of you” I reply. I am still a prefect after all. And Rose is my cousin and best friend.

“Barely” she grins. But mischievousness is in my blood.

“Whatever. She’ll be here, if anything I know Scorpius hadn’t left yet, and I swear the guy has a sixth sense for when she’s in trouble” I console my own nervousness and slightly guilty conscience. I wish we could have seen it, would have been a crack-up.

“He didn’t seem all that interested this morning” Max rebuffs. And cue another carriage of bad news. Out steps Channing Wood and the none other, walking Christmas decoration, Scorpius Malfoy.

Oh, crap.

“I guess not” I mumble. So much for Prince Charming.

Where the hell is Rose?


Hugo POV

Mum and dad will be proud. Actually dad will probably collapse in hysterics, Mum will just yell at me.

So Rose missed the train.

How was I to know we were supposed to be walking down here together?

“So Rose told Channing, who told Scorpius, who told Lucy, who told Max, who yelled at you, that Rose was travelling with us?” Lily repeated.

“It’s like some sort of long distance invitation, except I didn’t RSVP” I cover my face with my hands.

“Well you are unorganised” Lily divulges with her mouth full of Neztles Preztles.

“This is the first I’m hearing about it” I cry indignantly.

“You don’t always listen either” She adds warningly.

“You’re still upset about that?” I whinge. I’ve paid the debt for that mistake. Ten times over.

“Hugo, I turned into an adult witch sized pygmy puff” She scoffed.

“You were still very intimidating” I smirk.

“It was my first practice as captain” she defends.

“Well at least you’ve made a lasting impression” I try to placate her.

Apparently I’ll never be through paying for that unfortunate accidental oversight. 

“Now go and be a good brother and try and fill the gaps in the lapse of communication. Knowing Rose she’ll pop up somewhere” Lily instructs me. “And bring back some jelly slugs” she adds as I walk out the door.

It’s currently 10.58 and the girl is awarded straight O’s for time management skills. I don’t think my sister has ever been on time for anything. Well except a shoe sale. But that’s just to be expected isn’t it.

Mum is going to kill me.


Rose POV

“I can’t believe you gave him your scarf” Sally shakes her head at me astonished, still shocked at my often quite hastily planned solutions. She’ll learn.

“He never would have left me alone otherwise” I speak the truth. He was insistent, that we should stay together to keep warm. That we needed his muscular manliness to shelter us from the wind and snow. All he did was slow us down. The fool.

“He won’t give it back” She replied nervously.

“I don’t want it back” I shudder.

“He’s kind of an arse” Sally concludes after a moment. She had me worried there near the beginning, I mean she hadn’t been vaccinated, in all honesty she adapted quite quickly. Unlike my stupid self.

“And he does such a brilliant job of disguising that slight personality trait” I respond.

Sally just laughed. I like it when people laugh. It sounds pretty.

We had finally pulled up at the station, I’d made swift work of ridding ourselves of Drew Collins. My Scarf was sadly the price, which definitely needed to be paid. Except now I’m cold.

The platform was fairly void of students, most were already chatting away excitedly on the train. Sally is one cool kid. The girl knows everything. She has a slight obsession with Witch Weekly and various fashion magazines. I swear one day she’s going to take over the industry, with her doe brown eyes, adorable freckled nose, and brown ringlets.

“So how do you like fifth year? OWLs driven you insane yet?” I ask as we bid McGonagall a friendly but chaste wave. Hagrid spots me up ahead and gives me a finally look. It’s only 10.59, we have a minute to spare, and people say I’m always running behind. Obviously don’t know me at all.

“I love being a prefect, I couldn’t believe I was chosen, Maggie Turner was so angry, she flipped her bed upside down and out the window.” She grinned. We boarded the train.

“Sounds dramatic” I observe. Students are everywhere.

“Oh well, she claims there was a spider on it” she replies, whilst shoving a seventh year male out of her way. I love this girl.

“Oh well that’s completely justified then” I surmise with a smile.

“You know you’re actually really nice” Sally observes aloud.

“I am, but don’t tell anyone, I like being feared”

“They don’t so much as fear you, as hate you”

“Well that’s a little unjustified”

“You’re gorgeous, insanely talented, kind, athletic, and you don’t make any apologies for being exactly who you are, I know girls who would kill for that self-assurance, myself included”

“Everyone has their insecurities” I cryptically reply.

“You’re perfect though, well at least Scorpius Malfoy thinks so”

“Not so much lately” I mumble, as I pass a compartment filled with laughter and noise, only one crazy family could reside in there. And for the first time, I’m on the outside.

I push myself forward without a second glance back. I think space would be best.

“So are you sitting with me then?” Sally poses. The girl learns quick.

“Definitely, I haven’t finished finding out all your secrets yet, and corrupting you” I replied. “If that’s alright?” I added. Oh Merlin, what if she doesn’t want to hang with me?

“Yeah, it will make a nice change from Maggie’s boy craziness and Hannah’s hippy nonsense”

I just smile in gratitude. I’m not the type of person who would shy away from having alone time. I enjoy being alone, it’s the only time I’m able to have a really insightful conversation with myself. But I just think, today might not be the greatest time for revelations of feelings and such.

It’s not long before we find the compartment and the door slides open, to reveal two squealing girls.

“Is this some kind of travelling ritual?” I turn to Sally uncertain.

“No, more like a boy smiled in Maggie’s vicinity or something like that” Sally clarified then turns to greet her friends.

“It’s happened. It’s finally happened.” Maggies screeches.

That voice could grow to be a tad bothersome if it continues to live at that decibel.

“Inside voices Maggie” Sally warns. Maggie frowns, then glares.

Oh dear, my spider senses are tingling. Retreat, Retreat.

I think I might let them catch up first. “I’m going to find the food trolley”

They didn’t even notice my exit. So I guess we’re back to the invisible thing.


Chase POV

Everything is all my fault.

Rose is missing, Albus is heartbroken, Lucy is yelling, and Scorpius apparently doesn’t care in the slightest.

They hate her, for something she didn’t have a part in. For something I did. For something she was trying to repair. She had no idea.

Why do I even have to exist? Why did I have to ruin everything? I didn’t mean to hurt him. I guess I was just trying to hurt myself. I’m not important here. I’m not brave, or strong, I’m just Chase, I’m just a nobody.

Merlin, I need to get out of this space.

I was about to stand, and make some stupid excuse, which they probably wouldn’t even hear over all the yelling. No one would notice.


A touch. A friend. A reason to stay.

A warm and soft hand curled around mine on the seat, without explanation, apology or even eye contact. He just knew. He always knows.

Albus Potter.

I nearly burst into tears right there in front of everyone.


End of Part One, Part Two will follow momentarily.

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