Lily Luna stared herself on the mirror. She was getting ready for work while Evan fed Alena breakfast downstairs. The redheaded woman stopped as she saw her little baby bump under all her autumn clothes. She was at that stage where you only look like you’re fat and Lily didn't like that phase, especially because she kept on that stage for quite awhile. She wasn’t one of those pregnant women with huge bellies, quite the contrary; nobody really saw she was pregnant of Alena until the 7th month. She sighed to herself before leaving the bedroom and going to the kitchen. 

“Here comes the broom, Alena.” Evan said to the baby girl with a spoon of food going on her direction. “Big mouth to daddy, sweetie.” The girl opened her mouth and closed it with the spoon inside, laughing away at her father’s weird face. 

“Like you need that much effort to get that girl to eat.” Lily joked as she got in the room, heading to the counter to get herself a bowl and some cereal. 

“May you know she likes my funny faces.” Evan protested, before kissing her in the lips. “What’s your day like?”

“After taking Alena to Nana Weasley, I have a meeting with that gallery owner in Diagon Alley. I hope she likes my work. And in the afternoon, I’m stuck at the office. I’m three pages behind on my Prophet comic strip.” Lily explained. 

Evan got her hand across the table. “I bet she’ll fell in love with your paintings, Lil. They are amazing.”

“You’re only saying that because you’re my husband.” Lily laughed. 

“Sure I am.” He rolled his eyes, before changing subject. “And is Hugo coming over for dinner?” 

“Yes, he is.” Lily confirmed with her mouth full, making her husband roll his eyes. Always a lady, he thought. “He seemed a little weird, last time I talked to him. I don’t know what’s up with him.” 

“Everyone’s weird, honey.” Evan noted.

“Not that weird.” Lily pressed. “I don’t know, he’s different. Anyway, what about you?"

"Well, you know, one more office day in the Ministry. Al and I are getting ready for that big meeting with the Turkish Ministry. I should be home in time." Evan told her. 

The Higgs finished their breakfast just like they normally did. They commented about Ben's release from St. Mungo's, about Nana Weasley's birthday party the next weekend and how gigantic Lizzie's belly is. Evan soon gave both Alena and Lily a kiss goodbye and flooed to the Ministry so he could start off his day, while Lily cleaned up the kitchen with a flick of her wand before getting her daughter. 

"Lily, my dear." Molly greeted once the pregnant girl entered through the back door, finding her grandmother near the pots at the stove, just like always. Three year old Terry Weasley, Fred's and Marie's son, sat at the table with Moses while Lisa ran around it. 

"Morning, Nana." Lily too wished. "Is Lizzie and Gwen late, today?" She added once she noticed her nieces and nephews weren't around. 

"Lizzie started maternity leave today, darling." Molly explained. "I guess it'll be quieter around here. And you know that Maya and Alfie can't be apart, right? And Gwen took Eleanor to work today."

"I see." Lily laughed, as she placed Alena on her high chair. There was never a shortage of baby items at the Burrow ever since Molly decided to literarily open a daycare when she decided her grandchildren would stay with her until they went off to Gaillard. After some years of peace and quiet, she kept on going again when Dora was born. "Excited about the party?" 

"You know I am." Molly smiled, looking at her granddaughter. 

"I'll see you later, then, Nana?" Lily said her goodbyes, kissing her grandmother's cheek before flooing to her uncle's Ron shop in Diagon Alley. 

Ron was at the cashier and exchanged a few words with his niece before a client interrupted their small talk. Lily waved goodbye and headed out to the street. Suddenly, the realisation she was going to see a gallery owner who was actually interested in her paintings hit her. What if she backed down? And what if she accepted it? 

Lily remembered her father's words on the letter her aunt delivered her. Harry had stressed out how talented she was, and how proud he was for being her father. Lily thought otherwise. She couldn't put into words the pleasure she had in being his daughter. A hurtful sign left her mouth, as she remembered just how much she missed her father and how she would pretty much do anything to bring him back.

Lily was normally a very calm person, as she soon realised that there was no advantage in being stressed out and anxious. But now she was. If there was one thing she loved was to paint. Ever since her early days, brushes and paints had always been her oasis. Half her trunk to Hogwarts was filled with painting material and her dorm mates went crazy with the amount of canvas she had around the room. But she was now 27 and never had the guts to show any of her professional work, even though she had graduated top of her class in fine Arts at the Roman University of Arts. 

When Lily insisted she wanted to go to Italy so to study what she really loved, after two frustrated years at the Ministry, Ginny had been absolutely against it (“Are you crazy? Italy? Do you really think I’m letting you live in Rome?” Ginny had yelled once Lily showed her acceptance letter). But Harry… Her father had completely been supportive. Of course he didn’t like the idea of his princess going away for 4 years, to live in a completely strange place, where she didn’t know one living (or dead) soul. But once he saw in her eyes that there wouldn’t be anything to make her happier, he convinced his wife that she should go. 

Once she finished her studies and finally came back home, she never had the nerve to show her work. The attic in Grimmauld Place, that became her sanctuary and painting room ever since she went to live there after Hogwarts, was filled with canvas with beautiful pictures that she didn’t allow anyone other than the Potter’s and her husband to see. And that was something she knew that disappointed her father. Evan soon proposed to her, they moved out to their own place and she realised she needed a job. Ever since then, over 3 years later, she had been working at the Prophet, drawing comic strips. It could be worse, she always thought. 

But ever since her father’s death, she knew she couldn't be a coward forever. Or she would forever hate herself and be a frustrated person. Her parents hadn’t raised her to be that. It was long over the time to finally show off her painting, sitting there in the attic of Grimmauld Place. She owed at least that to her father’s memory. 

The lady she was supposed to meet was already waiting for her in The Leaky Cauldron, sitting at the counter with a tea mug in hands and talking to the waiter behind the counter who looked quite relieved to have been rid of the woman’s attention. 

“Miss Potter!” The old-looking woman, with grey hair and an astute look, greeted her, getting up and offering her hand to which Lily accepted with a shy smile. “Such an honour!” 

“A pleasure, Mrs. Devan.” Lily looked down before she got the guts to correct her. “But I’m afraid I’ve been Mrs. Higgs for awhile now.” She tried to force her sweetest grin. “But call me Lily.”

“Of course, Lily, I read all about your wedding with Mr. Higgs.” She laughed. “Your father didn't save expenses with that party, did he?”

“No, he didn’t.” Lily confirmed, having a bad feeling about the woman’s intentions.

“You look nothing like him, do you? All your mother. A little walking Ginny Weasley, but not so interested in Quidditch. I guess your brother got all the Quidditch genes from both your parents. Harry was a terrific seeker, wasn’t he?” Mrs. Devan continued, after she pointed to the stool next to her, waving her to sit down. “Which is funny, since your other brother is the one who looks just like him.” 

Lily was the nice one. Everyone knew that. She never ever was rude or ignorant with someone, not to her knowledge, at least. But hearing that lady talk about her father and her family, like all she wanted was to know about it and probably all about her father’s death, disgusted her. 

“Look, Mrs. Devan, I had the impression this meeting was about my art and not about my family. If that’s the case, I have somewhere else to be. Excuse me!” Lily simply said, as nice as she could handle before hitting that woman in the face, and got up in one movement. Blame it on the hormones, she thought.

“NO!” The woman begged, grabbing her arm. “Wait! You’re right. That was insensitive of me. Forgive me.” Lily turned around and slowly nodded, taking her arm from her hands. “You were supposed to take me to see your canvas, yes?”

Lily confirmed with another nod and waved her to leave. Mrs. Devan paid for her tea before they both left the pub through the door that led them to muggle London. They walked in silence all the way to 12, Grimmauld Place. Once they arrived and Lily made the house reveal itself, the lady made a little ‘O’ in her lips once it appeared between number 11 and 13. Even for wizards that house was impressive.

As a graduation present for James and Freddie, and latter on for Albus, Rose, Roxanne, Lily and Hugo, Harry ‘gave’ 12, Grimmauld Place for them and with it a huge renovation. Everyone chose their rooms, also extending the invitation to Alice and the Wood twins, and they all did the rooms exactly how they wanted it. The kitchen, dining and drawing rooms also received some new furniture and wallpapers that had the kids’ soul. And everyone agreed that the attic should be Lily’s painting room. But nobody told her that before they all moved in, a few weeks after she, Hugo and the Wood twins graduated. 

Lily and Mrs. Devan walked into the closed house. It was still being cleaned by Flory every week and there was always some snacks in the kitchen. Lily was the only one to regularly use the house, nowadays. Besides her, it was only frequented by some couples who wanted to escape their kids. She knew James, Lizzie, Freddie and Marie normally use it when they have their night off without the kids. 

Mrs. Devan didn't hesitate to take a pick in every room as they went up the stairs until they got to the last floor. Lily couldn’t help but notice the old woman’s huge interest when she saw her brothers' respective doors. She only rolled her eyes.

“Well,” Lily broke the long silence, as she unlock with her wand the door that lead to the attic. “Here we are.” 

Mrs. Devan lost her breath as she entered the room and noticed all those paintings in the walls. There were dozens of them. More than enough for three exhibitions. She could already place them in categories and could only imagine what people would pay for them. Not only there were signed by Lily Potter herself (she noticed that neither one of them had her married name) but they were absolutely beautiful.

“Sweetheart, I don’t care your conditions. I want your paintings.” She finally told Lily who had been on her side, holding a breath. 

“Really?” Lily nervously laughed. “Are you serious?” 

“There’s enough work for several exhibitions.” Mrs. Devan said. “I could arrange an event for New Year Eve. It’ll take a lot of work, but I can make it happen.” 

The gallery owner continued to talk about details and how she had so many ideas in mind, but Lily wasn’t listening. Her gloat could be seen from across the ocean. Her happiness could not be described. She felt stupid for taking so many years to finally do something about her work. She couldn’t wait to tell her father. 

“Oh.” She realised yet again she wasn’t going to be able to do that. 



“Ben?” Susan gasped, as she saw her boss entering the room with a concerned Heather on his heels. “You shouldn't be here! You left the hospital only yesterday, for crying out loud!”

“That’s what I have been telling him.” Heather buffed, behind him. 

“I can’t stand being at home anymore.” Ben argued, going to his door but being blocked by Wallace and Kelly. “Excuse me?” 

“Nope. Sorry, boss.” Wallace said with a apologising expression. “Lorcan made us promise to keep you away at least until Monday.” 

“Monday?” Ben repeated.

“Monday.” Confirmed Kelly with a reassuring grin and loving eyes. 

“Ok.” The Head Auror agreed. 

“Really?” Heather asked with a glow of hope in her eyes. 

“No.” Ben tried for his door since Kelly and Wallace had taken a step to the side. He managed to get inside his office but didn’t get to close it before his wife and fellow Aurors followed him inside.

“Bernard, you’re being extremely stubborn.” Heather hissed. “You almost died four days ago. Please come home to rest.” 

“She’s right, Ben.” Seamus tried to reason. “You know she is.” 

Ben sighed loudly, sitting down behind his desk and looking at the five people in front of him, looking extremely worried. He never knew exactly how much all of the situation they were living was demanding from him. Until he had a heart attack. He thought that Lysander’s disdain for Harry took the best of him; he couldn't manage anymore, he needed to know who the heck was joking with their faces. 

“Just-” Ben started, looking up from his desk and into his wife’s eyes. “Please?” 

Heather’s heart broke once she heard his plea. “Fine, but try to keep it cool, ok?” She then turned to the two Aurors teams beside her. “And you four, keep an eye on him.” 

“We will, Heather, don’t you worry!” Susan guaranteed, putting a hand on her shoulder. Heather nodded and then decided to leave the office and go home. Once they were left alone, Susan turned around to her boss. “If you’re going to stay, we maybe should have a meeting about the investigation, no?” 

“Tobias and Teddy should be present.” Bernard said in a dark voice. “Tell them to bring Ginny to the Ministry and she can stay with Hermione for awhile.” He proposed. 

“Sure thing, Ben.” Wallace confirmed, before they all left the room. 

Once Ben was left alone, he opened his first drawer and pulled out the big red file inside. It was all they had concerning Harry’s case. Ben had already seen those documents a thousand times before, only hoping something had missed his eyes. The blonde white man in the ATM (who was using a disguising spell, which means, they had no idea about his appearance), his tattoo in the neck bone. X. O. escape from Azkaban. The killer had to know where to find Harry that day. And the fact no one had claimed his death. It’s like the killer only wanted to cause pain and nothing more. And more, it had to be all very well planned, otherwise they would have figured it out by now. The person knew what he was doing. 

An hour later, Susan came by his office to call him to the meeting. Teddy and Tobias had already arrived from the Prophet where they were with Ginny. Dylan and John and Kristen and Matt had been taken from the investigation team because their normal work hadn’t stopped their normal rate and they couldn't afford that many teams on the same investigation. They already had Teddy and Tobias on Ginny’s surveillance, Wallace and Kelly focussed in X.O. and Susan and Seamus on the rest. 

“Ginny wasn’t pleased to be dragged out of the Prophet.” Teddy told everyone once they got settled in a meeting room. “She’s in Hermione’s office, finishing her article for tomorrow’s Prophet.” 

“And shouldn’t you be at home, Ben?” Tobias scolded, with a suspicious look to his step/godfather. 

“Don’t even try.” Wallace said under his breath. “Lost battle.” 

The meeting didn’t result in much. 

Wallace and Kelly told them that X.O. confessed having had help to escape Azkaban. But the Australian Aurors weren’t able to get him to say who it was because, apparently, X.O. didn’t know exactly as well. They said that maybe they could at least get a description of the person who helped him. The Australian authorities had promised to keep them up-to-date, thanks to a genius agreement Albus and Evan were able to do with their Auror Office. Seamus and Susan had already been in contact with every Azkaban guard and had just received a list of every person that has set foot in the prison, starting one-month prior X.O.’s escape. 

“I’m pretty sure that his escape had the intention to distract us.” Teddy put in. “And Dad should have been more aware.” 

“You can’t blame him, can you?” Ben discussed. “He had already lost it once, the first time X. O. was on the lose. He couldn’t do it again.” 

“I remember.” Teddy only said, looking down.

They were interrupted by Dylan, who had received the fingerprints matches from the Ministry workers and associates. He gave the file to Tobias before he excused himself. The man took a look inside, already feeling like a dead end, but was surprised to find a partial match. And the name… Merlin!

“Anything?” Susan wanted to know. 

“Nope, nothing.” Tobias lied, trying his best not to let it show. Nobody noticed his discomfort.

“So, I guess this is all.” Ben terminated the meeting, getting up. “If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my office, trying to beat the parchment work.” 

“Ben,” Tobias called before the Head Auror left though the door. “Teddy, can I meet you back at the Potter Cottage? I need to have a word with Ben.” 

“Sure.” Teddy smiled, leaving with the others. 

“What’s up, Toby?” Ben wondered, waving his step/godson inside his office again. Tobias ran inside and sat on the coach as Ben followed him and closed the door. “I have a bad feeling about whatever you must tell me.” 

“You’re right about that.” Tobias tried a smile but wasn’t able to. “I lied about the fingerprints.” He confessed, handing the yellow file to him. “I thought it was best to keep it between us and try the best to confirm or deny it before someone does any craziness.”

Ben opened the file and started to analyse the information in it. Several graphics and statistics from hundreds of people were inside. Most only saying ‘No match’. But Ben didn’t need to look much. On the first page, there was the information that they had been dying to know. A partial match. Which it didn’t mean much to them, although it did mean something. It was the first time they ever tried a fingerprint match. It was something the muggles used, not them. They had other ways. But since the case involved muggle artefacts, it had been an idea. And a good one, for the looks of it.

But, Merlin, could he really be who they were looking for? What did he have to do with anything? And most of all, why?



Lily wasn't handling the happiness inside her chest. After everything got settled with Mrs. Devan and another meeting being scheduled for the following week to discuss more details, Lily called her boss to inform she would only arrive after lunch. 

Once she was left alone, Lily wondered around London, not knowing exactly what to do. She was going to have her own art exhibition. Was she dreaming? Was it real? A voice inside her head kept telling her it was. 

She had no idea what to do first, who to tell first. Of course, she wanted to tell Evan and Hugo. And her mum. And her brothers and Teddy. Hell, all her family, all the world. She wanted to go to Rome and rub it on the Sketch teacher who never liked her. No, that’s rude, Lily later thought. But Lily knew who she wanted to go to first. 

Apparating from the first alley she could find, Lily found herself in front of Godric’s Hallow cemetery. She took a moment to admire the statue honouring her grandparents and father. How she wished to do something about her father’s death. Sighing, she entered the cemetery and went straight to the place where the Potter’s laid. Conjuring a lily, she kneeled in front of the grave where she could read:


Harry James Potter

31st July 1980 - 13th September 2035

The Chosen One for us to love


A lonely tear fell down her cheek as she place the flower there. The one that had unconditionally supported her passion couldn't see that she was finally going somewhere with it. Finally, her fours years in Italy wouldn’t be a waste. She at last felt like she wasn’t wasting her life away drawing comic strips.  

“Daddy, I’ve finally done it.” Lily started, her voice trembling. “I’m going to have my own art exhibition, Daddy. I’m sorry it took me so long, I should have listened to you.” She looked up and took a long breath before looking down again. “I miss you, Daddy. I try to be strong, to always smile. To be your little girl. But sometimes, I can’t.” Cleaning yet another tear, she continued. “I can’t believe you wrote us all those letters. What happened in Ireland? I wish I knew. Or not. I don’t know. But I do wish I could hear your voice one last time.” Lily rose and blew a kiss towards the ground. “I love you, forever.” 

Being in no such condition to yet see other people, Lily decided to go do the groceries for dinner. Not only Hugo was coming over, but now she had a very good reason to do a very special meal. By the time she was paying, she was feeling a little better. It had been a good idea to go talk to her Dad. She needed it. 

After dropping the bags at home and grabbing a bite, Lily finally showed up to work. She ran to her mother’s desk so to tell her the good news, only to find it empty. With a furrowed brow, she turned around, only to find her lovely (not) cousin Molly. 

“Mini Potter,” she devilish greeted. "Nice of you to come to work." 

"Excuse me, Molly." Lily kindly asked, trying her best to keep the good manners, even though Molly had long lost the right. 

"Didn't find mummy, did you?" Molly mocked, before taking a step to the side. "She had to go with her body guards." 

Lily was about to ask if something had happened but decided it wasn't wise. Molly wasn't very... Hm, trustworthy. But before Lily could even say anything, a secretary called out for Molly, informing that a man was looking for her and he said it was about the baby. The girl's eyes widened before taking off and ordering the secretary not to let him in, that she would talk to him outside.

Curiosity took the best of Lily and she ran to the nearest window that outlooked Diagon Alley so she could finally figure out who the hell got her cousin pregnant. Or so she liked to think that the man searching for her was the baby's father. And Lily was surprised to catch only a glimpse of Molly's black hair as they both apparated somewhere else. 

"Damn it." She quietly cursed, before heading to her own desk to start on her delayed work. She found herself with a renewed inspiration, telling herself that if everything worked out the way it was supposed, she would be soon rid of drawing comic strips and facing Molly everyday. 

The day went by quite quickly and soon Lily found herself in her own kitchen, getting started on the meatloaf before working on the vegetables and mashed potatoes.  Alena was in the playpen, playing with some of her toys. 

Lily had just placed a cake in the oven when Evan arrived home, running to his wife as soon as he shook the ashes from the Floo off his clothes. 

"So? How was it?" He asked just after a kiss. "I've been dying to know all day."

"She loved it!" Lily told him, yelling out of joy and jumping on his open arms, placing her legs around his waist and kissing him hard. She always was impressed in how much she loved that man. "She wants to have an exhibition on New Year's Eve. My own art exhibition!" She continued once they broke the kiss and he set her back on the floor. 

"Love, that's amazing! I knew you had it in you!" Evan commemorated, kissing her nose and them kneeling down to kiss her tiny baby bump. "Your mummy is an artist, buddy!" 

Lily laughed. "And your daddy is dirty. Go take a shower, Hugo is almost here-" She was interrupted by the front door bell. "Correcting, he's here."

Evan kissed his wife one more time and went by his daughter to also greet her before going upstairs to take a shower. Lily went to the door instead and opened it to her best friend with the widest grin possible. 

"Hugo!" She announced, as she saw the redheaded with tons of freckles on his cheeks in front of her. The boy hugged her tight before entering the house. 

"Hey, Lil. How are you and my future niece or nephew?" Hugo politely asked as he took his jacket off and placed it in the front closet. "Any morning sickness this time around?"

"I can't complain much, this pregnancy is being a lot easier than Alena's." Lily commented as she led her cousin to the kitchen. "Water?" 

"Yes, please." He accepted as he grabbed Alena from the playpen. "Is it possible you're getting bigger and bigger each time I see you, Lena?" 

"Uuuuu." The baby responded, showing her tongue to her 'uncle'. 

"Hu-go." Hugo tried, but the baby wasn't able to continue past the first part of the name. "Uuu is fine, baby girl." He laughed before he turned his attention to his cousin, who was looking at both of them amiably. "So, how was the meeting with the gallery owner?"

"Oh, Hugo! I got it! She loved my paintings!" Lily clapped her hands in a cheer, being followed by Alena. 

Hugo immediately rose and went to hug her, with a Alena being stuck in the middle (not that she seemed to mind, as she was giggling through it). "Lily, I'm so proud. I knew it would go well." 

"Thanks, Hugh." Lily smiled before placing two glasses of water and sitting down in front of him at the kitchen table. She reached out to his free hand. "Hey, is everything alright with you? You seem distant ever since your birthday." 

"Oh, right." Hugo sighed before going to place Alena back at her playpen and leaving a kiss on her head and then returning to his seat. "Lily, I- I- I have something about me that I needed to tell you, and well, not only you, but, right now, you're the only one I have the balls to do it." 

"Melin, Hugh, you're scaring me." Lily gasped.

"Hugo, my bud." Evan greeted, entering the room and extending a hand to his friend. "Good to see you." 

"You too, Evan." Hugo forced a smile. "Taking care of my princess?" He added as a joke. 

"You know I am." He laughed, blinking an eye to his wife.

"That's my cousin!" Hugo tried yet again to joke, but Lily noticed something wasn't right. 

"Honey," Lily interrupted. "Do you mind watching Alena and the food? Hugo and I will take a walk outside. Shall we?" She added, looking at Hugo. 

"Hm, sure." Evan nodded, knowing way too well not to go between his wife and her best friend. He knew there were things between them he would never understand. They knew each other ever since birth. The same thing went with Rose and Albus. And even James and Dom. 

Lily grabbed Hugo's hands and took him out the back door, going to a tree they had in their backyard, with a wood bench under it. She waved him to sit down and then did the same. 

"What's going on? You know you can tell me, right?" Lily assured him, grabbing his hand with both of hers. 

Hugo sighed. "Yeah, I know. But it doesn't make it any less hard. Specially because-" He interrupted himself, bitting his lower lip. 

"Specially because what?" Lily pushed. 

"Lily, hm, I'm gay." Hugo finally told her, immediately holding his breath in expectation to her reaction. 

Lily looked deep into his eyes. For him, a millennium seemed to go by, but indeed it was only a couple of seconds before his cousin opened the biggest smile and eyed him with more love he ever will deserve. Soon, she was laughing. 

"Oh, darling, I know." Lily finally said.

"What?" Hugo asked, confused.

"Of course I knew. I know you better than I know myself, Hugh. And would you really think I wouldn't be ok with it?" Lily told him. 

"I-I-I don't know. I didn't know what to think." Hugo said. "So, it's ok between us?" 

"Sure it is." Lily smiled, bringing him to a tight hug. "But, why tell me now?" She wondered. 

"Hm, it's because, this time, I'm in love with someone, Lil!"


Dean found it weird to hear the front door bell ring that hour. He wasn't expecting no one, quite the contrary, he was about to leave to meet Ginny and Tobias. So the man was very surprised to find his own son at the front door, holding a pizza box in his left hand and a smile on his face. 

"Dad!" Greeted Peter, already coming into the house he lived for many many years, ever since they came back from America. "Pizza?" 

"Hm," Dean had his brow furrowed in confusion. "I had other plans, son."

"Oh." He only said, turning around to find his father still holding the front door open. "Ginny Potter, isn't it?" 

"Well, yeah." Confirmed Dean, his cheeks going red. "Why the voice?" 

"You're always with her, Dad. Will you ever have time for me, now?"

"What are you saying?" Dean laughed, closing the door and going to his son. "I'm retired. I always have time. And why aren't you with Jenny?" 

"Family dinner." He rolled his eyes. "She's with her parents, Carter and apparently Alice was too invited." He added with a hurtful voice. 

"And you're upset she was invited and you weren't?" Dean guessed, but he didn't need to have his son confirm it. "Well, Alice and Carter are engaged, son. Which means they are almost family too. At least, officially. We know they have been a family for decades." 

"Yeah, yeah!" Peter dismissed his father. "The perfect large family, full of love." He sighed, looking up to his father. "Sorry to bother you. Have a good date with Mrs. Potter." 

"It's not a date." Dean denied. "We're just friends." 

"Yeah, right, Dad. I know you wished she was Mrs. Thomas and not Mrs. Potter." Peter accused him. "And now Potter is conveniently gone and out of the way." 

Dean opened and closed his mouth several time, shocked with his son's words. Wha-what? Did he really think Harry's death had something to do with him now having the opportunity to be with Ginny? He hadn't even considered it, or had he? 

He couldn't lie that having Ginny back into his life was good. His heart had always skipped a beat for her ever since he saw her again in Platform 9 ¾ at Peter's first year. But he respected Harry. And by the way Ginny still talked of him, full of grief and a heart full of love, she was far from being over him. But a man could dream, right? 

A/N: Hey, there! I hope everyone is still liking the story so far as I haven't gotten much feedback! I'm starting to feel a bit insecure now hahaha Well, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Lily, since she's the one who the chapter most focused (and can you guess who's story will be told next flashback chapter?) and are you curious about the fingerprints??

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