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I looked out lazily across the buzzing platform. My eyes skimming over the countless tearful mothers, embarrassed teens, nervous fathers and the even more so nervous looking children. Some of the older kids looked excited, their eyes darting around the platform in a similar fashion to mine own, looking around hopefully for a glimpse of a fellow classmate or a friend. I continued my scanning with about as much disinterest as a teenage girl who would rather be anywhere else could have.

Mirabelle stood next to me, her brown eyes wide in excitement at the sight of the scarlet coloured train. Steam bursting out in song; creating a thick cloud of haze above are heads and making my eyesight go foggy."Benjamin please be silent for one moment." Hannah chastised, as she readjusted the crying 4 year old from his position on top of the luggage trolley.

"Hannah dear have you seen my tie!?" Neville cried frantically rummaging through his own trunk.

"It's on Trevor's head." She sighed helplessly gesturing to the sleepy owl clutched in little Frankie's hands.

I looked on at the scene in utter boredom. 

"Poppy do you mind taking Benjie for a moment." Hannah sighed brushing a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes. I raised an uneasy eyebrow at the red faced child, trying my best to refrain from wrinkling my nose. "Sure." I muttered as I held the boy at least an arm length away from my body.

Hannah gave me a side glance but decided that it was just me being me. "Mirabelle are you sure we packed your-" Hannah was cut off as a extremely attractive family of five approached us. 

"Neville, Hannah!" A man with dazzling green eyes said interrupting the family's frantic moment with his greeting.

"Oh! Harry Ginny it's so good to see you!" Hannah breathed the stress lines disappearing as she replaced it with a warm smile. "How are you?" Neville asked seeming to have too calmed down in their presence, his tie now neatly in place.

"Lily!" Mirabelle cried, her blonde head bobbing as she rushed into the pretty red head with a brilliant grin. The parents looked at their children in amusement. That's when the other family seemed to notice me still with crying Benjamin thrust out in front of me, with a uncomfortable look on my face.

Boy this was awkward.

I quickly put the crying Benjamin on the floor settling for leaning on my trunk instead.

"And who might this be?" A pretty woman who looked extremely familiar asked politely; her flaming red hair pulled back from her ageing but just as beautiful face. I took a closer look at the family my eyes darting from each member and then resting back on the middle aged man, who had a endearing goofy smile and round glasses.

My mouth fell open in astonishment. I was standing in front of the saviour of the bloody Wizadering world. Ngahhh.

Hannah decided to ignore my goldfish like expression instead smiling brightly. "This is my goddaughter from America she's just transferred here from Ilvermorny." Hannah smiled, only I being able to see just how forced it was. I sent the family a worried look hoping they didn't notice Hannah's strange response.

"Really that's just wonderful! What year will you be joining?" Ginny smiled hands on hips in a relaxed fashion. She was very intimidating and that wasn't something I liked to admit with ease.

 "7th I think?" I replied shrugging slightly and leaning further into my trunk, my arms crossed in front of my chest. "What a coincidence! Our eldest son James is just starting his 7th year too, Hannah you never mentioned you had a goddaughter their age. " Saviour of the damn Wizadering world- Harry grinned, gesturing to the two teenagers that were yet to engage in the conversation. The older of the two, who I assumed was the 'James' of subject turned to face me with a inviting smile.

James was mind numbingly handsome, in a highly irritating but natural way. His jet black hair was carelessly mussed up sticking out in all directions, brilliant amber eyes sparkling as they took me in and a cheeky smile positioned on his face.

I raised an eyebrow at his younger brother who's mouth was practically reaching the floor at the sight of me.


"James this is Hannah's goddaughter Poppy King she's just transferring into your year today. I hope you take good care of her." Neville beamed patting my back awkwardly, I gave him a look that said 'we've talked about the touching thing'.


I did not like to be touched.

James's grin widened if possible. "Sure thing Nev. I'll make sure she's welcome." he smiled in amusement, rocking back on his heels. His expression read: you are irrelevant to me and I most likely will forget what your name is by tomorrow.

The adults, satisfied with James' response carried on with usual boring chit-chat. Before Ginny saved us from a excruciatingly long, extra 5 minutes of small talk. "Anyway we should be off Hugo is also starting Hogwarts so we should go wish him luck. Good seeing you Nev you too Han! Oh and great meeting you Poppy." Ginny grinned before steering her gorgeous family away from us.

Hannah visibly sighed in relief, now that she could now go back to frantically searching for Mirabelle's robes. I sighed already glum with the idea of the summer being over and having to attend stupid Hoggy-warts. Seriously who names there school after a hairy, overgrown pig.

Crazy people I tell you. 

"Poppy what house do you think you'll be in?" Mirabelle asked curiously. Visibly straightening up and putting all her weight on her left leg to act casual. She had been acting that way around me all summer. I think she thought because she was my god sister or something we were best friends.

Weird girl no wonder she's so desperate to go to Hoggy-warts.

"I don't know Mirabelle what are the house's again?" I asked instantly regretting doing so as she went on to a long rant about all the houses.


I tried to listen... Tried.


"Belle, Poppy you should be boarding the train now." Hannah smiled weakly already tearing up. Mirabelle looked like she was about to die on spot.


"Mummm! please don't embarrass me on my first day of school." She grumbled ducking her corn coloured head as her mother enveloped her in a overwhelming hug.

"Oh stop fussing your my little baby and always will be." Hannah cooed making Mirabelle almost burst into flames her cheeks were so red. "Han I think it's best to leave Belle alone, the poor girl has suffered enough I think." Neville chuckled. Hannah sighed giving Mirabelle one last tight hug before turning to me her expression not changing to my surprise.

Although me and Hannah had been extremely close when I was younger that had all changed now. Sure we still talked, and I still saw her as a second mother. But there was always that awkward moment of silence between sentences that always occurred when I talked to her.

This was different.

Before I knew what was happening she had enveloped me in a bone crushing hug my hands hanging limply by my sides, as I sent Neville a frazzled look from behind her shoulder. The bastard just grinned, going on to nudge Frankie and Benjamin into saying goodbye to their older sister.

Seriously what did I say about the know touching rule. 

"I just want you to know that I love you and I'm here just an owl away if you ever need to talk." Hannah whispered I mumbled a response too shocked to think.


"I'm serious anytime any place any situation. Owl me." That was the last thing I heard as the train hooted in signal that I needed to leave. I gave her and Neville a small smile before, with Mirabelle at my side, running as fast as my legs would take me to get on the train.


Before I knew what was happening I had jumped onto the train pulling Mirabelle along with me. And speeding down the corridor to find an empty compartment. Giving Mirabelle one last smile and a failed attempt at a wave, before swishing the door shut and falling onto the compartments bench.

Well Hogwarts here I come. They didn't even know what had hit them.



"Mate, is she drooling?"

"I don't care if she's bloody drooling, she's hot!" 


"Fred that's disgusting you don't even know her!" 


"Fuck that she's hot,"


"You're a pervert!"


"Well to be fair she is hot, drooling or not," 


"Shut it Evan."


My eyes flew open to be greeted with the disturbing image of 3 guys and a girl, about my age, standing over me peering down in awe. "Get lost you creeps!" I yelled frantically sitting up from my position and batting my hands around my head to get them to scatter.

"Sorry about that, they don't understand the meaning of personal space." The girl sighed sheepishly ruffling one of the boys hair, after a beat of awkward silence in which I spent glaring at them. "That's great and all, but if I remember correctly they weren't the only ones watching me in my sleep." I practically growled.

As you can tell I get a little moody when disturbed while sleeping. While the girl looked slightly taken aback the guys started grinning largely at me.


"I like her! Can we keep her?" A handsome boy to my left asked shuffling curiously towards me.


"She's not a bloody animal Fred!" One of the other boys cried in expiration.


I hissed at them both. 

"I wouldn't be so sure." The third boy answered looking slightly worried for my mental health. He was right, I'm pretty sure I've got cat genes somewhere or other. 

"I swear you're an even bigger moron then I remembered." The girl grumbled falling into a seat. "Got that right." One of the guys snorted. Before the group started getting into a heated debate about how much of a moron 'Fred' was.

These Hoggy-Warty people were getting crazier by the minute. I wouldn't be surprised if they started a circus show right there and then.

"Will you Shut up!" I shouted my voice overpowering there yells. "Last time I checked I didn't give you my permission to enter MY compartment. So can you please get the hell out!" I roared.

As you can see I don't take well with people invading my personal space either.

"I leave you guys for two seconds and you're already getting in trouble?" A frustrating voice spoke, interrupting my much needed rant. We all whizzed around to be faced with the boy from the platform. The one who basically looks like a mixture between a Greek god and a rock star.

"Hey James! This is our new friend-" the handsome boy I think was named Fred greeted the 'James' of subject cheerfully. I didn't like cheerful people.

"Sorry what did you say your name was?" Fred asked quickly grinning all the while. "I didn't." I snapped these people were driving me insane.


"Poppy King right?" James asked effortlessly gliding into the compartment.


I rolled my eyes at his unbelievably perfect face. God the boy was annoyingly attractive. Seriously it should be illegal to look that good in your teens.


"James can you stop flirting with everything that moves for 5 seconds?" The blonde girl asked clearly agitated by James' slightly arrogant behaviour.


"Yeah plus I called dibs." Fred protested like a bloody four year old. 

"Excuse me what did you just say?" I asked turning my head in a quick jerky move. Fred who although looked as cheerful as ever- Which by 'ever' means the whole 5 minutes I've known him- Also paled slightly fear flashing in his eyes.

"Nothing, sorry." He squeaked much to the entertainment of his friends. "That's what I thought, douchebaggery doesn't look good on you anyway."

"Well Poppy King anyone with the intelligence to not swoon at the sight of my idiot cousin and make Fred Weasley squeak like that is an instant friend." The girl grinned.


Now I pride myself in the fact that I tend to hate everyone I meet, but something about the way she was smiling told me I could trust this girl. It was odd considering, as already shown, I'm not exactly a people person.

"This doesn't mean I like any of you. But I'm too lazy to find another compartment and as far as you're concerned I still hate all of you." I grumbled, sitting back down in my seat much to the excitement and happiness of Fred. "Well I think we can all agree that were not friends simply just... Sharing a compartment." She exclaimed her grin almost infectious. I had to fight off the tugging at the corner of my lips.


"Now it would be rude if you didn't know my name and I knew yours." She smiled warmly, sitting down herself like the rest of the boys.

"I'm Dominique Weasley, this is my cousin Fred. And James who you've already met and is going to try irritate you extensively so prepare. And these are, are lifelong Best friend's Robbie Wood and Evan McAdams." She finished gesturing to a boy with a slightly timid smile and the other boy, who I presumed was Robbie, who just looked on in amusement.
"Just a warning we argue about 80% of the time together and hit each other the other 20%."

I couldn't help the giggle before it escaped my mouth my face instantly resembling one of shock, since I think the last time I giggled was when I was 15 and had chugged a whole bottle of tequila. However at this the mood seemed to lighten and I felt myself relaxing for the first time since I had arrived in England.


This could be a new start. No one knew me I didn't have to be the old me anymore, the hateful non people person. No here I could be someone new.

Poppy King welcome to England.






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