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She had been sitting in the chair for far too long, it wasn't until she had finished the questions did she really notice how dead her bum was. Who thought of a four-hour exam anyway? She liked to use all of the time, just in case a magic question popped up at a certain minute into the exam, but it was two minutes until the end and that was yet to happen. She shifted through the tome that was in front of her, she was so sure she had answered all of the questions, but she had to check and double check. The large clock at the front of the Hall was seconds away from finally ringing. Just enough time to check one more time, she still had answered all the questions. The clock rang and Madam Hooch stood up, "everyone put down your quills. No talking." She yelled.

Harry glanced up and his eyes instantly found the mass of curly brown hair; he couldn't see her face, but he knew she had done well. His eyes quickly found the Curran triplets, he knew that they would have done well as well. He looked down at his paper and smiled to himself. Hermione's revision sessions really helped him out. Everything they covered was in the exam - he felt good about this one. The papers flew up to the front where Madam Hooch and Professor McGonagall were standing. "Well, that was your last exam at Hogwarts. I know you have all done as well as possible, well done. Please leave in an orderly fashion." She smiled.

Harry felt a twang of emotion, he hated exams, but it was hard to believe that by the end of the week, he would know longer be a student here. Ron hung around outside the hall waiting for them all and when Harry saw his face, he knew the revision sessions had also helped him. "Thanks, Hermione. I don't think I could have done that without you."

"I can't believe it's over." Hermione stuttered. "No more exams."

"No more boring Potions lessons," Ron beamed. "Aoife, how do you think it went?" He disappeared as soon as the black mass of hair appeared in the door frame.

"It's over," Hermione repeated, "how are you feeling?" She asked Harry.

"I can't quite believe that this is our last night in the castle," he replied. "It's finally finished with." Despite the fact that he wasn't planning on finishing his time here, he was so glad he did, everything had become clear to him.

"Do you want to sit outside? I need to talk to you about something," she said as she took his hand and lead him out of the castle.

"Hermione-you don't have to go so fast. What's the problem?"

"Before the exam, I got a letter from my dad. He said that the operation was sorted, it's next month."

Harry gulped, "we just won't go to Ireland then," he smiled.

"That's just it. I don't want to ruin your holiday. It's not fair for you, you deserve to go and have fun."

"What, and you don't? Hermione, I'm with you through this. From the beginning right until the end." She blinked at him. "What's this really about?"

"I guess-" she picked at her nails, "I guess I'm having second thoughts. It's not that I don't want to help her, I'm just terrified that something goes wrong. Or that after everything, her body will reject it."

"Have you been thinking this all these months?" Harry asked she nodded so he carried on, "if you don't want to do it, you just have to say. This has to be your decision, no one else's." Harry said carefully.

"I've already said I'd do it. I can't back out now, everything is arranged."

"Hermione, you are offering to donate an organ, you have every right to back out. You've had your doubts since you had all your tests were done, haven't you?" He asked gently.

"I think I've always had doubts. Maybe I thought that it wouldn't go ahead, that something would put a stop to it, like-"

"You weren't a match?" Harry interrupted and she nodded, "there must be another way."

"Not unless another match comes forward. That won't happen. No, I can do this, I guess hearing that it's been booked has made it real."

Harry thought about what she had said. He wasn't sure that he would go through with his plan, but his mind as made up after hearing Hermione's worries. "You never know, she might get better," he said in an undertone.

"I appreciate that, Harry, but we both know that that isn't going to happen."

"Well, we'll just go to your parent's house instead of Ireland."

"I really don't want you to miss out on anything because of me."

"Then I'll have to come with you else I'll miss you." He charmed.

"If you're sure," she surrendered. "What do you want to do for the rest of today?"

"How about sitting out here and enjoying this place for the last time," he suggested as he admired his surroundings.


"There you are," Aengus smiled when he found Robyn wandering outside the hall.

"How'd it go?" She asked excitedly.

"Reckon I've done alright finished it within the first hour." He bragged.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you were one of those people." She rolled her eyes.

"And what's that?"

"An annoying know-it-all who doesn't even need to try. Do you want to take my exams for me?" She smiled.

"In your dreams, Root. I'm done with exams. You'll do fine," he reassured, "oh, I forgot, tonight there's a celebratory ceremony and we can invite someone - do you want to come with me?"

"Oh, um, I don't know. People will look and gossip about me. I'm content with being invisible around here."

Aengus sighed, this was another step back for them "We can't hide forever, I'm leaving tomorrow morning, I want to spend every moment I can with you."

"I know you do," she pulled him into a small corridor off of the foyer where they wouldn't be seen, "but you know it's not my thing.

He took a step away from her, "well it is my thing, I guess that's another difference between us."

"Don't be like that. You always turn into a child when you don't get your own way."

"I'm upset because my girlfriend doesn't want to spend this evening with me."

She looked around quickly, making sure no one was around to hear him, "it's not that I don't want to spend it with you, I just don't want to spend it with everyone else." She explained, "but you enjoy yourself." She smiled.

"When are you going to understand that you're not the focus of everyone's attention, you say that you hate being noticed but you act like you always are. But yeah, I will have fun." He walked away, hoping this would be enough to get her to change her mind, but knowing it wouldn't.

The sun had been hidden by clouds which seemed to be hogging all the warmth. "Should we go in? We do have to get ready for the ceremony." Hermione suggested.

"That isn't until later on this evening." Harry laughed, "but we can go in. I expect you want to speak to someone more intelligent about the exam."

"Yeah, I do," she smirked.

"I've just got to talk to someone, I'll meet you in the Common Room," Harry said as they walked through the corridors.

"Oh right, do you want me to come with you?" She asked, her voice indicating she didn't really want to.

"No, thanks for offering, though." He smiled. "I won't be long." He gave her a quick peck and walked in the other direction.

"Madam Pomfrey?" He called from the door of the hospital wing. "Madam Pomfrey? It's Harry Potter."

"Oh, hello. What can I do for you?" She asked as she scuttled out from her office.

"I'm here about what we were discussing about the other month."

"Ah, yes, the healing potion. I've managed to brew a successful vial. She smiled smugly.

"It will definitely work? No side effects?" He was still hesitant about going behind everyone's backs with such an important decision.

"I'm confident it will heal any organ, apart from the heart. I've never tested it on a Muggle, but I'm pretty sure we're all the same inside." She handed him the vial and he slid it in his pocket making a mental note to put it in his trunk at the earliest opportunity.

"Thank you," Harry smiled.

"No, thank you. This is just a small token to show my appreciation for all you have done for us. I shouldn't admit to this, but my stomach would flutter every time I heard you were coming in. To heal the Harry Potter is an honour and a privilege. The highest honour anyone could bestow upon me." Harry stood on the spot awkwardly, not knowing how to respond or react so he didn't do anything. "I've said too much already, but I had to say it before you were gone. Thank you, Harry Potter." That was it, she ushered him out and got on with whatever she was going before being interrupted.


Fancy robes with lapels that corresponded with the colour of the wearer's House lay on every Seventh Year bed. Right beside it sat the black pointed hat that they wore on their first night at the castle. Harry stood over them for several minutes, this time, last year he never would have dreamed he would be here having finished all his NEWTs. "Harry, I don't want to sound like Hermione, even though you love that, but we need to go down soon, I would suggest getting ready."

"Yeah, sorry." He blinked and then started getting ready.

The three boys walked downstairs and met up with the girls. They all paired off leaving Aengus and Ginny alone to walk behind the rest of them awkwardly. "Is Robyn coming?" She asked a question which didn't dissolve the awkwardness at all.

"No, it's not her thing apparently. It doesn't matter, we're spending the whole of next yeah apart so we need to get used to it. Sorry, Gin, but I'd rather not spend the whole night talking about it."

"Sure, sorry for bringing it up." She sighed as the silence fell between them again.

"I wonder what is going to happen at this thing," Aoife pondered.

"Bill, Charlie and Percy have all told me different stories so maybe they change it every year."

"I'm excited," Aoife shared.

"I'm glad." Ron laughed.

They walked down the last staircase and were greeted by hundreds of students all wearing matching robes, apart for the lapels. Everyone was filing into the Great Hall. All the tables had been removed and were replaced by elongated sofas which almost stretched the whole width of the hall. They were roughly split into Houses. Harry sat next to Hermione, who sat next to Aengus, who sat next to Aoife, who sat next to Ron, who sat next to Ginny.

Once everyone was settled, McGonagall appeared on the stage at the front, next to her stood a table of shiny trophies. "Welcome would be the wrong word to use for after tonight, you will not be students here any longer. Your time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is over however long or short it was. I've had the privilege to watch most of you grow and for those who joined us this year, I've seen the end of your journey. There are some people who didn't make it this far," Harry noticed Ron's head sinking at the thought of Fred, but also Lavender, "but we shalt dwell on that as they wouldn't want us to. We are going to have an award ceremony and then something else that I'll explain when required. On with he awards." She smiled.

"What's the betting Hermione will win most of these?" Hermione heard Ron snigger from several people down.

Hagrid stomped up to replace McGonagall and picked up the trophy with a golden unicorn on top. "This 'ward is fer Animal Carer. This one were 'ard to decide, but I went fer someone who, even though they 'adn't bin 'ere fer long, 'as shown real love 'nd care fer everythin'." Hagrid's beetle eyes shone with joy and warmth. "Ardal Curran."

The sofas to the immediate left of Harry exploded into applause and cheers. The six Gryffindor's on Harry's row cheered and clapped as if they had won. Ardal ran up to the stage, shook both Hagrid and McGonagall's hands and collects his award. As the noise died down, Madam Hooch took to the stage. "My award is obviously for Quidditch. This one was hard because this year has some of the strongest Quidditch players for a number of years. But after recent events, it's only fair to award-"

"This must be you, Harry," Hermione whispered over Madam Hooch.

"I doubt it, I hardly played this year. It'll be Ginny."

"'s only fair to award Ginny Weasley." The Gryffindor sofas clapped the loudest this time. Harry was one of the loudest, as Ginny strutted up to collect her award. "However, I felt we couldn't mention Quidditch without honouring the youngest Seeker in a century."

Hermione grinned at Harry, "I knew you would get something for Quidditch.

"So I would like to award Harry Potter with Best Seeker."

Everyone burst into a huge frenzy of applause and cheers, especially three of the four Houses. Harry returned holding a large Golden Snitch. "Well done, mate," Aengus smiled as he leaned over Hermione.

Award after award was given out to a variety of students. Ardal won a second award for Herbology. Aoife, who had apparently been helping Madam Pomfrey since arriving at Hogwarts, won an award for Healer. Harry was given the Defence Against the Dark Arts award (obviously). Ron, in homage to his first year and the past year, won an award for Wizards Chess and determination. Aengus was awarded most promising 'Transformer' from McGonagall who stood in front of the table which only had four trophies left. "Three of these awards are for the same person. From the moment they received their letter, they have been exceptionally hard working and never fails to succeed. The first one is for most House Points awarded from the beginning with a colossal 3,000 House Points - which is a Hogwarts record. The second is for outstanding achievement in all academic studies. And the third is for loyalty, determination and putting everyone's safety before their own, whilst keeping a level head. This person is, of course, Hermione Granger." McGonagall beamed.

To Hermione's surprise, the whole hall stood up and cheered. This brought tears to Hermione's eyes. "We couldn't have won without you!" Someone called out from the crowd.

"You're a hero to us!" Another one added.

Hermione went to the front to collect her trophies, but couldn't turn to face her adoring crowd. When she sat back down, Harry had the biggest smile on his face. "On to our last award. As you all know, many students have joined Hogwarts in all years this year, and that is because we no longer live in fear, we no longer need to look over out shoulders and that is largely down to the bravery and selflessness of Harry Potter. Without Harry, Hermione, and Ron, we probably wouldn't be sat here today. Harry put his life on the line on numerous occasions. He went above and beyond to save our world. For that, I need not explain any further why Harry deserves recognition for the services to every single one of us here and the rest of the witches and wizards around the world."

This received the loudest cheer of the night. The roar continued long after Harry had come back with his award. It lasted for what seemed like hours - Harry suspected that the noise wasn't for him anymore so he joined in with the celebration. "On to our next event. You will all be back for the end of year feast, but this is your last night in the castle. In the past, we have had quizzes, but I feel that due to the circumstances, we would give you this time to make peace with one another. You will find yourself sharing a bit more than you bargained for tonight." She sparkled with mischief. This caused the whole room to fall silent. "Good luck," Harry swore he saw McGonagall wink.

No one really knew what they were meant to do so everyone started talking among themselves until an argument broke out in the Hufflepuff area, "how dare you say something like that to me!" A girl screamed at a boy.

"I didn't mean to, I just thought you ought to know." He quivered back.

"I guess that's what McGonagall meant," Hermione whispered to Harry, "this is Confessions."

"What's Confessions?" Aengus asked.

"I read about it somewhere. Many years ago, when there were first frictions between the Houses, they did Confessions at the end of the year. Everyone who was leaving would leave with a clear conscious, anything we have ever wanted to say to anyone in this room may come out tonight." This struck fear in everyone's minds.

"Ev-everything?" Ginny stuttered.

"Potentially" Hermione answered. "Get ready for some fireworks," she smirked.

"Hermione, I need to tell you that I once hated you," Ginny revealed. "You had everything I dreamed of. And I wanted to make you miserable." Ginny covered her mouth, unable to believe that she had just said that to Hermione's face. "Hermione, I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry, I knew that we weren't best friends when I stole Harry off of you." She gasped, "I didn't mean it like that."

"I knew you did it out of spite!" She shouted, "I knew I couldn't trust you."

"No, I didn't. I never meant for it to come out like that." Both of them went bright red, neither of them knew it now, but in the morning, all would be forgiven.

"Whatever, I'm going to go over there in case you want to hurl more heart-breaking revelations at me." Ginny sulked off.

"Now that she's finally gone, we need to tell you something," Aoife smiled. "We're engaged!"

"You are? But you hardly even know each other." Harry argued, "you barely trust one another with the present, let alone your past and future."

"How long have you been waiting to say that?" Ron growled.

"Since you first started going out, how long ago was that? About nine months. You can't get married, you won't survive it. Sorry, ignore me. I shouldn't have said that."

"Actually Harry, you're right. Ron, I need to tell you that I once had a massive crush on Harry. It lasted until around Christmas."

"What?" Hermione yelled, "you told me it was long before you knew him."

"Did I? Well, I lied. Just like you lied when you said you had no feelings for Aengus."

"Shut up, Aoife. You don't know what you're talking about. You waltzed into our lives without giving us a chance to decide whether we actually liked you. You walked in and ruined our group, split us up and stole my best friend." Harry said bitterly.

"That's no better than what you did, the both of you," Ron argued back, "you two got all cosy whilst I was away, didn't give me a second thought."

"I'm glad you ran away, Ron. You gave me the chance to realise my feelings for Hermione." Harry said.

"I've had enough of this," Aoife screamed as she walked towards someone else.

"Harry, I never wanted to fall in love with Hermione. That wasn't on my to-do list." Aengus added.

"I'm glad you did, it makes me feel more attractive." Hermione walked away as soon as she had said that, not even realising that she had wanted to say that.

"Hermione, I'm glad I found you," Malfoy smirked. "The reason I teased you since the beginning is because I was jealous of you. You had a brain that I could never match no matter how hard I tried."

"I thought it was because you had a crush on me, I secretly wish it was."

"I probably did when I was younger, but I made myself forget it because you weren't a Pure Blood."

"I'm glad you finally admitted it," Hermione smiled.

"Aengus, what's going on? What's with all the shouting?"

"Robyn, you came!" Aengus smiled.

"Of course, I did, I love you." She gasped, "why did I say that? I didn't mean to say that."

"Welcome to Confessions." Aengus grinned, "I love you too." That he did mean to say. "I'm going to wait for you, wait until you finish Hogwarts. I want to be with you and I will do whatever I need to do in order to achieve that."

"I want to be with you too, but I don't want you to end up resenting me. Have fun on your holiday, do what you want, just don't tell me what that is. I'll be here when you get back." She launched into a passionate kiss, not caring who was watching.

"Looks like you've lost your chance with him," Luna whispered to Hermione. "I can't see how you could resist either of them. I wish Ardal would sweep me off my feet."

"The funny thing about that is I couldn't tell if she's saying that because of the spell or just because she's Luna," Harry laughed. "I'm going to try and make your mum better," he revealed. "I don't know if it'll work."

"Let's hope it does, I don't want to miss out on a life because I've donated a kidney."

They stayed silence for some time, wondering if anything else would come out, "I guess we tell each other everything we're thinking," Harry grinned, "do you want to leave?"

"Yes please, I don't want any more surprises." She outstretched her arm and Harry cupped her hand in his as they walked out of the room.

Once they had shut the door to the hall, Harry asked, "did what Ginny and Aoife say upset you?"

At the time it had, but strangely know it didn't bother her at all. "No, I'm glad they told me how they felt." She sighed.

"Let's go for a walk," Harry suggested.


He stayed awake all night. Hermione was in her bed, wanting to sleep there one last time, so Harry was alone. Alone was the wrong word, to the right of him was his trusted friend. From day one, Ron was Harry's right-hand man. Fair enough they had their ups and downs, but who didn't? He knew he always had someone there for him if he needed it. Suddenly he had an idea, he stood up and rummaged through his trunk, he had packed it - his invisibility cloak.

Ron was asleep, maybe he would come back and wake him up later. He draped the cloak over his shoulders and lifted the hood. Even to this day, the castle under the cloak was pure magic. He could go anywhere without being seen, he was completely in control. But it wasn't the same, he knew that this was his last time that he could do this, but he couldn't enjoy it as much. He uncovered he head, his body still invisible, and stared at one of the long windows and gazed up at the night's sky. He wouldn't see it like this ever again, but that didn't bother him. Now that the last night at Hogwarts had arrived, he realised that the building and the views weren't what mattered to him. He would always have the memories of the place.

"I find that it's the friendships and relationships you take from that really stick," a soft, Scottish voice said. "This place will always be here, things won't change, we'll do everything how we've always done them. If you were leaving in the same state you started in, I would understand your sadness, but look at you. You are a completely different person. You entered a boy and you're leaving a wizard. You've found love and friendship and happiness here and that will always stay with you."

"I just know where I am here. I know who I am and I know what I have to do." Harry revealed. "I'm not sad about leaving here, I'm sad about leaving a place of safety and security. I know I always have someone to turn to when I'm here."

"You'll always be welcomed here, Harry. After all, we are looking for a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher - I can't think of anyone better than you. Just remember that, if you don't know where you're going, you can always come back here."

"Thanks, Professor. I'll keep that in mind." Harry smiled.

"I'm no longer your Professor, Harry. But for what it's worth, I did enjoy being it. I'll be going now, have fun exploring, I'm sure there must be somewhere you haven't found." She chuckled to herself as she walked away.

Harry took the cloak off completely, he didn't need to bother with it, so he walked around aimlessly. McGonagall was wrong, he had been to every crack and corner this castle boasted, the Marauders Map made sure of that.

He crept into Hermione's dormitory and gently woke her up - what made him do this he wasn't sure. "Harry," she croaked, "what's the time?"

Harry didn't have his watch, "early," he replied.

"Why are we awake then?"

"I need you to follow me." She looked at him with her half asleep eyes but got out of bed all the same.

He led her to the girls toilets. "Why did you bring me here?" She said rubbing her eyes.

"Why did I bring you to a toilet?" He smirked. "Don't you find it romantic?"

"Oh yeah, I love being taken from my bed at Merlin knows what time in the morning and mingling in the toilets."

"Do you know what this place is?" He asked, standing in the middle of the room.

"No, I don't know what this place is," she said sarcastically. "Harry, if you just wanted to remind me about our run-in with a troll, you needn't bother. I remember it clear as day."

"This is where I realised you were a person," Harry explained.

"Oh, how charming."

"No, not like that. But it's the first time I saw you as someone other than a bossy know-it-all."

"Yeah, that's much nicer..."

"It was the first time I saw your vulnerable side, the first time you let your walls down."

"Since that night we have been inseparable," someone had walked in on their scene.

"Nothings changed Ron, I promise you." Hermione could tell by the tone of his voice he wasn't so sure if what he said was still true. "In fact, we need you more now than ever before. Don't feel like we have pushed you aside."

"Why do you need me now?" Ron asked, walking over to them.

"I'm going to be away for several months, I need you to keep Harry in line." She laughed. "I do need you to stop him moping around and make sure he has a good time on holiday."

"You're not coming with us?" His voice sounded heartbroken, why did it sound heartbroken?

"I'll meet up with you in the New Year," she promised.

"Aoife is going to be upset, Ginny isn't coming either," Ron revealed.

"She isn't? Why?" Harry asked.

"She says she can't tell anyone why yet, I reckon it has something to do with a boy."

"Ginny hasn't got her eyes on anyone," Hermione said. "Well, she has, but she's not pursuing him."

"Aengus? She told us last night," Ron added once he saw Hermione's shocked expression.

"Find anything else out?" Harry asked excitedly.

"Nothing worth knowing except what you said about Aoife and me."

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say it."

"It's alright, I don't mind what you said - it's true. She barely tells me anything. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it. I didn't know about Aengus though, how'd you take it?"

Harry looked from Ron to Hermione and back to Ron again, "I already knew. Hermione told me."

"Right," he rolled his eyes.

"What does that mean?" Hermione asked.

"You two, you just illuminate how imperfect Aoife and I are."

"The holiday will sort that out, I'm sure," Harry said comfortingly.


"You'll always have us. Come here." Hermione signalled both of them for a hug. "We have this room to thank for that."

They all smiled.


Back to 'normality', at least for a couple of weeks until the Wizarding World would call them back. Their last night at Hogwarts was boringly uneventful, it almost felt fitting that they finally found peace there only to be dragged away. They walked through the train station with their trunks for the finally time, how people kept a straight face when the old-fashion trunks appeared was beyond them. Like always, the fiery red barnet of Mrs. Weasley was seen long before the rest of her body. As soon as she saw her children, and her extend children, she started flapping about. "There you are," she rushed over to help Ginny with whatever was in her hand. "How were the exams? Oh, I do hope they went well, dears. Aoife, it's lovely to see you again. You must be Ardal or Aengus." She had so much to squeeze in, in so little time.

"I'm Ardal. It's a pleasure to finally put a face to all the stories," he smiled. "Aengus is still getting off of the train," he explained.

"Hermione, Harry, it's a shame you won't be coming to ours tonight. Should we be expecting you in the coming weeks?"

"Not me," Hermione said, "I need to stay at home for a couple of months, help my mother."

"It won't be the same without you, dear."

"I'll be staying too, Mrs. Weasley, I need to help Hermione."

"Help her with what?" Luna asked dreamily.

"I'm donating a kidney to my mum. She has advanced kidney disease." Hermione said boldly.

"Oh, Hermione, I'm so sorry to hear. If there's anything we can do to help." Mrs. Weasley's eyes glistened with sympathy, Harry wondered if she even knew what that meant.

"Thanks, Mrs. Weasley, I really appreciate that," Hermione smiled. Mrs. Weasley tilted her head to the side and gave Hermione a 'it'll be alright even though I know nothing about it' smile. "Sorry, but we should be going. They're probably waiting for us outside."

"Of course. Send her my love. If you need some time away, you are always welcome at ours. You too, Harry." She added. She suffocated Hermione with one of her signified hugs, added Harry into the equation, and then let both of them on their way. As they walked away, Harry head "right, fetch Aengus and then we'll be off. Merlin's beard, it is going to be a tight squeeze, but we'll manage." In order for Ron to be allowed to leave for a year, he had to promise to spend a while back at home and she invited everyone that came along with it.

"Hermione," Archie smiled as he saw his daughter walk toward him. "It's lovely to see you again," he gave her a quick hug. "Harry," he nodded and gave him a manly handshake. "We just need to pop to the shops, we have a hospital appointment booked for tomorrow for you, the nurse wants to go through what you need to do in the next month, before the operation."

"Right," she sighed but made an effort to nod and act nonchalant about it.

As they got into the car, Harry held tightly onto the bottle of potion Madam Pomfrey gave him. He decided that he would put it in her drink the night before the Final Feast, that way she should be feeling better by the time they were back. He looked at Hermione, there must be a reason why she hadn't considered potions or magic. Maybe he should talk about it with her, with the whole family? "How is she?" Hermione whispered.

Archie looked at her through the rear-view mirror with desperate eyes. "The sooner the better-," he said so quietly it was as though he had just mouthed it. That settled it, the potion would be drunk tonight.


Harry woke up early several mornings later. The potion seemed to be working, just very slowly. Nobody else noticed because nobody else was keeping a close eye on her. They were going back to Hogwarts today and with a bit of hope, going to Ireland with the rest shortly after.

Hermione was still asleep so Harry quietly got out of bed and made his way downstairs to find Archie in the middle of a rather heated phone call. Harry hid behind the door, hope to catch the gist of the conversation. "I don't care if it's early, I need a nurse to come around." There was a short pause, "no, I understand that - I do. Yes. But she's better. I can't describe it. It's just like it was before she became ill. Fine, I'll book a kidney scan for her." He hung up the phone with no further words and rang the hospital. "Hello, it's Mr. Granger, Rose's husband. - Hi there. Something odd has happened. She's better. - It can't be impossible, it's happened. Okay, okay, I'll bring her in. Thank you." He hung up the phone and sighed.

Harry took a deep, silent breath as he pushed the door open, "morning," he smiled.

"Oh-Harry," he looked increasingly flustered. "Morning. Where's Hermione?"

"We don't have to leave for a while, she's asleep," Harry explained. "How are you? You look a bit dazed."

"Just an odd morning. What time are you leaving? I can give you a lift to the station." He offered.

"That's very kind of you, but we're not catching the train."

"Sorry, I don't know the process, it all went through one ear and out the other. I never seem to understand so I stay away from it."

"How's Rose?" He asked shyly, hoping his abrupt change of subject was seen as a normal change of subject.

"She's...she's good actually. The best morning she's had in a long time. We've got an appointment today."

"Oh right, final preparation for the operation?" He wasn't sure what he wanted Archie to say. Stating that Rose was completely better without any medical intervention would make him sound desperate and crazy.

"Ye-yes you could say that." He paused, wondering whether he should say what was on his mind. "Tell Hermione not to worry. Everything will be okay." He reassured. "Could you possibly leave as soon as you can? I'll explain when I know what is going on."

"Are you sure everything is okay?" Harry was becoming slightly worried something terrible had happened with the potion.

"I'm going to tell you something, I can't explain how it's happened or how I know, but Rose - she's better." He whispered.

"In herself? Maybe the prospect of the surgery is lifting her spirits." He played it calm, trying to sound like he had no idea.

"No, she's better. She doesn't need the operation, I'm sure of it." They heard someone walking downstairs, "don't tell Hermione, not until we know for sure." He said just before Hermione walked in on them. She was still in her pyjamas and her hair was all over the place.

"Harry? What are you doing down here?" She croaked, walking over to the sink to get a glass of water.

"We need to go to Ron's. He's in an emergency." He lied.

She sipped her water casually, not seeming to be too alarmed, "what sort of emergency?" She quizzed.

"He didn't say, but he needs us right now."

Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, not sure whether to believe him. "Let me go and get changed." She walked off with no sort of urgency about her.

"What are you-" Archie started to ask before Harry stopped him in his tracks.

"I'll be right back-" Harry said, turning on the spot and leave a pop in his place.

When he came back, he appeared in the downstairs loo, just in case Hermione was back in the kitchen.

"There you are," she was in the hallway having failed to find him where she left him. "I didn't know whether we would be coming back here before the feast so I've packed out robes. " She explained, holding up her trusted beaded bag.

"Great, let's go." He took her hand and they arrived at the Burrow, Harry hoping Ron had had enough time to come up with something.

"Were you and my dad arguing?" She asked keeping her gaze ahead.

"No, what would give you that idea? We were just talking about the holiday and working out how we would meet up with the others."

"we? I thought you were going with the rest and I'll come and meet you in the New Year."

"We'll see what happens. Let's not make plans until we know what plans to make."

"So you weren't talking to dad about how we were going to meet up?" She quizzed.

"I just said that's what we were talking about. Why don't you believe me?"

"You just said there was no point making plans until we know, but yet you were making plans?" They both stayed calm but had stopped walking.

"Hermione, I think you just misunderstood what I have said. Your dad and I were talking about the holiday.

"Don't patronise me. I know you're lying and I know Ron isn't in an emergency." She walked towards the front door.

"I'm not patronising-" he began to say before giving up and following her into the house.

"Hermione! What are you doing here?!" Aengus jumped underneath the blankets to cover his bare body.

"Isn't Aoife staying in this room? Last time she stayed with Ron." She gasped and turned around as Aengus hid.

"She is, but as Ron's room is bigger than the spare, Mrs. Weasley put Ardal and me in here and moved Ron and Aoife."

"Okay. Sorry." She said abruptly, almost as abruptly as her exit. Neither of them knew, but both suspected, that the other was blushing. Knowing Mrs. Weasley extremely well, Hermione knew the room she and Harry usually stayed in would remain vacant just in case they decided to come and visit so she walked all the way to the stop of the abnormally high building. This time, Hermione knocked on the door. "Hermione, thank Merlin it's you," Aoife smiled. "I thought it was Molly coming to ask if there was anything else I wanted for the eighth time today."

Hermione laughed, "Molly?"

"She insisted." She stood to the side to let Hermione into the room.

"Really part of the family," Hermione smiled as she walked to sit on the bed.

"What are you doing here? You should have written to say you were coming."

"I don't know why we're here. Harry lied to get us to come. I think he's hiding something, something to do with my day."

"He's going to propose!" She squealed, bringing her hand to her face as she imagined a joint wedding.

"No, it's something angrier than that. He couldn't get away from him quicker."

"Oh, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. How's your mum?" Changing the subject swiftly.

"She seems a lot better, I suspect she's putting on a brave face."

"Maybe having you back has given her some much-needed spirit."

"You could be right. I hope everything turns out okay." Hermione sighed. "How has it been here?"

"Good," she paused, "well, a tad suffocating. We told everyone we were thinking about getting engaged, only thinking, and Molly started planning everything, after fretting about our age among other things." Aoife said.

"I bet she's chuffed to pieces."

"I expect she is. She hasn't stopped hugging me. I can't imagine what she'll be like if we ever actually get engaged."

"One family anyone would be lucky to be a part of is the Weasley's. You don't know what family is until you've been engulfed by this one."

"Yeah, well I thought I knew what family was." Aoife sighed.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up."

"Don't worry. Have you seen Aengus or Ardal? They wanted you to settle something for them."

"I've seen a little too much of Aengus already." Hermione laughed. "Did you know he sleeps naked?"

"What? How on earth do you know that?"

"Let's just say I thought you would be in Ron's room."

"Oh, my Go- I'm so sorry you had to see that!"

"It's not your fault, I should have knocked, anything could have been going on behind that door."

Aoife couldn't help but laugh, "you won't ever enter a room without knocking again." She said in between gasps.

"No," Hermione sighed.

"What's wrong?"

Hermione shook her head, "doesn't matter."


It wasn't long until everyone was back within the familiar stone walls of the castle. Harry was ecstatic to learn that Gryffindor had won both the House and Quidditch Cups. To win in his final year felt very fitting. As usual, the food was both vast and delicious. The End of Year Feast didn't consist of anything different, every year was the last for some. "I've eaten enough to last me another seven years," Ron joked as he rubbed his full belly.

Hermione looked at him, "you've eaten enough to last all of us another seven years, but you'll be hungry in about seven minutes time."

"I could eat another slice of pumpkin pie-"

"Ron! You have to stop!" Aoife ordered.

"I was joking, I need to lie down in a dark room and nap for several days." Both Harry and Hermione laughed.

"That's not a nap then!" She snapped.

He seemed to cower, "sorry if I upset you," he said with an air of disbelief.

"You haven't," she huffed as she stood up and walked over to where Aisling was sat.

"Here we go-" Aengus rolled his eyes. "There's the Aoife we know and love."

"What are you talking about?" Ron questioned.

"It really doesn't matter," Ardal said.

"It's about time we told yo-" Aengus tried to say before Ardal interrupted.

"It's in the past, she isn't like that anymore." He said to Aengus. "You've nothing to worry about," he added to Ron.

"Tell me," Ron ordered.

"Just ask her about Ciaran." Aengus left with these parting words.

"Ciaran? What about Calum" Ron was more confused than ever before.

Ardal sighed, "I really shouldn't be the one to tell you. Just approach it tactfully."

Harry and Hermione both looked at each other. Tactfully and Ron were two words that shouldn't be put together. "Ron, do you-" Hermione began.

"No, I need to do this myself." Ron interrupted.

"Well, just be careful, don't force her to tell you," she advised.

He walked off, tapping Aoife on the shoulder and taking her to somewhere more private. "We need to talk about what happened today," Harry murmured.

"Not here, this is our last time here. Let's just enjoy ourselves," Hermione smiled. She had long forgotten about this morning.

"'arry, I'm glad I caught ya," Hagrid smiled from behind his vast beard.

"I wouldn't leave without saying goodbye to you, Hagrid," Harry said as he rose from his seat.

"'ermione, I 'ave a little something fer ya too," Hagrid explained. "It's small, mind, but-" his voice fizzled away tears meaning he couldn't continue.

"Hagrid, you needn't have. You've done enough for me already." Hermione joined Harry in standing. He still couldn't find the strength to speak so he just handed her the wrapped gift. She took it and blink rapidly to remove the tears. "Thank you," she whispered.

"I 'ave this, fer ya." He coughed, "I should 'ave given it ter ya ages ago, but 'ere." He handed Harry a picture in a frame. It was of a newborn baby and two smiling parents. "I found it when I found ya."

"Th-this is me?" He stuttered, he had never thought that there would be pictures of him as a newborn.

"Lily's parent's took it." Hagrid explained, "it don't move."

"It's perfect," Harry whispered, "thank you."

"I don't want ter end sad, so I 'ave this."

This one was a picture of all four of them, Ron included, "this must have been taken in our first few months here," Hermione observed, "look at my hair."

"I'm goin' miss you lot. You always kept me on me toes." Hagrid chuckled.

"We'll come to Hogsmeade to see you whenever we can," Hermione promised. Harry had gone awfully silent, he was still looking at the picture of his parents.

"'arry, look at me. I don't want you ter be upset."

"I'm not, I'm just glad you kept this safe."

"Come 'ere." He opened up his arms and signalled both Harry and Hermione. "Look after yerselves." He said as he let them both go.

"You too, don't get another dragon's egg, we won't be able to help you out if you do," Harry joked.

"I 'ave me eye on something else." His eyes twinkled.

"Be careful," Hermione ordered.

"Thank you, Hagrid. For everything."

"I 'ope your kids 'ear all 'bout me." He beamed.

"They will." Harry promised, "look after them."

"I will."


Harry walked around the castle. Taking in every last portrait for the final time. A tear was constantly in his eye, only now to he allow himself to image how his parents would have walked around these corridors. "Harry?"

"Hermione." He answered.

"We need to leave soon, we get to ride the boats again," the twang of excitement clear in her voice.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's a tradition. We arrived on them and we leave on them. Are you ready?"

"For?" He asked as he turned around to face her.

"The rest of our lives," she smiled.

"Ready," he smiled as he took her hand and walked with her to leave the castle.

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